The taxi driver

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The taxi driver
I was at a nightclub, and it just turned 2am, I wasn’t drunk or anything but just dam horny, and there were no hot daddies for me to bring back home with me.

I decided that I’d just admit defeat and jump a cab home when I got outside, when I jumped in, I gave the cab driver the details of my address and we went on our way.

‘Good night was it?’ he asked

‘Nah’ I said ‘Was pretty dire and was full of couples’

‘Oh’ he said ‘a good looking guy like yourself? Not going home with a hot man tonight eh?’

I thought to myself ‘ffs is everyone gay in this dam town?’

I replied ‘Nah no one was really my type, if you’re into 18 year old camp over the top queens, then yeah I guess you’d be getting laid tonight, but I’m not I’m into real men’

‘What do you mean by real men?’ he asked.

I replied ‘As in over 50 bear/daddy types, hairy with thick dicks, to shove in my tight hole.

‘Mmm sounds like a hot ass you have there, can I see it?’

I could barely see this guy, partly because it was 2am, and partly because the taxi light was turned off, he switched his light on, I looked over the window to see he had his cock out, it looked fat and meaty, I looked from his cock up he had a white T-shirt on exposing his big round beer belly, and could see a mass of chest hair coming out of the top of his T-shirt, he was a red head too, with a full beard of hair, EXACTLY what I needed on this night.

‘Sure’ I said, without even a hint of hesitation.

‘ok’ he said ‘I just have the place we can go’

I had never been with a taxi driver before, the cab drivers I have seen were always rough and ready types (Like this guy) but would never have the nerve to hit on them. We drove to this estate which was dark and quiet, it had several lock-ups in it, he stopped, got out the cab, opened up a garage door, got back into the cab, and closed over the garage door again. He then proceeded into the back of the black hackney cab to where I was sitting and sat next to me.

He started kissing me, sticking his hot long pointy tongue down my throat, while rubbing my crotch, ‘wow’ you’re a big boy eh’ he said I put my hand on his dick too, I could feel it pulsating through his jeans, pre-cum dripping through them nice and wet, I moved my hand further up his t shirt, and could feel his hot round hairy stomach, all up his chest squeezing his rock hard nipples. This turned him on immensely, I could see in his large round hairy face a smile accumulating with pleasure. I took of my t-shirt exposing my slim, tanned smooth small frame body, and he kissed all from my mouth, moving his tongue from my mouth, to my chin and down my silky smooth body, his hairy face rubbing all down my nipples and stomach. I was so turned on at this point as well, my cock and ass hole throbbing and begging for that meat to satisfy my desires. I removed his t-shirt too, he was hairy all over, full red hair from his stomach all over his chest and down to his stomach, I could see his huge meat through his jeans, and I proceeded to undo his belt and the buttons, to expose this huge red cock, surrounded by flaming red pubic hair, one of the best most beautiful daddy bears, and cocks I’ve seen.

I licked his pulsating cock from head to toe, grabbing his balls in my mouth, he groaned with pleasure, ‘oh that’s so good’ he said, I continued doing this, and I slowly stuck his dick in my mouth, slowly sliding my wet mouth up-and down until I stuck every inch into the very back of my throat. He let out a scream at one point, I thought I had hurt him, but it turned out to be a scream of pleasure, he thrusted his pre-cum filled meat down the back of my throat, faster and faster, his beer gut slapping off my forehead, and groaning faster and faster, I was gagging and my eyes watering, but was enjoying giving him this pleasure. he eventually said ‘Stop’stop’ please, at first I thought I was getting the cold shoulder, but was relieved to hear ‘Now let me see that cute ass as promised’ I pulled down my tight levis, also showing my throbbing dick, and ass, he bent me over the cab seat and rubbed his 2 fingers around my ass. ‘Mmm what a hot boy, I’ve been waiting for a hot hole like yours all night boy’ he then proceeded to stick his long pointy tounge half way up my ass, I felt his red beard rubbing around my sensitive areas to make it more pleasurable. For some reason I blurted out ‘yeah fuck me Daddy’ He stopped for a second, I thought maybe, I had said the wrong thing, but nothing was further from the truth. ‘You like Daddy/son roleplay do you?’ ‘Yes Daddy’ I replied, ‘then daddy must punish his boy for being dirty’ Unsure what was coming he grabbed me over his knee, starting rubbing his big spade=like hands over my buttocks and started to spank me. I, who hasn’t experienced a small bit of bondage, wasn’t sure what to make of it at first, but he did it softly so that it was a pleasant experience, and it to me was a new experience and such a major turn-on ‘You want Daddy’s dick inside you boy don’t you’? YES DADDY I kept replying, the more I was saying yes the more he was getting turned on, I could feel his throbbing meat on my stomach pulsating , ready to explode.

He then moved me from his knee, my ass stinging from the smacking and all red, and he opened the taxi door and lead me to the back of his cab, and threw my arms and body over frontwards, he licked me from the back of my neck, to my ass getting my hole nice and wet, I felt his huge hairy body slide back up and then his pulsating meat between my legs, and the head of his wet dick rubbing around my now begging boy pussy. ‘Fuck me Daddy’ I begged. ‘yeah you’re wanting daddy’s cock in you boy’ he replied ‘Yes, please daddy’

I felt him slide in hard, I let out a large groan ‘you like that boy?’ ‘yes daddy fuck me’ The windows on the back of his cab was now all hot and steamy, I could feel his thick cock thrusting in and out, his hot, fat, hairy beer gut slapping off my ass, his pre-cum making my hole wet and hot, I kept saying ‘fuck me hard Daddy’ I could hear him saying ‘oh yeah baby’ the more-and-more he was saying it the closer he was getting, I slightly moved his cock backwards so he was deep inside me at this point, I could feel his girth stretching every muscle, I could hear him groan more with pleasure the more I did it, moving my hips in a circular motion at the same time…he was close to erupting. He proceeded to putting force, with his hand onto my back, curving my spine over and pounding me hard, while I said ‘DADDY FILL ME UP WITH YOUR SEED’ he groaned, even more until,I felt it, this time a lot more cream than I’ve ever felt before, in my hot tight ass, all the way down my boy pussy, his dick muscles pulsating while every drip squirted out of his shaft, into my boy pussy. I came too, all over the back of his cab a huge load over his black shiny boot. We stood there for a while whilst he rubbed my cum off the boot of his cab with his fingers and rubbed it all over his red-hairy chest, bear hugging be from the back at the same time, something felt nice about that his big hairy, tattoed daddy arms cuddling me.

Well after that hot session we proceeded homeward, I went to pay for the cab. ‘No it’s on me’ He replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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