the naughty bridesmaid…a spanking good time!

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the naughty bridesmaid…a spanking good time!
The wedding reception party was starting to break up, and I was looking for a ride back to my apartment. My roommate who drove me to the party, had disappeared with one of the bridesmaids. Fortunately, I saw a neighbor friend (Linda) who lived in the same apartment building, hanging out with some of the bridesmaids. I wandered over and explained to her what happened, and she laughed and offered to drop me off on her way home. Then she introduced me to her friend Sherrie (one of the bridesmaids) and told me she will be coming along also since she was staying over at her place for the weekend. Sherrie greeted me with a wide, warm smile and we started talking while Linda was getting ready to leave. She had lively blue eyes framed with curly blond hair, a sexy little rubenesque figure with well-rounded breasts that complimented her firm and well-rounded ass. Her bubbly personality left me with the impression of her as a cheerleader or pom-pom girl. As we talked she was teasing me about my roommate ditching me with one of the bridesmaids, and I joked that at least one of us was going to have some fun tonight, and she laughed about being the only bridesmaid without a man tonight, and we briefly caught each others gaze when Linda returned.

Linda had a compact size car, and Sherrie said she wanted to ride in the backseat, so she could lay down to relax and stretch out her legs during the drive to our apartment. Sherrie also asked me to hold her coat for her, since it was uncomfortable to wear with her “poofy” bridesmaid dress. I was talking with Linda as she drove, and I thought that Sherrie had fallen asleep, when I felt her hand slide over my hip from the space between the passenger seat and the car door. At first it slightly startled me, and I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but her hand quickly slid below her coat and nestled snuggly over my cock. I tried to casually look into the backseat, and caught a brief glance of Sherrie’s bright eyes and a very naughty grin. Linda noticed my glance, and asked “what’s up?”, and I said I was just checking to see if Sherrie was asleep. Under cover of her coat on my lap, Sherrie began to lightly squeeze, and slowly massage my aroused cock as Linda and I continued to talk. I have no clue what Linda and I were talking about, but I definitely recall Sherrie finding her way to slide her hand into my pants from my waist, and then her skilled slow stroking and squeezing that brought me to full, pulsing hardness. The tension of trying to maintain my composure and a conversation with Linda, and the exquisite pleasure of Sherrie secretly playing her fingers along the base of my throbbing shaft, and occasionally swirling her forefinger around my swollen cockhead with my precum was becoming too much for me to control. I was starting to slowly squirm, and could feel my balls begin to tighten, when we suddenly turn into the apartment parking garage and Sherrie quickly pulled her hand out. Linda parked, and with a raging hard-on I managed to maneuver my way out of Linda’s car, and Sherrie pretended to wake-up. Using Sherrie’s coat to hide my bulge I walked them to Linda’s apartment. Linda apologized that she would invite me in, but that she was just too tired and wanted to crash. I glanced into Sherrie’s eyes and she gave me a mischievous grin, then just a quick little wave and said “sweet dreams”. My heart and very blue balls sunk. As I wandered back to my apartment, I was wishing that I would have filled her teasing little hand with my cum.

I had stripped to my boxers when I heard a light knock on my door. I looked through the peephole and felt a surge of lust when I saw Sherrie with that mischievous grin on her face, still dressed in her bridesmaid gown. As I opened the door she rushed in and jumped up onto me, wrapping her arms around my neck and locking her lips with mine. I managed to catch her around her waist, pulled her further up against me and my swelling cock, crushing her dress under my grip on her firm ass as we locked into a passionate kiss. Our tongues played against each others lips, probing and pressing between our lips. She started laughing and as we broke our kiss as I eased her down to her bare feet. I was laughing with her and said “I hope you came to finish what you started, don’t leave me with another case of blue balls!” She giggled, gave me a slow grin that turned to a pout, and with a gleam in her eyes said “I’m sorry, I was such a naughty bridesmaid.” Then she turned around, looked over her shoulder at me and hiked her dress over her pantyhose covered round ass, and with that same pouty look she circled her hand over her exposed cheek and said “I think I need to be spanked!” My cock pulsed and hardened, throbbing and straining against my silk boxers as I moved to her side with my own lustful grin. I pressed against her, looking into her eyes and gave her a firm smack on her nylon covered cheek, she let out a little squeak and her eyes lit up with excitement. I let my hand linger over the flushed warmth of her ass, and then hiked the rest of her dress up, exposing her full perky ass and told her to hold her dress up for me. She bent forward slightly and put both hands behind her back to hold her dress. I began firmly massaging her ass cheeks, circling and rubbing her mounds I moved my hand down further, and reached between her legs, lightly rubbing and teasing her moist pussy through her stockings, causing her to moan. I pulled my hand from her pussy and delivered another sharp smack to her other rump cheek, her squeal of delight caused my cock to surge and throb. I then continued to rub my hand over her warm ass and inner thighs, pressing and rubbing my hand firmly up and down between her legs, occasionally pressing against her wet pussy, lingering to increase the pressure of my hand against her pussy, and teasing my fingers forward to lightly rub over her clit. As she moaned from my play over her clit, I pulled my hand back from her clit and spanked her ass, following through by firmly pressing my hand into the firm globe of her ass with a quivering movement, receiving her squeal of approval.

