Training a new kitten to cum kiss

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Training a new kitten to cum kiss
It was almost a year ago to the day that I brought her back to my apartment. We had flirted online for a number of weeks, touching upon our desires and fantasies until we finally got to the point of meeting for a cup of tea. It’s the kind of thing I enjoy as a way to mix our own debaucheries in an elegant setting, a kind of ying and yang that would set the tone for our relationship as we moved forward, if the chemistry was right and that was where we decided to go.

We had been upfront and honest with each other. She enjoyed being a smart submissive who enjoyed the back and forth of a healthy power exchange while I enjoyed directing how our powerplay would actually play out. And yes, I enjoyed being the dominant hand to her submissive bottom.

We both enjoyed our tea and our conversation to the chagrin of those around us. Out heads would bow together as we spoke in low tones about bending her over and entering her from behind. Our heads would rise as we laughed about a firm hand and a soft ass in her over the knee spanking. We knew those around us would listen and feign their shock as they listened for more.

It was right for us. We both knew it and enjoyed their participation as we both grew aroused at our verbal exhibitionism. Our voices would rise and fall to the heat we generated with each other. Our hands and feet roamed beneath the table as we touched and connected in anticipation of what was to come.

On the taxi ride back to my apartment I told her to keep her gaze on the back of the driver’s head as my fingers raised her skirt up her thigh. I could see her excitement in the heaving of her breasts and the way her nipples cast dark shadows beneath the thin fabric of her blouse.

The sudden intake of air through her nose when my fingers touched the edge of her panties made my lips curl upward, dreaming of what awaited us on my living room couch. Oh what exquisite pleasure those little gasps would lead us both to. Oh, how her white cheeks would quiver with each spanking. And yes, how I already felt her dampness through the white cotton of her sheer underwear.

I looked down to see the dark, wet spot grow as my fingers massaged around her pussy. I slid my fingers up and down what I knew to be her slit, tapping lightly on her clit, teasing her for what we both knew was to come.

When we entered my apartment I told her to go into my kitchen and bend over the countertop as we had discussed. She did.

She locked her knees and removed her skirt, folding it nicely and placing it on the dining room table. She bent at the waist and placed her forearms flat on the marble. She stared straight ahead as she waited. I stood beside her, letting my stiffening cock tent out my pants without shame. She reached down for my shaft, taking it in her gentle hand as my own fingers found her wet, wet pussy opening like a rosebud for me. I spread her bring up and down her slit, up toward her anus and down to her clit. Her knees melted as I touched either. Her lips parted as she let out a kittenish mewl.

Her soft hands began stroking my cock as she wriggled deeper onto the counter. I reached over to undo several buttons on her blouse, letting the blouse unleash her small breasts as the hardened nipples just grazed the cold marble. At first she pulled back but my hand pulled away from her sex and landed firmly on her ass. It thrust her forward, returning her nipples to the cold stone.

She gasped through her smile. She arched her back letting her neck and throat create that beautiful curve I so admire in a woman in heat. Her fingers spread wide as I continued to play with her sex and her rear – massaging each with her own fluids as her fingers continued to play across my penis, lightly touching my shaved balls and smooth shaft.

“Go ahead kitten, reach back, beneath my balls and make some small circles. Massage me just beneath my sac.”

I could feel her fingers begin to do just that. She pulled and released my ball-sack. She rubbed that oh so secret spot just beneath them in a frenzy of wanting to please. I felt the pressure of her fingers, wanting, needing as she slipped one finger even further, hesitating as she discovered that I didn’t say no, but encouraged her onward by opening my own legs a hair wider.

I spanked her again, on her other cheek, a glancing blow as I leaned into her ear, “what did I say about hesitating?”

“You said not to.”

“Not to what?” I asked.

“To hesitate.”

I spanked her again.

“Not to what?”

“To hesitate?”

I could tell she was confused as to what I was asking.

I moved my flattened hand from where it landed, pressing it into her now wet anus.

