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I was heading out on a business trip and asked my wife is she wanted to join me. She was a bit reluctant as she did not enjoy flying. So I surprised her and said I had rented a care to dive the 13 hour there. She smiled and agreed to go with me, we had some planning to do with our k**s and get everything in order for the trip. To my surprise my wife handled everything in such a quick and orderly fashion. I came home from worth the day before our trip to find the house empty of our k**s just my wife and I ALONE. She had made a very nice dinner and had our bags packed and ready. We where heading out early in the morning head to my business meeting. We packed the car and sat down for dinner and a couple of drinks. As we got ready for bed I noticed my wife was not wearing her usual sleeping attire (T-shirt and Shorts) She was wearing a really nice elegant nighty nothing naughty but very nice. I asked what was up with that and she said it was just a nice way to thank me for renting a car so she would not have to fly and plus she was very happy to be getting away with me.

Well lets get to it we made love that night and when we woke the next morning to leave we was running late, we had 13 hours to drive still and I knew I would have to do most if not all the driving. We rushed around to get ready I hoped in the shower then my wife. I was dressed and ready to go. My wife come out and she was rushing around I kept telling her to hurry and she told me to go to the car and she me there in a few min. I was sitting there as she hopped in the front seat wearing a long jacket. I looked at he with a puzzled look and she just said “Drive” I took off. We was about 4 or 5 hours into the drive and I asked if she wanted to stop for a bite of food and she said yes. We pulled into a little town and found an old greasy spoon café. We walked in and found a seat, I noticed there was nothing but truckers sitting around and my wife was about the only woman in the place other than the waitress. Most them looked like they might have been there when the place opened up back in the 40s or 50s.

We ordered our food and while sitting there waiting on it to be brought out to us I was looking over the map checking our route out. I had not noticed that half the men in the room was starring over at our table, but when I did I realized the was starring at my wife. I looked at my wife who was involved with her phone. I do not think one of those men had noticed I was looking around at them all staring at my wife. I then noticed my wife’s jacket was open and one of her 36 DD breast was hanging out for all to see. In stead of making a seen I grabbed my phone up and sent her a text “HMMMM I THINK YOU MIGHT WANT TO COVER YOUR BREAST UP BABY” She got the text and as she read it she went flush and started blushing. She moved very slowly to cover herself up. As she grabbed her jacket and covered breast up, I noticed all the men turn in disappointment. It was rather funny and my wife noticed it as well. She sent a text “How embarrassing was that but how sad do all these men look now I feel bad for them” I replied back “I noticed how fast they where to turn away, it would be funny to see if they turn back if you was to expose it again” She sent an “LOL” back to me. Then she reached up and slowly pulled the jacket back so to expose her breast even more than it was before. With out a delay the room turned to her again. I looked at my wife who was now typing a text to me and I noticed that this time around her nipple was very hard and protruding outward.

I received a text from her “With all these men looking at me sure has me feeling warm all over, kind of a turn on for me how about you” I had not truly noticed but yes it was a turn on and I could feel the tingling of my dick in my pants. I sent her a text “Well funny you ask I am getting hard thinking about all these guys seeing you exposed” With a devilish grin on her face she reached up and moved the jacket even more, this time exposing both her breast and doing so I could clearly see that both her nipples where hard and swollen. With in just a few minutes of exposing herself even more I found myself looking around the room at all the guys, not looking at their faces but their crouches. I noticed a majority were getting hard and even noticed a few tugging at their crouches. I sent a text to my wife “You have the natives restless baby I think some might cum if you do not cover up” Her reply was “OH that would be fucking hot to make them cum” I just sent “LOL” and then sent one lets go baby.

