The twin sisters of the cross dresser policewoman

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The twin sisters of the cross dresser policewoman
(This post is a fictional story on a bondage forum in China, and I am the prototype of the story. I just translated it into English. The copyright belongs to the original author, and the portrait right of the photos in the original link belongs to the original author and me)

In the middle of a gloomy and horrible room stood a woman with a shawl. She was wearing a sexy red cheongsam, a pair of sparkling flesh-colored stockings like cicada wings wrapped around the beautiful woman’s slender legs. Wearing a pair of 10 cm strap-on high-heeled sandals, each foot with five white and tender toes stretched out neatly outside the sandals, and was wrapped in silk stockings looming. Beautiful faces should have been painted with exquisite makeup, but now they are sweating. Her tight and sexy red cheongsam, torn in rags at the moment, can be seen from the torn hole that this beautiful woman is slender white skin under every inch of tight and strong muscles, at first glance is a trained fighter. Behind the beautiful woman, there is a fat and trivial middle-aged bald uncle, who caresses every part of the beautiful woman’s body wilfully with fat and fat rough hands while laughing wilfully. At the same time, he used his lewd voice to flirt with the beautiful woman from time to time. “Ah, ah, look at the beautiful thighs. I heard that you practiced traditional Taekwondo since c***dhood. You can break several boards with one leg. It feels good indeed. This tight muscle, smooth skin. The beautiful woman stared at the fat bald head with angry eyes and looked at the fat bald body. There was no doubt that the beautiful woman could kick him completely into a serious injury. But why was she so willing to endure the trick of the bald head?

It turned out that the beautiful woman was now bound up all over her body. Her hands were tied tightly behind her by European binding, and her body and slender legs were tightly wound in a circle of ropes. The beauty wore a hard leather collar around her neck, which was chained to the roof. Faced with trivial bald tricks, beautiful women struggle desperately, but only twist a few times, in situ jumps a few times, simply can not avoid each other.

The beauty is Yolanda, a cross-dressed policewoman. Yes, it’s a cross-dressed policewoman. For many years, there has been an arrogant underground pornographic group in M City, which k**naps and abuses beautiful women to entertain the rich. The police sent forces to attack the group many times, but the male police could not sneak into the group in any case, and the female police sent several times failed again and again. So the M city police station specially invited Yolanda, a famous cross-dressed female police search officer, to come in order to detect the gang. Yolanda, born with a beautiful face and slender figure, was born in a martial arts family specializing in traditional Taekwondo. From an early age, he received strict combat training. Because of the combat ability of training legs, the legs are extremely slender and beautiful. After joining the police force, because of Yolanda’s beautiful appearance, she was specially trained to be a cross-dressed policewoman, with both beautiful female appearance and strong male physical ability. This time, she was sent to M city to fight the k**napping gang, but she can’t imagine that he was also captured. Now he is being trained by this trivial bald abuse.

Yolanda’s formerly powerful legs are now wrapped in hemp ropes, tightly knotted together, unable to be separated at all. Become a bald plaything. Yolanda could only wriggle impatiently. The bald man took out a massage stick from one side of the box and turned on the switch. Yolanda watched the massage stick humming closer to herself, instinctively trying to avoid it, but now her neck was hanging on the roof by a collar. She could not move at all, except for the clattering of the chain that hung her collar.

The bald man unfastened the necklace and held Yolanda in his arms. Yolanda’s arms are now tightly tied behind her by the European straight arm method, and her legs are tightly tied together by hemp ropes, which is totally irresistible. But she is stubborn, but she is not willing to obediently accept her fate, still struggling with her body twisting. Baldheaded and lustful laughter, “Ha-ha-ha, I like your fierce temper. Aren’t you a cross-dressed policewoman? I’ll give you a good taste of the pleasure of being a woman today.” And he pushed Yolanda to the ground. Fortunately, the carpet was thick and Yolanda was not hurt, although she was tied up to protect herself. She also wanted to squirm away from baldness, but this level of movement was a futile struggle. The bald head lifted the hem of Yolanda’s cheongsam and pulled down her stockings and underwear. Her bare lower body was exposed.

