Tiny Terri the teaser and pleaser

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Tiny Terri the teaser and pleaser

This is a story about a girl I dated in my early 20’s. Terri was a friend’s sister who was a horny girl, he never knew of our escapades.

Terri’s brother, Mike, was a friend. He and I weren’t close friends, but we knew each other from school. He and I ran at the same volunteer fire department. Terri was three years younger than us, and while Mike and I were in High School, she was a tomboy. Let me say that she was a tomboy with a really fantastic body. She was boyish though. She didn’t have a gorgeous face growing up and she surely did not appreciate what God had given her, body wise. She was around 5’6” tall, 100 lbs, with 34DD breasts, somewhere around a 28” waist and 36” hips – I am guessing here, but she was proportional weight wise but she had large firm breasts and a big round butt. She sported a short hairdo, feathered from the top of her head, just to her collar. Her hair was dirty blonde, and her d****s matched the carpet, if you catch my drift.

One night, after weekly training, Mike, Terri and a few of us ended up at the bar. Mike and I were 21, obviously, Terri was 18 but tagged along anyway. It was a summer Friday evening and the bar was hopping and nobody carded Terri, which was good. We ordered a pitcher and she had beer from our pitcher. It got late, somewhere near closing, and a friend of mine who was the bouncer asked if I wanted to help change kegs. Friday nights were slow compared to Saturdays and they always changed kegs Friday, especially if they were half full, as they did not change them during the Saturday rush. If we helped change the kegs, we could take one and finish it off. So, we had a keg, a tap and 6 or 8 friends left at the bar and we loaded up in cars and went up to the town reservoir and decided to have a party. It was a mixed bunch guys and girls.

The reservoir was outside of town halfway up a mountain. It was gated and for the most part secluded. No police patrolled it so we used to party up there from time to time. One of the guys who was with us, worked for the town and had a key to the gate so we drove in the access road and locked the gate behind us. We started a bonfire and as the night grew on someone suggested skinny dipping. Mike was passed out by the fire. Terri said she was a little scared to skinny dip, and clung to me. It was hot and I said that I was going to get in the water and if she wanted to she could go with me. She was a little tipsy, smiled at me and said “If I helped her get undressed”. Well, I was a little horny and I figured I would get to see her outstanding tits, so I said sure. While everyone else was just stripping off their clothes, she said lets go to the bushes by the water and get undressed. I helped her out of her daisy duke shorts and slid her top off exposing her bra and panties. She said it wasn’t fair because I was still dressed so I pulled my shorts and underwear down and threw off my T shirt. I was naked and she smiled, She reached back and unhooked her bra and slid her bikini panties down. I stood there and looked at her and my cock began to get hard. She smiled and said she had never seen a hard cock before. I asked her if she was a virgin and she said yes, and she wanted to stay that way for a while yet, that was why she was apprehensive about skinny dipping. I told her I would protect her and she should stay with me. We got in the water and she said “Oh, I forgot to tell you, I can’t swim well” So, I walked into the water, and held my hands out and she grabbed my hands and followed me in the water.

The water was cool and crystal clear, but the bottom was a little muddy. The bank around the edge dropped off sharply from 6 inches deep to 8 feet in less than 4 feet. Terri slid in the mud and fell int o my arms, my hard cock rubbed her belly and she smiled. She wrapped her legs around me and we slid away from the bank. While Terri was like a little sister, her huge tits and soft skin made me even hornier. She looked me in the eyes and kissed me on the lips. I was conflicted, but you know that old story about a hard cock not having a conscience? Yeah, that was happening. We glided farther out in the water as the others were splashing and swimming away from us. She really did not know how to swim, so I was keeping us a float by treading water as she clung to me. In my head, I so wanted to penetrate her, but my loyalty to Mike and the fact that she was a virgin, was holding me back. I tried to coach her on how to kick her legs and more her arms in the water, but she had me around the neck and it was difficult. The water got pretty deep as I swam us across the water to the other side and stopped at some rocks.

