The pond mermaid

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The pond mermaid
I had fish there twice without an issue

It was a free day off from school and i got there early 6am sipping my cofee while casting my lane

this nice large pond off the road is fill of bass and i always have fun fighting the fish in wild pond

I ear his deep loud voice when he got down the trail to my spot

”what we have there son is that a mermaid? ohhhh yes it is go on its yours”

i look up the trail, he was walking weird but fast toward me

i coudnt quite understand what was he saying until he was about 20 feet of me

”mermaidd me fuck mermaid”

i saw him pull his short down and his bbc all up swinging , coming fast at me

”oh shit wtf hey ”

”mermaid mermaid me fuck mermaid”

”fuck stop no stop”

he was strong we endup brawling on the grass until he had me on my stomach pinning me down removing my short

his bbc not loosing a second his precum helping it open me up invading my hole and cuming instantly yelling on top of me ”mermaidddd huuuuu huuuuu huuuuuu”

pourring so much cum in me i was fucked hard in the pool of cum he did
my ass burning

”ahhhh shit ahhhh ahhhh stop im not gay ahhhh”

never stopping the pounding and repeating mermaid mermaid fucked up by the young black guy without a chance to make him stop

”you like this mermaid son? ”

”can daddy play with her too?”

i was feeling taken and helpless the older normal guy getting his cock out

another huge black cock

his legs spread and sit on the grass he took my head up

”hello beautifull mermaid, my son feels good ? ”

”wait awwwwwffff”

his bbc in my mouth making me stop in my pleading

both bbc just doing there thing pumping in my holes

i was getting called a mermaid non stop by the ”son with a condition” in his 20s a bit older than me but obviously with a mental age lower , just having fun fucking me like it was ok…a game

”yes good little mermaid , fuck her ,show her what we do to white lost mermaid”

i was dizzy on the ground getting dicked down good , non stop , it was a sick scene so surreal

naked on the ground used by a son and his dad both big cock stretching me up

”ok keep your energy lets get her in the trunk you can ride with her ”

i was pulled up in a pickup trunk hands tied

his son mounting me before we left

music loud driving in the field his boy making me moan and him singing

the sun just got up and warming the metal trunk , legs spread ass up him on top bouncing on me with the field bumpy ride

i was feeling to pickup stop and i was pulled bu the son eager to show me something

i had a break from the pounding and felt weak lost not knowing were i was

i was in a walked to a cabin kind of house

i was soon looking at a collection of large printed picture frame of white boy ass up in a mermaid tail looking back smilling

i looked at each of the frames and it were all the same but different asses gaping cum dripping and smilling

i felt suck and like in a different world

his door in the back giving on the pool

the mermaid flipper rihght there on the patio table his dad smilling at me

both in a precise and controlling ways put me up and sleaved my legs tied up in the flipper, experienced at doing it throwing me in the pool

the son laughting loud yelling mermaids mermaid jumping in the water

catching me easy trying to float and plugged me

flipper floating on top of the water taping the water top on each pounding

”ok boy have fun im going to work now”

”and you, you better make him happy like a good mermaid or you will stay until you do”

he left us
his son just repeating mermaid mermaid moaning in my ear having way too much fun fucking me
made into a mermaid for him

i couldnt go far , the flipper made it hard to move and i was catch and fucked him playing with me releasing me

just to pull me by the flpper and my pink gaping hole soon filled again

”mermaid mermaid huuuuuuuu fuck mermaid ”

i was fucked like a doll by him its all i was and my ass started to feel numb
just a wet numb gapping hole getting stretched up non stop by the young black boy

i was help out and pulled by my flipper on the patio chair thrown down doggy ass up and fucked like a wore

he pounded so hard , moving like dancing behinf me watching down at his bbc disapearing in me , moaning eyes flipped

the constant ”mermaid’ he just repeated over and over made me feel its all i was for him today and coudnt stop him from thinking iam a toy to fuck

he was sounding so happy i kinda felt great for him

loosing control , fucked for so long like a mermaid i started to feel good his bbc in me

he pumped in and out spitting in my hole still wet from his first load earlier

getting wetter and fucked with splurting noise in my boy cunt

i look back and saw him smiling pumping in my ass , my flipper hips hold up taking him

he yell loud and cum in me staying deep all of his big black cock twitching splurting more cum in me

and he got out took a second calling me a mermaid slapping my ass before fucking in me, him cum making my cunt make loud noisy sound

i look back and moaned smilling, so full so wet and he was still hard like a horse fucking my cum bucket hole
making me love it , love how he just took me again his bbc still hard and loving his mermaid

i was soon left and looking back him camera in hand smilling

happy and back fucking me

clik click click

taking pictures of me

i felt own , just like all these boy on the wall, every one of us fucked up into a mermaid slut toy for him

mine soon to be added to it ass up moaning cum dripping and smiling for the camera

he fucked me for the day , i passed out just to wake up him still moaning sliding in my hole

until he was cuming in me for the 8th time, making me just take it now easy moaning not believing how many time he cum in me

he left and i was not able to move i slept there drooling cum

i woke up at the pound at night the father having me legs up looking at the star

”hi beatifull, you had made my son so happy, you can leave after pleasing me ok?”

and moaned getting called a good white boy slut by him cock deep hotting my spot

kissed and fucked with love

he made me cum in no time i felt it just happen his cock poking it right

i look terrorized by the meaning of it cumming on myself moaning him deep poking me so good

kissing me, calling me a cute girly white boy

”you like getting fuck now, dont resist its ok cum on my big cock ”

i moaned looking at him call me his girl , my small cock spurting cum on me

and he loaded me calling my ass a pussy

”this is a gaping pussy forever now”

”now get the fuck out and if i see you again my boy will be so happy to have a mermaid again”

i fought it for a while , but eventually i walk by a black daddy drunk out to smoke , at the pub one night
we smoke a cigarette outside and he walk with me to the back alley to smoke weed

i smile at him while we smoke and peak at his jeans
he pushed me toward the bushy fence

”go on there is no one around boy”

its all i needed to ear

my knees hitting the ground

his cock out from his zipper , my mouth drooling feeling him getting bigger and bigger

”damn you hungry for cock”

nodding and sucking him deep

”wanna go to my car?”

i nodded and i was soon ass up on his back seat moaning i love his big cock

he fucked me quick, we both had to go inside to our friends

and i was happy feeling him pounding my pussy ass , i needed it so bad and didnt want to admit it, but i love this

he cum in me both happy and moaning

and just like that i went inside filled up by that black daddy in the pub next table

we look a bit at each other drinking and talking

my friends needed to go , i smile a him before leaving and i smoked one waiting outside

he got out i act like nothing until his friends left

he stop his car infront of me

and i got in

”good boy, you need more of my big cock , lets go home i want you tonight tomorrow and whenever you need a cock boy”

i was already slurping him crawl over his seat

”damn you really just needed some big cock”

moaning in approval , his bbc in my mouth making him hard again

happy to see his love me , mouth sucking doing my best

he drove me to his place

we got out and went together to his big shower

i was feeling the warm water pooring on me

him legs spread si on the shower bench looking at me bounce back on his bbc moaning

”you are a happy little white fag now am i right?”

moaning back loving his bbc in me

”yes go on show how a good pussy you are”

”fucking bitch, just needed to be fucked”

smiling back, bouncing on daddy bbc

”i need a daddy ”
”i want daddy bbc”

starting my path into becoming black daddies lil sissy slut

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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