The Lucky Me

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The Lucky Me
The Lucky Me

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Hi, Ray here. I am sure; you will believe if I told you that once when I was a senior at High School, I was very sexy, horny fucking pig but at the same time very shy and timid until unbeknownst to him I took my k** brother, Sal as my mentor. The fact is that I already a girlfriend Samantha and we used to fuck as much and as often but I hated when she growled, moaned and groaned for every thrust I made into her pussy or when we were playing anally. I don’t know why but I preferred to fuck quietly and not announce it to the world like she did. Sal was almost 2 years my junior but he must be far ahead of me being sexy but I knew at this stage his specialty was just nothing more than masturbation which he did every night soon as he thought I was asleep after the lights were out. He had some special rhythm to his hand job and even better tone and pace set for his masturbation session. He would breath in a special way which may be gave him some extra time for edging and kept control of his orgasm. He cursed, fuck, mofu, and much more such words in a set sequence were the staple words for him to be repeated tens of times until he shot his load in the sock or a rag. Do not take me wrong, I did not take him as my mentor for learning how to be a loud fucker but only to enjoy and learn that there were various ways, people enjoyed sex so I would not be so annoyed when I fucked my bitch and she yelled at the top of her voice. It also helped me out of my stupid timid behavior and enjoy sex as a gift of nature to love. I cannot tell you all else what Samantha the bastard bitch did while we fucked until it came to be that I told her that she was not fit for me and we were separated from each other for good.

It shocked me that a jock like me had the pussy starvation period prolonged for well over a month and I was unable to keep my cock calm in my pants although I did masturbate may be more times a day than I should have. My cock was hard as a rock and straining my pants all the time even when I was at school and in classes. With extreme frustration I could only think of the rest stop at the highway which was not far away from our home and the campus with a repute of having some glory holes. With very little shyness felt now, I decided to go there and give it a try. I was not being a naïve but although it was not the first preference with Samantha but we did enjoy anal sex whenever we were both in the mood for it. I must admit that may be I had a little bit of gay tendency to my sexual being and it was no problem knowing that it was next to impossible that a girl would suck me on the other side of the glory hole but it shall rather be a man. Anyhow the constant hard on even after multiple sessions of masturbation were not satisfying me after enjoying pussy whenever the need be and I did not want to hurry into another lousy picking and get into a useless relationship at any cost.

It was the late Friday afternoon of November and it was already getting dark although the clock showed not even 07:00 PM. After getting done the sports practice at school; I came home. I came home knowing that mom and dad won’t be home yet from their usual weekend office meeting. They were in at around 08:00 PM at the earliest on most Fridays. There was a note on the kitchen refrigerator from Sal for mom saying that he was going to one of his friends and shall be back by 09:00 PM but should not be waited for if she came in earlier and everybody was ready for dinner. While in shower; I don’t know how I resisted to drain my balls through the utterly stiff cock. I knew masturbation would not help and I shall be doing it until mom and dad showed up and the urge shall still linger. What a fucking addiction the pussy was; I cursed myself but suddenly the idea came to me. It was dark outside, although not late yet and maybe I shall get lucky to get my bone sucked by a worthy cock sucker at the rest stop and I had more than ample time to be back before Sal and mom won’t be angry or upset for both of us being away till late. Without wasting any time, I dashed out hoping to find a nice cum dump.

As I pulled in the parking lot of the rest stop, I was not surprised to find it fairly empty. There were 3 cars in the far right corner under the pole with perhaps a broken bulb and so none of the cars were clearly visible plus one of the vehicle was a minivan type at the end which overshadowed the other two cars nearby. I decided not to park near the pack but pulled up near the rest room entry of the rest stop for quick entry inside. Being at the spot had my cock straining in the jeans so hard that it was really hurting, if you believe me. I jumped out of the car and headed into the men’s restroom. It was all empty, no one at the urinals and the quick look was enough to count 5 stalls. All the doors except the last stall were open and yes I could see the two stalls with cut out glory holes. I had no time to get in one of them stalls and wait for my luck until some cock sucker came in and so I made a blind move. I did not know if the wall between the second last and the last stall had a glory hole but I had no other choice anyhow and I swiftly got into the stall next to the last one with the closed door. The faint light on the ceiling was just enough to see and I was glad to see a glory hole cut out in the wall towards the last stall.

I had hardly latched the door behind me when I saw 2 fingers come through the next occupied stall; showing on my side and wagging impatiently at me to come close to the hole. The guy was definitely in for the fun and game of cock sucking at least to begin with. There was nobody else in the room and no chance of anybody invading the privacy; my cock suddenly was jumping with joy and revolting to tear out the pants if I did not take care of him. I unzipped the fly and with my jeans at my ankles I tip toed to the hole and slid my throbbing pulsating meat beam through the hole to the other side. The guy on the other side immediately gripped and gave an adoring kiss on my beefy shaft before starting to stroke it lovingly. It was the first time ever an anonymous being was touching my naked cock like this which was having a strange effect on me making me extra thick and long for sure.

