The Neighbours Birthday party P6

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The Neighbours Birthday party P6
“Come on! This going to be fun!” grinned my mother as we walked down the road, with me dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and jeans, and her in a grass skirt and a coconut bra that barely covered her big white hanging breasts.
“Do we have to dress like this?” I asked
“Yes! It’s a Hawaiian theme birthday bash! So we have to dress the part!” my mother replied cheerily.
“How come dad gets out of this?” I then asked
“Because he’s working late! Now cheer up!” replied Mother eager to get to the party.
A short walk down the street and we son arrived at the party house, Mrs Dixon’s, my mother friend and one of the hottest blondest Milf’s in the street, and to be honest, I was really looking forward to it, even if I did have to dress like a prat!
So, we strolled down the side of house and into the back garden and there we met all the other party guests dressed in Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts, and having a great time, and soon i was chatting and having a great time too.
Then Mrs Dixon came strolling up to me dressed in her grass skirt and coconut bikini that barely covered her big tanned tits, and cheerily she said “I’m glad you came Mark!”
“Wouldn’t miss it!” i replied politely back.
“Good! And your going to stay for the whole thing?” she then asked casually.
“Most likely!” i replied with a grin.
“Oh good! good” she replied with a pleasant smile, before adding “Oh, by the way, did i mention it’s Kimberly, my daughter, it’s her birthday this week too! And we’ll be celebrating it together… tonight!”
I then glanced over at Kimberly, a hot blonde tanned twenty something girl just a couple of years older than me, and probably even hotter than her mother, dressed in a similar grass skirt and coconut bra, before looking back at Mrs Dixon with a stunned look.
“I thought that might interest you!” Mrs Dixon grinned before walking away.
After that i quickly went a got another beer and sat down at the table where i found my mother and few other neighbours, and then spent the rest of evening trying not to get to excited about what was to come.
Then inevitably the younger neighbours began to disappear off home, and the younger teens, and when just us adults were left, Mrs Dixon got up in the middle of the garden and said loudly “Friends and neighbours i want to thank you for coming to my birthday party today, but it’s not just mine of course we are celebrating, it is my lovely daughter Kimberly this week too!”
And then everyone cheered, before Mrs Dixon then said “And so if Kimberly would join me up here!” and then Kimberly got up out of her seat and stepped up beside her mother, before Mrs Dixon then said “And together we shall dance!”
it was then some dance pop music began and as it did, both Mrs Dixon and Kimberly began dancing around in their grass skirts and coconut bras, jiggling about in front of everyone, until after a minute or so, Kimberly moved up behind Mrs Dixon and then taking hold of her coconut bra lifted it off, and everyone cheered as Mrs Dixon’s big tanned tits tumbled out into view.
Then Mrs Dixon moved up behind Kimberly, and taking hold of her daughters coconut bra, she quickly whipped that off and Kimberly’s big tanned tits tumbled out and everyone cheered again, and my cock instantly twitched as mother and daughter then began jiggling their big bare tits at everyone.
Then as the music continued Kimberly moved up behind her mother, and taking hold of her grass skirt she gave it a firm tug, and the grass skirt dropped down Mrs Dixon’s toned tanned legs, and everyone cheered again as that hot blonde mature mother stood naked in the middle of the garden.
Before Mrs Dixon them moved behind Kimberly, and taking hold of her daughters grass skirt, she tugged it down and my cock twitched again and grew an inch as that hot blonde twenty year old then stepped out, and stood naked next to her mother.
I stared in amazement and excitement as both hot blonde women stood side by side and i could now see the similarities, the same size boobs, the trimmed blonde bush above a perfectly shaved bald pussy, the excited big grins on their faces, they truly were mother and daughter.
Then Kimberly gestured to someone in the crowd, i think it might have been her boyfriend, and eagerly the guy got up already naked, and moved towards her, and quickly Kimberly and Mrs Dixon surrounded him, and then as Kimberly kissed him, Mrs Dixon crouched down and took a hold of his already hard cock and began to tug on it.
After a moment Kimberly crouched down as well, and both women were now at waist height in front of the lucky guy, before they leant forward and both began licking his hard cock.
I watched excitedly as both mother and daughter licked and sucked his cock and balls, and as my cock got harder i eagerly undid my jeans and pulled it out, and then began stroking it happily, before glancing at my mother, who already had her hand under her grass skirt, and between her bare open legs, and together we touched ourselves while watching what the birthday girls were doing.
After a good couple of minutes of watching both women sucking that lucky guy, Mrs Dixon then pulled the guy to the ground, and as he lay out on the nicely cut grass, with his hard cock sticking up, Mrs Dixon straddled his waist, and then slowly sunk herself onto his big hard cock as everyone cheered, and Kimberly then straddled the guys face.
As her bald twenty something pussy lowered onto his waiting tongue, the three of them all groaned happily and began fucking eagerly, and everyone else cheered again happy to watch this taboo threesome.
