The Unfaithful Part – 2

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The Unfaithful Part – 2


Nandita was in a deep sleep, lost in the wonderful memories of her illicit but exciting affair with sagar. Suddenly the doorbell rang out loudly almost abruptly ending the beautiful moments she was replaying in her mind. She woke up with a start, her heart pounding heavily with that sudden intrusion. And when the bell rang out for a second time she got up and rushed to the door with heaps of expectations.

It was almost 12.30, almost two and half hours since she had told her lover about her pregnancy. So it must be sagar at the door. She quickly reached the door and then unlocked the latch and opened the door wide to welcome her lover. But immediately the smile on her face vanished and she stared wide-eyed at the unexpected visitor at the door.

“surprise!!!” shouted amit from behind a large bouquet of red roses. Nandita froze for a moment but then immediately managed to smile back at her beaming husband. “you are back, so suddenly?” Nandita asked in a stammering voice. She was expecting her lover. She was yearning for his touch. She wanted to spend the afternoon in the warmth of his gentle touch. But instead, her husband was back from work so suddenly.

“I still can’t believe”, said amit, “I am going to be a father. How could have I left my gorgeous wife alone today” and then he almost had to force the bunch of flowers in Nandita’s hand. “see I got you your favourite flowers”, and then bent forward to peck at his wife’s forehead. Nandita still a little sleepy, and fresh from the memories of her first meeting with Sagar were not able to comprehend what was going on. But she adjusted quickly not to let her husband suspect anything.

“these are lovely”, Nandita said by pretending to smell and liking the bunch of roses amit bought for her. She never liked roses. Roses were so middle-class. Nandita loved orchids, something which Sagar always bought for her whenever they were on a date. But for now she pretended to be overjoyed with the roses her husband had brought for her.

“I knew you would love it” said an immensely happy amit. “now get ready we will head out for a lunch date”. Nandita took a deep breath. Perhaps it was better they were away from home in case Sagar decides to drop by, while in presence of amit. And so she nodded and said that she will need to take a bath and change. Amit hugged her once again. He was so overjoyed that he didn’t want to let go of his wife at all.

Nandita quickly took refuge in the bathroom and locked herself away from her unsuspecting husband. She stood in front of the mirror. ‘how could she? How could she let this happen?’ – Nandita started sulking herself as fresh tears started rolling down her cheeks again. But no matter how much she sulked or cursed that moment, she knew just how much she loved it when it happened. The memories of the evening came flooding back to her as she entered inside the shower.

The coolness of the running water helped her tensed body ease a little and she leaned forward against the wall to relax a bit. The memories from that day were so vivid that she couldn’t help but remember every minute detail leading up to that moment. It was just the last month and amit had to go out of the town for an official visit. Just the opportunity Nandita and Sagar had been looking for. As soon as amit left for his trip, the two too headed to a nearby coastal town to spend some carefree time with each other.

It was a magical getaway in every way. They had driven to a small coastal town popular for the blue sea, golden sands, and the huge open sky. Nandita had last been to the seaside when she was 12 years old. And now at this lovely little spot, with her lover by her side she just wanted to make most of whatever time they got together.

The morning was fun. After six hours of drive, the two had gone to the beach and had loads of fun in the gentle waves. Afterward, they had checked in to a posh resort where they spent the afternoon making love like there is no tomorrow. Nandita never had such a great time, and the two were so exhausted that they fell asleep naked in each other’s arms.

Nandita was still in the shower when her heart beats started quickening as more vivid memories from the day started coming back to her. She was no longer in the present. Her mind was replaying the day as if she was reliving those moments again. Even every part of her body was reacting to each memory from that day. After Nandita had woken up she went to take a shower on that day too. The cool flowing water was making her body feel so relaxed and fresh once again.

It had been a wonderful day so far for Nandita. She had never felt so liberated, neither so carefree before. Just thinking about how passionate sagar had been in the afternoon was making her wet all over again. She had been so desperately waiting for this time. No worries for returning to her husband at the end of the day. No fears of being caught. Just her and her lover in this whole new world. And she wanted to make it more special while it lasted.

