Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 15

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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 15
Trapped and Trained Ch. 15
As I took my first steps forward, feeling the leather straps of my dress slide across my smooth skin, Miss Vicki placed a hand on my shoulder and spun me around to face her.

“Oops, with all of this excitement I almost forgot the most important thing of all. Now, let me fix your lipstick while I let you in on a little secret.”

She reached into her bag and pulled out a black velvet bag. Reaching inside, she held a black tube of a deep red lipstick. She applied that as well as some strange looking lip gloss with what looked like bits of glitter in it. After she was done applying it, she put both items in a tiny black leather clutch and handed it to me as she let me in on this ‘secret’.

“Now Candi – for the past two weeks you know that you’ve been taking quite a few pills to enhance your figure, from softening up your skin and helping to fill out that tight little ass to enlarging those wonderful breasts.”

As she mentioned my breasts she let her hands wander to them, massaging them through the leather straps of my dress, which was quite easy given how exposed they were. Her fingers made their way up to my nipples, squeezing them gently in her hands as she continued. I licked my lips and swallowed a bit of the gloss, noticing that my lips were beginning to feel a bit strange, as was my throat as the gloss traveled down to my stomach.

“Mmmm, these are quite splendid, I’m very pleased with how they’ve turned out and look forward to how amazing they will be as you continue with that portion of your daily pills. But, what I meant to tell you was about that one red pill that has always been mixed in – you remember that one, don’t you? It’s a bit larger than the rest so you typically have to take it by itself, so I’m sure you know of the one I’m referring to.”

I knew exactly which pill she was talking about. It was huge and was always a task to swallow down. I always felt a bit queasy after taking that one, but usually just chalked it up to the massive amounts of pills I was taking and the chemical imbalances it was causing in my body. I knew some of the pills were intended to reduce my testosterone output while others were depositing large amounts of estrogen into me, so I just figured it was another pill along that purpose.

“Well, that red pill is quite special and some perverted scientist friends of mine have been working to perfect it for years. You see, just taking it does nothing to you, but there is a special chemical in that lip gloss that activates the chemical coursing through your body from that big red pill. Now that you’ve already begun to ingest some of that lip gloss as I saw you licking your luscious lips a moment ago, I can let you in on the purpose of the red pill. You see, when that pill’s chemical is activated, it sets off quite the reaction in your body. Within ten minutes, your throat and stomach will begin to burn as if there is acid inside of them. After another five minutes, that feeling will spread throughout your entire body. Five more minutes and you will begin to sweat profusely, like a crack addict going through withdrawals. In another five minutes you will experience the worst headache you can even imagine, joined by blurred vision. And if you last 30 whole minutes, then your body will begin to seize, leaving you completely helpless.”

I was floored… why would she do such a thing to me? What could the purpose possibly be for such a pill? And why did she say the scientist friends of hers were perverted for creating it? They seemed more masochistic than perverted. Miss Vicki saw the panic and confusion running through my mind and continued.

“Oh, don’t worry honey – there is an anecdote that I’ll give you at the end of the party, if you make it that long. And, here’s the best part. The pill’s cycle can be reset quite simply by ingesting something containing a combination of citric acid, amino acids, potassium and zinc. Now, you could go get pills specific to all of these requirements, but you likely won’t find any of that here. So, what is an alternative, you are likely wondering? Well, lucky for you, there is something that every man – every real man at least, not you anymore – produces that meets all of these requirements. Yes, sweetie… semen contains all of those chemicals needed to reset the cycle of the pill. However, as I said, the scientists are working to perfect the pill. One side effect is that it seems that the ingestion of semen orally is the only method that works, and that upon swallowing the semen, the cycle tends to quicken. So while at first it will take around ten minutes for the headache to set in, after a few resets it may only take five minutes – and by the end of the night, who knows… you may be begging for a repeat bukkake performance! Wouldn’t that be sensational?! Anyhow, that’s what I needed to let you know. And be sure to reapply your lipstick and lip gloss as needed – since you’ll be needing to suck a lot of cocks tonight, it will be in your best interest to keep those big dick sucking lips of yours as attractive as possible! Off we go now.”

She spun me back around, facing the entrance to the party and again smacked me on the ass, prompting me to walk forward although I was in a daze in response to the information I’d just learned. Now I was going to be chemically required to ingest cum?? No, fuck that, I’ll deal with a little headache or some mild discomfort – there was no way I was going to be begging for a repeat of that dreadful bukkake of two weeks ago. I still felt like there was dried cum buried in my skin from that night no matter how often or for how long I scrubbed my body clean. Once again I felt Miss Vicki stop me, though she didn’t spin me around this time.

“Oh shoot, one last thing, I promise.”

I felt my dress being lifted up in the back, followed by something cold at each of my hips. I heard a snip and then felt my sheer black thong fall to my the bottom of my ballet heels. She had cut it off! Now not only were my breasts exposed through the holes of this dress, but now my fake pussy and, most importantly, my pussy asshole was unprotected and on display as well. That fucking bitch – just to further my embarrassment she did that. She slid a finger deep inside of my fake pussy, making it to where the fleshy cover imprisoned my cock and began rubbing it up and down as she whispered into my ear.

“You’re going to crave the *taste* of their cum too. I know you don’t believe it, but each time you taste cum, you’ll feel a craving for that taste again. By the end of the night you won’t be able to control yourself and will be running from cock to cock, desperate to feel that slimy goo sloshing around in your mouth, savoring every last drop as you gulp it down and move on to the next.”