Her ass pushed back as her body pressed further into the cold marble. A small sigh issued from her lips.

“Not to what…” I asked again. Pressing a little further.

This time she got it.

“Not to hesitate, sir.”

I reached over for a carafe of olive oil and dribbled a little onto her opening where I finger had just started to enter. It’s glistening greenish tint lubricated the outlined pucker that pushed and pulled against my finger. My finger slid in easily as her moan took a deeper tone.

“Oh, that’s a good kitten.”

“Please, sir, more,” was all she groaned.

I shifted myself around and down, resting on my heels. With my free hand I parted her small pussy lips and nestled my nose toward the back of her pussy. I could smell her sweet smell of bring. I smelled the fresh sea in her and begin to lick at her sex as if devouring an oyster. My finger continued to slide in and out of her ass as she continued to moan into the counter.

Her legs buckled as her first wave of release hit her. My mouth was gifted with a flood of wetness as she shuddered and bent into the counter, raising her ass even higher and back onto my finger. I responded by sliding another finger into her anus, stretching it slightly but feeling her legs spread wider in delight.

I stood up, shifting my fingers to accommodate our new position as I stood behind her. I took my cock in my hand and begin to slide the tip and and down her slit, watching as her lips opened up, begging to be fucked without the satisfaction of my penetration. I teased her again and again, slipping just an inch in before pulling out altogether.

At one point she reached back, held me there, and tried to fuck me. The wanton slut had finally appeared, a moment which I love. But instead of my dick in her pussy she got my hand on her ass.

I heard her begging, “please just fuck me. Please.” But not yet. It was not yet time. There was so much more fun to be had.

I stood her up and took her hand, leading her to my couch. Once there I sat down and she removed her blouse and undid her skirt, letting both fall to the floor.

I moved my hand in a slow circle and she spun around just as slowly. I could see her juices dribble down her leg as she faced me and the spot of oil between her ass where my fingers had been. I took my own pants off and then sat down as she crawled over and laid down over my lap.

We could both feel her stomach as she pressed into my cock. My right hand again found her ass and began to follow the curve of her cheeks to her anus. I spanked her for good measure just so she knew the teasing was far from over.

She backed up to position her pussy and ass close to my hand as she opened her lips and began to suck me deep into her mouth. She opened her mouth and took as much of me into her before closing her lips and pulling back, leaving behind a glistening track of saliva where her mouth had been.

Her hands went to my balls and my ball sack, playing with them before sliding down to massage my own ass. I raised my ass up as a signal to go further. She did the same as both of our motions mirrored the other’s on each other’s anus’.

I alternated between spanking her and fingering her ass, and finger fucking her pussy. I could tell she was going crazy with my teasing and my pleasuring. She ran her nipples over my thigh, pressed her cute belly into my cock, pushed back against my probing fingers and eagerly licked them clean when I offered them to her lips.

She was insatiable. And when she would try to pleasure herself by slipping her own hand to her clit I would spank her firmly, laughingly chiding her for being such a slut.

In the midst of it all I asked her how she would feel about having another woman’s pussy in front of her so that she would wet her lips on the pussy that was spread out. She moaned, “Oh my God, that would be delicious.” When I asked her what she would do with a second cock, she responded “Oh yes, have him fuck my mouth so that you can watch.”

As I got her closer and closer to cumming she got more and more vocal and open with what she wanted. She wanted to be my waitress, made to service the guests at my next party. She wanted to be dressed only in my collar and a transparent shirt as she was paraded in front of others, she wanted to be exposed for the searching hands of a dinner party, used as they wanted.

“Ohhhhhh,” I said, “I know we will have such fun together. Are you up to exploring all of your desires as I want?”

She stuttered between her orgasms, “Oh yes!” “Yes, sir!”

When I came in her mouth I told her not to swallow. Instead I lifted her up by her chin, bringing her mouth to mine so that we could share a deep, tongue-tied, cummy kiss.

And yes, it was delicious…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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