Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 18

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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 18
Trapped and Trained Ch. 18
I don’t remember much to how I got here from the previous night, mostly just flashes. I remember the limo pulling into the parking garage and seeing the redness behind my eyelids as we passed under the various lights before it crept to a stop in front of the elevator. Mitch climbed out, then Vivian stirred me awake and led me out, still wearing just my red latex leggings, gloves and black heels, dried cum sticking to my legs and pulling at my skin as I walked. Mitch quickly slung me over his shoulder and strode to the elevator, his hand resting on my ass as he walked – I guess to balance me, but I remember periodic squeezes causing defeated squeals coming from my mouth, then hearing a subtle chuckle from him.

I remember feeling the cool blast of the air conditioned suite on my mostly nude body and my sore and swollen nipples immediately responding to the change in temperature, goosebumps on my legs also answering their call. Mitch and Vivian wasted no time as they took me straight to my bedroom, Mitch dropping me onto my back on the bed. They worked together as they peeled off my elbow length gloves, leggings and heels. Vivian pulled down the covers to my bed and maneuvered me up to the pillow, then there was darkness. As soon as I heard the door to the room shut, I remember falling into as deep of a sleep as I’ve ever experienced.

The only time I remember awaking was what must have been seven or eight hours later. It was Vivian slipping into the room and stroking my hair to wake me. I barely opened my eyes enough to see she was holding one of my pink pills along with some of my other hormonal pills with a glass of what I presumed to be water. She picked my head up, telling me it was time for my “medicine” as she called it. I downed a few of the hormonal pills with a gulp of the water, then felt the tiny pink pill placed into my mouth. Vivian told me to wait with it in my mouth as she reached down to the floor for the glass, then brought it to my lips. I tilted my head back, awaiting the cool feeling of the water once again only to find that she had switched the glasses. Instead of the water I felt a rush of Mitch’s cum slide down the glass and into my mouth. My eyes immediately shot open as I felt glob after glob slide in, Vivian holding my head and the glass in place, not allowing it to stop. She smiled as she looked down at me.

“Oh sweetie – you remember that this is the routine we established for this special little pill. Mitch has been a fucking machine all day today, so I’ve been keeping this collection going for you while you slept. I knew you wouldn’t want to miss out. Some I let him shoot directly into the glass while the rest was collected as it dripped out of my gaping pussy, so you’ll taste a little bit of me mixed in there as well. I’m sure you don’t mind.”

It took a few gulps to swallow everything down, but I eventually managed and felt the pink pill sliding down my throat. Then it was back to sleep – I was too tired to even offer up any resistance to anything. Vivian slid under the covers and pushed me onto my side, spooning with me from behind. I felt her hands wandering around my body, caressing my breasts and wandering over my fake pussy and tender butt, lifting up my hair and kissing the back of my neck. I remember that feeling nice as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke on my own a few hours later, alone in the bed. I walked out into the living room of the suite and called out for Vivian and Mitch, but received no answer. I walked into their bedroom, but nobody was there – I was alone. I looked to the safe and saw that it was cracked open – my heart skipped a beat for a fleeting moment as I rushed to it, pushing it open, only to see that the contents had been removed. My hopes for finding that elusive green pill and ridding myself of these people dashed to nothing once again. Walking defeatedly out of their bedroom I passed their dresser mirror, catching myself pausing in front of it, actually admiring the view of the woman staring back at me. I couldn’t believe how much I had changed over this experience… as much as I hated it all, I had to admit (never aloud, but just in my mind) that I was fucking hot. The diet I had been placed on was shedding the excess weight that I’d never had the discipline to lose before, putting my now tight abs on display underneath that golden tan. My ass was round, but firm as I lifted up one of my cheeks and let it go, watching it shake and then return to its position. My breasts were perky and deceptively real looking – I had seen botched boob jobs before on the Internet, but these could qualify as a work of art. They were exquisite, my nipples standing at attention, my blond hair reaching down to just tickle the tops of my chest. The bone structure in my face was so much more defined, my high cheeks bones really standing out amongst my now hairless face and perfectly shaped eyebrows, my luscious lips looking so inviting and devastatingly sexy.

I snapped myself out of this trance after a short while, walking back to my bedroom, wondering if I should crawl back to sleep. As I walked in, however, I saw a small note sitting on my dresser. It was from Vivian.

“Candi – Mitch and I are out running a few errands before your first night at the Shady Ranch with Mr. Big. Get cleaned up and dressed, I laid out some clothes for you in the bathroom. No need to do too much makeup as they’ll be wanting you to do some modeling at the Ranch tonight when we arrive from what I hear, so you can just wait until then to get all dolled up. Be sure you’re ready and waiting downstairs by the valet area at 7pm sharp!”

I looked at the clock and saw that it was currently 6:15pm. Shit. I hurriedly hopped into the shower and cleaned myself off, feeling the dried cum flicking off as I ran my pink lufa between my legs over and over again until I felt it was all removed. Once I was cleaned up I hopped out and put my hair up in my pink towel, then went through the process of lotioning up my body with my melon scented lotion. I’d been in such a hurry that I hadn’t even paused long enough to look at the outfit that Vivian had selected for me. I was supposed to wait downstairs, in a crowded casino, in that?!

The top was a small white tube top, which would be bad enough, but this particular one had cut outs along the front. There were three diamond shaped pieces missing with silver buckle embellishments holding the two sides together, one of which would reside directly between my breasts as the cups of the tube top were designed to only hold about half of my breast, showing off ample cleavage and leaving nothing to the imagination aside from just how big my nipples were. The bottom ended just below my belly button, leaving a few inches of skin before the black ruffle mini skirt that was also laying out started. It shined against the bedroom light and felt like a nylon material as I picked it up with a tight elastic waistband that would surely hug my hips seductively. Then there were some simple, strappy black 4″ stiletto heels to complete the outfit. Once again I looked around but could not find any panties to go along and all of my drawers in the bedroom were empty, along with my suitcases which had apparently disappeared with Vivian and Mitch. That left me no choice but to go commando underneath the daringly short skirt.

I put my hair up in a quick ponytail and then got myself dressed, being thankful that I didn’t have to do my hair or put on any of that dreadful makeup. 6:55 – it was time to head to the elevator as I once again tried to rearrange the way my breasts were sitting in the tube top. It felt like my entire boob was hanging out for everyone to see, but a quick check in the mirror showed that my nipples were in fact concealed. When I bent over to quickly fix the strap on my left heel I saw the bottom half of my tanned ass peaking out of the bottom of the skirt. I made a mental note not to bend over even in the slightest to avoid giving everyone in my general vicinity a peep show.