That statement sent shivers through my body all the way to my core. It didn’t help that she was arousing me by rubbing my trapped cock as she told me about how I was going to crave sucking the cocks of others. I felt like it made her think that I was getting hard at what she was telling me rather than just the fact that my severely neglected cock was getting some attention. I didn’t have time to convince her otherwise, however, as this time she pushed me forward and followed me into the main room.

I swore my throat was starting to burn as we walked inside, but convinced myself that it was all mental – it had only been a few minutes since I had apparently activated the chemical inside of me. I could only imagine how widespread it was given that I’d been taking that red pill for two weeks now.

As I walked through the doors, I saw that we were in a room similar to just a massive living room. There were couches along three of the walls – I counted about 12 couches in all. All of the couches were facing a projection screen on the fourth wall and my face turned beet red as I saw that they were actually watching videos of my performance with Miss Vicki from two weeks ago. As I walked in the video was at the part where I was crouched doggy style on top of the teacher’s desk with the fourth man fucking my pussy. As he pulled out and the summation of all of the cum that had been deposited inside of my by the four men came oozing out, I heard a collective “ooooo” from the people on the couches.

Of the 12 couches, there were 3 on each of the side walls and then five along the back wall, just to give you an idea of the size of the room. It could probably comfortably seat around 40 people, but there only seemed to be around 20 sitting on the couches or standing around talking while watching the video as it moved on to me lapping up the cum. I knew the bukkake scene was coming soon and tried to shield my eyes from watching. I turned my back to the screen, realizing that now I was giving everyone along the back wall a full frontal view of my breasts and puffy pussy lips peeking out through my dress. Their attention drifted from the TV and I now noticed everyone staring at me, putting together the puzzle that the ‘girl’ on the screen was now standing in front of them.

Of the 20 people I counted that roughly 5 of them were wearing black collars similar to Miss Vicki’s, meaning that they were dominants. Eight of the people were wearing blue collars, signifying guests. There were three more red collars and I cursed all of them knowing that I could have been wearing one of those if I had lasted longer in that damn competition with the dildo machine. I hated the three slaves wearing the silver collars as well as they all stared at me with knowing grins – completely aware that they were at a higher stature than I was and that I was apparently at their mercy. There was one slave with a pink collar in this room, a woman who was completely naked facing the screen from a back couch, riding up and down on a stiff cock of one of the blue collared men while a woman, also wearing a blue collar, played with her nipples as she moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She turned and looked at me as she undoubtedly saw everyone’s attention shift to me and I saw a devious smile cross her face. She had a gorgeous body and long flowing brown hair that was bouncing up and down as she rode the cock inside of her shaven pussy. Her beautiful C cup breasts that were being manipulated by the woman next to her looked all natural and very perky. How had she gotten in a situation similar to mine? And why was she looking at me like that?

As I watched her ride the man until he was obviously cumming inside of her, she stayed mounted on top of him and motioned for me to come over to her. I acted as if I didn’t see her and continued to scan the room, seeing out of the corner of my eye that the video was at the point where the first group of men was stroking their cocks around my face. I closed my eyes and looked away as I heard the female slave.

“Bitch! Get over here NOW!”

She knew she had my attention and now everyone in the room had heard her order. I heard Miss Vicki chuckle behind me as I had forgotten she was there, then felt her nudge me in the direction of the woman. I stumbled my way over there and stood behind her, smelling the mixture of her pussy juices and the man’s semen mixing together inside her pussy. My throat was now definitely starting to burn, letting me know that what Miss Vicki had told me was very real… they had d**gged me and the only available solution was semen. You had to be fucking k**ding me. I looked pleadingly at the woman as she sat there, straddling the man on the couch, halfway turned around and eying me up and down.

“Get on your fucking knees and clean me and this nice man up.”

Having no other options available too me, I knelt down, feeling my tight black leggings run across the black carpet and scooting forward until I was right up next to the couch cushion. I didn’t see how I was going to be able to clean them off with her still mounted on the man, but that didn’t mean that they were going to wait apparently. The woman who had been m*****ing the female slave’s breasts turned her attention to mine. She seemed to like that she could grab my breasts through my dress and took advantage of the opportunity, grabbing my nipples and pulling me downward until my face was now even with the female slave’s pussy, inhaling the smell of the semen trapped inside of her. Her legs were completely spread apart and she pulled the man’s legs apart some too, leaving just enough room for me to fit my head between them. The woman guest continued to pinch and tug on my nipples, directing me on where to go. Finally she stopped and I saw her standing up out of the corner of my eye. I felt her walking behind me and then felt her grasp the back of my head and shove me forward, forcing my face into the female slave’s pussy and the base of the man’s cock. She held me there, waiting for me to start cleaning them both up.

This must have turned the female on as she started slowly bouncing up and down on the man’s cock once again. He was getting hard again as I reached my tongue out and began to lick the female’s clit, moving my head with her as she bounced. She began to moan, but to my surprise moved my head down and kept it in place right at the base of the man’s cock. I was now forced to lick the man’s cock until the woman came down and fully impaled herself on it, at which point I would lick her pussy lips as they expanded to house the thick cock she was riding. I tasted traces of semen but mostly her juices as my throat and stomach continued to burn.

The woman behind me was now fingering my pussy while also examining my fake pussy. I felt her put three fingers inside of my lubed hole and groaned in response, but it was muffled by the cock and pussy that were directly in front of me. They were picking up the pace now as the female slave was holding my head in place as she bounced up and down. I felt more and more juices trickling out of her pussy and down the man’s cock as I continued to lap them up. Finally she stopped, fully impaled as her body convulsed into a massive orgasm, multiplied no doubt by me licking all around her pussy lips. The man let out a deep groan as well and I felt his cock twitching inside of her pussy, undoubtedly filling her up even more with his seed.

