The Revelation of a married woman!

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The Revelation of a married woman!
Marriage kills passion, they say, but what should a married woman do? She is not ready to give up, she still wants passion and new experiences, she wants flirting and wild sex, what about her husband? Oh, men are so easy to cheat!…

Hi, my name is Laura! I’m so cute and shy sometimes, but I can be very aggressive and furious, it’s so cool! I am young, fun, and sexy! I’d like to tell my story about how I became adulterating my husband, you wanna listen to it?

As early as 3 years ago I’d been a normal woman, just married. It’d been a year since we got married as life began boring to me, though my husband wasn’t a bad guy at all, I just had always been a spectacular woman attracting men and being a place of interest for others. Though I never led a dissipated and wild life, but I used to have sex with my every lover, so by the time I got married their number reached almost 23, excepting my husband. Moreover when I was 24 I had juggled 2 boyfriends at the same time, sometimes I had sex with both of them one after another during a day. But when I got married it was over and had to stop my fun.

I met my husband in a night club, he seemed to be extraordinary and witty chap, though I wasn’t in love with him, but there was some attraction, I’d say. A lot of factors influenced me that time: my relatives, age, and public opinion, in short no sooner had I thought of that as we got married. I liked it a lot in the beginning, calling my husband “my honey and darling”, bragging about him before my girlfriends and everything was OK.

However, by degrees, it bored me more and more; at first I didn’t understand even why it was happening to me. Stan used to be very careful and tender to me, but there was no element of courting, game and flirt, and I was feeling myself as a thing, as I belonged to him. My girlfriends had everything form intrigue and passion, and flirt and I conceived myself deprived of all this. I also still had advances of different males at that, I went on catching their eyes on me wherever I was. Sometimes I got more excited when, for example some guy stared at my sexy legs somewhere in the bus, my pussy got wet and my panties damped. I kept from flirting with all these men as I was a married one and I didn’t want to play false on my Stan. It would be Ok, but if one of my girlfriends took a lover on the side and her romantic life with disguise, secret addresses, secret “appointments” and so on seemed rather more attractive than mine. She also resorted to my help and used our flat for their meetings when my Stan was away on some business, of course. It raised a variety of fancies in my imagination when I was alone. Once, when they Lola and her lover were at ours there suddenly Lola’s husband called and asked me whether I knew where she might be as he failed to find her. I said that she was with me and moved to the bedroom by stealth to call Lola as her husband was on the line. When I opened the door a wild scene revealed to my eyes: Lola was standing on bended knees in front of her lover and he was cumming in her mouth, a sperm trickled down her chin and she was swallowing it entirely. I gave her a phone and it was very funny to see her with clots of cum on her face, assuring her husband to arrive soon and that she was late on a business. Her lover didn’t even want to cover his cock from me, I kept my feelings under with an effort, and I had great difficulty in reining my growing excitement. When she finished her talk I suddenly noticed a mark of sperm on Lola’s right cheek, I was gazing on her spellbound, still not realizing what was going on, then I approached her and licked this sperm from her face. After that I rushed into the bathroom and started masturbating furiously: I fancied her lover’s cock coming on my face and it drove me mad.

It took me some time to get over what I just experienced and when I recovered my breath, I was ashamed. When they went off I became absorbed in thoughts. I wondered whether what happened to me was unfaithfulness to my husband or that was no more than an ordinary constitution of things. Of course there was no physical contact with another man, but I did it mentally! Moreover, it’d been for the first time since I got married when someone’s sperm came in my mouth and I really enjoyed it. Should my Stan found out that he would certainly fly into a rage.

I tried to stroke myself, take comfort from what happened, but the role of a slut pleased me a lot at the bottom of my heart. Devoured by guilt I cooked a fine supper to my husband, and then caused him to fuck me, and our bang was much better and hot at this time. He was truly pleasantly surprised with my temperament, but I thought that his ecstasy would abate if he knew that I imagined Lola’s lover when fucking with Stan. The situation itself was becoming oppressive, it was like a burden on me, and I couldn’t get rid of my guilt. In the long run I made him believe that it was OK and no more than innocuous fancies.

In a couple of days Lola called me: she turned out to notice my looks at her lover, though she wasn’t jealous of me, and she suggested that I should have joined them, Lola agreed to let me fuck with her lover for the first try out! He also liked me at that.
I was astonished to learn such news. However I was not ready for this kind of succession of events and turned down her proposal. Anyway I was still a very sexy one and I could find any male for the fun if interested rather than resorting to her help.

Nevertheless her suggestion excited me very much, I lay in the hot bath and had a gorgeous time fancying a sex with a stranger and jerking my clit off. The result was the same as previous one: I came. But this wasn’t the end: 2 days later Morris, Lola’s lover called me, and he did it on the fly and Lola had no idea about that. He suggested a meeting but I declined his offer in a very polite way, though it was very promising and attractive offer. I revised it repeatedly, again and again thinking of what happened, and all my ponderings clearly indicated that I was ready to juggle with my husband.

IT occurred in a few weeks. My Stan was on his assignment somewhere in the country, so I was left alone. I was invited to the party, held by one of my school friends, I though over it and accepted their invitation. I was in a playful mood, willing to flirt with males; the party was really wild and very noisy, there were a lot of strangers, however I didn’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable: soon after I saw some handsome guy who started courting me. I impressed him a lot, the more so because I had a nice tight-fitting luxuriant dress. A sense of flirt mixed with lust of the flesh and horny looks of the men besotted me much and made my head spinning with all that.