I made my way to the elevator and pushed the button for the lobby. It would be a 52 floor descent and I quietly celebrated as each floor ticked by without the elevator coming to a halt. Finally it was to the 22nd floor when it came to a stop and the doors slid open. I quickly moved to a back corner of the small space and watched as four college aged boys walked in to join me. As the doors closed I heard them whispering and nudging one another, obviously referring to the scantily clad blond that was joining them. They were all too shy to say anything to me, something I was eternally grateful for. As the elevator reached the lobby, they moved aside to let me approach the door first, which I thought was a gentlemanly thing to do. Then, just as the doors began to open, I heard the distinct sound of a camera click. I shot my head to look back at them to see one of the boys pulling his camera back from where he had been holding it, just between my legs and pointing up under my skirt. I shot them a disgusted look and began walking out into the lobby, hearing the boy get a five from his friends as they all crowded around the phone. The last thing I heard was them saying something about how the “bitch wasn’t wearing any panties” as I walked off. My face turned flush red as I stormed to the front door, increasingly aware of the looks I was receiving from the men and women in the lobby.

I made it out the front door, noting that the doorman had taken his sweet time opening up the door after eying me up and down, likely wondering what a woman was doing in a hotel dressed as I was. He surely thought I was a prostitute. I contemplated addressing him and trying to convince him otherwise, but then decided it would be pointless as my story was about as unbelievable as they came. Nobody would ever believe that, just months ago, I was an ordinary looking man, probably very similar to those men I had just been disgusted with on the elevator. I could hardly believe it myself as I felt the warm Vegas air on my legs and chest while I walked down the casino stairs and to the curb by the valet.

I didn’t particularly know what it was that I was waiting for – a limo I presumed, as that was what we had been traveling in so far, but then I wondered why I was made to come out to the front of the casino rather than just head to the garage as we had previously done. I waited for a few minutes when a man on a crotch rocket eased to a stop in front of me. He pushed down his kickstand and waived off the valet, saying he was just here for a pick up. He walked to me and startled me as he flipped up his visor to his helmet and began to speak to me.

“You must be Candi – hop on. I’m your ride to the ranch.”

That was all he said as he walked back and patted the back of his bike, telling me where to sit. My mouth opened a bit in surprise as he slapped the seat once more, spurring me into action as I stumbled forward and climbed onto the bike. I saw a cab driver’s eyes widen as I had to swing my leg up to get onto the bike, giving the cabby a wondrous view of my shaven and, unbeknownst to him, purely fake pussy. The bike began to move forward and I instinctively wrapped my arms around the man’s torso, feeling his muscles underneath his black t-shirt. He leaned forward on the bike, forcing me to follow suit, feeling my skirt riding up even further as I began to feel the wind blowing it up, giving all the drivers around us a perfect showing of my ass, complete with my thong tan lines. We’d only gone about a mile from the casino and already I’d heard plenty of other drivers honking and whistling out their windows as we weaved through the traffic.

Just as we were pulling out of the strip, he pulled the bike over and signaled for me to jump off. He went to a small compartment on the back of the bike and pulled out a small bag. From the bag I was shocked to see him pull out what looked like two dildos. As he pulled it all the way out I saw it was a double penetration dildo, where there were basically two cocks attached to a single base, with a suction cup on the bottom. The bigger cock was about 7 inches long and maybe two inches thick while the anal cock was about 5 inches long and roughly the same thickness. He squirted a bit of lube on it, rubbing it in, then told me to lick the suction cup. I was in awe for a moment but then he thrust it into my face, making me lick all around the bottom of the suction cup. Once he was satisfied he turned back towards the bike and slammed the dildo down onto the leather seat. He tugged up on it forcefully a few times, but it did not give up its position on the seat, satisfying him. He then turned to me and once again told me to hop on.

I sighed and defeatedly walked again towards the bike. I slid my leg over and straddled the seat, just in front of the dual cocks. I gained my balance on the pipes running along side the bike and lifted myself up, positioning myself over the dildos and then slowly letting myself slide down, positioning them in front of my pussy and ass. Then I slowly pushed down, feeling them each pop inside of me as I continued downward until I felt the warmth of the leather seats underneath me. The man walked a small circle around the bike, lifting up my skirt to make sure that both of the dildos were in their intended holes. He gave a thumbs up and then hopped back onto the bike, pushing us back out onto the road and leaving the strip behind us.

I felt every single bump we hit and every turn we made, my body weight shifting and bouncing, forcing the cocks inside of me to readjust each time and send waves through my body. At one point he slowly took the bike off of the main road and onto the shoulder where the rumble strips were, basically turning the double dildo into a vibrator inside of me. Part of me wondered if it would be worth it to just make a jump for it and dive into the desert, but then he relented and pulled back onto the road. I was sure he was smiling underneath that helmet as he knew exactly what he was doing to me. What an asshole.

After about a twenty minute ride out of Vegas, riding through nothing but sand and cactus, a large campus-type facility approached on the horizon. There was a small sign at the entrance to the long driveway that just read “Shady Ranch” as we pulled in, then flashed some type of key card towards a sensor in front of a large black gate. As the gate slid open, he slowly took the bike up under an overhang in a circle drive, then came to a stop. He killed the bike and hopped off, motioning for me to do the same. My body ached as I slowly lifted myself off of the dildos – my holes had already been sore and used before this little adventure, now they were throbbing and screaming at me.

I watched the mystery biker remove his helmet and walk in the front doors of this place that was laid out like a massive compound in the middle of the desert. The main building looked similar to a luxury hotel lobby, and the biker was speaking with someone who I presumed to be a receptionist at the front desk. He kept pointing out to me as he spoke. I noticed that he had longer dirty blond hair – I guess a woman would describe him as ruggedly handsome, but I was not a woman, and I hated him for what he had just put me through. The embarrassing ride on the back of the bike in this ridiculously short skirt was awful enough, but the double dildo was out of left field and I felt violated. Not that it was a new feeling for me, but I didn’t like it all the same, and he was the source this time around.

The woman at the front desk was on the phone, and just as she hung up I saw two bigger men in white shirts and white pants purposefully walk out the front doors and towards me. I looked around for a place to run or hide, but we were in a foreign place to me in the middle of the fucking desert, so I didn’t have many options but to stand there and wait. They stood on either side of me and grabbed my arms, leading me inside the main building. They didn’t speak a word as we walked through the front door and past the biker at the front desk. In front of me were dual staircases that curved up to a floor above us, like you’d see at some fancy hotels. There at the top of the stairs stood Mitch and Vivian, speaking with another man and woman. The woman was wearing a tight black pinstriped business suit, her jet black hair blending in and seemingly disappearing as it collided with her tight jacket. Her skirt went down to a few inches above her knee, tightly wrapped around her hips with her tanned and pantyhose covered legs on display. She was gorgeous and looked to be in her mid to late 30’s. The man was wearing a tan jacket with tight wrangler looking jeans along with some tan cowboy boots. He also looked to be around 40 with black hair that was beginning to show signs of gray, matching with his black and grayish goatee framing his mouth.

