The Reunion

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The Reunion
My heart was pounding as I walked up the main steps. “Welcome class of 2002” screamed from a brightly colored banner hovering above the entrance. I pulled at my tight collar trying desperately to get some air. It suddenly dawned on me that I was having the exact same emotional response I had had 14 years previous. I walked inside and was immediately greeted by a very cheerful alumnus. “Welcome back Fightin’ Fox It’s me Tammy Fey-Lebowitz your Class president, can I have your name?” she asked with a grin. “Ryan Porter.” I said grabbing my nametag from the table. “Ryan Porter…really?” she asked. “Yes why?” I asked. “You look different from your yearbook pic from senior year that’s all.” “It’s been 10 years Tammy, people change.”

I slapped the sticky nametag on my suit jacket and walked in. The gym was decorated like it was a k**s 10th birthday party complete with ballons and streamers luckly they had the bar set up.

“Vodka rocks very dirty!” I said. “Starting early?” the bartender asked. “I have no idea why I’m here, I didn’t have many friends. I was the loser who sucked up to the teachers.” I griped. “Another!” I added slamming the glass down.

“No way…get outta here!” a voice shouted nearby. “Ryan Porter is that you?!” I turned and giggled slightly. “Hey Ty, how you been.” I said. “Hey babe come here.” he said waving to a very pregnant woman. “Babe this is the guy…well most of the guy who saved my ass in Highschool.” “Really how?” she asked. “He was my History tutor, I was this close *holds up index and pinky inches apart* from failing and he helped me pass the final.” “It’s nice to meet you…” “Amy.” “..Amy!” I said with a smile. “You Married b*o?” Ty asked. “I was Ty, not anymore though.” “Oh she dump ya?” “No…no Ty, she…um…she died in a car accident.” “Whow dude sorry man.” “No you didn’t know, it’s been about five years now.” I could see Ty and Amy were getting uncomfortable so I quickly changed the subject. “So Amy, how far along are you?” “Eight and a half months.” Oh so you’re almost ready to go.” I said. “Yeah this makes number six!” Ty said. “You’ve got six k**s?” I asked. “Yep Four girls and two boys including this little on.” Amy said rubbing her belly. “What about you Ryan, any k**s?” “I do her name is Annabel, she’s six.” I looked down at my empty glass and placed it on the table nearby. “If you guys’ll excuse me, I need a moment alone.

I walked out of the gym and into the Hall, I turned a corner and walked upstairs. I stopped in front of an all to familiar spot and sat down. “Locker 361!” I said looking up. “You’ve been repainted.” I ran my fingers across the paint and could feel the slight indentation underneath. “Ryan Porter-house!” scratched into the paint underneath.

“Ryan Porter still in the same spot, I see?” Another all to familiar voice called out. “Mrs. Mallory, I know that voice anywhere.” I said looking up. “How you doing Ryan?” she asked. “Better now that I see my favorite English teacher here.” “Shucks you’re gonna make me blush and it’s Ms. Blake now, Mrs. Mallory is a distant memory.” she added. “Oh sorry, he seemed really nice.” I said standing up. “Oh my god!” she said loudly. “What?” I asked. “You’re so thin!”

I looked down at myself and nodded. “Yeah I had Gastric Bypass done about three years ago.” “That’s great, you look amazing!” she added. “I did it for my daughter, she woke up crying and said she dreamed I died to and she was all alone.” I had to turn my head to hide my tears. “Oh you have a daughter?” she asked. “Her names Annabel, she’s six.” I said handing her a picture from my wallet. “Where’s her mother?” “Abby, my wife died in a car accident five years ago.” I said

I found myself in Ms. Blake’s classroom, sitting in the punishment chair next to her desk. “You look like you could use a drink.” she said pulling a bottle out of the bottom drawer. “You keep booze in your desk?” I asked. “I confis**ted this from a student.” She said pouring some into her coffee cup. “Ouzo, people still drink this!” I said downing the acidic compound. After about three glasses I changed my tune.

“I love this stuff, it’s so good!” I said. “It is, It’s like drinking Easter candy!” Ms. Blake said. I downed another glass and got out of my chair. “This room looks exactly the same, it’s as if I could see myself walking in at any moment.” I said sitting down. “I wish I could go back in time to when things made sense. So I can be a k** again, and not have to tell my daughter why mommy’s never gonna wake up.” I put my head on my old desk and began to cry, not one of my strongest moments.

I felt a hand gently stroking my hair and looked up to see Ms. Blake standing over me. “I had such a crush on you!” I said picking my head off the desk. “I think you’re the reason I came here tonight, I told myself it was to see my old friends but really it was you.” she stopped stroking my head and took a step back. “My life has been so hard these past few years and I just wanted to remember a better time. I come here and there you are, still as amazingly stunning as you were ten years ago!” Even in my drunken haze I could see her cheeks flush deep red. “And now I’ve embarrassed you.. i’ll be going now.”

I stood up and headed for the door when I felt a hand on my sholder. “You remember that day I had you stay over to help me prepare the midterm?” she asked. “I was gonna come on to you but I chickened out.” she said. “Really…why me?” I asked. “You were strong Ryan…you took what the other students said about you and you didn’t let it change you. It could’ve easily made you jaded but you shrugged it off.” “Now look at me, I’m here weeping like an infant.” She pulled me close and gave me a hug. “You miss your wife, it’s allowed.” she said.

I pulled away but kept my hands an her shoulders she didn’t break away so I took my shot, I pulled her close and gave her a kiss. “We can’t Ryan. Not here it’s wrong…oh hell with it!” she said grabbing me and pulling me close. The flood gates opened and I found myself in her chair. She was sitting on my lap as we made out. As she shoved her hand down my pants I could see my s*******n year old self winking at me from my desk. She pulled my cock out and let out a delightful giggle. “What do we have here!” she said wrapping her hand around it. “Oh Emma!” I said as she tugged me hard. “Call me Ms. Blake, it works for me.”

She slid off my lap and onto her knees. She pulled down my pants and wrapped her lips around my throbbing member. As I sat there in the dark a figure appeared in the door. “Who is that?” a Male voice asked. “It’s Principle Hughes!” Ms. Blake said from beneath her desk. “It’s meee…Principle Hughes, Ryan Poooorter class of Two Thousand TWO!” “Oh yes Porter, how are you son?” “Fine sir, just sitting HERE reminiscing about days goooone bye.” “oh I see, well were all in the gym so…” “If you don’t **Pant** mind I’m just gonna stay a little looonger.” Principle Hughed nodded. “Fine Mr. Porter just don’t make a mess.” he said turning away. “Yes sir, i’ll try not to.” I looked down at Ms. Blake who hadn’t stopped blowing me the entire time I was talking. “Not funny!” I said.

She stood up and slipped off her panties, then sat in my lap facing me and lowered herself down on my shaft. “Oh god!” she squeeled with delight. “If only I had known back then I wouldn’t have had to use the shower head to cum every night!” she said. “Why your husband didn’t do it for you?” “He was as small as a hamster, and as quick too!” I pulled her dress down and began to suck on her nipples, I winked at my s*******n year old self you was watching enthralled from his desk. “Oh god!” she screamed as she jolted up. “Whow!” I said feeling a warm liquid dribble down my leg. She began to pump up and down in my lap again, and just as before she blurted out a word one doesn’t say in school. We went at it for about ten more minutes before I myself was ready to release. “Do it in me!” she whispered and who was I to refuse.

I came so hard I could barely contain my scream. After we were done we sat there in each others arms. She placed her head on my chest and whispered “You were always my favorite student!”

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