I nestled up to him while dancing and he afforded some familiarity and stroked my knee. When we went to the balcony, no sooner had I realized what was going on as he started kissing me hot.

I hardly controlled myself from this moral lapse, but in the long run, in no time, I gave way to his advances. He suggested that we should find a place to stay alone in private; I said that I was married and I allowed him many extras, but the news that I was married influenced him a lot.

Devoured by a delight he bent down on his knees and started licking my thighs, and then he moved my dress aside, I felt a growing excitement down there and my pussy was already wet. that fact that anyone could come to the balcony and caught us doing it excited me more and more, then, being slow to grasp I suddenly asked him to lick my pussy and it was the only thing I could afford. I believed that it wouldn’t be a considerate unfaithfulness to my husband, as no cock was supposed to enter my cunt anyway.

He took my suggestion with enthusiasm as seemed to be eager to lick me off; he took me by the hand and led me upstairs to some room. My hearts was thumping with excitement, he put me on the bed and I let him undo my panties, then he clang to my pussy and began licking it. My head was spinning with delight, I wanted more.

The environment misted over before my eyes, then suddenly the door opened and there appeared his friend, who seemed to be looking for him. After a pause he came in, I rose slightly on my elbows, but he held a finger to his lips as if hushing me, letting me know he wasn’t going to do anything wrong. My lover didn’t notice anything as he was absorbed in sucking me off; I was so close to come and didn’t mind his friend to be present.

The guy was staring at us breathless, as if watching some miracle: he couldn’t contain himself, unzipped his fly, took out his cock and began jacking off, looking at me. That was too much for me and I had a wild desire to blow him at the moment, though I had never fucked with 2 guys at the same time. At the last moment I thought that what my husband might do if he saw me naked on the bed with one guy, performing cunnilingus on me and another one, jerking off on the side. I came at once, and a sweet bliss ran around my body, keeping myself from moaning all over the house. I saw the jacking guy came right in one time with me, his sperm splashed around the floor and one of the drops feel on the sofa: I wish I could lick it. He adjusted his cloth and went away on the sly.

As for my lover, he went on fondling my pussy with his tongue for some minutes and then he began undoing his jeans hastily, no sooner had he done it as a warm trickle of sperm poured down my thighs. I was in the seventh heaven and regarded myself as a Love Goddess, who made males come by means of her passionate lust.

However it was time to get out, so we primped ourselves up and went out.

We joined other guests as if nothing had happened; my lover’s friend was sitting on my left side, casting close and hard look on me.

I didn’t mind to go upstairs with him and let him suck my clit too, but then I changed my mind, having realized that my behavior would be very sluttish that way. Evading these prospects, concerned about not repeating any more stupid things I went home.
The next day I woke up in a very merry mood, the only problem was that last night my Stan called me several times running and there left his messages on the answering machine. Nevertheless I was sure to reject an accusation of adultery whatever it was.
I was looking at myself in the mirror on the wall, and I saw a chic, stylish and sexy woman with silky skin and sexy legs, I spread the aside and a wonderful sight of shaven pussy came to my eyes. Watching myself and realized sympathized with my yesterday’s admirers, I realized why so many men had been trying to court me for recent years. I believed that I wouldn’t mind to have a group sex in a particular coincidence and this thought excited me much, so I decided to try it really, who it would be. I locked myself up in the bathroom and took and empty phial from my deodorant: its’ shape was like a men’s cock, I put it into my mouth with one hand while used another one to flick my clit. Hardly any words could describe my feelings at that moment, but I was aflutter so much that I tasted a man’s sperm on my tongue; I reached a very tumultuous climax within a matter of minute. Some minutes passed while I was sitting on the chair feeling that I was a real slut, gone bitch! But I enjoyed my new role anyway.
It some new experience for me, on top of all I never shunned carnal desires, but I’d been my first time when I was eager to fuck with complete strangers and I liked it. In the evening a door bell rang: it turned out my yesterday’s school girlfriend, who held a party last night. After several ordinary greetings she shook her finger at me playfully:

– You, frolicsome girl! So this is what you’re doing while your husband is away!
– What do you mean? I asked

I was really scared of what might have happened and tried to find out what she meant. I felt a sense of relief when she told me that she saw me dancing and flirting with that guy, but she was drunk too and couldn’t notice all details, I breathed with relief hearing it. The point was that she was known as a familiar scandalmonger in our circle, so there was hardly anyone to believe her. We talked different things a bit, and then she went away.

My Stan came in a couple of days. I expected to be suffering from searchings of heart, feeling ill at ease and so on, but none of that had happened to me at all. Quite the opposite I was really fine, a variety of lusty thought flitted across my mind “Hey, honey! Do you know what I was doing while you were out! My sweet silly, cuckold!” a wave of warm bliss spread al over my body and it made be extremely excited.

After that, sitting on the sofa I asked him some times to lick my pussy, moreover I closed my eyes and imagined Morris fondling my cunt, and that was the way I reached my comes. Stan was highly surprised to see me willing to have oral sex, so he agreed readily as he couldn’t help giving me the pleasure. Even if it happened some minutes before his appearance at work! I laughed when watched him hurrying to get to his work on time and wiping his lips, wet with my love juice.

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