The Wedding

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The Wedding
Well, the wedding was a complete success, the weather stayed warm and the marquee in their field looked great.

The 5 bridesmaids (three of whom I know) looked stunning, two of them were Kim’s nieces looked out of this world. The other two as yet unknown looked equally as good.

There was around 150 people at the wedding and all back at the marquee for the evening. I knew I had no chance for some serious sexy fun but thought I would have a go and see what happened.

I knew most of Kim’s relatives and some of the women / late teens looked very hot indeed. But again, knew that they would be off limits.

I had popped up to the house to collect a few bits as the caterers where sorting out the food, Kim was at the marquee with everyone else, I was alone in the house. Well, so I thought.

I was getting what I had come to collect out of the cupboard when the younger of the Bridesmaids appeared in the kitchen. This was one of the girls I hadn’t known. I complimented her on how she looked and coupled it with stating that all the Bridesmaids looked lovely. I also complimented the tattoo that she had on the back of her neck. I’d noticed it at the church.

She smiled and suggested that she show me her other tattoo. I was happy to be shown, although I couldn’t see any other tattoos on her. I followed her from the kitchen into the small lounge. Once out of view from the kitchen window, she turned around and lifted her dress up to just below her breasts. I had a clear view her stocking clad legs together with the white thong she was wearing. She looked so hot and inviting. She pointed to her tattoo, just above her thong. It was a little tattoo of a bumble bee, quite nice too, lovely black and yellow ink, very well done.

I smiled at her and said it looks lovely. Almost as sexy as the thong you are wearing. I suggested that this isn’t really what we should be doing but was very happy at the site of her. She said that she was horny and it was too risky to fuck, but would I like to finger her. Well, I wasn’t about to let this go and told her I was happy to oblige. We kissed and my hand wet straight to her thong and my fingers slipped inside the small piece of material covering her shaven pussy!!!! Jesus she was hot and wet too. Our tongues were intertwined in each others mouths, my cock was hard and I had one finger in the sexy bridesmaids pussy. I was in heaven for sure. We was like this for a while, she was rubbing my cock through my suit trousers, I could feel my pre cum and she knew it too. There was no way we was going to fuck at this time but it was so hot.

I brought her to an orgasm with my finger and kisses and she was very wet indeed. Her pussy felt lovely. We broke off from kissing and she made her way upstairs to the bathroom. Straight away I put my finger in my mouth and licked and sucked her juices from my finger. It tasted so good. A few moments later, she re-appeared, her dress back where it belonged, being worn properly. She looked so hot. She smiled and we kissed again before she said she had better go back to the marquee.

We met up again during the rest of the evening, but nothing sexual happened between us. She has now driven back to Oxford and the chances of seeing her again are very slim.

To be honest, I think I was just in the right place at the right time. I think she was horny and up for anything she could get. Maybe she used me maybe she didn’t! Either way, it was such a hot time.

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