Their First Adult Book Store. Part 5

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Their First Adult Book Store. Part 5
Albert looks up at Gary with a wicked smile, he takes the hard cock into his mouth about halfway.
Gary moans as Albert’s soft, moist tongue slides along his big dick.
After a minute of slurping on Gary’s cock, Albert says “Your cock is delicious Gary”.
“Thanks buddy.” Gary has heard that many times before, but with this newbie it really means something to him.
Albert sucks the big dick, taking it a bit deeper every few slurps.
In and out, he tries to do it like Gary sucked him and begins gently rubbing Gary’s balls and stroking the cock while it’s out.
Gary tells Albert “You don’t have to be gentle with me, Albert. I like it rough.”
Albert is unsure just how rough he means, but gives it a bit of a go.
He squeezes a little more on Gary’s large testicles and when he takes Gary’s cock all the way into his mouth he keeps it there.
Albert sucks hard and long on that big dick, without letting go.
His tongue is working furiously all around the sweet boner. Albert can’t believe how hot he is from sucking another man’s dick and is making the best of it.
Gary cries “Yeah baby, that’s it!” and thrusts his cock deeper into Albert’s mouth, pushing into his throat.
Albert nearly gags, but recovers quickly as he is loving this hot intimate action.
“Albert, put your finger in my asshole.” Gary begs.
Without giving it a second thought, Albert does as he is told. He shoves his left middle finger into Gary’s pussy ass, while his right hand and mouth keeps working on cock and balls.

Joe is stunned when Marcie screams “FUCK ME!”. He never considered that, and now his mind is spinning.
“Fuck you?” he asks.
“Yes honey, fuck my pussy now!” Marcie is beside herself with the need for cock in her ass.
Joe lets his next thrust stop at Marcie’s pretty little butthole and pushes his cock in a bit.
With some slight resistance Joe goes slow and asks Marcie if she’s OK.
“Oh yes Josie. Give it to me. Give it all to me!”
Joe pushes his dick further into that tight hole and is surprised at how wet Marcie is and how easily his cock slides into her pussy ass.
The deeper he gets, the tighter her sweetness is on his cock.
Joe cannot believe the feeling of Marcie’s tight wet pussy on his hard dick.
He makes a full thrust into Marcie’s ass, his balls bouncing against her butt cheeks, and Marcie lets out a loud groan of pleasure.
“Yes Josie! YES!”
Joe slides his dick out and pushes it back in. Going faster this time he nearly cums. He realizes that this is tighter than any pussy he’d ever had. He must go slower for his own benefit.
He takes his time, rubbing Marcie’s nipples, still wearing her sheer bra, and gliding slowly in and out of sweet tight pussy ass.
Marcie pushes back against Joe’s cock, causing him to stagger and mumble indiscernible words of lust and love.
Joe begins to kiss Marcie on the back of her neck and his feelings of romance get stronger.
Joe kisses, fondles and fucks Marcie in a very sweet, gentle, loving manner.
Marcie is so happy with how Joe is fucking her. Much better than the usual brutes who just take their cock for a ride in her pussy… slam, bam, thank you tranny.
She turns her head back toward Joe and opens her mouth.
He puts his mouth to hers and their tongues wrestle while Joe’s cock goes in and out of sweet, sweet pussy ass.

“That’s it Albert, work me baby!” Gary encourages Albert.
Albert shoves his finger deeper into Gary’s butt hole. His thirst for Gary’s cock won’t let that big dick out of his mouth. Albert is enthralled with all that he is doing. Without thinking about it, he performs as though he’s been doing this all his young adult life.
Gary moans as Albert hits the sweet spot in his ass while devouring his cock without letting it out of his mouth.
Gary begs Albert “harder, deeper, faster!”
Albert sucks cock, squeezes balls and finger fucks ass like there’s no tomorrow.
Gary can’t believe how this novice is ravishing him. He soon succumbs to the sheer pleasure and begins to shoot his heavy load into Albert’s mouth.
Albert is taken by surprise, but tries to swallow the load. He knew how great the precum tasted, now he was getting a stream of CUM.
Gary’s load is huge and Albert’s mouth is overflowing with the hot juice.
Gary moans while saying “take it buddy, take it all in!”
Albert slurps up the hot cum while squeezing hard on Gary’s big cock.
His finger still fucking Gary’s ass, Albert milks Gary for all he’s worth.
Gary is light headed as he pulls away from Albert. His dick still shooting cum, Gary sinks into the chair, spent.
Albert, his face covered in jizz, smiles at Gary.

As Joe fucks Marcie, kissing and fondling the sweet gurl, he notices a set of eyes in one of the glory holes.
Looking at the other one he sees someone sitting down and masturbating while watching them.
Joe continues his slow in and out rhythm, while whispering to Marcie “We have company.”
Marcie giggles “Yes, they must be admiring what a sweet lover you are, Josie honey.”
Marcie pushes her butt against Joe’s crotch and they both make an audible moan.
Joe keeps up his steady humping, they keep kissing and Joe is falling in love.
Joe’s cock is enjoying pleasure that it’s never known before and he begins to thrust harder and harder.
He knows that he will cum soon that way and mumbles to Marcie “Baby, I… oh.. Marcie…”
Marcie’s pussy is reeling with delight. She keeps pushing back on Joe and tells him “Yes honey. Yes! Give it to me! Come on baby!”
Joe goes all out and wraps his arms around Marcie, while licking her neck, shoulders, back… anything his tongue will reach while his cock is deep inside her pussy.
He pinches her nipples through sheer bra and rubs them hard while he makes a final thrust.
“OH MY GOD!” Joe shouts. He’s never had an orgasm like this. Joe shoves his cock even deeper into that sweet pussy ass. He shoots load after load, as Marcie cries, murmurs and whimpers. Marcie nearly buckles at her knees, but holds onto the wall for balance.
Joe leans against her and holds her tight. They both are gasping for breath.

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