The group of four looked down at me, the new woman smiling and appeared to be nodding approvingly. She leaned back and spoke something to the other three, prompting them all to head off somewhere as she motioned for me to come upstairs. I began up the curved staircase with my two goons following me a few steps behind, surely getting a free view up my skirt as we walked. Finally I made it to the top and was greeted by this stranger as I saw her taking a closer look at me.

“Hello Candi, my name is Eve. But, to you, that is Madame Eve, and I am the co-owner with Mister Big of this Shady Ranch. You will meet him later after I give you a quick and simple tour of our compound, then we will take you to your quarters where we have some preliminary items to address. Once we are all finished with that, you will be allowed to meet the other girls and mingle for a bit. Understood?”

My head was spinning a bit, but I politely looked towards the ground and told Madame Eve that I understood, then she wheeled around on her black heels and began walking towards a set of double doors, leaving me to catch up. As she pushed the doors open I saw a lavish and expansive bar and ballroom type of a room with dining room booths along the walls and various hallways leading away.

“As you can see, this is the ‘meet and greet’ area of the ranch. Clients will check in at the front desk and then meet the girls in this area before deciding on what particular girl is right for them. At the front desk they will mark their interests and select an area where they would like to play, ranging from the girl’s suite to the various other playrooms we provide here to make any fantasy a reality.”

We quickly walked through this room and headed down a hallway straight across, where another hallway ran perpendicular. On the walls were various pictures and paintings of gorgeous women in various states of undress, obviously designed to arouse the men as they walked through to get them thinking with their penis rather than their wallet. At the intersection of the two hallways was a massive window showing the rest of the compound, and I was shocked to see just how massive it was. Madame Eve began pointing and talking at a rapid rate about all of the various buildings and areas.

“Over to the left is the pool, complete with a private grotto, a popular play destination during our exclusive parties. Beyond there is the workout area, where we have an Olympic sized pool for swimming laps, a state of the art weight room complete with any weight or machine you could buy, and some tanning beds and a sauna. Straight ahead of us is a building that contains rooms of various kink settings, ranging from a locker room for cheerleader fantasies, a dungeon for the sadistic minded clients, a hospital room for a little nurse-doctor play, a school room for a naughty student, and various other settings. We like to think that we offer any possibility here at Shady Ranch. To the right is a training area as well as the disciplinarian holding cells – that’s where the girls go when they misbehave, and trust me, you do not want to find yourself over there. We also provide our own tattoo and piercing studios which are located on the far end of that building. These hallways you see leading out of the meeting area lead to the various girls’ suites, which we provide and furnish all of the bedding, toys and clothing they will ever need. Now let’s go see your room, shall we?”
She didn’t wait for an answer, she just turned left down the hallway and expected me to follow, along with the goon squad. The walls were painted a deep red with black carpeting and black doors. Finally she stopped at a room with a silver 9 on it. She placed her thumb on what appeared to be a fingerprint scanner next to the door with a small keypad underneath. I watched her press a few buttons, then move aside, telling me to place my thumb on the scanner as she had done. As I did I watched the bar travel up and down the scanner, then the green light on the door activate, followed by a beep and the sound of the door unlocking. Madame Eve pushed the door open and stepped inside as I followed her to see a lavish suite complete with a small kitchen, living room, bedroom and my own personal hot tub. She quickly gave me a tour through the kitchen and other rooms before heading to the bedroom. Inside was a four post bed with hooks that I presumed to be there for bondage purposes and a dresser with a massive mirror atop it. Madame Eve popped the dresser drawers open to show various panties and bras that were contained within them. There was also a makeup table with various drawers that Madame Eve pulled open to show me a huge collection of any kind of makeup a girl would ever need, with a jewelry box on top that held various items for my tongue, belly button, nipples and ears. She walked to the attached bathroom and showed a shower similar to the one that had been in the master bedroom of the hotel I had been in with Mitch and Vivian – glass walls with shower heads on each of the four. She turned to me as we walked out of the bathroom.

“Now, the next part is a dream come true for any girl.”

She opened a door and walked into another room that was nearly the size of the bedroom itself. The room was covered in mirrors. She walked to various places in the room and popped open the doors to show the closets behind them. One whole closet for heels and boots, another for lingerie, another for costumes, another for short dresses and gowns, another for what looked like club wear with short skirts and revealing blouses. Finally she opened up the last closet and I saw that it housed a gigantic peg board complete with various dildos, vibrators, plugs, gags, whips, clamps, cuffs… essentially a bondage aficionado’s wildest dream come true. It must have cost a fortune to build a collection like this. Madame Eve caught me looking at everything in awe as two women and a man with an expensive looking camera walked in to join us.

“Here comes the fun part, Candi. When a customer checks in, he is given access to our database. From there he can choose a girl and scan through all of her available outfits. Or they may choose an outfit and see all of our girls dressed in that style and choose from there. Now, we could use some digital editing and give them a representation of what you should look like in those outfits, but we don’t want to presume anything at a risk of misrepresentation. So, for the next few hours these men and women will be helping you in and out of various outfits while you model them all for the camera. It is a long process, but fun for you to get to try on all the sexy little things that your clients will be wanting you in. There are video cameras in each of the rooms that we will use in addition for voyeuristic shots, but I want you to behave and work with Will and his assistants for your photography session, otherwise you’ll get an early introduction to that disciplinarian building I showed you, understood?”

Again she didn’t wait for an answer as she left the room and eventually the suite altogether. Will, the photographer, and his associates wasted no time in getting me ready. The women grabbed my hands and walked me out of the closet and to my makeup table. They worked quickly and efficiently, straightening my hair and rifling through the drawers to grab various makeup brushes and bottles. After about fifteen minutes they were done and, honestly, I was stunning as I looked at myself back in the mirror. They had to have been makeup professionals as the shades they had chosen brought out every definable characteristic of my face and expertly made my eyelashes long, my lips succulent and my eyes deep and seductive.

I was then stood up and brought to the dressing room again. Quickly they stripped my clothes off of me and went to the lingerie closet, bringing back handfuls of hangers with a variety of corsets, garters, stockings, baby dolls, and anything else you could imagine. I noticed that each hanger had a categorized label on it, like an L-2 in the lingerie closet. Then they went to the closet of my shoes and grabbed a handful of boots and heels to go with the looks. They obviously had a routine down on this as they began throwing pairs of items at me, making me put each item on. As I would get an outfit on, Will would take over, having me walk towards him as he fired off picture after picture through his camera. He would then have me bend over and pucker my lips, or sit down and spread my legs, or get on all fours, or bend over and pull my thong to the side as he was behind me, or lie down and loop my heels into my thong string to seductively pull it down as I looked back at the camera. So many different poses for each outfit, yet each outfit seemed to fit to perfection. I assumed that Vivian or Vicki had given them my exact measurements ahead of time. This likely had been in the works for months.

