They All Banged Me

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They All Banged Me

Hello I am Amulya 25 years old girl from Kullu. You know it is a very nice tourist resort and a beautiful hill station. I live in a village near the town. Every day I saw lot of tourists came to see the beauty of this hill station. I read in a school in 10th class, which is in the city. I have to go to the town for study daily. My village is very near to the city so I daily came on foot.

Although I belong to a rural family, my parents are interested in my higher study. So they do not make any objection when I decided to go to city for higher study. I came there with my friends Neha and Paro.

One day both Neha and Paro got ill. So that day I had to go to the school alone. I was wearing my school uniform, white shirt and white skirt. That day I had washed my hairs so I had not made a knot of them and with the wind they were flying and I could feel a sensation in my self that I am a beautiful girl. I was so much lost in my self that I have no knowledge hwo was following me.

I was walking with a slow speed and suddenly I heard footsteps. I came into conscious and looked around. It was three young men, who were walking very close to me. They were whispering something. I listened to their whispers; they were talking about my beauty and me. I was very terrified. It was a lonely place and nobody was visible except us. The way to school passes through a jungle. I walked faster to go away from them, but yes, they were following me. They all walked faster and came closer to me. I could listen to their talks, they were asking, saali kaise bhag rahi hai. Abhi isko pakar kar iski jawani ka maza lootenge. On listening this, I ran. They all ran behind me but they were not catching me. I think they were enjoying all this. Suddenly I saw road. A sign of relief came on my face. Because on the road, there would be some traffic there and these persons could not do any thing. But I was wrong.

On reaching the road, I saw a car; the three young men were also close to me. One of them overtook me and stood before me. He said, you had made us run so long. Not with same speed, we will fuck you. He was speaking English, I think he was an NRI. I stepped backward, but two guys were behind me. They all grabbed me, one from my legs, and one from my arms. They all put me in that car. And at once they rode the car. It happened all of sudden that I could not do any thing. They put a tape on my mouth. One of them was driving the car and two of them were sitting besides me. Both guys had tied my hands back. Now I was helpless.

They were smiling at their success. The car was stopped before a house. It was a lonely house in the jungle; perhaps it was their farmhouse in which they cultivated apples. I could see a lot of packets of apples. They took me to a bedroom. Form their conversation; I was able to know their names. They were Vinay, Jatin, and the NRI was Lucky. Jatin asked lucky, do you have ever found a cute virgin girl of age 19 in your country? He replied no. This is superb. They brought a bottle of whiskey and opened it. Vinay said let’s enjoy the wine first, then we will enjoy this girl. They put whiskey in the glasses and drank it. After that they said, bas yaar bahut ho gaya. Who bechari hamara intezaar karti hogi. Chalo usko bhi khush kar dain. I was tied and waiting for my next episode. They all came near to me and Jatin put his hand in my hairs. He said, kyoun haramzadi, kaun sa sabun lagati ho, tumhare baal to bahut hi payare hain. He let them fall on my front part, my neck and on my face. Then he quietly with his hand placed hairs a side from my face and said tum bahut khoobsoorat ho. Agar hamare sath pyar se aur razamandi se sex kar logi to hum bhi tumhare sath narmi se pesh ayenge. Vinay opened my hands and I was now in position to struggle.

But they were strong guys and they were three, I was alone. So they had taken control over me. Vinay grabbed me from behind and kissing my neck. Lucky was kissing my legs. Jatin was kissing my face. Suddenly Vinay placed his hand on my boob. It seemed that I have got an electric shock. Jatin laughed at this, he said pahli baar kar rahi ho. Ab to har roz yahee kahani hogi. Hum se chudwa kar tumhe khush karne ke liye har roz ek marad chahiye hoga. Lucky went on kissing my legs, then he opened my skirt and let the skirt fall on the ground. He was now kissing my thighs. I had worn a black panty. He made a gentle kiss on the pussy area on my panty. It was a very pleasurable feeling for me that I could not explain it to you. First time in my life some one had kissed this area. He went on kissing this area. Jatin and Vinay were also kissing me. Vinay was rubbing one of my boob and he was kissing my neck. Jatin had grabbed the other and he was kissing my lips. Suddenly he started licking my lips. Lucky with one stroke ripped my panty off. I was bottom less and all the guys were kissing me badly. I felt that I was flying in the heaven of enjoyment. I have closed my eyes. I was in a strange position, a virgin first time with three guys.

The moans had started escaping from my mouth. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. And some times when they pressed my boobs harder, cries also escaped from my mouth, uuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Kyaaaaaaaaa karrrrrte hoooooooooo. Dheeeeeere dheeeere karrooooo naaaaaaaa. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. They then opened the buttons of my shirt and put off it. They then unhook my bra and throw it at one side. Jatin asked them, bahut ho gaya. Chalo thori der ruk jayo. Main pahle isko khush kar doon. Listening to this, I opened my eyes and I found Jatin was totally naked and I could see his large dick. It was about 10 inches long and very thick. I closed my eyes on seeing it. He laughed, and said ise lund kehte hain. Yeh jitna mota aur lamba hoga utna hi maza zyada ayega. He laid me on the bed and kissed my pussy. It was a very small pussy. His dick was very large.

He applied some spit on it and placed at the mouth of my pussy. I was very hot. He slowly pushed it inside. It was a very severe pain to me in my pussy area. He said don’t worry, you will not feel any pain after some time. It is your first time. There will be some pain initially then it will be all right. He made another stroke in my pussy. Again my body ached. On seeing this, lucky came to me and asked, suck my dick. This will reduce your pain. But I know nothing will reduce my pain. Jatin made another hard stroke, I opened my mouth to cry, but before I could cry, lucky shove his dick into my mouth. Now I could not cry at all because a large monster was inside my mouth. But it smelled bad, I tried to get this monster out of my mouth but he grabbed me from my hair. He started movement of his dick inside my mouth. Mean while Jatin made another harder strokes and had penetrated my pussy completely. Severe waves of pain were escaping from my pussy. He stopped for a while and made me to turn aside. Now Vinay came closer to me and grabbed me from behind. I could feel like a rod was touching my ass.

I tried to cry but could do hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. He made very harder strokes and sent his dick into my ass completely. Lucky was pumping my mouth now Jatin and Vinay had also started fucking me. They made very slow movements. But it was a painful for me. After some time they started fucking me at larger speed. For me it was painful. First of all Vinay was ejaculated, throwing his piss in my ass. I made a sign of relief. Now Jatin and lucky were pumping me. Jatin asked him to go to my ass but he said, no I will fuck in his mouth only. I was enjoying all this. They both pumped me like a hell. After some time I was over. Lucky cummed in my mouth. It was saline in taste and I drank every drop of it. Then Jatin also over. He too took his dick to my mouth and I drank all his cum

After this episode, they all fuck me in the pussy, mouth and ass wherever they like. I too enjoyed all this. They fucked me for seven hours. I was surprised at their capacity. And mine too. They satisfied me for many times. They cummed all over my body and inside my body. This was a nice experience. In the afternoon I asked that I wanted to go to my home, they took me to the bank and opened an account by my name and deposited 2 lakh rupees in it. They said it is reward for what I had given to them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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