I continued to alternate my slow spanking and firm massage of her ass with one hand, while I used my other hand to turn her face towards me and guide her lips to mine, locking into a deep, hard passionate kiss. Our tongues raced and played between our lips, interrupted only by some playful lip biting and her sudden squeals or gasps of pleasure as I increased the pace and force of my spanking. While we kissed I slid my other hand over her breasts, squeezing them with each sharp slap. I pushed her dress down off her shoulders, unclasped her bra, and she drew in a deep breath as my hand clasped her exposed large round breasts and hardened nipples. She bent further forward and pressed her breasts harder into my hand as I massaged and pulled on her nipples. Another firm slap, and Sherrie responded with a long groan, looked at me with a unexpectedly wicked grin, and hissed “Harder! Spank my fuckin’ ass harder!” She seemed to transform before my eyes from a perky, teasing, naughty little cheerleader into a sultry, horny, dirty talking slut.

The intense passion in Sherrie’s eyes as she begged me to spank her harder fired my primal urges, making my balls swell with cum and my hard cock pulse and strain with my lust to pump into her. I ripped her soaked pantyhose down her legs, and as she stood up to step out of them I also stripped her dress off to expose her voluptuous breasts, curves and flushed ass completely to me. I pulled her into my chest and pressed her body into mine for a hard, passionate kiss. As I reached behind her and firmly massaged and spread her pink ass cheeks, she reached down to strip off my boxers, pushed her hands between us and slowly slide each hand up and down my precum glistening hard cock, causing me to throb between her soft hands and stoking my lust. I responded to her hand play with a sharp slap to her ass, and told her to bend over, spread her legs and hold her hands behind her knees for her spanking, and I delivered another stinging swat to her ass causing her to squeal. I stood next to Sherrie as she bent over, and she looked up at me and again surprised and aroused me with an excited, nasty look into my eyes as she hissed “Ooooh yeaah, spank my ass hard! I want to feel it in my pussy! I want to feel my ass burn!”, and I quickly responded with a hard slap, and my cock throbbed to the sound of her gasp of pleasure. As I followed with a slap to her other ass cheek I saw her slide a hand up from her knee to rub and finger her clit, and I quickly swatted her again and told her to stop playing with her pussy, and then told her “Your hands have been too naughty tonight”. After another quick slap and squeal of pleasure from Sherrie, I replaced her hand with mine, reaching from behind her and began to slowly rub the base of my thumb and palm over her sopping pussy, using my middle and forefinger to lightly circle and tease her clit. She gasped and started to squat down and press against my hand and gasped out “Oh god yesss, spank me…spank me ’till I cum!”. I pulled my hand away causing her to groan out “Nooo”, and then delivered a sharp slap, telling her that she was still too naughty and needed to learn patience before she could cum.

We quickly moved to a chair and I sat down, reclined slightly, and crossed my legs so my balls were nestled at the base of my hard cock. I drew Sherrie to me as she was rubbing her clit again, and told her to bend over my lap, put her hands on the armrest where I could see them, spread her legs, and then let her nipples rub over my hard cock. She gave me a slow wide smile with a wicked gleam in her eyes, and began swaying tits and brushing her nipples against my engorged cockhead. I slid one hand over her pussy from the front, using my palm to slowly rub against her clit while I eased my fingers slowly in and out of her soaking hot pussy, as she started to moan softly and press down onto my fingers I delivered another sharp slap to her ass, causing her legs to shudder and she hissed “Ooohh yesss, harder, spank me harder! Make me cum!”, and I smacked her ass again. I continued spanking her with a slow rhythmic pace, always allowing my hand to press and linger, or quiver against her flushed ass after each blow, as Sherrie continued to encourage me with her squeals of delight, soft moans and sweet gasps of “again!”, “harder!”.