Yolanda was shy and angry at the moment, her face blushed with sweat. Desperate wriggling and rolling. The bald man took Yolanda’s dick in his big hand. Yolanda was pinched in the bald hand at the moment. As long as the bald head tried hard, Yolanda felt the pain immediately and dared not struggle and roll over again. The bald head tucked the vibrating rod into the middle of her legs, and the violent vibration just stimulated Yolanda’s sensitive area of exposure. She groaned. Originally Yolanda’s voice was biased toward women, plus years of training, the voice was the same as that of a sexy beauty. The beautiful scenery and Yolanda are filled with calls of unwillingness, indomitability, helplessness, and lewdness. The bald head was seduced and Yolanda’s cheongsam was torn open, revealing Yolanda’s white and strong body. He held Yolanda’s dick in one hand and rubbed it up and down. One hand caressed Yolanda’s chest frantically, two strong bulging pectoral muscles.

Excited bald head also took off his pants, revealing his dick. On Yolanda’s body, he rubbed Yolanda’s legs tightly tied together with his dick.

Yolanda’s chest and Dick are now frantically rubbed by men’s hands. Yolanda, the vibrating rod buzzing between his legs, is crisp and itchy, but her body is tied up by rough hemp ropes, unable to move, and can only convulse helplessly. Strong physical stimulation and great spiritual humiliation both hit her. Her male self-esteem is gradually being eroded and replaced by the feminine weakness and desire. She could not help convulsing and groaning. Feeling the tight restraint of her body, and hearing her lustful and pleasant voice, Yolanda could no longer control her body’s impulses. With a violent twitch, she ejaculated her semen. Meanwhile, bald men were thrilled to the extreme by Yolanda’s beautiful body and lewd calls, and reached its peak at the same time with Yolanda’s climax.

Yolanda slowly wakes up and looks down at her torn cheongsam, the shattered silk stockings and the dense hemp ropes touched by bald men on her legs. At the same time, she could see the thick semen mixed with himself and bald head wrapped around her powerful and destructive legs, and her eyes closed in shame and pain.

At the same time, in the police station of M city, a smart and tough woman in a black cheongsam, black stockings stood in the director’s office. Her beautiful face and slender figure are exactly the same as Yolanda’s.

“Well, you are Violet, Yolanda’s twin sister? Don’t worry too much about your sister’s situation. We’ll try our best on this side……‘’

“Reporting to the chief of the police, my old sister has not heard from me for so long. She must have fallen into a trap. I applied to lead the commando group’s stronghold now.” Violet interrupted the director.

The fat director showed a trace of discontent but soon hid it. The rat-like eyes sparkled and said, “Well… You know… This. This. This group is a big business in our city, this… Without sufficient evidence, we are very difficult…..”

Violet looked at the bureaucratic police chief in front of her, angry but helpless. “Well, Director, I know your difficulty, so that I can investigate and collect evidence myself, and only hope that the Director can give me support in the back.”

“Well, that’s the best, but you have to be careful, Vilot. This group is not easy to deal with.” When the director heard that Violet had taken over the task himself, his embarrassed face immediately smiled.

Violet turned her and said, ” I’ll leave the director first.”

“Well, well, ah, by the way, although I can’t provide you with personnel, i can’t let you barehand to face criminal groups. In this way, I will provide you with some equipment. In addition, I will send undercover personnel who have been in operation for many years to help you solve this case” the police director said.

Violet was slightly surprised, because she think the bureaucrat chief would not care about the disappearance of his sister (brother) at all, leaving the thorny case far to herself, but she did not expect to be able to provide so much help to herself. But this time she came to M city as a private person. she can’t carry weapons and equipment. This place is not familiar with people. It would be great if she could get the equipment support of the director.

“Thank you, sir. I’ll get in touch with your undercover staff as soon as possible and get the equipment at the same time.” Violet smiled back and thanked the director, bowed slightly and turned out.

“Hey hey, you’re welcome, you’re welcome, just hope that the beautiful crossdresser police officer sister can make good use of the equipment I’ve provided you like her sister.” The director watched Violet turn around and talk to himself, staring closely at Violet beautiful back in her sexy black cheongsam and black stockings, with a gleam of obscene light in his sharp eyes…….

(Please wait for the second part)

Yolanda and Violet’s Character Setting Picture:

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