As the lingerie closet was finished we moved on to the costumes. Nurse, schoolgirl, maid, cheerleader, waitress, bride, cowgirl, angel, stewardess, girl scout, sailor, witch… it was like they raided a Halloween store full of kinky costumes. The same routine – put on an outfit and pose, then have it stripped off and replaced with another. They moved on to the dresses and gowns, then to the club wear, after which I thought I was done. But this time they just had me go through all of my thong and bra sets, sometimes just the thong or sometimes with the thong pulled down around my knees or ankles. Some were crotchless or cupless, others were sheer enough that I didn’t even understand the purpose of putting them on. Latex, leather, spandex, lace and nylon were tugged onto me and then promptly stipped off at Will’s direction.

This whole process must have taken four hours to complete and I was beyond exhausted by the time we were finished. I thought I had worked well with them, heeding Madame’s warning of the disciplinarian room and not wanting to visit that place given how tired and sore I already was. I figured this was better than any other alternative and actually didn’t really mind it compared to what I could have been put through. As the last item was finished, it was stripped off and hung in the closet, then just like that the five people who were with me gathered their things and walked out of the room. I heard the suite door beep as they exited then flash a red light. I went to it and pulled on the handle, seeing that it was locked.

I walked back to the dressing room and found a pair of black yoga pants along with a black bikini top, figuring this would be about the least feminine clothing I’d be able to find. I walked around the suite, taking in my new surroundings. The kitchen was stocked full of healthy foods and drinks, nothing fried or sweet to be found. I grabbed a piece of fruit and then continued my self tour as I went to the living room, finding the remote to the plasma screen in the room and flicking it on as I collapsed down on the spacious white sectional couch. The TV flipped on to the default channel, which was, to no surprise, a porn flick. I flipped the channel a few times, watching as the screen just changed from one porn movie to the next. I noted that there were 15 channels available and there was porn playing on each and every one. I just wanted to watch some fucking sports and have a sense of normalcy for once, so I disgustedly powered the TV off and walked to the bedroom.

Off of the bedroom I noticed there was a balcony facing in towards the compound. I slid the glass door open and stepped out, shyly taking a look around, ensuring that nobody would spot me. I looked down the wall to my right and saw a few women probably ten balconies down sitting in their patio chairs and apparently having some drinks together, but I was too far away to get a decent look at them. I looked down and saw that my suite was located directly over the pool area, which was lit up under the moon, where I saw even more women having some fun poolside a few walked around and played in the water, scantily clad in some revealing swimsuits. The only men I saw were similar to the goons who had brought me in here, stalking around the grounds similar to how security guards would walk, dressed in their white attire, always attentive to what was going on around them. Behind me I heard a faint beep, then the door to my suite open.

Walking out into the living room I saw Madame Eve and Mr. Big standing at the door, spotting me as I came into view. They looked me up and down and then spoke quietly to one another, followed by Mr. Big exiting the suite, apparently at Madame Eve’s request. She flashed me what appeared to be an attempt at a warm smile, but I could sense that she was not sincere with it – it almost felt as if I had already angered her, but I had no idea what I could have done in order to do so. She sat down on the couch and motioned for me to sit next to her, then she spoke.

“Now Candi, I need to go over the details of your stay here at the Shady Ranch. As you can see, we have spent considerable resources in order to house you here and I expect nothing but your graciousness and obedience in return. Your early days here will be rigidly structured and your access to parts of the compound will be very restricted. As you earn trust and show your obedience, privileges will open up to you and you will have essentially free reign to go wherever you may please within these walls. However, if you decide to routinely disobey me or any of my clients, you will see a side to this Ranch that is designed to modify that type of behavior in a very unpleasant fashion.

“In this folder I have with me you will find your itinerary for the next few days. It is mostly designed to allow you to grow accustomed to your surroundings and the environment in which you will be living from here on out. The morning and afternoon are mainly spent as times to better yourself for the clients, either through working out, tanning, taking advantage of the in-house spa, things of that nature. In the early evening, the girls report to their rooms to prep for that night’s activities. If it is a normal night, that will mean going to your room and preparing yourself as far as makeup and hair goes to be ready for any client’s request, upon which you will dress and report to the meeting area to mingle. Occasionally we have party or themed nights, in which case you will report to your room and prepare based on the guidelines provided, then report to the designated area – be it the pool for a pool party or whatever is requested. You should know that all rooms are on a live feed through the various cameras, so if you are either not in your room at the required time or if you are not performing the task as listed in your itinerary, you will either have someone dispatched to your room to assist or to escort you to the disciplinarian wing for a behavior modification session.

“The next few nights are normal nights centered around our clients. I have a very select client base – meaning that we don’t just take any drunks off the street that happen to wander to this facility. I run strict background checks and ensure that they are the types of clients that I want being exposed to my girls. Being that you are new, you will be on special assignment for your first few nights until you are ready for your initiation into being one of the girls. I’ll give you more details on that later. But you will have a special outfit that you will wear so that all of the girls and the clients know of your responsibilities, and so clients know that you are off limits for the main purpose of their visit here.”

That last piece of information was a huge relief to me, knowing that I would at least have a few nights off and be able to hopefully plan an escape from this place in that time. Madame Eve continued.

“As stated previously, the clients will arrive and then go through the process of either selecting a set of girls to mingle with or selecting a certain style of girl, based on their wants. Upon selecting a girl or girls, they will then report to one of the head girls who are in charge of the activities for the night – a director, for lack of a better word. In meeting with the head girl, they will choose a playroom and describe the type of fantasy they are wanting to act out, at which time the girl(s) will be taken there and given a rundown of their role in the fantasy, while also giving the staff time to bring in any extra toys or machines or whatnot that is requested by the client.

“Given that tonight’s activities have already started and, as I understand it, you’ve had quite a bit of use over the past 24-48 hours, I’m going to be giving you tonight off. I don’t like my girls to be overworked. Therefore, we have a strict policy that is followed here. If you are ordered by a client for two consecutive nights, you will be off limits for the third, giving you time to recover. That policy is lifted if you are involved in a ‘party’, which is a threesome or more as it is assumed you are not enduring as much use. If you are involved in any use for three consecutive nights then you are given the next night off. It’s a simple policy that is handled within our database – you simply will be listed as ‘unavailable’ in the database for that given night.