I paid the bill as she covered up and we headed out the door. With in just a few seconds a few of the truck drivers walked out and headed to their rigs. We loaded up in the car but before my wife got in she bent over to clean her seat (I might add the seat was clean) as she did this it raised the jacket up in the back exposing her very nice round rump for those truck drivers to see. I heard a few wolf calls being made. My wife got in the car and off we went. As we hit the highway again I looked over at my wife and asked “Are you not wearing anything under your jacket” with a smile she said “NOPE” then she flipped the lower part of the jacket open and there she was naked exposing her big hairy pussy to me. Then I heard an air horn sound and looking over there was one of those truck drivers next to us. My wife did not move to much and left her pussy exposed and I stayed on a steady pace. She then leaned her seat back some and pulled her top open so her breast was exposed to. The air horn sounded again. I continued on down the road just looking over every chance I could to see my wife laying there. During all this time I think at least 15 truckers blew their horns as the past or we past them and some road next to us for a long time. All the time my wife just laying there exposed. As we got on down the road I asked my wife if she was ready to pull over and rest or take a break and she said yes.

We pulled into a rest stop and my wife got out to go to the rest room. I followed so I could go as well. She went in first while I watched the car as she came out I went in and on my return I found my wife bent over the hand rail just outside the area the truckers park. I then noticed several truck drivers sitting on a bench starring at her round rump that was exposed. I then noticed her tits where hanging out as well and there was two or three truckers in front of her smoking cigarettes and starring at her. About that time my phone bussed it was a texted from my wife “I think these truckers would like to fuck me right about now, what do you think” I replied back “I am not sure about them but as hard as I am right now I sure would like to fuck you” She sent a message “Go get in the car and just watch” I walked to the car got in and sat there watching her. about that time my mouth about fell open when I watched my wife reach down and grab one of her breast and push it to her open mouth and suck the nipple in and then her free hand dropped down to her crouch and started rubbing on her clit and then she dipped two fingers into her pussy and as she pulled them out I could see them shine from her wetness, She then moved her wet finger up to her other breast and smeared the wetness on her nipple. She let go of the breast in her mouth and just let it fall and swing. She then reached down to the one she just wet with her pussy juice and raised it to her mouth. I then watched her do this back and forth for several minutes. I started noticing a few of the truckers starting to stoke off through their pants and then one pulled out his dick and was stroking it. With in a few minutes my wife turned to watch the one stroking his dick and then you could tell he was getting ready to cum. I watched my wife starring at him with this look on her face and about that time the guy started shooting his load it sprayed a long ways and he kept cumming and cumming. My wife turned to another trucker who had pulled his dick out and she watched him cum hard too. She then stood straight up and started walking to the car, I noticed she was having a hard time walking almost as if she was drunk. She got to the car and collapsed in the front seat.

I pulled back on the highway by now it was getting dark my wife feel asleep and I drove on into the town of my business meeting. I pulled into the hotel and the valet came to the car, as he open the door he noticed my wife was exposed laying there. I said nothing and woke my wife as she climbed out of the car she made no effort to cover up until we walked into the hotel. We checked in and made our was to the room and as soon as the door closed my wife dropped her jacket climbed on the bed on all four and said “Fuck me I am yours, I want your cock deep inside me now fuck me” Well I did not need to hear it again I was dropping my cloths on the floor as soon as she climbed onto the bed. With in just a minute my hard cock was deep inside her wet pussy working it hard I was so turned on watching her tease those truckers and then watching two of them shoot their load watching her. It did not take long for us both to cum and we fell asleep with my dick still in her.

I got up early the next morning to attend a meeting, as I left the room I kissed my wife and told her to enjoy herself that I would check back with her later on. Just before lunch I sent her a text “Hey baby I will be eating lunch here in the hotel with the guys in the meeting I hope that is ok with you I am sorry I can not have lunch with you” her reply “Hey I know you are doing business enjoy your lunch I am sure I will find me some fun” We sat down to have our lunch when I noticed my wife sitting at a table across from ours. I also noticed she was wearing a very sexy dress that did not cover her sexy round body very well. We sat there eating lunch and then I noticed my wife was doing something under her table, then it dawned on me she was opening her legs to expose her hairy pussy to us all. I sat there with a lump in my throat and just about then I heard one of the guys say “DAMN check this hot ass bitch out” I then noticed all the guys at the table and there was a total of 7 of us there to include me, where all now watching my wife expose her hairy pussy. I was not sure what to do, but the guys sure were enjoying the show. I have to admit it was a nice show and a turn on listening to all these guys talking about how hot and sex she looked. To say the least our lunch over ran what it should have. My wife finally paid her tab and then stood up as she turned to walk off she stopped and bent over to pick up her purse. As she bent over the back of her dress raised up exposing her bare ass and her hairy pussy from behind. DAMN she looked good like that. She walked off and we finally got back to our meeting.

