The office Dad enjoys an unexpected call

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The office Dad enjoys an unexpected call
Things were slow today at work, so as I kicked back in my chair, this story popped into my mind… Thought I’d share it with you!! Please comment at the end if you like it!!

My co-workers call me Dad because in our small web-development company, 47 is more than double the age of half of the department. Fortunately, I have lifted weights, and stayed active enough to run in a triathlon last, summer, so I can silence most of them by challenging them to an evening at the gym though.

But when my phone rang at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, and the voice on the other end said, “Hi Dad, can you help me out?”I almost hung up the phone. My ex-wife and I got married at age 25, divorced at 33 without ever having k**s. Though I have an abnormally large sex drive, I evidently have almost no sperm! So hearing someone call me “Dad” while still half-asleep was a completely new experience.

But something in the voice was familiar, so I said, “Sheri?” I heard the laugh and knew I was right. Sheri is in her late 20’s, very slim, very attractive office manager that sometimes has an edginess to her personality that has intrigued me. She is not built like a superstar actress, at least not a porn actress. She is more built like a young teen boy, to be honest!!

“Yeah, I got pulled over after leaving a party tonight. The combination of being over the limit and dressed a little differently has left me wondering who on this side of town I could call to come get me, and then I thought of you….” The office is on the south side of town where all of the college students live. I live about five miles north of town, so I understood what she meant about probably not knowing many people up in my neighborhood. So I asked where she was calling from and slipped on some shoes and a pair of pants and a shirt and headed out the door to pick her up at the station.

Twenty minutes later I walked into the sterile surroundings of our cities police station and asked for Sheri. About 15 minutes later they walked a woman out that vaguely looked like her, but I would never have recognized. First of all, she was almost my height instead of six inches shorter!!

Her light brown hair was now black, with violet highlights reflecting in the fluorescent lights. Her makeup was dark and her lips were even painted black. That would have been enough to leave me speechless in and of itself, but the fact that she was dressed in shiny black rubber pants that clung to her lower body like a second skin left my jaw hanging. Her white blouse was tied at the waist and she wore a short, crop top jacket that could not have been closed in front no matter how hard someone tried!!

I just stood there and stared as she walked across the floor to me, took hold of my hand and turned me toward the door. “Miss, you are forgetting your possessions.” The clerk called from the counter. Sheri stopped and looked over at me and said, “Well what are you staring at?! Go get my things, and make it quick!”

Now her appearance had about knocked the wind out of me. She was always so conservative and clean cut at work that some of her co-workers joked that she squeaked when she walked! But sweet little Sheri, the gal who gave everyone a smile no matter how crappy the day had been, was looking at me with eyes that brokered no argument, So I turned and signed a clipboard for the bag and turned back toward the door. “Just keep walking.” She murmured and I was so surprised that I had no idea what else I could do!!

Once safely in the car, Sheri looked at me and said, “I’m sorry. They wanted to bust me for prostitution because of all of this and I told them I was not a prostitute, I had a sugar daddy who liked to spend the weekends as a submissive, so… I just carried through with the act to get us out the door without any other questions.”

I did not know what to say, so I turned on the car and guided it toward the street in silence. I did not even know where I was going, just that I was sitting next to the very vision of a dominatrix … and my favorite fantasy!! We rode along in silence for a while before she finally said, “So where are we going?” It was really the first time I had thought about that at all. I had just been driving home.

“I was taking you home to my house where we could be alone, Mistress.” I said quietly. I could feel her turn and look at me and study my face. I still to this day cannot explain why I responded to her that way, but a moment later she said, “If you mean that, then you need to kiss my hand to seal the deal.” I barely heard her because my blood was pounding through my head so loudly! For a moment I told myself this was insane.

But then I reached down and lightly took her hand, and guided the back of her small hand to my lips where I reverently kissed her warm flesh. I felt her shudder as I just held her there for a second. Then she let go of my hand and reached behind her for her bag from the jail. She brought it up and set it in her lap and began to rummage through it until she found what it was she was looking for.

A traffic signal turned red and I stopped. Sheri then said, “Lift your chin.” I turned and saw that she had in her hand, a large leather dog collar that was probably two inches wide and she was moving to put it around my neck. So I raised my chin in obedience.