After sitting there for a minute, she lifted herself up, placing her hand over her pussy and rolling off to the open seat of the couch. The woman behind me let her fingers out of my pussy and again moved to my head, directing it over the man’s cock. It was completely flaccid now and wreaked of pussy and cum. I went to take it in my mouth before feeling the woman behind me slap me, telling me to just use my tongue first. I swallowed and began to lick all around his cock and balls, tasting the traces of cum but it was obviously not enough to satisfy the necessary amount to reset my chemically induced cycle while I felt the burning sensation starting to spread throughout my body.

His cock and balls were clean now, completely covered in my saliva and left with me panting over them, licking the same places over and over. Satisfied, the woman behind me now pulled me by my hair over to the female slave, who was laying on her back, obviously exhausted. Upon seeing me come over to her she smiled that same devious smile as before and stood up, her hand still covering her pussy, trapping the massive amount of semen inside of her. The blue collared woman spun me around and sat me against the couch, leaning my head back on the cushion. The slave climbed onto the couch, her front facing the back wall and her knees on either side of my head. I looked up and could only see her hand covered pussy above me as it slowly lowered down onto me, my nose snuggling into her ass.

First I had to lick her fingers which were now covered in her pussy juice and a small bit of cum that was running up against them. When she was satisfied with how clean her fingers were I felt her slide them away, then lowering her pussy onto me. I felt the entire weight of her body on top of me now and felt her now fingering her clit from above me. The woman guest was now back to playing with my nipples roughly through my dress as I screamed into the slave’s pussy. Just as I was screaming a big glob of semen flooded out of her pussy and into my mouth, creating more of a gargling sound as it went directly down my throat. As it slid down it felt like the burning sensation was subsiding, which was the only positive spin I could put on this situation as more and more of the cum left her pussy and entered my mouth. As it went to my stomach the burning left there as well, followed by slow relief coming throughout my body while I continued to swallow more and more, all the time licking her pussy as well. She was now starting to ride my face, obviously approaching yet another orgasm. How many times could this bitch get off, I wondered. Apparently at least three times as she pulled my head deep into her pussy, nearly drowning me as more of her cum left her pussy mixed with the small amount of the man’s cum that was left inside of her.

Satisfied, she rolled off of me, my face now covered in a mixture of sweat and both of their cum. She moved down and began to lick all around my face before interlocking in a passionate kiss with me, her tongue exchanging everything she had collected with mine, staying inside of my mouth until I had swallowed it all down. She then let go of our kiss, opened up my black clutch and reapplied my lipstick and lip gloss.. that god damn lip gloss.

The female guest was now sitting on the couch with her short tight black dress ridden up over her hips, playing with her pussy. Thinking I was going to have to eat her out as well, I turned around, preparing to go through another licking process. I felt the female slave pull me away, to my surprise.

“No, no bitch. That’s for me. You are to go to the room next door and see if they can use your services. Off you go.”

She smacked me on the ass as I struggled to my feet, balancing myself on my ballet heels before slowly beginning to walk out of the side door, not sure what was awaiting me in the adjoining room. As I left the room I glanced to the movie screen, seeing that the bukkake had just ended and there was a close up of my face completely covered in semen, my eyes shut tightly, my breasts also dripping cum. All I could do was tell myself that tonight wouldn’t end in a similar fashion. It couldn’t.

The next room I entered was larger than the first… I guess it had to be to hold six beds inside of it. The beds were in two rows of three and there were various ‘activities’ going on in five of them. A sixth on the far side of the room was completely empty.

The first bed I saw consisted of a man in a blue collar being face fucked by a man in a black collar, while a red collared slave was actually fucking the guest from behind. For some reason, it made me almost happy to see that a slave could be ordered to fuck someone of a higher party status. That gave me hope that maybe I wouldn’t be on the receiving end all night long.. maybe someone would even have the decency to order me to rip this fake vagina off and get to fuck that hot woman slave from the room I had just been in. I’d put a pounding on her and wipe that fucking smile right off her face.

My vivid thoughts of grasping that bitch’s hair from behind and shoving my cock inside of her were interrupted by a group of people entering the room from the door on the opposite end, right next to the open bed. There were two black collared dominants, a male and a female, as well as two red collared male slaves completely nude along with a pink collared female, wearing only a tight black miniskirt.

I tried to make myself as small as possible and hide behind the group of men fucking on the bed in front of me, but the female dominant caught view of me before I could get behind them and immediately called me over. The female slave looked delighted to see me, knowing that she had just moved up a rung in this group that she likely was about to be gang fucked by before I came along. I slowly made my way over to them, trying to drown out the noises of sex surrounding me until I was finally standing in front of all five people. The female seemed to be the one in control as she spoke with dominance in her voice.
“Ok – Candi, is it? Up on the bed, face down. Bill and Peter, you tie him up just how I had explained how you were going to tie up Amanda here. Amanda, I want you to go get that nipple vacuum from the room next door and then return here with it immediately.”

The three men were all much larger than me. The two slaves, Bill and Peter, both looked like they were weight lifters and had shaven heads. What were they doing submitting to people? I didn’t risk asking them and just did as I was told, climbing up on the bed face down, wondering what was about to happen… dreading it.