I wanted the guy on the other side to better get started and suck me urgently as I could feel myself going crazy with the need. Like the telepathy; he seemed to get the message and understand my need because he took my cock in his mouth and kept going till I could feel his nose pressed against my pubic bone. The guy really was not a novice because he held me deep in his throat only to let his tongue run under and around my shaft before backing up until just the head was in his tight mouth; really sucking my cock and making me moan with delight. The guy was really a good cock sucker I could tell because he was just not gliding his mouth on my shaft but really attempting to suck my juices from my balls through the cock shaft using it as a straw. He was really enjoying his work and the level of ecstasy I was pushed in so quickly; I knew was not going to be for a long time and I was not going to last for long. With different pressure and force of suction; the man continued sucking me; giving me the best blow job ever, confirming, what I had heard a million times that the guys always seemed to understand the process, the need and the art of cock sucking far better than the girls.

Now I could hear the bleak sound of moans across the thin wall as the man in the next stall continued to suck me with passion and gusto. Suddenly he took me totally out of his mouth for a little while and I heard the shuffling sound. There could be no mistaking; he had taken his pants off and then soon the peculiar sound of flesh on flesh; the man had started jerking off. Soon he came back to grasp my cock once again; holding my cock with one hand, he was licking all the way up and down the shaft, paying special attention to my cock head and the ridge under the helmet with his tongue. My eyes were tight closed again and he had delivered me back in the heaven with a special massage to my balls and rotating my balls in one hand. The sound of him jerking was also getting louder and the movement of jerking hand and his body movement was felt with his tongue paying a special attention to and around my cock head. Then he let the air out of his lungs with a loud moan and it made my eyes to open. Of course the moan had a special and the familiar sound to it which immediately was followed with a still very familiar tone of the curse word.

There was no way that I had to wonder or I could have mistaken because he moaned once again in a familiar style and now I surely knew, my younger brother Sal was there in the stall next to mine. I just could not make a mistake, he grazed his tongue against my cock slit and made another very familiar sound of moan as he pleasured himself. I am sure, you could well imagine the effect it was having on me. I had suddenly leaped into the orgasmic zone within seconds and all the techniques to edge and control the climax were failing. I was so close to busting my nuts. WTF!! My k** brother Sal was sucking me and almost making me cum. I had the urge to stop it immediately, snatch and pull back my cock but only if he had not grabbed my balls in his solid vice like grip. My erection suddenly felt to falter a little, I wanted to leave out of there this second but the need to shoot out my brew was huge. I simply could not stop, my cock was in pain, my cock fluttered and it was felt so solid hard and stiff that I worried; it could break if I disobeyed it.

I wanted to be somewhere else, my eyes clenched shut; I was imagining the change in scenario; I was trying to believe that it was someone else other than my own k** brother across the wall sucking my cock eagerly. The harder I tried, more difficult it was to make believe that someone else was on his knees, jerking himself and also sucking me; making all the familiar noise and uttering all the curse words I had heard and memorized. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get it out of my mind; knowing almost for sure that it was my little brother. Now I was imagining him on his knees on the other side and jerking himself while sucking my hard cock.

Only if he would stop sucking my cock but no; he could not, he was gay. I said in the beginning that I admit; I had some gay tendencies in my sexual orientation, which I should rather say are the bisexual tendencies. I always had a girlfriend and I had used her pussy much more often than her ass for sexing pleasure but Sal; on the other hand, I had never seen Sal with a girl and he was always seen with his male friends doing things, all sort of things; the boys do at this age, leaving no doubt, a perception, he was gay. I was not gay; I am not gay; O’ what a fucking dilemma. I am being sucked not by my k** brother but by a gay boy. Does getting cock sucked by a gay boy, makes us gay; my mind was shattering, my balls were knotting. My cock was getting stiffer and expanding in all directions. My cock throbbed with full force of knotted balls behind it. My nerves were shattering; I tried to hold my breath but nothing worked and a tremendous squirt of my fresh cream erupted directly in Sal’s mouth. His lips stayed firmly wrapped around my throbbing shaft as he swallowed my creamy, slushy sperm.

I stopped squirting but my orgasm was not over yet and I was spewing now. I was extremely sensitive and suddenly free as Sal had let my balls free from his grip. I let out a moan and swiftly pulled my cock back from the hole, tucked in the dripping wet cock in my jeans and hurriedly unbolted the door behind me. Luckily there was still nobody else in the room and I was out of the rest room in a jiffy. I was glad there was no one to see me run out to the parking lot. I fast paced to my car glancing around, scanning the parking lot. The minivan at the far end had moved out and there it was, Sal’s stupid green colored car was parked in the corner space. Could I do anything, I contemplated to somehow make these arrangements to prevail but without coming in here. I started my car as wetness crawled over my balls.

The End…. Your comments are requested. Londebaaz Chohan Oct. 14, 2018

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