“I have never done anything like this before.” I said, and she laughed. “I have. Hundreds of times!!! It is how I paid my way through college. But I am going to break some of my rules tonight. First, I am going to entertain someone I like personally and second,” Sheri leaned in close to my ear and whispered, “I am going to fuck your brains out!” With the collar secured, she dropped her hand into my lap and I felt my cock jump under her touch! She licked the side of my face as the light turned green and I heard the most wickedr laugh I have ever heard from a woman quietly in my ear.

When we pulled into the drive, she gave me a one word command. “Stay!” She then got out of the car with her bag and walked around to my side and opened the door. “Ok, stand up,” she commanded me quietly, and I complied. She clipped a dog chain to my collar, and then handed me the bag and told me to lead me into the house.

Once inside, she had me lead her into the bathroom and then she took me in. She smiled at me with a smile that was both evil and wanton, “Oh, we are going to have a lot of fun tonight!!” She crooned and then she reached to a concealed zipper at the side of her pants and unzipped them right there in front of me and sat down on the toilet to take a pee.

Now I am no prude, but this was far from anything in my history and I looked down and realized that in my haste to go to her rescue, I had made the decision to go “commando” and my cock was now trying to force my jeans into becoming a tent!!! I can remember thinking, “If this is a fucking dream, I better not wake up because I have never had anything like this ever happen to me before!!!”

Instead of pulling the pants back up, Sheri looked at me and said, “These things look awesome, but they are so hot and uncomfortable. So help me take them off. “ I just stood there staring at her for a moment and she snapped with a sharp “NOW!” that made me jump!

Her skin was indeed hot, but being that close to her, the thing that struck me the most was her intoxicating scent. I could smell the scent of lust and sex coming from further up between her legs. I strained to see her most private flesh. She chuckled, “Oh, you are going to see a lot of that, my pet, but first, do what I have told you!” With that, the leather end of the dog chain cracked across my back and I yelped! I had not expected that at all and she laughed. I immediately made my efforts to remove the rubber pants more concentrated and got them off of her within a few more seconds.

“Take me to your bedroom.” Sheri said, as she stood up her high platform shoes and her tied white shirt. I immediately did. She walked over to my bed and sat down with her bag and began rummaging around. “Go get one of your running shoes and bring it to me,” she said without even bothering to look up at me. The compliant part of me kicked in and I went to my closet and picked up the shoe.

When I returned to stand in front of Sheri, she looked up at me. “You are my servant… my slave. You should never be more clothed than I am nor should you ever stand above me. Take your shirt and pants off now and get down on your knees.” She then turned and picked up a heavy stick, wrapped in leather with probably a dozen heavy leather fronds hanging limp for more than a full foot.

I took my shirt off over my head and then hesitated a moment and looked into the made up face that looked so strong and powerful. Her eyebrows arched and she looked up at me. “What are you waiting for, I told you to get your clothes off.”

I stammered and then moved my hands to my waist and said, “I am sorry. It is just that I realized that in my haste to get to you I didn’t put any underwear on.” I could feel my face turning red. I could also feel my cock twitch, begging for freedom to grow more.

“I don’t care!” Sheri barked back at me as she reached down and grabbed my chain. Then before I knew what was going on, she stood up and stepped so the length of chain so it ran under the arch of her shoe. “I told you to get your clothes off and I meant all of them, now do it!!” Without a warning, she grabbed the whip and flipped it once, bringing the weight of it crashing across the bare skin of my back with a crack!! I yelped and quickly worked the button and zipper just before I felt the second blow land.

I rolled on my side to wiggle out of my jeans, when I felt another and another blow land in almost the exact same place on my back, lighting my nerves on fire! “Oh, you should never try to avoid me, my pet. You do not know who you are messing with!!” At last I was free of my pants and I struggled back up to my knees just as another blow fell across my back, the lowest tips of the whip tails just hitting my ass.

“Oh my God!” I heard her breath. I looked down and my cock was fully erect and a thin string of silvery fluid hung from the tip in a most obscene fashion. “Your cock is awesome!”

I do not have the longest cock in the locker room, but few guys intimidate me in that department. When fully erect, the base of my cock is nearly as big around as a can of Monster Energy drink. And at the moment, I was excited as I had been in years!!