Peter and Bill pulled a chest out from under the bed. From inside I saw them pull out a considerable amount of rope before climbing up on the bed with me. They made me get up on my knees with my face at the front of the bed, right near the headrest. They ran two of the ropes underneath the bed. With the first they tied both ends to my ankles. I tugged gently with one leg and felt the rope taught, shifting my other leg slightly. With the other rope they tied the ends around my thighs, just below the top of my leggings. My legs were now stuck wide apart. Next they took two more ropes and tied them to the bar running across the top of the headrest. They took the ends of each of these ropes and tied tight knots just under my ass cheeks, ensuring that I couldn’t lower my hips at all from the position I was in. One more rope was tight to the bar at the foot of the bed and I felt them reach underneath me, grabbing my wrists and holding them together as they tied the other end of that rope around my wrists. Everything was done so quickly and efficiently and I was amazed as how little movement I now had, fear striking my eyes.

I heard the female slave re-enter the room to the delight of the female dominant. She took two small tubes and, with the help of the two men holding my upper body up slightly, placed them over my nipples. She had the female slave hold them there while she disappeared from my view. Suddenly I felt them begin to tighten their hold on my nipples, confirmed when the female slave was able to let go altogether and they remained on my nipples. Tighter and tighter they became as I watched my nipples becoming larger, sucking up further into the tubes. The pain was unbearable as I began to plead with everyone to let me go, that it was too much. Finally the suction stopped increasing, but my nipples were incredibly sore, now stuck deep in these shallow tubes. The female dominant came into view again and tugged roughly on each tube, satisfied that they were not going to come off apparently. She then took two small clamps and clamped the end of each of the tubes before disconnecting the piping that was running into each of them. The tubes were now freely attached to each of my poor, aching nipples as the two male slaves dropped me back face down on the bed, utterly helpless to stop anything that was happening. The female dominant spoke again.

“Okay, Amanda – up you go. We’re going to play a little game. Candi, if you can get Amanda to cum in the next two minutes then we will set you free. If you can’t, then you’re going to be here for a while for quite a workout on all of your holes. Amanda hasn’t been allowed to cum for going on four months now, so I wouldn’t think it will be too hard, especially for a slut like you.”

This wouldn’t be so bad, I was thinking. Amanda was scorching hot, a petite blond with perky little B cup tits. I imagined her snatch was amazing, so a small part of me was actually looking forward to getting to spread her pussy lips apart with my tongue and listen to her moan in response. She climbed onto the bed and wiggled down between my head and the headrest, her crotch now directly under me as Peter and Bill again held me up.

All of my positive thoughts went right out the window as the male dominant came over and slid Amanda’s black miniskirt off. Where I expected to see a clean shaven pussy, there instead was a flaccid 4″ cock staring at me. At first confusion set in and I heard the other four people around the bed chuckle as they saw me going through the process of figuring out that Amanda was actually a lot like me… a guy made up like a girl.

Peter and Bill dropped me, my face landing in Amanda’s crotch, right up against her limp dick. I only had two minutes, so I had to work fast. I took all four inches in my mouth, feeling it immediately respond and grow to its full 6″ length. I could manage this easily and went to work right away, taking the entire thing in my mouth and feverishly licking and sucking on it. Only a minute in and I could already feel Amanda’s hands on the back of my head, stroking my face up and down on her member as she moaned and squirmed underneath me. Thirty more seconds and she had to be close as I was counting down the seconds in my head. She had lost control of herself with ten seconds to go and was face fucking me without abandon. My nose was beginning to get sore from being thrust into her crotch so hard and fast. I noticed my whole body on fire again, only ten minutes since the last time I had taken a load of cum, so the chemical must have been working faster. Finally the two minutes had been up and my mouth was void of any semen minus a few drops of precum.

“STOP!” came the order from the female dominant, but it was too late. Amanda had no control of her actions and was pumping in and out of me, desperate to orgasm. Finally it happened, a four month backload of semen came gushing out of Amanda’s throbbing cock. It filled up my mouth completely and kept streaming as she pulled it out and shot the rest all over my chin and neck. Once she was finished she collapsed against the headrest, completely exhausted as I choked and gagged on the sheer volume of cum that had just been deposited inside my mouth. The female dominant was not pleased at Amanda’s disobedience, but couldn’t hide the fact that she was impressed with how much semen had just been shot into and on me.

“Amanda, off the bed. I said off the bed, now! Well Candi, I’m sorry to inform you that, even though you did manage to get my little Amanda to cum, it was just beyond your two minute goal. Plus you kept going when I told you to stop. So while you received the award of one of the biggest cumshots these eyes have seen, you’ll still get your holes worked over for the next hour or so. Hope your holes are hungry.”

This was bullshit! I made that bitch cum in what must have been two minutes and five seconds, and she kept going after she was supposed to stop. She should be the one getting punished, not me. I didn’t have a choice in stopping, she had ahold of my hair and was shoving her cock in and out of my mouth – I couldn’t stop her tied up as I was. All of my complaints would fall on deaf ears though, and I knew it as I just focused on swallowing down the load of cum that was still in my mouth, feeling the immediate relief of the chemicals resetting inside of me.

Peter picked me up this time by himself as I watched Bill climb on the bed. He slid underneath me, now face to face with me. I was disgusted as he began to lick the leftover semen off of me, but was distracted from that by the feeling of someone lining up his thick 6″ cock with my fake pussy. They slid it inside and I felt him start to thrust in and out, feeling his cock poke against my trapped dick when it was fully impaled, making me wince in pain each time as my member was extremely engorged still from Miss Vicki’s attention earlier, the cock ring not allowing the blood to flow out of it.