In my meeting we had a hard time staying on track as most of the conversation was about my sexy wife and little did they know she was my wife. I was so turned on by it all I had a hard time covering my hard through my slacks. But a quick look around the room a saw a few guys in the same situation as me. Our meeting finally ended and I started to head to the room. As I walked in I noticed my wife was not there and that there was a note on the bed that read “I am down in the hotel bar having a drink I would like for you to come and sit at a table marked reserved and do not attempted to speak to me I have a surprise for you” Well I changed cloths and headed down stairs to see what my surprise was all about. As I walked into the bar I say a table with a reserve sign and one chair. The chair was facing the bar and was only one row away from the bar seating. I saw at the corner of the bar my wife sitting there in her short dress she wore at lunch and I could also see she was not wearing a bra. Damn she looked hot sex and down right sexy. As I sat down the waitress brought a beer to me and said “Your drinks have been paid for so what ever you like you can get” I sipped on my beer watching my wife there was only a hand full of people in the bar at this time. After about an hour the bar was starring to fill up and I noticed that a few men had place their selves right next to my wife. At first I felt jealous but after thinking about lunch today I was thinking differently. They guys were flirting with her and buying drinks for her. The waitress had not stop bring my drinks as soon as I finished one she had another ready, I was getting a real good buzz on by now and I could tell me wife was too.

With in about 3 hours of watching all this I noticed one guy lean in and kiss my wife softly on the lips and brush his hand on her bare thigh. My wife did not pull away as a fact she pressed her lips tight against his. I then noticed this other guy was massaging her left breast with his hand and that her hand was returning the favor on the outside of his pants. I was not sure what to do but I just sat there watching and I could feel the blood began to boil, but not in anger but passion. I then say the guy she was kissing run his hand under the hem of her dress all the way up and yes I could tell he touched her clit she jumped and her kiss broke. She let out a small sigh and a breathe of air. The other guy leaned in and kissed her on the neck and still he was playing with her breast. His tongue darted out as my wife latched onto it with her mouth and was sucking on it as if it was his dick. This went on for about 30 minutes and then my wife stood up and said something to the two guys. She started walking off but was having a hard time standing as she was drunk. She stopped just in front of my table but never said a word, she then bent over exposing her ass and pussy to me and I could see how wet she was. She stood up looked back at the two guys and with one finger told them to come on. I sat there watching them walk towards the evaluators. About that time the waitress walked over and said “You have now been cut off and that she had a note for me” I looked at the note and it read “I think by now you know the mood I am in and in 20 minutes the waitress will bring you to the room”

Well 20 minutes later the waitress whom I had not really paid much attention to walked over and said come on lets get you to your room. I looked at her and said “I am able to get to my room with out your help” She stopped me and said “I am sure you are but I have been paid very nicely to get you there so now come on” Away we went, as we got to the room door I grabbed my door key and open the door. As I stepped in the room I heard my wife moaning and stuff. I turned back around to see where the waitress was and she had stepped in and closed the door. She then looked at me and said “Go on do not be scared everything will be alright go on we have special seating for you” I stepped into a dimly lighted room to see my wife laid out on the bed, with one guy leaned over sucking and licking her nipples and the other guy kissing her and finger fucking her. The waitress told me to sit in this chair as she pointed to the one right next to the bed. I sat down I had no control over anything. I starred at my wife and these two guys and what was going on. I then heard the waitress say “Ok guys it is my turn” as she moved onto the bed with my wife. The two guys stood on either side of the bed and watched as the waitress leaned in and started kissing my wife. I had never seen my wife kiss another woman and it was a turn on. I could tell my wife was enjoying it. I watched as their tongue twisted and moved in a poetic gesture.