Sherrie’s steaming pussy lips were spread open, and her hot juices were flowing freely over my hands and down her silky smooth thigh. As she ground and mashed clit against the base of my palm, her slippery pussy walls squeezed my fingers as I slowly thrust and swirled them inside her. The teasing of her nipples brushing my throbbing cock had turned my cockhead purple, and my balls were engorged and tightening. I told Sherrie to stop teasing me with her nipples and use her lips and tongue on my cock. She started to reach for my cock with her hands, and I slapped her ass and told her “no hands!”. With her nastiest look, she smiled as said “I’m gonna’ fuck you with my mouth, and make you cum!”, and I slapped her again. She shifted her position to allow me to continue spanking her, but I had to remove my hand from her pussy. She slowly teased and licked the precum from my cockhead with the tip of her tongue before, I slapped her and she slid it between her lips.

Sherrie slowly pushed her lips and tongue down to the base of my shaft, and each of my spanks to her ass sent a tremor to her lips increasing her suction as she slowly pulled up her lips back up to my purple cockhead. As Sherrie increased her rhythm, I was trying to keep focused on my spanking rhythm, but the pleasure of her lips and tongue caused me to lose my concentration, and I stopped spanking to slide my hand over her pussy from behind. She welcomed the return of my hand to her pussy with an audible moan over my cock, and resumed her grinding motion as my fingers met her clit. I then slid my pussy juice soaked thumb over her anus and started slowly circling and pressing against her wet asshole. She slowed her pace on my cock, released my cock from her mouth and groaned as she pushed herself back to meet the pressure of my thumb, slowly easing my thumb into her asshole between her swaying round cheeks.

Sherrie looked deeply into my eyes with renewed lust, and said “Mmmm, you feel sooo good in my ass!” My fingers filled Sherries gushing pussy as she slowly rocked her ass over my thumb. Her eyes seemed to grow larger as she smiled widely and then eagerly dove back down to my lap and captured my twitching wet cock against her lips. Using only her lips, she pressed my cock up against my groin and stomach, then rapidly teased her lips and tongue back and forth along the base of my shaft, before settling onto my swollen balls. She began licking and sucking voraciously over my tightening sack and balls, I began to lose control, and as I strained my hips up with the first wave of my orgasm, Sherrie suddenly turned to look into my eyes, then wrapped her hands around my throbbing shaft and with a naughty smile rapidly stroked out pulsing fountains of cum into the air and over us as my hips convulsed and I pumped my cock between her hands.

Sherrie continued to slowly stroke me as my orgasm subsided, and as I parted my legs to recover she stepped between them and kneeled in front of me to continue rubbing and squeezing her soft hands over my now cum covered semi-hard cock. As my eyes met hers, she narrowed her eyes, and whispered lustily “I want you to fuck me. I’m gonna’ make you hard to fuck me.” My lust for her surged through me. The feel of her slippery cum covered hands sliding over my cock was causing me to swell and harden again. She was strumming her pussy rapidly with her fingers, and continued to fix her gaze into my eyes, telling me how she wanted to feel my hard cock pump inside her, saying “I want you to bend me over and fuck my pussy hard. Fuck me hard against my naughty ass.”

Sherrie’s dirty talking, stroking and kneading soon brought me back to full hardness. She briefly stopped and smiled as she admired her handiwork while her fingers continued to play across her clit. Then she looked back into my in the eyes and playfully ran her tongue up and down the base of my shaft, swirling her tongue around my cockhead, sending a surge of passion through me. Sherrie and I stood together, and she reached up behind my neck and drew our lips together into a deep kiss, pressing herself against my engorged cock. She broke our kiss, spun around and bent herself over the armrest of the chair, looked into my eyes as she spread her legs, then slapped her own flushed ass cheek and said “fuck me!” I grinned and gave her a sharp slap to her other reddened, sensitive cheek causing her to squeal again, and then pressed myself against her round ass, guiding my cock easily into her still soaking pussy. Sherrie let out a soft gasp, and leaned back into me as I shoved deeper into her pussy, and started to thrust. She immediately looked back at me and started telling me “harder”, “faster”, so I thrust hard and leaned forward into her as I let loose and started pumping her pussy as hard as I could. She reached her hands over the chair to brace herself against the other armrest, and was repeating “oh yeah…fuck me, fuck me!” with our rhythm as she was grinding her clit against the armrest she was bent over. My cum depleted balls were slapping rapidly against her pussy, and Sherrie and was making short, sharp squeals and gasps with each thrust that fired my lust. I was rapidly driving my cock hard and deep into her, causing the chair to rock and shift over the carpet. Suddenly Sherrie let out a long, high pitched squeal as I felt her whole body tighten, shudder in ecsatcy, then moaning out as she relaxed and slumped forward into the chair. I leaned forward with her and eased my thrusts to a slow, sliding rhythm as I stirred my subsiding cock in her hot juices while she recovered her breath.

We eventually found our way into the bed. Sherrie’s satisfyingly reddened ass needed some TLC in the morning, but that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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