While he was fucking my fake pussy, I felt my dress lifted up followed by another cock lining up with my asshole… my pussy. It was considerably larger than Bill’s as I felt it slide all the way inside of me. It had to be 9″ and considering that Peter was still in view, I could only assume that it was the male dominant’s dick inside of me now. Peter then climbed onto the bed in front of me, on his knees, straddling Bill’s face and still holding me up by my shoulders. His 6″ cock dangling in front of me as he pulled me forward, forcing my mouth onto it… Here I was, a man, or what was left of a man, with a cock in all three of my holes, even my fake one… with three men now fucking me. Un-fucking-believable. How had I gotten to this point?

The two cocks in my pussies were in rhythm, thrusting in and out with each other, alternating between a completely full feeling to a feeling of almost emptiness. The cock stroking in and out of my mouth was just seemingly going at random, which was making it impossible for me to try and lose myself like I usually tried to, imagining myself somewhere else where there weren’t multiple dicks fucking me. With the randomness of the cock in my mouth, I would always be snapped back to reality, either from gagging when he would unexpectedly shove it in balls deep or from wincing when he would pull it all the way out and slap my cheeks with it.

The cocks in my pussies were now starting to both pick up their pace, throwing them out of rhythm and now putting me in a horrible place of constantly having at least one cock continuously pumping into one of my holes. The man behind me had a death grip on my ass cheeks and the man underneath me was squeezing my breasts as he pumped in and out of me. I was in pain all over my body and again felt the hotness creeping all over me from the lack of a cum in my stomach. But the man shoving his cock in and out of my mouth seemed nowhere near the point where he would be cumming as he was more just toying with my mouth, reminding me that I was a cock whore and that he could do with me as he pleased.

All at once, both of the cocks in my pussies pushed completely inside of me, making me groan into the cock that was in my mouth. I felt the familiar warmth of semen creeping into my pussy while I also felt a stream leaving the cock in my fake pussy as it pushed up against my imprisoned cock. Now I was having two dicks shooting cum into me. What a whore they were making me was all I could think about as the cock in my fake pussy slid out. I tried shifting around as the cock that remained inside of me was getting uncomfortable, but it stayed hard and stayed deep inside of me. Bill also remained underneath me, and my eyes widened as I finally understood why.

With the dominant man’s cock still inside of me, I felt someone stroking Bill’s cock back to hardness, which turned out to be Amanda. The dominant woman whispered into my ear.

“I heard you’ve never had two cocks in your pussy at once and thought that was a real shame. A whore like you should have had that sort of experience by now. If you were mine you’d be walking around with two dildos inside of your pussy at all times. Amanda has grown to love that feeling and wants to help you experience it for yourself. And I want to hear you fucking moan like you love it or I swear to god I’ll leave you here and let this whole party run a train on you over and over again, even after you’ve passed out from the mixture of pain and exhaustion.”

I tried to protest, but Peter was holding his cock all the way inside of my mouth, making it impossible for me to say anything as I frantically shook from side to side as much as I could… which sadly wasn’t much given the tightness of all of the ropes. I pulled up as hard as I could on the rope holding my wrists, but it just wasn’t budging. My efforts renewed when I felt the head of Bill’s cock, now rock hard once again, at the bottom of my pussy which was already stuffed full with 9 inches already. It was pointless though as I was just stuck.

It felt like I was being split in half as the pressure increased at the opening of my pussy. I just didn’t see any way for both of the cocks to fit inside of me, but Amanda was determined as she continued to push harder and harder, the pain making me start to see stars combined with the sweat starting to form on my forehead, further proof that Miss Vicki was telling the truth about how I would start to experience withdrawal symptoms. I was determined to fight that feeling though and not oblige the cock in my mouth by helping to get him off.

Finally it happened – the head of the second cock slipped inside of me, joining the first one that was still fully inside with my ass cheeks resting against his body. Slowly the second cock slid further and further inside until all 7 inches were also in me. I now had a grand total of 16 inches of cock in me was the thought that crept into my mind. 22 inches if you included the 6 in my mouth. Amanda was giddy behind me, apparently proud of herself for managing to defy logic and force the second cock into me. I thought the worst part was over, but I was wrong as I felt both cocks start to draw out of me in unison before slamming balls deep back into me. I wanted to groan in pain but remember the woman’s threat and did my best to change my groan to a slutty moan, muffled by the cock still sitting in my mouth.

This must have turned Peter on as he resumed fucking my mouth, getting in rhythm with the two cocks in my pussy. Now all 22 inches were thrusting in and out of me together, and here I was, moaning as if I loved every second of it. Peter’s pace quickened as Bill continued to squeeze and m***** my breasts, making it harder and harder to keep my moaning up as the pain all over my body was intense, combined now with the onset of a splitting headache. I decided that it was inevitable and started working the cock around in my mouth, helping Peter get to the point where he finally shot the content of his balls down my throat. It took a moment but my body temperature eventually stabilized and I started to feel better, minus the fact that there were still two cocks thrusting in and out of me and now Peter was rubbing his flaccid cock all around me, spreading the mixture of saliva and leftover cum on my face.

Since the two men fucking me had already cum once, it took them a solid four or five minutes of fucking me before I again felt them, somehow again in unison, deposit their warm, slimy cum inside of me. They stayed deep inside me as I was forced to thank them for my first double penetration experience. I closed my eyes as I humiliated myself further, thanking them for helping me in my journey to become the ultimate cum slut. Mercifully I felt both of the cocks sliding out of me, but even after they were out it felt like my pussy was still holding the gaping position.