“So, for tonight you have some fairly easy tasks, then you will start with your self improvement activities first thing in the morning. You will notice that you are not required to wear any type of collar or any other restrictive articles here as my girls come in with a clean slate. If you report to your activities on time and dressed as required, your trust stays in tact. However, if you are disobedient or consistently late to your appointments, then that is when we begin taking steps to ensure that you get back on course and represent Shady Ranch as intended. On that note, I have this green pill that Vivian has left for you, which I believe will remove the chemical imbalance from your system that was originally started by Miss Vicki before your trip here.”

She handed me the elusive green pill that I had been trying to get my hands on ever since our plane had touched down here in Vegas. I quickly tossed it in my mouth and swallowed it down with the glass of water on the table, just in case she changed her mind. Immediately I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders, and I also realized that I was no longer restricted by anything, so if I could just figure a way out of here, I could be free. Madame Eve seemed to see the wheels turning in my head.

“I feel I should give you fair warning, Candi, about this Ranch. As stated, I do not believe in collars or leashes or anything restrictive of that nature until I feel a girl has shown a need for it. However, you can see that this compound is staffed fairly heavily. You can see there is a sophisticated electronic security system, as well as a large wall surrounding the inner workings of the compound, which is the only area you will have access to. However, even if you were to somehow make your way out of all of this and be outside of that wall, you should know that you’re easily 20 miles from Las Vegas along a road that is rarely traveled unless someone is coming here. You should also know that we are located just outside of Las Vegas as well as its county, so the LVPD have zero jurisdiction here. We are a part of a much smaller town, where the sheriff and the entire police department receive a constantly updated list of our girls and are routine customers here in what is essentially a partnership. So while I don’t believe in confining my girls here until they have earned it, don’t take me or my policies as a weakness that you can exploit or I can assure you that you will receive punishment beyond anything you’ve seen before.”

With those words of warning, Madame Eve stood and walked to the door, ready to leave. Just as she reached out, she seemed to remember something and spun around to me, addressing me one more time.

“And, one other thing – I’m fully aware of your ‘situation’ behind that fake little pussy you’re packing beneath those yoga pants. Mr. Big and I are the only ones on this compound that are privy to that information, and it will stay that way until I decide otherwise. Your hormonal pills are to be taken daily until instructed otherwise and can be found in one of the kitchen cabinets. I haven’t yet decided if I will let you keep your clitty or if I would like to transform you to one of my real girls – I suppose a lot of that will depend on your behavior here. I will tell you that I’ve had one other ‘girl’ like you and she did undergo the gender reassignment procedure with the best doctor money could buy. As an added benefit, I requested that they expose the nerve endings in her new pussy and I can tell you that, as a result, she is my most profitable girl in the compound as she just goes crazy as soon as anything penetrates her, which drives my clients wild. I’ll leave you with that – know that this is a possibility at your request, but know that it is also at mine should I deem it necessary.”

With that, Madame Eve walked out the door, leaving me with my jaw halfway to the floor. I had never even thought about them removing my dick and

turning me into a “real” girl, but suddenly it was a very real possibility. I certainly would never make that request myself and decided that I would have to obey in order to give them no reason to make that decision on my behalf. In doing so, I’d also have to figure out a way to get out of this place… I couldn’t disobey and be collared or put on anything that would restrict my ability to escape, so I made my decision to play along for the next few days while I was on my “special assignment” and then get out of here before I had to go through whatever initiation she had referenced. I never planned on taking on a client here and fulfilling any of his twisted kink fantasies, the fucking perverts.

I flipped open the folder that Madame Eve had left, seeing a pink packet of paper sitting inside. I saw that the first sheet had a listing of activities that I was to perform before going to sleep, and then the activities for tomorrow picked up at 11 a.m. It was currently 1 a.m. and my body was aching, so I decided to get tonight’s activities out of the way so that I could get some much needed rest. I looked at the sheet to see what I had to get done tonight:

1. Take night dose of hormone pills.

2. Put on outfit L-14.

3. Go to bedroom, get on top of bed, tune to channel 2. Watch for 10 minutes.

4. Tune to channel 8. Watch for 10 minutes.

5. Tune to channel 12. Leave on for duration of night while sleeping.

I was hoping that I’d get to keep wearing these yoga pants and this bra as it was the most comfortable outfit I’d been able to wear for months. The pants were a bit tight, but a far cry from those fucking latex leggings from the other night. Plus I actually liked seeing how tight my ass looked in them – I was always a sucker for a girl in yoga pants when I’d go to the gym and work out. But I didn’t want to get on Madame’s bad side, so I stood and walked to the kitchen, taking my dose of pills out of the cabinet and swallowing them down one at a time. Then I sauntered to the dressing room, still fully aware of the red camera lights that I had grown accustomed to in the corners of the rooms.
Standing in the middle of the room I stripped off my clothes, seeing a chute in the corner with a “Laundry” label above it I tossed them inside. I listened as they traveled down the chute into what I assumed to be the laundry room. I walked to the lingerie closet and picked through the hangers until I landed on the one labeled L-14, pulling it off and coming back to the center. I looked around, seeing my reflection in all of the mirrors, again catching myself admiring my sexy, tight little body before snapping back to reality.

The outfit that was selected for me was simple and small. There was a red mesh and sheer flyaway camisole with split cups, bringing back frightening images in my mind of the split cup bikini that Vivian made me wear and then perform for those people at the rooftop pool a few days prior. I slipped it on and felt the delicate material come down and tickle the small of my back, just above my tramp stamp that I routinely forgot was there, but shuttered every time I saw it still. The bottom was a ruffle skirted thong of the same color and material, the skirt just an inch or two wide, just enough to give that flirty skirt look and hide the tip of my ass. Thankfully there were no heels or stockings or anything else required, so I turned and walked to the bedroom, climbing up on the plush bed and feeling the silky black sheets and the pink comforter slide against my bare skin.

There was another plasma TV in the bedroom so I figured that I would just be required to watch porn for a while before going to bed. Not the worst thing that could happen, I figured, so I pushed the power button on the remote and navigated to channel 2 as I was instructed in my itinerary. I was a bit surprised to see that this TV must have been hooked into a different system than the one in the living room as I found that I was now just staring at what looked to be a completely empty suite living room, similar to my own but the colors were different. It didn’t take me long to piece together that I was watching a feed from one of the security cameras, apparently to another girl’s room.

Suddenly the door to the suite opened and I watched a man, presumably a client, carrying in a girl who was dressed in what looked like a wedding dress. I guessed his fantasy was to be on a wedding night as he was also dressed in a tux and was carrying her across the threshold, so to speak. He carried her into the suite and walked through the living room straight to the bedroom, the TV screen cycling through the cameras to access the one in the bedroom. He set her down and I saw that she was a gorgeous blond, probably in her early 20’s, wearing the sluttiest wedding dress I’d ever seen. Her perky breasts were hardly covered in the front and the dress was cut away in the midsection, showing off the sides of her tanned abs while the bottom ended in a short, tight skirt. White garters peaked out from the bottom, attaching to white garters and then white high heels. She wore a vail on her head, obviously to complete the fantasy for this twisted man. He was a bigger man – not fat, but not exactly a body builder… just appeared to be your normal man who was apparently hiding this fantasy that he needed to live out.