Nandita came out of the shower and then gently dried herself and wrapped the towel around her naked body. Sagar was still asleep when she stepped out of the bathroom. His naked body was spread across the bed. Nandita looked at him greedily and once again her heart started racing. Her body started to ache for his touch and almost immediately she let the towel fall off her body as she climbed on the bed to worship the naked body of her lover.

Sagar was still asleep when Nandita kissed on his toes. Then on his feet, and then on the chin, and then on the knee, she continued kissing upwards until he reached her goal. His dick was still very soft when she took it in her hand and slowly started stroking it. At the same time, she also started kissing and sucking his balls in an effort to give it an erection. Sagar opened his eyes but did not move and continued enjoying the treatment he was getting.

Nandita kept kissing and stroking his cock and balls. The smell of his masculinity was driving her crazy as she felt hungry and greedy for his cock. Now that sagar was awake it didn’t take long for his cock to get hard. Nandita looked up at her lover with a naughty smile as she held her dick firmly in her hand. Sagar too smiled back as she continued kissing and licking his now erect cock. “mmmmmm”, sagar let out moans of appreciations at the amazing touch of Nandita’s soft lips and tongue on his cock and balls.

After caressing his cock for as long as she wanted, Nandita slowly wrapped her tongue around it and started sucking it. “ummmmmmmmmmmm”, once again Sagar could not control as Nandita forced him to moan with skilled use of her tongue. She was slowly taking Sagar close to a climax. But at the same time, Nandita too was getting very aroused. The more she worshiped Sagar’s cock the more she got wet too. And in some more time, she started feeling the need for that cock inside her desperately.

Sagar was enjoying the treatment so much but then Nandita stopped suddenly. And before he could say anything Nandita climbed on him and aligned herself over his throbbing cock. Sagar threw his head back again as Nandita grabbed his cock once more but this time started rubbing it on her vagina which was hovering just inches above his crotch. And once she was comfortably in a favorable posture, she sat down while pushing his cock all the way up inside her cunt.

“urrrghhhhhhhhh”, Nandita grunted in a mix of pain and pleasure as Sagar’s long, throbbing cock pushed all the way up inside her pussy. Sagar too let out a gentle moan as he felt the tightness of her vagina around the flesh of his cock for the first time. He was inside Nandita for the first time without any protection and Nandita too seemed to be not worried at all about the lack of it. She paused for some time as her body adjusted to the feel of his cock inside her, and then slowly started rocking her body up and down with his cock inside her.

Gradually she picked up speed and started moaning as her body drove itself near an orgasm. “ummm… ahhhhh… ohhhhh… sssss… aahhhhh… mmmmm…”, she kept moaning as well as grinding herself on Sagar’s cock. While sagar just laid back and enjoyed the show while Nandita worked on his cock.

Gradually her pace quickened as she drove herself nearer to an orgasm. And then at the final moment sagar grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. He started thrusting his hip at the same pace as Nandita’s to let her fully enjoy the orgasm. Nandita was prone on Sagar’s body while he thrust his hips to keep pumping his cock in and out of her cunt to keep the momentum going and build up a powerful orgasm for her. And almost immediately afterward Nandita’s whole body shook and then gave up control as she experienced the most amazing orgasm she ever had.

Sagar held her tight and continued thrusting into her wet cunt while she just came on and on. Burying her face on his body, Nandita bit her lips as her body lost any control over what was going on. Sagar too held her tightly in his arms as he slowly starting to ease up. Soon he was no longer fucking her. Though his cock was still inside her spent pussy, the two were simply cuddled in each other’s arms. Nandita still reeling from the experience of the orgasm she just had. Her heart was beating faster and her chest swelling high in heavy breaths.

Nandita had never felt so desirable before. Her entire body was trembling in intense pleasure. She was still cuddled up in Sagar’s arms when Sagar started kissing on her lips again. Nandita too kissed him back and with some renewed passion. They were not yet done. Nandita wanted him inside her once again and Sagar too hasn’t yet finished. So as Sagar got on top of his girl, Nandita opened her legs, already feeling his hard cock rub against her aching cunt.