The dominant woman moved behind me I felt her hand underneath my pussy, telling me to push all of the cum out. I did as I was told and felt it gushing out. There was so much that she had to use two hands to hold it all as she brought it around to my face. She then made me lap it all out of her hands like a fucking dog, finishing by cleaning up her hands and between her fingers when it was all gone. As I was licking her hands clean I felt the ropes all being released from me as the blood rushed back into my limbs and hands, causing a burning sensation but I was just grateful to be able to move once again. Once her hands were all clean I felt a rough slap on my ass, followed by her telling me to leave this room and head on down the hallway to the left, to the room at the end where there were more people that would be able to use my services. She also told me not to even think about removing the nipple tubes or she’d still follow through with her threat from before. I slumped my shoulders – my nipples were pulsating within the tubes and were beyond sore.

I gingerly climbed off of the bed and slowly walked towards the door as the group that had just used me wandered towards the room I had just been in. I wondered what video was on the screen now but decided not to think about it and to just head out the door.

Once outside I saw that I was in the middle of a long hallway. I looked to my left and saw a red door at the end – the room I was supposed to be walking towards. There were a few doors on either side of the hallway that were all closed. Looking to my right I saw a door at the end of that hallway direction and contemplated heading that way instead and trying to find a way out of this place. I convinced myself that I had no other options and would hate myself if I didn’t at least try and turned to walk that way. Just as I took my first step, however, I heard a door behind me open and a deep voice yelling at me.

“Hey you little bitch – get on down here. Ain’t nothing down that way for you… down here is where you s’posed to be. Now come on before I lose my patience.”

I wheeled around and was in horror as I saw the source of the voice. It was Tyrone, one of the men from the first party at my Master’s house that had used me like a whore. I shuttered as I remembered the sheer size of his cock and how it filled up my entire mouth.. I also remembering how thankful I was that he hadn’t won any of the auctions allowing him to shove it inside my pussy. I wondered if I would be so lucky this time as I still gingerly walked towards the door where he was waiting.

As I got to the door I saw that he was wearing a blue collar along with tight black spandex shorts, the outline of his massive cock on display through them. He wasn’t wearing a shirt and I saw him flex his pecks as I approached, licking his lips at the same time as he eyed me up and down before speaking.

“Damn girl – I almost didn’t recognize you! Shit, they done good with you, huh? Look at them titties and lips – and fuck, that ass is just fine. Get on in here… there’s some people in here that been waiting for the low slave to get to this room. We got a whole set up that I’m sure yo ass is gonna fuckin love.”

He groped my breasts as I reached him, giving my nipple tubes gentle tugs and laughing as he saw how secure they were. He held the door open for me and cupped my ass in his hands as I walked past him. I saw his cock twitch from underneath his tight shorts and quickly looked away.

Entering the room I just saw a circle of plush recliners with various people sitting in them. A few women were bouncing up and down on the men in some of the chairs while other chairs just had men or women sipping on what looked like wine from their glasses, talking with each other. Jerome walked me to the center of the chairs where a small wooden platform was sitting. The talking died down as they all saw me, though the women who were lost in pleasure continued bouncing up and down on the cocks they were on. Looking around I saw that I was the only slave in the room – there weren’t even any red or silver collars, just all black and blue.

I felt Jerome behind me, his hands massaging my ass through my dress and his warm breath on my shoulder. I felt him lift the halter top of the dress up over my head and then crumple to the ground at the base of my unsteady heels with a gentle tug. Even as revealing as the dress had been, at least it was something. Now here I was in just some black leggings and ballet heels, my feminine body completely uncovered aside from the tubes that remained sucked on to my nipples.

Jerome laid me down on my back on the platform, which was a square that was just wide enough for me to fit on it and the top was at the top of my neck with my head laying off the back. He pulled my arms to the sides of the platform and locked them into place with the leather cuffs that were attached to it. The next part was something I didn’t even think was possible. As I mentioned earlier I wasn’t able to fit my ankles behind my head, even with all of the stretching I was being put through daily. Well, Jerome had different thoughts on that as his powerful arms picked up my legs and stretched them back, then lifted my head up gently. I was in shock as I watched my legs stretch further and further back until I finally felt my ankles touching just underneath my head. Jerome used a length of rope and tied my legs in place, then locked a metal bar in place just underneath my chin that went all the way across the platform, locking my legs into place. I could now look down and see both of my pussies in plain view, open for the taking.
Jerome noticed this too, licking his lips and then moving down. I watched his long tongue disappear into my pussy, giving me a sensation like I’d never had before. I hated myself, but a part of me actually liked it as I felt my cock stiffen under my fake pussy. He began thrusting his tongue in and out of my pussy and I was shocked to hear involuntary moans leaving my mouth to the delight of those sitting around us who began to call me a slut, whore, tramp, bitch… but I was lost in a world of pleasure as Jerome expertly ate me out. As I was now moaning out of control, he stopped, sending me back to reality and making me hate him for exposing me to those feelings. He smiled and slapped me hard on the ass before announcing to the group that I was “ready now”.

A man stood up from one of the chairs directly in front of me and I immediately recognized him as Master Vic, the asshole that I considered responsible for me being here given that it was his party and that he picked me up and brought me here. At the moment, my hatred for him ran the deepest, followed closely by that bitch Miss Vicki. Vic walked a circle around the platform, seemingly examining Jerome’s work in securing me to it in such a precarious position. He stopped and motioned towards someone without a word, then returned to his chair, seeming to settle in as if he were about to enjoy a show.

One of the women that had been bouncing up and down on a black man’s cock in a chair behind me now dismounted and walked towards me. She was wearing a black collar and was riding a guest’s cock, either by her or another dominant’s orders. The black man seemed disappointed that she was getting off of him without letting him get off in her. She was naked aside from her thigh high leather stiletto boots, her jet black hair curling down just past her shoulders. She seemed a bit older, maybe in her 40’s, but like Miss Vicki she took immaculate care of her body. Her pussy was glistening and clean shaven, the toned muscles of her abs on display as she walked a circle around me, stopping near my head.