He disappeared into the dressing room for a moment and then reappeared with some ropes. The woman stood obediently still as he untied her dress from behind and then ripped it off, leaving her standing there in a white waist cincher with a light blue outline, her breasts now full exposed. She wore a small white silk thong with the garters dangling from it and reaching down to her stockings. The man roughly handled her as she moaned in response while he then bent her over and expertly tied her hands to her ankles, her toned ass facing the camera now. The man made some kind of reference as to how it was time to consummate their marriage as he roughly pulled her thong to the side and, without warning, pulled his hard cock out of his tux pants and plowed it into her glistening, hairless pussy. I heard her let out a startled mixture of a scream and a lustful moan as he relentlessly pounded away.

I looked to the clock and noticed that my ten minutes on this channel had passed, gladly changing the channel to 8 to get away from that scene as I was beginning to picture myself in it as the tied up bride. I shook my head to try and rattle the images out of it.

This new channel was already in mid-scene from what I could tell. There was a girl tied bend over a desk, dressed up as what appeared be a secretary in some kind of a conference room. There were various middle aged men in their suits with a powerpoint presentation up on a projector, but their focus was instead on the exposed brunette. Her skirt was lifted up over her waist with her panties ripped off and lying next to her on the table while the men ran a nonstop train on her mouth, ass and pussy. At first she appeared to be enjoying herself, but as it went on her moans of pleasure seemed to be introducing a new element of pain which increased as they continued, each man seeming to be fucking her harder than the previous as they abused her holes over and over, depositing their seed deep inside her as a new man moved in before it could seep out. My ten minutes on this channel could no expire fast enough, finally coming to an end as I heard her begging to be set free and calling out for help to no one in particular. I watched wondering if any staff would intervene as she sounded quite sincere, but no help seemed to be coming as I again changed the channel.

I was over all of this and ready to head off to sleep. This last channel, number 12, would be the last I would have to tune to and I was apparently allowed to fall asleep during it. As I tuned in, I saw the name of the channel was “Shady Ranch’s Greatest Hits”. It was scene after scene of ludicrous fantasies being acted out, all apparently on these grounds. I watched cheerleaders and maids taking cocks larger than I’d ever seen over and over as I tried to close my eyes and fall asleep, only to see that there was no volume control on the TV so I was constantly surrounded by the moans of the men and women on the TV. Part of me wanted to turn the damn thing off, but then I remembered Madame’s warning about the disciplinarian wing as well as losing my dick.

I covered my eyes with the comforter and wrapped my head in the pillow, eventually waking to the sound of my alarm clock at 10:30 a.m. the next morning. I picked my head up and woozily looked out the window, seeing the relentless Vegas sun beating down on the compound outside. I looked to the TV and again saw that it was still looping through the various videos that had been recorded through however long this place had been in existence. I started to wonder if I would eventually make this highlight reel – if new girls would see me on this channel or be tuning in to watch some men **** me in some makeshift board room while I’m bent over the desk. I again gave a silent vow not to let that happen as I picked myself up out of the bed and walked to the bathroom, sitting down and taking my morning piss before walking out to the living room.

I again picked up my itinerary, remembering that my first activity started at 11 a.m. The first few activities were simple – take my pills, shower, put on lotion, makeup, and fix my hair, which was all easy enough.

Next I was to go to my dresser and get the underwear labeled T-22 (it was labeled on the tag in small print), then go to the dressing room and put on outfit D-22, which was in the dresses and clubwear closet. I stripped off my red camisole and thong and pulled out a satin black thong, sliding it up my legs. Next was a satin black minidress. The top was loose around my breasts, but from there on down it hugged my body like it was made just for me, coming down just below my ass. The back was low cut, feeling it cut away until just above the small of my back while the spaghetti straps made their way over my shoulders. Then I had to go to the shoes closet and put on the ones on the rack just below the S-22 label, which were some strappy black stiletto heels that were about 5″. It seemed really early in the day to be getting dressed up like this, but I needed to make them think that I was trustworthy and obedient, so I did as I was told and went back out to check my itinerary.

It was a bit before noon, at which time I was to report to the “Ink and Steel Parlor” for an appointment. There was a little map of the compound on the back of the folder. I saw that I would take a right out of my room and head back to the lobby, then go down the stairs and head to the hallway underneath them. I’d take a right there and go through a few sets of doors that would take me outside. I’d follow a path and then take a left, which would take me into the training and disciplinarian wing of the compound. I’d have to walk all the way down that wing and reach the parlor at the end of that long hallway. I needed to hurry if I was going to make it there on time and I certainly didn’t want any marks against me already.

I tossed down the folder and headed out the door. I made all of my turns and found myself entering the doors of the disciplinarian wing, which slid open after I scanned my thumb in the fingerprint scanner as it seemed was required to enter and exit everywhere. This building seemed more like a hospital setting with long hallways and stainless steel doors. As I walked, I could see the sign for the “Ink and Steel” parlor at the very end. I could hear nothing but the clicking of my black heels on the tiled floor until, just as I was walking past a room, I heard a blood curdling scream cry out, followed by a very mean sounding woman telling her to keep quiet and that she knew that these were the consequences, then more screams followed. I listened for a second until I heard someone walking towards the door from the inside, then quickly turned and made my way as quickly as I could down the hallway. Just as I reached the entrance to the parlor I turned and saw a redheaded woman in a leather catsuit exit from the room, taking off some disposable latex gloves and throwing them in a garbage bin across from the room. She shot me a quick look, which was enough to startle me and push me to get into the parlor to avoid her.

As I backed into the parlor, I turned to see a very state of the art tattoo and piercing setup. It all looked extremely sanitary and safe, with four private rooms that I could see. The doors were shut on two of the rooms and I heard a buzzing throughout the shop that must have been the sound of the tattoo guns. A bald, burly man covered in tattoos underneath his black tank top walked over to me, eying me up and down.

“You must be Candi – my noon appointment. Correct?”

I nodded to confirm what he had said, at which point he pointed to one of the empty rooms and told me to head in and have a seat on the leather table inside. I cautiously walked past him, feeling dwarfed in size next to him as I passed, until I was inside the room and sitting on the black leather table. He seemed to fill out a bit of paperwork, which he stacked into a small pile and then came to join me in the room, closing the door behind him.