I boosted her up on a large rock at the edge of the water, and then crawled up next to her. She smiled and wanted to kiss more. So How could I not oblige. We started kissing and caressing each others bodies and I rubbed her huge tits and her hardening nipples. She stopped kisisng me and said she had heard her friends talking about blow jobs and she wanted to give me one, since she really liked me. A word of caution for the un initiated- be VERY cautious of a tipsy virgin wanting to give a blow job for the first time. I said “Sure, but take your time” She kissed my dick head and it felt great, she licked my cock like an ice cream cone. I instructed her to put more of me in her mouth and of course, her teeth sc****d the sides which caused me to wince a bit. She was apologetic and tried to do it with a little more finesse. She eventually used her lips and relaxed her jaw abit to let more of my thick cock into her mouth. She stroked the shaft and it was really starting to feel good. I felt I was getting close to blowing my load and stopped her, guiding her head to my lips and telling her it was her turn. I had had a few girl friends and some encounters so I was pretty confident in my ability to bring her off orally. I kissed her tits one in turn and sucked gently then harder on each nipple. They reacted as nipples do, they got hard she moaned and I started to rub my hand on her hairy mound. I didn’t want to pop her cherry, but I did want to do what I could to make her feel good. My hand stroking her pussy made her wince a bit and I asked if it was ok and she said “sure, just be gentle” so I took my time and rubbed my palm into her bush and ran my other fingers around her pussy lips. I made my way down her belly and kissed her bush and replaced my hand with my face as I moved farther south. When my tongue touchd her pussy lips, she pushed me away. I asked if what I was doing ok? “She said she thinks it will be gross” I assured her I wanted to lick her pussy and make her feel as good as she made me feel/ She said ok, and I continued. Her pussy was musky and wet, what I was doing was having an effect on her, but I wasn’t 100% sure how to proceed. She told me she fingers herself so it should be ok. I asked her to show me what she did when she fingered herself. After the initial embarrassment, she started to finger herself and I licked her fingers in her hot pussy. She pulled her fingers out and I grabbed her hand and licked her wetness off of them. She looked at me and said that she wanted to finish sucking me. I knew she was uncomfortable and apprehensive about what would come next, so I agreed.

She went at my cock with gusto, she took almost all of my 8” cock into her mouth and throat and sucked and stroked with vigor. I announced that I was about to cum, and she pulled my cock out of her throat and into just her lips. I shot my heavy load into her mouth and she began to gag, I pulle dmy cock out of her mouth and the last few blasts ened upin her hair as she leaned down to vomit out my cum. It wasn’t the most attractive blow job and I felt sorry for her as she turned away and began to cry. I held her and reassured her it was ok. We hopped back into the water and rinsed off every thing and I swam us back to the other side. We grabbed our clothes and put them on as we exited the water. Mike was semi conscious, so I helped him up. He said “what did I miss?” I said nothing, and we loaded up the beer and put out the fire and exited the reservior. I took Mike and Terri home. I walked Mike to his door and Terri unlocked it and ran inside. I figured I fucked up and that would be the last time I would ever see Terri naked.

A week passed and Terri stopped by my house and made small talk. She asked if I was busy later and I said no, she asked if I could pick her up at 8:00 because she was on her way to work. I said I could. I stopped by her work at 8:00 and she came out and hopped in my car. She asked me to drive to the river road pull off as she wanted to talk to me about something. I drove to the boat ramp pull off and stopped the car. She turned to me and I figured she was going to tell me that what happened the other night would NEVER happen again. That was not the case. She said she went to her doctor in the time passed and asked about birth control. She was now on the pill and wanted me to “pop her cherry”. I asked when? She said her parents were going to the shore the upcoming weekend, and Mike was going with them. She said she had to work so she was staying home. She asked me to pick up some beer, and meet her at her house.

Friday came, and I got a shower, put on some decent clothes and headed over to Terri’s house. When I got there, the house was dark and she met me at the door, she had make up on and looked great. She also had a robe on and ushered me in the door.

She had some snacks on the coffee table and sat me down on the couch. She stood in front of me and opened the robe. She had a lacy baby doll on and stockings. I asked if she went shopping and she said she stole it from her mom’s closet. (Her Mom was smoking hot and built exacty like her- she always gave me a chubby when I saw her at thehouse).

