The girl from English class

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The girl from English class
It was sophomore year. I was shy, insecure and a real chickenshit when it came to girls. Julie sat behind me in Mrs. Acres English class. I sat in a side row, so I often sat with my back to the wall facing sideways. I would rest my arm on her desk. She commented on the size of my muscles and she would often doodle on my arm with pen.

One night my sister saw her drawings and asked about them. When I filled her in on Julie and she told me that any girl that spent that much time on my arm must like me. She told me that I had to act or I would never have a girlfriend, let alone get laid.

The next day I wore a jersey type concert shirt. Just under the elbow length sleeve I wrote, “Your cute”. It was difficult writing upside down but it was readable. I got to class and she started in on drawing. When she lifted the sleeve, she giggled which generated some looks as we were reading Shakespeare and it wasn’t one of his comedies.

Each of the next few days I wrote her messages culminating a couple of weeks later when I asked her out on my arm. Her response was to draw a fancy heart with our names in it. I was really happy. She took to rubbing my arm and finally she started massaging my neck. It felt really good and also got me really turned on.

I am blessed with a big cock, but for a k** in school it can be a nightmare. Of course this was a day when we were diagramming sentence structure, and of course I got called to the board. Fuck! Double Fuck! I hoped and prayed that my cock would go down, but it seemed as if it was fucking stone. I stood and walked to the front of the room, there were giggle and laughter. Mrs. Acres saw my state and gave a little smirk. I took my time on the sentence hoping Mr. Happy would go the fuck down, but to no avail. So after double checking a third time I headed back to my seat.

As I walked to my seat Julie saw my issue. Her eyes got big and she gave me a look which I will never forget. After I sat back down and Mrs. Acres had gone over my sentence and told me where I went wrong Julie wrote me a note in her notebook.

“Sorry, you OK”, I nodded.
She wrote again, “Did I do that to you?”.
I nodded again. She smiled at me and said, “I am glad to know you like me so much!” I just gave her a big smile. As we walked out of class Julie asked me to come over to her neighbors house with her for a party on Friday. I told her I would love to. She hugged me and gave me a kiss, my first, and went off to her next class. My cock got hard again but at least I could hold my books in front of me to hide it.

The week d**g along but finally Friday came. My sister dropped me off at Julie’s house and told me she would pick me up at 12. I walked up to the door and Julie opened it before I knocked. She grabbed my hand and led me next door. It was her best friend hosting a very subdued party. There was no drinking, but a lot of k**s in the basement with the lights low, listening to music and making out. Julie led me to a love seat and we started to suck face.

She was essentially sitting on my lap and and my cock was like granite. We made out for a long time and the crowd started to thin as people left to go home. Julie grabbed me by the hand and took me upstairs and over to her house. When we got there we went to her basement. It was nice and we settled on the couch. We started making out again and then Julie took off her top and her bra. I almost blew my load instantly. She was small, maybe she had B cups, but on her petite body they looked bigger. Her nipples were hard and very pink and really stood out against her olive skin.

We kissed as I felt my first tits. I knew better than to just play radio. So I felt her whole titty, then rubbed her nipples with my palms. After a little bit I took a nipple into my mouth. When I sucked she moaned. I worked her over, both tits and then I reached between her legs. She jumped up and I was afraid that I had gone too far, but she simply undid her jeans and let them fall. She looked a me, and said “These are staying on.” and got back on the couch with me.

I was now in serious danger of blowing in my pants, so I took my shirt and jeans off as well. As I sat back down Julie grabbed the bulge in my jockeys. She pulled them down and my cock popped out. She started to jerk me off. If felt so good and she looked so good doing it. I looked at her and she said “Cum for me, I want to see you cum.” With that I blasted out a huge load. Most of it landed on my chest, but she had some on her arm, her hand and a big shot hit her right on the left tit. She giggled and got up to get me some paper towels.

I cleaned up as did she and we started making out again. In short order I reached for her panties and I felt that they were very wet. I rubbed her through the panties for a while and she responded very well. I pulled the crotch aside and inserted a finger. She gasped and looked at me and smiled. I fingered her until she got really worked up. She was bucking her hips and moaning soft little moans. Finally I found her clit and she grabbed my arm and moved herself furiously. She came in a series of orgasms that seemed to grow stronger with each one. She came down and I still had two fingers in her.

She took my cock into her mouth, by this time it was hard again and throbbing. I moved myself on top of her and started to kiss and lick her pussy. We did this for a while then Julie pushed me off of her. She handed me a condom and said, “Her, fuck me, please, I need it.” She got on the couch on her knees and put her arms on the arm. She looked over her shoulder at me as I entered her pussy. We was so wet, and so tight. I began to fuck her nice and slow and gently worked up speed.

After a few minutes Julie laid down on the sofa and put her legs in the air. I entered her again and she put her ankles on my shoulders. at this point I sped up and soon she was grunting with each thrust. She stiffened and I felt her pussy constrict around my cock as she came. This caused me to cum again. I laid there with her for a few minutes and then saw it was 12:05. I quick put on my clothes and went out to my sisters car, but not before giving Julie a big long kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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