I looked up in her eyes and smiled. “You like something?” I asked with a shit eating grin. She wiped that smile from my face a second later as the palm of her hand landed on the side of my face with a loud slap!!

“You insolent old shit!! You think because you are older, or may have been around the block longer, you can presume to talk to me, your Mistress without proper respect? Do you?!?!” She screamed at me. “Get your smug face down there and kiss my feet!”

I started to back up and lower myself down to get in a comfortable position for what I had no doubt was going to be a punishing few minutes. Suddenly though, I pitched forward as she jerked the chain to my collar, which ran under her foot. I was completely unprepared and loss my balance and landed face first on the carpet right between her feet. Her other foot came up and she put the bottom of her foot against the side of my face and put some weight on it to let me know she was in charge. “You came and got me out of jail, and you are good to me at work, so I am being patient with you, but my patience is wearing thin and you had better start doing what I tell you the way I tell you or this is going to turn into a long night.”

“Yes Mistress,” I said as best I could with the side of my face pushed into the carpet. I felt the pressure ease and then her foot leaving the side of my face. “See, now that was not so bad, my pet! Now start kissing my feet.” I did exactly that without even raising my face from the carpet for fear of what Sheri might do.

She then moved her foot and used the now freed chain to slowly pull my tongue and mouth worship up her legs. Occasionally I would hear the sound of the whip moving through the air and feel it finish its path by landing across my back and ass, but I did not allow any of it to distract me from my mission of pleasing my Mistress. The fact was, I was willing to endure anything now, if it meant me getting to see and taste the sex of this powerful woman!

I had made it above her knees and she had just spread her legs and I had gotten my first look at her beautiful pussy when she put her hand on my forehead and shoved me back onto my haunches. “You are good, my pet. You have gotten me all wet and excited and I need relief!” I about screamed Hallelujah! Then she said, “I want to watch you stroke that hot rod of yours but so help me, if you lose control, you will never get to ever touch me again.” “Yes Mistress.” I replied as I wondered what she had in mind.

Then she pulled a pink bunny vibrator out of the bag. The tip began to rotate as the whole began to vibrate. She held it up to her face and kissed the tip of the toy and then spit on it. I sat there completely entranced with my cock in my own spit covered hand as I watched her open the outer lips of her tender flesh and then slipped the rotating toy all the way in. I slowly stroked the length of my cock while Sheri pulled the toy back and she directed the pornographic ears of the phallic toy to either side of her small pearl of a clit.

She moaned and threw her head back as her one hand released her sensitive flesh and the other pushed the pulsing rod back deep inside of her furnace. I took a deep breath. It was only a matter of minutes before I shot my wad if I was not careful I had been so hard for so long now, that my familiar touch threatened to end the night way too early. So spit in my left hand and began stroking myself with that hand instead of my normal right. This had the desired effect of not being as exciting.

Sheri snapped her head forward and looked down at my cock with unadulterated lust. I saw her lick her lips as her hips began to pitch in rhythm with the thrusts of the wicked rabbit. She moved forward until just the back of her ass was on the bed. Her hand went up and pulled open her shirt and I saw the small breasts that were topped with puckered hard gum drops of sexual candy. She pulled and twisted the dark flesh and moaned at the first touch and then shuddered as she gave one more firm twist.

My nostrils were filled with the aroma of excitement and as I watched thin streams of her cum squished out of her pussy and fell on my thighs. I had to squeeze the head of my cock hard and close my eyes or I knew that my own eruption would soon be taking place. “Oh, oh, oh!!! Damn it!!! “ Sheri screamed and then fell forward with a whimper as her fingers searched to turn off the gyrations that were causing her so much distress.

I needed release in the worst way. When Sheri finally had enough of her mind return to her from the edges of the universe, she said with a voice thick with lust, “Stand up. I have to touch that cock of yours.” I did not wait or even hesitate. I stood up and obscenely held my fully erect cock directly at her. To my surprise, Sheri picked up the long shoestring on the bed, looped it, then wrapped it around the base of my cock and balls and pulled the string tight. It did not seem she even had to look at what she was doing as in the next few seconds I saw the base of my sex be tied off from my body, and then my balls force way from my cock with the unforgiving string. Lastly, two loops were formed, and then run over my scrotum, separating my testicles from each other and stretching the flesh of my scrotum smooth! It hurt so bad and surprised me so much that I felt tears fill my eyes and my whole body shuddered at the sudden imprisonment of my important members!!