“My name’s Jake. Eve and Big told me they had a few things that you needed to have done. First they wanted you to get the Shady Ranch tat that all the girls here have. Don’t matter if you work here for a day or a decade, you work here, you get that mark. Next they said they wanted a couple piercings for your back dimples, so we’ll move on to those next to give you a break from the ink. Last they had a special request they thought would look good on the back of them little thighs of yours, so we’ll get to them when it’s time. Now lay your hands up above your head with your palms facing up and I’ll get started. I ain’t your Master or Mistress, so don’t you be addressing me as such – you just call me Jake if you need somethin’.”

He was intimidating, but at the same time a bit of a calming presence – the first one I had seen in some time. He put me at ease to the point where I almost wanted to do as he said and wasn’t even worrying about the fact that he was about to put more tattoos and piercings on me. Almost. I was still tentative, which he sensed, but I certainly didn’t want him reporting that I didn’t do as I was told, so I slowly laid on my back and laid my arms above me. I felt a leather strap pulled over my arms at the forearm level, securing them in place. He then did the same to my legs. He told me it was just a precaution so I don’t jerk and make the ink run, but I felt incredibly vulnerable lying like this, watching my breasts rising and falling as I took deep breaths to try and calm my nerves.

I jumped a bit as I heard the tattoo gun click on from up near my hands, then I felt him use his off hand to hold my left arm in place. There was a burning sensation as the needle jabbed into my skin, just below my hand on the back of my exposed wrist. For thirty minutes he worked on that small area, followed by the same process on the other. The pain wasn’t too intense, more of an annoyance, really, combined with the mystery of what in the hell he was doing to me. Another wipe of his cloth to take away the excess ink and he was finished as he quickly wrapped some white bandages over his work and then loosened the straps on my arms and legs. He told me that I would have to stand and bend over the table for this next part, which I did.

I felt him move behind me, then to my surprise felt him lift my dress up and expose my ass and lower half of my back. I tried to turn but he abruptly pushed me back down on the table, telling me that he had to put some piercings in my back dimples and that he had no interest in anything more. I laid across the table when all of a sudden it felt like he was drilling a fucking hole in my back, a needle going in and then him constantly turning it and tugging it while telling me to keep still. Then I felt him move away only to come back and start working something into the hole, my back burning from the pain as I tried my best not to squirm. He moved away and told me the first was done as he moved onto the next, going through the awful process again on the left side before smacking my ass and telling me to stay bent over while he did the last piece. I was squirming against the table, apparently too much as he took some rope and tied my legs to the legs of the table. He then tied a rope in between them and quickly took my arms over the edge of the table and tied them together, followed by tying a rope from my arms down to the rope between my legs, effectively making me a stationary target for whatever he wanted to do to me. He told me to relax and that it’d be over before I knew it. He was lying.

I heard the tattoo gun kick back on and felt it begin to attack the top of the back of my left thigh. For over an hour he worked on that thigh before moving on to my right thigh. My entire body was throbbing from the combination of being stuck bent over this table and having this nagging pain shooting through my thighs. He would routinely take his off hand and rest it on my ass, enough to where I figured his dick was probably hard from getting to grope me. Again I felt some bandages being wrapped around my legs, then the ropes loosened and releasing me. I stood up and quickly pulled my dress down, angry that it didn’t come down further as Jake smirked while watching me. He told me that I was all finished up but that I was to leave the bandages in place for the next few hours and not to get them wet or to be out in the sun for too long. He said we would “settle up on the payment” later on with a wink that I didn’t like the look of, then sent me on my way, telling me to head back to my room and not to remove the bandages for any reason. It was killing me not to know what he had just done to me, but I remembered that I was constantly on camera, so I did my best to oblige while I walked back to my suite.

Once I was back inside it was a bit before 2:30pm, so I went back to the itinerary. Madame Eve wasn’t joking when she said it was a rigid structure as I had half an hour to eat lunch (I was to eat a salad in the fridge, sent up from the compound restaurant), then I was to get changed and head to the training area and be there by 3:45pm for a training session, which it said I would be attending with Madame Eve in order to get my instructions for tonight and go through some “basic procedures”, whatever that meant.

I felt like I inhaled my salad, which I was never a big fan of, but I was starving and would have swallowed anything down at that point. I hurried into the dressing room and found my outfit in the costume closet on hanger C-1. I pulled it off the hanger and saw that it was something like a sexy prisoner costume. There was a teddy that was horizontally striped black and white, with some black ribboned lacing that, when tied, gave off some ample cleavage. Small black strings came around the back and tied as the back was completely bare. It narrowed severely as it came down the front, being barely a few inches wide as it covered my belly button. From there, two black strings ran off to meet the thong bottom as the teddy narrowed even more to barely cover my pussy lips before turning into a string thong, widening back into a small black and white striped thong as it merged with the two strings. A tiny, sheer black skirt is also part of the outfit, with the edges trimmed in a similar black and white pattern as it covers, at most, half of my ass when I pull it in place. The itinerary said that I should keep on the heels that I was already wearing. I checked the mirror quickly and then exited my room, making the now familiar trip to the disciplinarian/training wing, feeling absolutely exposed as I walked in this incredibly revealing outfit. I only passed a few people, however, all staff in their white getups, none of whom seemed to pay any attention to me, as if a scantily clad blond with perfect D-cup breasts and a tight little body walking by them was a perfectly normal occurrence. I was thankful as I made it to the training wing without anyone stopping me or ogling me for once. Instead of heading all the way down the hall, I instead took a quick right as I entered the building. I headed to room #T5 as was listed in my itinerary and walked inside.

Madame Eve was already inside a room that was setup similar to a classroom. There was a dry erase board up front, a teacher’s desk and just one student’s desk. I guess it looked more like a detention room and got a bit nervous as Madame Eve motioned for me to sit. She leaned back on the teacher’s desk, still dressed in her black business suit as before, and addressed me.

“I’m glad you were prompt in your attendance, Candi, and I was also pleased to hear that your parlor appointment went without any nonsense. Jack said that you were obedient and easy to work with, so that will not go unnoticed. You are off to a superb start to your time here.

“I’m sure the curiosity of your new markings is killing you, so let us get it out of the way now so you can focus for the remainder of your session. Please go ahead and remove the bandages from your wrists and view your Shady Ranch markings.”

She was right, the curiosity was absolutely killing me. I pulled off the bandages and saw that, on each wrist, there was a small black Chinese looking symbol. The one on my left wrist had a small, elegant “S” tattoo’d under it in red ink while the one on my right wrist had an “R”.

