The Office cleaner

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The Office cleaner
Canon xxxxxx had been a priest all his adult life and celibacy was a way of life for him; he unlike the priests he lead had never had any difficulty with observing his vow and he recognised every day of his life that awoke with an erection but simply allowed it to subside. In seminary he had not been troubled and yet was aware of other’s struggles, masturbation, homosexuality and lust for c***dren and nuns.
He had he felt been very compassionate but determined to root out those who became a problem in parishes and their work in various settings which placed others at risk of their undesirable desires.
However when it came to his office in the diocese he had in his sixties felt uncomfortable. The offices were taken care of by a widow in her fifties. He had known her husband before his death and attended the funeral high mass with deep respect for her husband and for the widow and family.
Sarah, some years later had come to confession in that parish whilst he was visiting and inspecting and offered confessions one evening. He had heard of her great longing for sex to be a part of her life again and offered her some comfort that it was possible she might meet another good man similar to her first husband. He often prayed for her after that and wished another priest had been there to hear her as he felt that he understoood her more from this experience.
The only woman who he felt sexually aroused by was Sarah. He was puzzled by this and wondered whether it was her plump body or the knowledge that she had previously been a very fulfilled wife who was now frustrated in her bodily need for a partner. He saw her several times a week and was aroused on seeing her. She cleaned his office, emptied his waste bin and was friendly and cheerful whenever they met. He tried not to think of her body; she was respectably dressed in a modest knee length overall but her curves and mature body was still attractive and she was a very presentable mature and faithful woman. He tried to put all this out of his mind but as he worked late in the office and was last to leave there was naturally those minutes of erection every evening as he entered his car and waited to drive back to his cathedral presbytery.
Sarah knocked on his door one evening and asked if she could speak to him about a personal matter. He invited her in and felt the bulge in his trousers beneath his desk and sighed inwardly. Sarah said that she had noticed that one of the priests in her parish had been behaving rather oddly toward a teenage boy and suspected the worse as she knew the boy was probably gay. The Canon had already made arrangements to remove the priest as he was aware not only of the relationship but of previous concerns that this priest was sexually active with an adult male and the diocese removed from active priesthood such individuals.
Sarah then asked if she could also raise a more personal matter. He listened as she asked if there was anything she had done which he found in any way inappropriate. “No Sarah, your service here is without reproach and respected by us all”
“Canon I have to say that I seem to cause you personal discomfort” she smiled demurely. ” Sarah you are not at fault and nor am I, you are wise enough to know that our natural bodily functions sometimes are there to be accepted and then overlooked.” She nodded but was more insistent; ” I have tried Canon but my body is craving relief and I know no way other than to seek the body of the one man I know and trust to fulfil me”
His heart sank; he knew that he wanted her but he would have to leave the priesthood and a life time of work. He could not speak; she spoke for him. “Were you to retire Canon would you have an income in retirement?” “Yes Sarah and it is likely my duties would change in a year or so although I am very happy here, I might expect to retire to a religious house as chaplain part time”.
“Canon I feel an urgent need and would like you to know your needs are visible to a sexually experienced woman; my needs are only visible if you ask me to show them to you.” She was offering to show him her body; he was aching to accept and in that moment he decided he must ask to retire from the diocese and leave the priesthood.
” I think Sarah that if you show me I will have to retire and leave the priesthood; is that something we can both face and accept together?” “I think we can” she smiled; I will make sure you never regret such a difficult choice”.
He stood and said ” I want you to know I respect you Sarah”
She smiled and said “Now let me show you something*
Sarah lifted her overall to her waist bending over the desk and opening her legs wide; as he moved behind her he could see a smooth wet vagina; “Canon you are welcome to touch me in any way you may wish she said calmly and please take off your trousers so I can see you”
He did as she asked; “now let me help you enter me” and called him by his first name gently.
He felt her grip him as he slid into her moist slit; ” You are a very big man” she said, “although you probably don’t realise how big you are, you are twice the size of most men”. “Now push in and out” she coached him and he loved the warm intimate wetness of her most secret place. “Now harder and deeper she moaned and then she gripped him tightly as he plunged harder inside and panted as she felt the release and relief of a decade of longing leave her. He was surprised to hear her again and feel the powerful grip before he became giddy with the explosion he felt of his first ejaculation inside her warmth. She taught him to give her is length and thickness so that she had maximum pleasure each time and he adored her naked body not least her large firm breasts.
Sarah and the Canon were later married; and found a home together working as a couple caretaking a site in the countryside. the work was simple and not hard for them to share as part of their love for each other; she would care for him in his retirement and their new life together was a world away from their previous ones.

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