Terri took my hand and led me to her parent’s bedroom. They had a huge king sized bed. I asked if this would be ok, and she said she will wash the bed clothes before they come home. I smiled as she leaned over, kissed me and pushed me down on the bed. She stripped me naked and rubbed her lacy cover tits on my face down my abdomen to my cock. She untied the top of te baby doll back and let her monster tits free, she rubbed them against my cock and looked up at me. The dry skin was uncomfortable and I said “I really wish we had some baby oil”. She got up quickly, ran to the master bath she came back with a bottle of baby oil. She opened it and asked if she should pour it on my dick. I stopped her and told her to lay back on the bed . She lay down and I put some baby oil on my hands and rubbed her huge breasts. It was wonderful. Her supple skin glistened with the slick oil. I slid up her body and placed my cock between her twin mounds and slid it back and forth. She smiled and looked up at me. She stuck her tongue out trying to lick my cock head when it appeared through the valley, but was unsuccessful. I tit fucked her for a bit and she said she wanted to suck me for a while. I got up and she grabbed a towel and wiped the baby oil off my cock. Taking her time as she knelt in front of me she took the head in her mouth and then started to engulf my hard cock. I was in heaven…she got it down, she pulled my dick from her mouth and said “ Am I doing better?” I said “God YES” She said she and her girlfriend tallked about what had happened and showed her how to practice on a bananna. I told her she definitely got it down. She stood up quickly and said “I have something to show you” She told me to close my eyes and then dropped her panties. She told me to open my eyes and what was staring me in the face was a bald as a baby’s ass pussy. I asked her “what was up?” She said her girlfriend helped her shave and “showed her some things” I asked what that meant and she said that her friend Sandy had showed her what getting eaten can be like. I asked what that meant and she said that after Sandy shaved her for her first time, she kissed her pussy and showed her how to enjoy getting eaten. I only hoped I could do better than Sandy.

I dove down on her shaved snatch and ate her for quite a while. She asked if we could do it together in 69, and I said “sure”. Later she would cond=fide in me that her and Sandy did a 69 to “show her how”.
I loved the smoothness of her shaved pussy and the slickness my saliva made her snatch. I tickled her clit with my tongue and sucked her clit into my mouth, which cause her to take more of my cock into her throat. She stopped me and rolled off of me and said she was starting to get a little “raw”. I asked her what she wanted to do now, so as not to pressure her into anything. She rolled off the bed and got the baby oil and rubbed it on her pussy and asked if I wanted to “Make her a woman now”. I said “Oh baby, I so want to make love to you now” She laid on the bed on her back and I poistioned myself on top of her in the classic missionary position. I rubbed my cock against her entrance and it felt great, the combination of the baby oil, her cream and my pre cum made verything slick. I finally slid between her lips and started my way into her. I slowly entered her and she winced with pain. My thoughts were to ram it to my balls, but I wanted to go slow so she could adjust to the size and relax. Her legs were rigid as my cock entered her and she began to cry a bit. I asked if I should pull out and she said “No, keep going” I kept sliding in and then started to pump slowly. I pumped for a while and she was so tight I knew I was not going to last long. I pumped her and stopped when I was all the way in and at that point she was crying. I started to go soft because I was feeling bad for her. I pulled out and looked at my dick to see if blood was on it and there was not. I laid down beside her and hugged her as she cried into my neck.

I held her close for a while and she stopped crying. She apologized profusely about not being ready and I assured her it was ok. She put her head on my chest and started to stroke me. She got me hard and continued until I shot my load on my chest and abdomen. She kissed my cum and then started to lickit off me. I told her she did not need to do that, as she was cryng a bit, but she said she was so happy and my cum was so sweet. We laid there for a while and then got up and went into the living room and turned on the TV. I cracked two beers open and she was still apologetic, and I told her not to be. I appreciated her wanting me to be her first. After a bit, I kissed her goodnight and left.

The next day she called me and wanted to apologize and I calmed her down and said she need not feel that way. She wanted to know if I could come over and I was getting ready to go to work. After that, we didn;t get together again for quite a while.

I have to say that what other had told me about “Popping a girls cherry”, was true. It isn’t the best sex, as a matter of fact, it probably was the worst.

Terri turned into a nympho after that. And started dating my best friend a couple of months later. She would call me after he left and ask me to meet her, since she wanted to suck me off like she did my friend. That was different. We (my friend and her and I) had a threesome once, but it was haphazard because we all had been drinking. The last time I was with her, she told me she had to go off the pill, because it made her sick, so I used a condom. It was the night before she was leaving for the Air force and I was moving out of town.Unfortunately the condom broke. I did not see her for a number of years.

When I did it was 10 years later and she introduced me to her husband and son. Both her husband and her have blonde hair and are fair complected, her son, who was 10-11 at the time had dark hair and olive skin, like me. She smiled and we went our seperate ways. I did not ask.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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