“That should keep you from coming long enough to make this night fun for us both. If you had some Viagra, I would have had you take that and then we would not have had to do this, but I don’t feel like waiting for meds to kick in now even if you have them.” Then without any further ado, she pulled me to her, and stuck her pink tongue out and quickly used it to make little circles on the underside of my cock, where not only did the head of my cock split, but every nerve in my body ended!! The result was a shudder that ran from the nape of my neck all the way through the core of my existence.

She laughed and said, “I thought you might like that!” She then did the same thing again, but followed it up by running the tip of her velvet tongue all of the way around the crown of my cock head and I uttered a guttural growl that nearly ripped my Adam’s apple from my throat. I needed release in the worst of ways and yet, the fiendish windings of the string around to root of my cock frustrated any thought of this.

Sheri then said, “Well here we go…” and she aimed my cock into her mouth. I have had several girls who have licked my cock and a couple that have sucked my head, but I could tell from the look in Sheri’s eyes, just before they closed, that she was hell bent on getting me all of the way in her. I also noticed at the same moment that her hand was again slowly rubbing the sopping flesh between her thighs. My cock felt the roof of her mouth and I put my hands on the back of her head, as much to steady myself as my head began to spin as anything. Then I felt my hyper-sensitive flesh sliding deeper into her warm and willing mouth. My mind screamed and yet I was forbidden to experience the release that was building higher within me by the second.

Then I felt her nose touch my belly. My shaft was by no means all in her mouth, but the combined sensations caused me to dance and scream in agony and ecstasy like I have never even approached before!! She pulled back, suddenly with a deep gasp and coughed and gagged. “My God, your cock is incredible!!! I have to have you in me now!!!”

And with that, she stood up and leaned across my bed. There were no explanations necessary at this point. I pushed the head of my cock down from pointing to the heavens at the heaven between her legs and slammed myself to the hilt in her wet pussy. She screamed and I watched as she gathered the cloth of my bed’s comforter in her fists!! I just held her there, impaled upon the steel shaft that protruded so rudely into the depths of her. As her hands relaxed, I pulled a fraction of an inch back and then put it deeper into her still. Soon she was able to handle my girth and my strokes became longer and more rhythmic. My head was spinning with lust and with need, but it was my turn to be in control and I was determined to repay my Mistress for her “kindnesses.”

I felt her fingers fluttering on her belly and then she screamed in ecstasy and I held her by her hips as she nearly collapsed as the waves of her orgasmic tidal wave crashed through her. The moment I felt her begin to recover, I knew what I had to do. “You showed me no mercy, Mistress Sheri, neither will I now!!” I thought to myself! And holding her hips in place, I began again the deep thrusting action that had her screaming again in only a couple of minutes.

As she recovered after this petite morte, she gasped out, “Stop and I will untie you!”

That was what I was dying to hear and I let her bruised and stretched flesh disgorge my huge member and I laughed quietly to myself as I watched her struggle to right herself on the bed and turn over.

With barely an effort and in only a matter of seconds, the strings that held my orgasms in check fell to the floor and I gasped as the expected pleasure of release was accompanied with a stunning sledge-hammer blow of intense sensation and blood rush as well. It was Sheri’s turn now to laugh as she looked up at me tottering and nearly staggering away from her. “Stay here, my pet. You have earned the right to cum on your Mistress.”

Sheri reached down between her legs and brought her hand up to my cock coated with her own juices. It did not take her long to cause my now free anatomy to respond. I felt my balls rotate and pull tight against the core of my body and a couple of firm strokes caused the first of many liquid ropes to fly from the purple tip of my cock, to the creamy white flesh of her chest.

A minute later, I was collapsed on the bed next to her as we both giggled like idiots and found ourselves suddenly wondering what the hell we thought we were doing. “I think I kinda like you like this, I panted and laughed.”

To which she responded, “Really? I had not noticed!!!” as she reached for a towel to wipe off the flood of fluids I had pumped onto her….


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