They kissed for a fever long time I could tell my wife was enjoying it, just about as much as I was. I then watched the waitress move one hand to my wife’s left breast and was slowly massaging it and the other hand worked its way down my wife’s body. As the waitress hand reached my wife’s busy mound I heard my wife let out a soft moan “MMMMMMMMMMM” I then noticed the waitress was working her fingers in a circle around my wife’s clit and as she did my wife started moving her hips in a motion as if she was trying to get the woman’s fingers in her pussy. I then noticed the woman and my wife break their kiss as the woman moved her mouth to my wife’s breast and my wife let out a cry of pleasure “OH GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD SUCK MY TITTIES AND FINGER MY PUSSY BABY” the waitress continued on doing her magic. I then looked at each man and they were slowly stroking their cocks. I then watched my wife reach out and grab each mans cock and start working it back and forth, stroking them off at the same time. She had the perfect rhythm and it showed in the guys expressions. I looked back down at the waitresses hand and now she was finger fucking my wife’s pussy at first she had one finger in and then two. With in a few minutes she had three fingers buried in my wife’s pussy and working them in and out. She broke the hold that she had on my wife’s breast and started kissing down my wife’s belly. As her tongue reached out and touched my wife’s clit I thought my wife was going to explode. I heard me wife scream out in pleasure “OH YEA BABY EAT IT LICK THAT CLIT AND FUCK MY PUSSY BABY DO ME BABY DO ME GOOD EAT IT< IT IS YOURS BABY EAT MY PUSSY" I sat there and watched all this listening to the sounds and my wife's moan and sighs not even paying attention to how hard and throbbing my cock was. About that time I watched the waitress get up from between my wife's thighs and look back at me only to say "Look your husband is very turned on right now and I think he wants some of this action, what do you think" I then heard my wife say "He is not ready yet we will have to get him there though" About that time I watched my wife sit up and move to get on all fours "DOGGY STYLE" as she got in passion I heard the waitress tell the two men "Y'all know what to do now do it" I watched one man ease up in front of my wife and the other ease in behind her. As the guy go in front of her I watched my wife open her mouth and the man push his hard cock into her waiting mouth. Then I watched the guy behind her put the head of his cock ageist her pussy lips and slowly push it in her and as he did she let out a muffled moan "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYEAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" It did not take to long for the men to get in rhythm with each other. Then I watched the woman crawl under my wife and start sucking on her tits as she rubbed my wife's clit. I could tell from my wife's moan she was enjoying it and that it would not take her long to climax. With in a few minute my wife took the mans cock from her mouth only to be able to scream out "OHHHH FUCK ME YOU MOTHER FUCKER FUCK MY PUSSY YOU BASTARD FUCK ME I AM GOING TO CUM GOD DAMN IM GOING TO CUM" She was steadily stroking the one guys cock and the woman had not stopped sucking her breast or playing with her clit. I heard my wife again "OHHHHH YEA THATS IT FUCK MY PUSSY YEA BABY SUCK MY TITTIES AND PLAY WITH MY CLIT OHHHH YEA PLEASE FUCK IT FUCK ME HARD" she took a deep breathe in and then let out another scream "OHHHHH DAMN IM GOING TO CUM" and with that I could see her juices squirting from her pussy around the guys cock. She reared up and the fell forward on top of the woman. The guy stopped fucking her and pulled out. The lady d**g herself from under my wife's limped body and told her "Now roll over so we can finish this for you" As my wife rolled over onto her back the two men was on either side of her and steadily stroking their cocks. The woman had moved next to my wife and slowly kissed on her neck and ears. My wife then started telling the two men "OHHH YEA GIVE IT ALL TO ME CUM FOR ME AND MY HUSBAND LIKE GOOD LITTLE BOY COME ON GIVE IT TO ME COME ON BOYS CUM FOR ME GIVE ME YOUR HOT JUICY CUMMMM PLEASE GIVE IT TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" About