Then as they fucked, i continued to stroke my hard cock and then glancing over, i saw my mother had pulled her big white tits out from under her coconut top and was now squeezing them, as she continued to finger herself.
I watched my mother masturbating in front of me for a few moments excited i was only inches from her, and she smiled back at me when she noticed me staring, and then i heard louder groaning, and looking around i could now see both birthday girls really riding that guy hard, and getting really excited about it.
Their hot tanned bodies, with their big tanned tits bounced around and wobbled wildly as they used that guy in the best way possible, until after just another minute or so, i heard the guy’s muffled loud grunting, and then he began shake under Mrs Dixon, and i think it was clear, he was cumming hard in her pussy.
After a few seconds Mrs Dixon slowed down her hard riding and then with a big sigh she lifted up off of the lucky guy, and as her bald pussy slid up off his glistening tool, white sticky cum began to ooze out of her pussy, and everyone cheered again.
Then Mrs Dixon turned and said “Who’s next?” eagerly, and quickly several naked horny guys got up and moved towards her.
As Mrs Dixon got surrounded by big hard cocks, Kimberly leant forward on that first guy and began sucking on his spent cock, and happily sucked up his last dribbles of cum and her mothers pussy juices, until her was pretty much hard again, and then moving off of his face, she straddled his hard cock and then lowered herself onto it, and everyone cheered again.
I then looked at my mother in amazement, and she smiled and replied “Oh yes, if your up to it, you can fuck both them!”
Then glancing back at Kimberly, I heard her say “Come on! Give more!” and then several more naked guys got up and moved towards her, and eagerly she began jerking and sucking them.
Watching both hot blonde birthday girls sucking cock while riding another, and surrounded by more, and knowing i might get to fuck both mother and daughter, really got me excited, and quickly i stood up, took off my clothes, and eagerly moved towards the centre of the garden.
As i did i glanced back, and noticed a guy slightly younger than my mother moving towards her, and knew exactly what was about to happen there, but i didn’t care because i was possibly about to fuck both mother and daughter, and they were up for it.
Eagerly i moved towards Mrs Dixon first, and joining the small group around her, i saw her kneeling down in front of a few guys jerking and sucking their cocks, while another guy was fucking her mature wet pussy.
However, he didn’t last long as he pounded his hard cock into her, before he then began to groan loudly and thrusting into Mrs Dixon deep and hard he clearly started to cum inside of her.
After groaning loudly for a few seconds and emptying his balls inside of the mature birthday girl, he pulled out and eagerly moved towards the crowd around Kimberly, and as he did, another guy took his place quickly slipping his hard ready cock into that cummy pussy, while happily Mrs Dixon continued to suck and tug cocks in front of her.
Then she made a grab for mine, and i happily smiled back at her as she began jerking my teen cock, and with a mouthful of someone else’s cock and being fucked eagerly from behind, she smiled back at me.
As Mrs Dixon was tugging on my hard pole, i glanced around to see Kimberly now being fucked from behind by some other guy, while sucking on other cocks, just like her mother was, and then looking around again, i saw my mother also sucking on some guys cock, while he was clearly fingering her pussy under the grass skirt.
I watched them for a moment or so again, before i felt something new exciting on my cock, and looking around Mrs Dixon had now stuffed my cock into her mouth along side the other one and was now eagerly sucking on both of our cocks, until i heard the guy behind her groaning loudly, before he shunted deep into her and began to cum.
Then after he had finished blowing his load, he pulled out of that mature pussy, and eagerly the other guy in Mrs Dixon’s mouth pulled his cock from her lips, and quickly moved around to get between her open legs, and as he slid in, Mrs Dixon groaned before continuing to suck on my cock.
Her lips eagerly slipped back and forth my length, and she took most of my hard cock right in her mouth over and over again, before i heard more groaning coming from behind me, and looking around i saw another guy pull his spent cock from Kimberly’s glistening wet used pussy, before another guy took his place.
Then glancing over at my mother again, i saw she was completely naked now, her grass skirt was on the floor, and she was now legs wide apart and sat back in her seat, as the younger guy was between her chubby white legs pumping his hard cock into her, and she was clearly enjoying it, as her eyes were closed and she was moaning happily.
I watched that guy fucking my mother for another minute or so, until i heard loud grunting again, and looking down i saw the guy behind Mrs Dixon cumming hard inside of her.
He groaned and sighed as he emptied his load inside of her, filling her with yet more white sticky ooze, before he pulled his cock out, and moved away, and eagerly i pulled my cock from her greedy mouth, and moved around her naked kneeling body, and then moved up behind her.
I could see her used wet pussy leaking cum all down her thighs, but it didn’t put me off, and eagerly i placed my hard cock up against her gaping entrance, and then slipped in between those big pink lips and into that warm wet hole.