She knelt down and ran her hands from my shoulders down to my breasts, massaging them for a moment before gripping the nipple tubes in her hands, smiling as she saw me flinch in pain and anticipation. She pulled gently upwards on them, eliciting a small squeal from my mouth as she bit her lip out of enjoyment. She pulled harder and I watched my breasts stretching out to accommodate her pulls, causing intense pain. Finally she strengthened her grip and pulled to the point where the nipple tubes made an audible pop and jumped off of my nipples, my breasts slapping back into form and jiggling from the sudden change. I screamed in pain, looking down at my nipples which were now puffy and swollen, a red ring surrounding the aureoles from the prolonged suction of the tubes. She smiled as she looked at the effect the tubes had on me.

She tossed the tubes aside and again put her hands on my breasts. She ran them to my nipples which I noticed now had incredibly heightened senses. Her touch alone made me need to jump out of my skin they were so sensitive. Each pinch and tug was now intensified, stars flooding my vision from the pain as she continued without any consideration for what she was doing to me. She eventually stopped after tears had begun to trickle from the corners of my eyes, my pleas having fallen on deaf ears until she was satisfied with the performance. She stood and walked around in front of me, looking down at me, and there I was again, completely vulnerable, tied to this platform with my ankles behind my head, staring down at throbbing nipples and naked pussies ready for the taking. She looked up and nodded at the black man that she had previously been mounted on, who stood and walked towards my head.

Suddenly all I saw was black. The man had stood directly over my head, so there I was looking up at his heavy hanging balls from underneath and his chocolate dark ass cheeks sitting atop chiseled thighs. He lowered down on top of me, his ass now inches from my mouth and his weight pressing my legs further down. I felt him press his cock in between my breasts and then begin to stroke it between them as he held my tits tightly together to cause the maximum amount of friction for his member. He was titty fucking me! I wiggled as much as I could, trying in vain to bump him off of me as I heard him start to moan as his stiff erection grew as it slid between my D cup breasts, his ass rocking forward and backward, coming within inches of my mouth as I smelled the scent of stale pussy juices that must have been on his cock from the dominant woman.

As if this wasn’t problematic enough, I felt something prodding at the opening of my pussy. It felt like a finger. First one, then two, three, four… and finally it felt like all five fingers were pushed together and trying to enter me. They slid in to what felt like the second knuckle and continued to push forward. I began to struggle uncontrollably once I realized that not only was I being titty fucked, but someone was now trying to shove their fist inside of me and there was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent it. I screamed, but just as the sounds came from my mouth the black man rocked backward, muffling my screams into his toned ass cheeks. I felt a warm stream hit my nipples, knowing that he had fucked my tits to the point where he came on them and could only imagine his white sperm clashing with my bronze breasts, aside from my pale white tan lines of course.

My focus on the semen that was resting on my tits was short lived as I felt the hand pushing inside of me pass the third knuckle and then slide deep in my pussy. Whoever it was had a small hand, but a fist is a fist and the discomfort was paralyzing as I felt the person rotate their hand, again causing a blood curdling scream to come from me, again to no use as my mouth was covered by this black stud’s ass. Finally he stood and I saw that the source of the fist was the woman who had just been brutalizing my nipples… she was quickly climbing up my ladder of people I hated the most, settling in just below Miss Vicki as it stood. She had a smile across her face as I looked down at my pussy and saw her arm disappear at the wrist, the rest residing inside of me, feeling it as she again rotated her arm and making me again squirm to no avail. I begged her to remove it and leg me go, again answered by a smile and an incredible amount of pressure. I had forgotten that my hole had closed around her wrist and that her pulling her fist out would again put out the feeling of her splitting me in half. I begged for her to release her fist and just slide her hand out gently, but with one rough tug backwards pain seared through my body and her fist came gliding out of me with traces of leftover cum on it.

About this time my head was absolutely throbbing, which I hadn’t been focusing on previously with everything going on, but with a slight pause I noticed that I was in rough shape. My mouth was watering for some reason as well, like I was thirsty for something but no drink sounded appetizing. Then Miss Vicki’s words echoed in my head… she said I would start craving the taste of cum, that I’d be like a crack addict going through withdrawal. I hadn’t believed her, but as I started thinking back to Amanda shooting that massive load into my mouth just a short while ago I noticed the drool in my mouth increasing. I cursed my mind and tried to convince it to be strong, that I was a straight male who hated being put through this, but the urge was strong and my head continued to pound. I needed cum in my mouth… Oh my god… I needed cum in my mouth. I hated myself for even thinking it, but knew deep down that it was true.

I looked down at my tits and saw the globs of cum resting on them. The woman who had just fisted me saw it as well and slowly crawled on top of me, taking the cum on her tongue as she licked small circles around my still sensitive nipples, causing me to pant and plead with her once again to leave my poor nipples alone. She opened her mouth just above mine, showing the collection of cum resting on her tongue. I thought she would let it drop into my mouth, curing my craving as I opened up and waited only to watch her swallow it down herself, telling me how she loved the taste of a black man’s seed before standing up and walking back to the chair, sitting on the man’s lap who had just fucked my tits. So now I had voluntarily opened my mouth, waiting for semen to drop into it, only to be disappointed… DISAPPOINTED!… that it didn’t happen. What the fuck were they doing to me? Who was I?

