The Sexy, Black Mamma!

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The Sexy, Black Mamma!
The following story is 100% true and my own personal experience! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did experiencing it!

It’s funny how some nights out seem to just end up with a bit of a twist and this particular night was indeed one of those!

I had been out drinking with a friend for a few drinks but nothing too heavy and after closing time we parted ways and I started my usual 20 minute walk home. On the way, I happened to fall into the company of a few people who had been for a work night out and they invited me back to a party they were going to. They were a mixed bunch of people(as is often the case with work colleagues!) but seemed very nice and so I figured what the hell, it could be fun and I always enjoy a good party.

At the party, I struck up a conversation with a rather attractive black lady named Wendy who seemed really interesting and was giving me all the banter about her work colleagues. I have to say, even though she was at least twice my age (I was only 21 and she was in her forties) I found her incredibly attractive with nice distinct features. She was about 5 ft 4 and had very deep, dark brown eyes, long black hair, gorgeous full, plump lips and the most magnificent curvaceous figure – yep she really was the real deal in terms of a sexy black mamma!

The only thing was she kept trying to introduce and set me up with one of her colleagues who was around my age and quite pretty but I was, on this particular night, captivated by the more mature Wendy. I don’t know whether it was the fact that she was twice my age or whether it was the fact that I had never been with a black lady before. Either way, I was enjoying being in her company and enjoying our rather flirtatious banter.

Although she kept mentioning her younger colleague, there was something about the manner in which she did it that made me think perhaps she is just playing a little and actually quite interested in me. For example, she kept telling me how handsome I was but how I needed to find a nice young girl around my age. But it was the way she kept smiling at me and brushing my thigh that convinced me she did have an attraction to me but was in her own way just a little nervous also. Either that or she was one hell of a tease!

The party by now had really started to wind down and Wendy and I were still chatting alone in the kitchen when I decided now was the time to put this thing to the test: did she actually like me or was all of this just one elaborate game? So, when the time was right and she was looking at me with one of her intense, sexy smiles I simply leaned in and kissed her. Well I suppose I got my answer as she kissed me back with such passion and vigour, locking her luscious lips round mine as I stroked her pretty face.

It wasn’t long before we left the party and took a cab back to her place and I have to say my mind was racing in anticipation of what lay ahead. On entering her flat, we immediately resumed kissing each other and quickly made our way to the bedroom. Wendy sat down on the bed and undid my jeans and asked me to take of all my clothes which I naturally did with haste. There I was stood over her bollock naked and with a raging hard-on that begged to be satisfied. Wendy took a few moments to absorb the image in front of her and she paid compliment to me by saying “that’s one beautiful looking cock you have!”

With that she grabbed the cheeks of my ass, pulling me into her and set about working my dick with her fabulous mouth and I have to say the sight of her beautiful, full, luscious lips wrapped around my white cock looked amazing. She really worked the head of my cock, getting it all nice and wet as she fondled my spunk-filled balls with her sexy painted pink nails! I simply stood there hand on hips as Wendy worked her magic on my rock hard dick enjoying every inch of it! She really knew how to suck cock, kissing up my shaft as she teased the head and stroked my thighs. She even teased my scrotum and asshole with her fingers, making my dick more erect in her willing mouth.

Following this most amazing of BJ’s, I wasted no time in stripping Wendy down to just her panties and it was my turn to marvel at her gorgeous, curvy figure with its perfectly smooth black skin. She invited me to explore her superb breasts which were large yet very firm with erect brown nipples that I enjoyed teasing and sucking on. It wasn’t long before I straddled Wendy and had my throbbing dick right between her tits while she once again worked my asshole with her fingers, teasing the rim with those sexy finger nails. This literally made my cock ooze pre-cum over her sexy black tits which only served to lubricate my thrusting between those magnificent mounds.

With a rather cheeky look in her eye, Wendy leaned over and grabbed a hood from her drawer and laid it on the bed next to me; the signal that she was now ready for me deep inside her. She wasted no time at all, removing her moist panties and got on all fours with her sensational booty positioned high in the air. It was truly a great sight seeing her slim waste suddenly spill out around her hips and into this most delicious of mounds that almost begged me to mount it.
But before that, I had simply had to take a little time just to appreciate Wendy’s ass up close and personal as I buried my face in between her 2 cheeks taking in her wonderful, musky, sweet aroma.

I kissed Wendy’s smooth, black ass cheeks from top to bottom giving them a little slap to elicit a very sexy wobble that made her tingle down below. Down below, her pussy by now was very warm and moist and she moaned as I began to lick her clit while my nose was pressed into her tight, sweet asshole which smelled amazing. It wasn’t long before my tongue replaced my nose up Wendy’s ass and I licked around her sweet puckered hole while working her clit with my fingers. This certainly got her going and she started to let out deep moans and pants before finally declaring, “Fuck me”!

Well, that is exactly what I did next as I slid my 7 inches of steel deep into her soaking pussy and began fucking her frantically as she continued to moan in pleasure. I must admit, the contrast between my young, slim, white body and her more mature, curvaceous, black body was so sexy and only made me want to fuck her harder. I continued to drive my cock hard into her pussy while gripping her round black ass but it wasn’t long before I could feel myself getting close to climaxing and I sensed Wendy was very close also. In fact, moments later I felt her pussy tighten and grip my cock as she erupted in orgasm and screamed with delight as her whole body shuddered. This only served to ignite my own climax as I felt that wonderful sensation take over my entire body and I exploded whist still balls deep in her moist slit.

After a few moments, Wendy very considerately removed the protection and began to suck my cock and soothe my balls with her tongue as she cleaned any trace of my sticky nectar. With that, I fell into a deep sleep nestled in between this beautiful black mama’s bosom only to be woken a few hours later by Wendy once again working her magic on my cock! But, hey that’s for another story!

Yep, Wendy really was a terrific lady and I continued to see her for a few more times until she moved away for work reasons. I hope she still thinks about our time together as much as I do!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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