Valentines day suprise.x

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Valentines day suprise.x

my girlfriend is let’s say a little racist she says ew when she sees a black guys cock

In porn so I thought I would give her a little treat this year on the holiday of romance.

thanks to the help of a kind black gentleman I met online, a 35 year old african man with

an 11 inche throbbing monster and I asked if he would help me out He was happy to help.

7:30pm valentines day night I walk my princess to his car she has a blindfold on and has no idea

whats gonna happen I keep her from peeking on the way to Rick’s apartment and just as we get in the door

I tell her to get on her knees and open her mouth Rick unzips his jeans and flops out his nuts and pops them in

my girlfriends mouth i took her blindfold off and she looked up at the 6 foot nigger whos ballsack she was slurping on in horror

I said happy valentines baby my good friend rick here is gonna have his way with you hope you dont mind but you’re not leaving till

he has busted as many loads as he pleases do you understand? Rick then spat on my girlfriends puckered asshole and drove his throbbing member

up her shitter and after a couple of minutes of him pumping ashleys asshole I noticed her starting to moan I think she was cumming from getting her ass impaled

by a massive nigger cock. after about 10 mins of her getting her butthole pounded I saw him pull his cock out of her gaping fuckhole and she imediately got down on

her knees and sucked his black cock clean I could see her trying not to puke as the big black man was fucking her throat rough and her eyes rolled back into her

head while she choked. I took me a while to notice but he was pissing down her throat and she was just politely relaxing her throat and taking it all down. I saw

the yellow stream when he pulled his cock out of her mouth. she gargled it and swallowed it all down then burped and said can I please have it back up my arse.

So its been about 20 minutes and my girlfriend has gone from a saint to a sperm covered whore getting assfucked by some nigger she’s only just met lmao. now for the next 10-

15 minutes was just drilling her ass and making her suck the juices off his cock. I see Ashley staring up at him and she asks him if she can lick his black asshole please

the man says of course and turns around spreading his hairly black ass cheeks and ashleys on her knees licking his hairly ass hole and kissing his puckered asshole passionately

while she reached around and kept jerking off his meat spear. he said girl I need to take a leak again. she nodded, dropped to her knees

and sealed her lips around the tip of his cock you could see her cheeks puff up as her mouth overflows with hot piss and she gulp it down and then they puff up again

this happens another 3-4 times until he tugs his foreskin back and shakes of the last couple of drops and the land on her cheek. sorry rick says I had a lot to drink earlier

Ashley giggled and let out a huge burp she said its okay she was happy to do it for him. the huge nigger jumped on top of her and started stuffing his cock in her arse then

her pussy and back and forth she begs him to keep it in her cunt for a while and they started hooking up like teenagers deeply tongue kissing each other while his glistening

11 inch knob was plunging her vagina ferociously. I started to wonder if she even remembered I was here, this was getting out of hand and my loving girlfriend was now just

mindlessly worshipping this black mans cock then I see him grab a fistful of her hair and hock a nasty loogie right splat onto ashleys tongue she smiles and gulps it down

“hehe thanks sir” and for the rest of the time ashley got on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air and Rick fucked her asshole vicously while gripping her throat

until he finally emptied his thick load deep in ashleys anus pulled out she sucked him clean and he fed his thick globs of sperm to her with his fingers when he dropped us home

ashley told him she had a really great time and even gave him her cell number if he ever wants to “hang” talk about backfire. speaking of which ashleys gone to a friends

for the night.. oh shit shes gone to ‘hang’ END lel

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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