that time one man let out a cry "OH IM CUMMMING BABY IM GOING TO SHOOT IT ALL OVER YOU BITCH" and then I watched his cum come flying out and watched it land on my wife's face and neck and also her breast and just a sec into him cumming the other guy shot his load all the time saying "OHHHH YEA BICTH TAKE A BATH IN MY FUCKING CUM YOU FUCKING WHORE TAKE IT ALL OVER YOU BITCH" as he shot his cum all over my wife's face and breast even on her belly. Then I watched the waitress lean over and start licking and sucking the cum from my wife's flesh and when she would get a mouth full she would the lean into my wife's face and fed it to her with her mouth. It was one of the hottest things I had ever witnessed. But the experience was not over just yet. When I thought it was over that is when the waitress walked over to my chair and leaned down placing her mouth on the head of my cock. As soon as she did this she sucked it straight down her throat and never stopped sucking on it. I thought I was going to explode right then and there in her mouth until I heard my wife "I have an idea" and with out hesitation she dropped down with her and joined in on sucking on my cock. Damn the view of them two sucking licking and kissing on me and sharing was a sight. Then I heard my wife tell the waitress she had an idea. She looked up at me and told me to get up and so I did as she asked. "Ok baby I want you to put your knees in the chair and grab the back of the chair with your hands and bend over, oh yea do not for get to spread your legs" the she told the waitress "I want you to put your head on the seat of the chair so you can suck his dick while I do something he will love" I knew what she was about to do she had only done this once but she remembered how it drove me crazy. I felt the waitress start sucking on my cock, I looked down and watched her as she took it in her mouth. I heard my wife tell her "Reach up behind him and spread his ass cheeks" I felt her hands do as my wife told her and then I felt my wife take her tongue and place it on my asshole and start licking it and then I felt her push her tongue in my ass. Damn that felt so good and if you have never had that done you are missing out. I let out a moan and then told my wife what to do "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM BABY EAT MY ASS BABY EAT IT GOOD WHILE SHE IS SUDCKING MY COCK BABY, OH YEA BABY GET THAT TONGUE DEEP IN MY ASS" My wife was ramming her tongue deep in my ass while the waitress was tasking my cock deep in her throat. With in just a few minutes of this I felt the waitress sucking my cock more intensely, I heard her moan "MMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMM' muffled by my cock being in her mouth. I then heard my wife let out a moan and a command all at once "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEA PUT THAT DICK IN ME FUCK MY PUSSY YOU BASTARD" I turned to look behind me and saw one of the guys behind my wife fucking her from behind and I glanced downward to see the other guy eating the waitresses pussy. I could feel my wife getting more into eating my ass as she was getting fucked and then she screamed out "OHHHHHH GOD DAMN FUCK IT BABY FUCK MY PUSSY I HAVE TO HAVE YOUR COCK DEEP IN MY PUSSY FUCK IT BABY FUCK IT PLEASE FUCK IT" then I heard the guy "YOU FUCKING BITCH YOUR GOING TO GET IT AND YOUR GOING TO TAKE EVERY INCH OF IT AND LOVE IT TOO YOU FUCKING BITCH" About that time I heard my wife say with authority "NOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE NOT THERE PLEASE DO NOT PUT IT THERE" and then the guy told her "SHUT UP BITH YOU BEED FLAUNTING YOUR ASS AROUND ALL DAMN DAY AND NIGHT AND IM TAKING IT AND YOU WILL TAKE MY COCK IN IT SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND RELAX" I then heard my wife let out a yelp "OHHHHMY GODDDD NOOOO PLEASEEEE NOOOOOOO" As I turned to see the guy shoving his hard dick into my wife's ass. She let out a hard and deep moan "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD DAMNNNNNNNNN" the guy did not stop shoving hid cock deep in her ass. She then relaxed and I watched this guy hammer fucking her ass damn it was hot... To be continued....

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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