“These are symbols that are important to us here at the ranch and I wanted my girls to always be reminded of that. On your left wrist is the symbol for Obedience, one of the most important qualities here. On the right is Discipline, as all of my girls are required to remember that, without obedience comes discipline. Now, go ahead and remove the bandages from your legs.”
I was angered that, even if I did manage to escape, I’d have these constant reminders of my time here. But I held it together as I slowly unwrapped the bandage from my thighs. I had to crane my neck in order to see just what was on me until Madame brought over a small mirror for me to better see. I was shocked as I saw that, on each of my upper thighs, there was now a permanent red little bow, followed by a short criss-crossing of black ribboning that ran from the top of my thigh just below my ass about midway down.

“This has been a popular request from a number of our clients. Men think stockings are just incredibly sexy, but they also love a naked woman – so this is the best of both worlds. They get the view of some sexy little ribboning with the bow that is usually adorned atop stockings without having to meddle with the stockings drooping or anything. Plus, with those back dimple piercings, men are just going to love the view from behind you, trust me. In no time you should build up quite the list of regulars with all of that combined with your convincingly sexy look.”

“But anyways, now that all of that is out of the way… As you can see, you are dressed for your special assignment for tonight. As I stated before, it is a normal night where clients will be in and out, mingling with the girls in the meeting room then off to wherever the client may wish for their fantasy fulfillment. Your role is that of a ‘runner’, as we call it. You are dressed as you are to signal that you are off-limits for fantasy fulfillment for clients – think of yourself as jail-bait, dressed as you are. If a client were to force him or herself upon you in the meeting room without instruction from one of the girls, they would be removed from the compound and black listed for future events and requests. It is a matter we take seriously here.”

I was still incredibly angry at my new tattoos, but I did breathe a little easier knowing that I would be off limits to the parade of perverts that would be coming through the doors later on tonight as Madame continued.

“Your responsibilities will essentially be that of a facilitator. Should a client and a girl head off to a room and see that they need something brought to them or need help with something, you will be sent to accomplish that task. They are typically mundane tasks, for example if a client decides that he wants to watch a little girl on girl action with a strap-on but that particular room doesn’t have the style or harness that he prefers, he will send a request and you will deliver it to the room. Or if a girl needs and extra set of hands for some of the clients that enjoy being in bondage, you may be sent to hold a rope in place, things of that nature.

“However, there are some girls that enjoy exploiting the runners. It is rare, but occasionally, for whatever reason, a runner will rub some of the girls the wrong way, at which time the girls will have a runner do some more devious tasks. There was one girl who somehow upset a majority of the girls and was put on cleanup duty. After a girl would finish with a client, the runner would be required to clean up the girls and the clients… obviously with her tongue only. Typically the girls would be holding a reservoir of semen inside of them that the runner would have to ingest. Or if a girl is upset with a runner’s performance, she holds the rights to punish the runner. The punishments can only be mild and leave no permanent markings, so it is typically a slap or a spanking, something of that nature.

“I just want you to know that I am doing you a favor by telling you all of this so that you may go out of your way to get on the good side of the girls, so that you can get through your runner phase without being tormented by the veteran girls. You’ll be a runner for three or four days at a time over the next few weeks while you are integrated into the database and made available to the clients, so I’d suggest you be on your best behavior.

“Over the next few hours I’ll go over your responsibilities to help you along. I’ll tell you where certain items are located and try to give you a run down of the various girls and their likes/dislikes to help you appease them. You’ll need to pay very close attention as the slightest mis-step could be your undoing and make your running days hell. Understood?”

This was all such a shock to me that my head was spinning, but I understood the basic concept so I nodded affirmative to Madame Eve. Over the course of the next two hours, she pulled out a laptop and began going over the layout of the compound from an overhead level, then room by room of the inventory rooms to show me where certain toys, machines and other items were located in case they were requested. After that she pulled up the database and I saw that there were close to 70 girls working at the ranch, each with a page that Madame Eve had created with a listing of their preferences and little tidbits about them. It was such a massive amount of information that I’m afraid to say that only a small portion seemed to resonate within my head, but Madame assured me that I would have constant access to these pages from my suite over the next few days, so I really just needed to get through the first night or two without incident. At the end of our session I thanked Madame Eve, who told me that I should always curtsy before leaving her. Upon doing so I walked out of the training room and headed back towards my suite.

As I made my way through the lobby, I was trying my best to go back through all of the images in my head. It was nearly 6pm and some of the girls were gathering in the lobby and the meeting room to chat with one another before the night started up. As I made my way through the crowded meeting room, I heard a voice come over an intercom system, telling the girls that the first clients were on their way and they were to make their way back to their suites until called down to meet and greet. Just as I was making it to the hallway that led to the suites, a few other girls who, in my opinion, had been drinking a bit collided with me, sending me to the ground. More importantly, two of them spilled their drinks on the expensive looking gowns that they were wearing. I couldn’t tell if they were more upset about their gowns or just from losing their cocktails, but they were without a doubt staring holes through me as I laid there. One of the women, a taller redhead that looked to be in her mid-30’s, was particularly upset and shot some parting words towards me as she walked off to her suite, in the opposite direction of mine, while a small group of girls were near her and easily within earshot, all seeing what had just happened.

“That little bitch runner is gonna be in for a long fuckin night, right girls?”

The grouping of girls all laughed as the redhead turned and shot me an evil glare, then licked her lips before blowing me a kiss. I figured that it wouldn’t be the last I’d see of her on this night as I scrambled to my feet and scurried back to my suite, determined to look up some information on that woman before the night started so I could hopefully repair any damage that had been done. I also prayed that perhaps that woman’s name wouldn’t be called tonight so she would just have to stay in her room all night long, not getting a chance to exploit me. I mean, hell, she was probably one of the older women in here – who would choose her over some of these 22 and 23 year old knockouts?

I quickly scanned my thumbprint and found the laptop that Madame Eve said would be in my bedroom. I scoured through the various files until I finally found the picture of the redhead that I had just pissed off in the meeting room hallway. Sadly, the details were not filled in as much as I had hoped, and the details there weren’t putting my mind at ease:

Name: Melinda

Age: 34

About: Dominatrix tendencies. Other girls view her as a leader of the compound, tend to follow her lead. Loyal to her friends, ruthless to those that cross her. Angers easily. Very skilled in bondage and discipline.

Likes: Not Available.

Dislikes: Not Available.

Miscellaneous: Most requested Dominatrix in the compound with the largest clientele list.

With the last line, my heart sank as I tried to prepare myself for what would surely be a long night ahead, most likely thanks to this bitch Melinda who just couldn’t watch where she was walking… and was likely going to make me be the one to pay for it. As I closed my laptop, an intercom came over my room telling me that I was to report to the meeting area to begin my duties as a runner. Just as I stepped out of my room, I looked down the hallway and saw Melinda exiting hers as well, heading towards the meeting room as she had surely been requested by a client. She locked eyes with me and smiled a devious and knowing smile.

I was fucked. She knew it.

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