I wouldn’t have to wait long for my craving to be fulfilled, however. Jerome had stripped his spandex shorts off and was stroking his massive cock in front of me now. He climbed on to me, his cock facing me and mirrored what the previous man had done, sliding his huge dick in between my tits, only since he was facing towards me, his cock was essentially punching me in the chin every time he thrust upward. He did this for a few minutes as I started to feel my arms and legs begin to twitch. Fearing the onset of a seizure and my mouth now starting to leak drool, I waited for him to thrust upward once and tilted my head down, catching his cock in my mouth. He let out a deep, loud moan as he felt my incredibly wet mouth surround his engorged pipe as he continued to slide it forward until it was sliding down my throat. I tickled the underneath of his cock with my tongue ring, watching him close his eyes above me and stick out his tongue, the tongue that had been fucking my pussy just moments ago. He gripped the back of my head and took control, pumping his cock in and out of me, ignoring my gag reflex completely and pushing through it until finally I felt the tell-tale spasms of an approaching orgasm. With his cock down my throat I felt the sperm come out of his cock like a fire hose, shooting directly down into my stomach, immediately feeling the relief of pressure in my head and stopping the involuntary twitching while he let out a primal scream of dominance. He again stood, regained his composure, winked at me and then headed for the door. I thanked my lucky stars that I again had avoided taking his cock in my pussy, though the fist I had taken instead was probably just as thick and painful as I imagined his dick would be.

For the next hour, the people in that room used me in every way imaginable like a never ending cycle. A man would come and fuck my pussy from above – given the angle that they were able to fuck me from, a 7 inch cock now felt like 10 inches with how deeply they could penetrate me. At one point a man was fucking my pussy while another came and shoved his cock into my fake pussy, turning a woman on so much that she decided to come and rest her sopping wet pussy on my mouth and stop my complaining to put my tongue to good use.

Then it happened… A woman approached me who seemed different than the rest, as if she had been ordered to approach me rather than doing it voluntarily. She had a black collar but carried herself differently than the others. She looked oddly familiar, but I couldn’t place her. She sat on my thighs and gently played with my nipples, giving a different feeling than all of the others… this actually almost felt good, though she seemed to realize it was giving the wrong message and could be putting her at risk, causing her to begin to pinch and pull on my nipples a bit. She leaned down and engaged in a deep, sensuous kiss before breaking it off and moving to my ear, one of her hands still going to work on my nipples to apparently distract everyone while her other hand had moved down to her bare pussy. They were mostly caught up in their own sexual acts or conversation as she spoke into my ear.

“Andy – you don’t know me. Well, not very well, at least. I know what these people have done to you, from the craigslist ad all the way through to Miss Vicki’s training and that prison of an apartment they keep you in now.”

My eyes widened as I opened my mouth to speak to her, but she took her cum covered hand and placed it inside of my mouth, shutting me up effectively as I instinctively sucked on her fingers. I again cursed myself for having the instincts of a cheap slut.

“Shhh” she said. “You don’t want to get the wrong kind of attention here, trust me. But I’ve followed your situation closely and I want to help. The people that have wronged you also wronged a mutual friend of ours – the girl you used to know as Jenna, your old neighbor. She left a note for me to try and find you before they relocated you, so I started searching until I heard that Miss Vicki had her hooks in you. I don’t care for these parties, but figured this would be my only chance to speak with you.”

Her fingers were still thrusting in and out of me as my mind raced. Jenna contacted this woman to save me. This was finally a way out – someone finally knew what was going on and could help me. Why wouldn’t she just call the cops and get me out of this that way? Why did she let me go through all of this for the past two weeks… and everything that had been done to me at this party?! She seemed to be reading my mind.

“These people are extremely powerful… going to the cops wouldn’t work as they always claim to have rock solid paperwork proving that this is something you wanted. The authorities are powerless. Our time is running out, but get through this party and I’ll find you when I come up with a plan to save you. Just hang in there for a bit longer and do as you’re told – there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Now I’m sorry for this, but I have a reputation to uphold with these people.”

With that she lifted her head up and spun around, resting her pussy on my mouth before unleashing a barrage of pain on my ass cheeks while grinding up and down on my tongue. She experienced an intense orgasm before leaping up and heading out the door. My head was left spinning… there was hope.

I stayed in that room for another 45 minutes being used by anyone and everyone that would wander into that room. Finally I started to notice the numbers thinning out until it was just me left in the room, semen dripping out of both of my pussies and drying all over my body. The two assistants from before walked into the room and released me from my bonds, allowing me a moment to stretch my sore and aching muscles before leading me back downstairs to the room I had been made to wait in before.

They opened the door and shoved me inside, telling me to get washed up and get some rest. Inside there was a sponge with soap and a large bucket of water. On the desk there was a small vial with a note from Miss Vicki.

“Candi – congratulations on surviving the night… your reviews, for the most part, were positive. I definitely came up with a healthy helping of new and exciting ideas for your training as well as receiving various feedback from those that you served tonight on the areas in which you need to improve. There is a lot of work left to be done, but that can all wait until you’ve gotten some rest. On the dresser you will find the anecdote for stabilizing the chemicals released from your special red pills. If you made it to this point then I’m sure that belly of yours is overflowing with semen, so feel free to take this tonight and consider yourself off duty as the party bitch. I’ll see you soon! Pinches and spankings – Miss Vicki”

I crumpled the note up and threw it on the ground, downing the vial of liquid and sitting on the bed. All I could think about was the mysterious woman who had spoken of putting together a plan to get me out of this place. All I could think about was Jenna… For the first time in months, I felt a legitimate sense of hope as I washed my body clean of cum, sweat and saliva, imagining the day that I wouldn’t have to see another cock again as I drifted off to sleep.

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