Mrs Dixon groaned loudly as i entered her, and then gripping her waist, i began fucking her, pumping my hard excited cock into her, and enjoying the feeling of being deep inside one of my mothers hot friends.
As i fucked her mother, i heard Kimberly groaning and looked across to see another guy pounding away inside of her, and now both birthday girls were getting a good hard fucking.
Then i glanced around to see my mother staring happily at me, as the guy between her legs did the same thing to her, and i stared back at her for a bit, before i turned and concentrated on the hot mother in front of me.
I eagerly pounded into that hot blonde mature women, filling her hot wet used cunt with my hard cock over and over again, giving her the birthday fucking she deserved, and clearly wanted by her loud moans, until after a good few minutes i could feel my excitement building.
So excitedly i continued on, pumping my hard cock into her, fucking her hard and fast, and loving the feeling of my teen cock in this hot mature blonde and the moans of excitement around me, and knowing my mother was watching as well, soon got me to where i needed, and as i felt my balls erupt, i stuffed my hard cock deep into Mrs Dixon’s cunt and with a loud groan began filling her with my teen seed.
“FUCK!” i cried as i unloaded into the older birthday girl.
I heard Mrs Dixon groan as well, despite having her mouth full of hard cock, and for a good few seconds i filled her pussy with my sticky load, until i finally stopped cumming and relaxed.
Then i finally pulled my cock from her leaking red pussy, and as i stepped away, another guy eagerly took my place, and quickly i moved towards the other birthday girl.
Stepping into the group surrounding Kimberly, i saw her kneeling over while another new guy was fucking her hard, and she was sucking on another cock, before she saw mine, glistening and slightly spent, and dribbling cum, and eagerly she made a grab for it, before quickly pulling it to her mouth.
Kimberly then wrapped her little lips around it, and eagerly began sucking on it, and i groaned happily as she began to bring me to life again, while sucking up my last dribbles of cum.
As her hot blonde daughter sucked on my cock, i saw Mrs Dixon sucking on another guys cock, while another lined up waiting his turn, and then looking over at my mother, i saw her now kneeling on the chair facing away, while the younger was fucking her hard from behind.
But i didn’t have to time to watch them, as the guy in Kimberly’s pussy began to groan loudly and clearly cum deep inside of her.
Then after a moment, as he began to pull his cock out of her, Kimberly let go of mine and said with a grin “Go on, your turn!” And excitedly i moved around her naked kneeling body, and then moved up behind her.
Just like her mother, Kimberly’s pussy was well used and leaking large amounts of cum all down her thighs, but i once again i didn’t care, and eagerly moved up behind her with my hard cock ready, and placing it against her wet opening, i slid between her soft pink lips and into her warm wet cunt.
Kimberly moaned loudly as i entered her, and filled her with my hard cock, before i gripped her slim waits and then began fucking her hard and fast.
My cock thrust back and forth rapidly, and excitedly Kimberly groaned more as i fucked her hard for her birthday, and i was loving the fact i had just fucked her mother and was now fucking her too!
As i pounded into the young blonde birthday girl, i glanced over to see another guy doing the same to her mother, and then looking around i could see the other guy giving my mother a good fucking too, and excitedly i continued on.
My cock was fucking Kimberly hard as i pounded into her over and over, and with everyone groaning around me, and naked bodies everywhere i looked, it wasn’t long before i felt my excitement building again.
So, i gritted my teeth and ploughed on, pounding into that hot wet pussy, already filled and leaking white goo, and knew any second now it was going to get another load, and as that thought crossed my mind, i felt my balls begin to tighten.
“Oh shit!” i groaned as i desperately tried to hold on “Oh shit!”
Then with Kimberly groaning loud in front of me, and watching her little tanned arse jiggling in front of me too, i couldn’t last any longer, and as i felt my balls tighten completely, i thrust deep in that hot young pussy, and with a cry i came hard inside of her.
“OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” i cried as i unloaded in the second birthday girl.
As i did, Kimberly groaned loudly feeling another big wet load filling her pussy, and for a few seconds i was in heaven, then finally i calmed and eventually stopped cumming, and with a sigh, relaxed.
After another moment, i pulled my spent cock from her cummy pussy, and as i stepped back, another guy eagerly took my place, and then i stood there for a moment watching both birthday girls still getting fucked by big hard cocks, while sucking on others, and thought what a great street i live in!
After that i wandered back to the table just in time to see the guy between my mothers legs pull his spent cock from her, and after leaning over and giving her a kiss, he then walked away.
She then turned around and sat down properly in her chair, eager to catch her breath, and i could now see her chubby white mum body and her big hanging tits with their big hard pink nipples bathed in sweat, and her furry pussy all wet and leaking cum, before she looked up at me with a smile, and said “Did you have fun?”
“Oh yes!” i grinned back.
“Great!” she smiled “Me too!”
And then for a few minutes we sat together naked and well fucked, before it was time to head home.

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