Then just as sagar bent forward to fetch a condom from the bedside, Nandita stopped him. Sagar looked at her in confusion and Nandita nodded her head. The two were looking into each other’s eyes. His naked body was nicely lying on top of her naked torso. Their heart was beating fast but in unison. Nandita once again nodded her head but sagar was still confused. “not today”, she said in a low voice, “I want to feel your seeds inside me”.

Sagar has overjoyed once again and as Nandita opened her legs further he started poking at her cunt with his bare cock. There was a smile on her face while Sagar put his cock at the right spot. And then he bent forward, pushing it inside Nandita while he took her lips and started kissing. Nandita too wrapped her legs around his waist and the two remain lip locked while sagar pumped his cock ever so viciously, in and out of her.

Sagar’s passion was multiplied manifolds with the liberty to come into his girl. He started pounding Nandita with a new found vigor. Nandita too wrapped her legs around his man, urging him to reach deeper and deeper in her. Their two bodies transformed into one as Sagar kept thrusting deep into her while the two remain lip locked throughout. Their bodies started shivering in pleasure as both of them started nearing yet another climax.

Nandita’s toes curled up as she felt another powerful orgasm building up. Sagar too quickened his pace as he reached the crescendo of his passion. Soon he started grunting in the effort as his balls filled up with his come. And the room was filled with his loud grunts as he put all his energy into those last few strokes in and out of Nandita. Nandita loved the raw power with which her lover was fucking her and she closed her eyes as she completely felt drained out of all emotions. All she wanted was her lover’s seeds in her.

Suddenly her body churned and yet another powerful orgasm shook her as her entire body trembled in passion. And she immediately held tightly on to Sagar, digging her nails deep into his flesh. Sagar too, as if in a perfect tandem, thrust deep inside her and laid collapse as his cock started ejaculating his balls full of the load in Nandita’s womb. “uiiimmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, Nandita let out a loud moan of pleasure as she felt his seeds rapidly filling her up. There were again tears in her eyes as she started experiencing the divine feeling of being bred by a man. The two once again lip locked and remained like that until sagar has drained his entire load inside her.

Even the memory of that moment was so powerful that Nandita didn’t realized when she started coming again, even after a month since that day. She was still in the shower and didn’t realize when she had started fingering herself. Just the mere memory of the time spent with sagar had given her an amazing orgasm. But at the same time, it has also brought back the angst for not being cautious. It was her who wanted to feel his seeds so she could not accuse sagar of being reckless. And it was her who did not take the pills in time. So she had only herself to blame for the situation.

Nandita quickly cleaned herself, finished bathing, and then went out with her husband for lunch. While her husband pampered her in whatever ways possible, her thoughts were still with Sagar. But there was no response back from Sagar. No matter how many times she looked at her phone anticipating a call from her lover, but there was none. And it continued for next few days. Nandita was unable to contact or get a call back from sagar. Finally when it had been a few weeks since she her pregnancy was discovered, and yet there was no news from sagar, Nandita gave up on him.

It had been more than a month since Nandita had heard back from sagar. Though she had given up any hope on him but still she had tried to contact him almost daily. Nandita felt heartbroken by the way sagar threw her away from his life as soon as he heard the news of her pregnancy. But she felt even more guilty to Amit, who was visibly overjoyed with the prospect of the baby without the knowledge behind Nandita’s pregnancy. Driven by her guilt, nandita wanted to confess, wanted to tell amit that it was not his c***d. But common sense prevailed and she decided to keep it a secret no more what.

Finally 3 months later Nandita had stopped contacting sagar. She had taken back to her old life. Amit had proved to be a super protective husband, and she had finally started appreciating her husband. He would not let his wife alone for a single moment anymore. And nandita felt the most loved and precious wife in the world. Yet whenever a posh car passes from in front of her, nandita’s heart skips a beat. Her eyes long for the sight of sagar, but then again she buries her old feelings deep inside her heart and hold amit’s hand even more tightly – reminding herself of her true being.

To be continued…

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