Waiting for the Bus

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Waiting for the Bus

I was at this bus shelter late one night, waiting for a bus. There was no one else about and often, in situations like this, especially after a few beers, I am quite likely to unzip and let my cock take the night air. Masturbating in a public place, even if there is no one around, is almost as good as masturbating in public.

But then I heard someone coming, so I decided not to unzip and waited to see who it was.

It was a woman, mid-40s, I suppose, not unattractive with a east european look about her. She seemed a bit lost and nervously tried to ask me a question about where the bus was going. Her english was not very good and it took a while for me to work out what it was she wanted, but I did finally work out what bus she wanted and was able to reassure her that it was the right bus stop for her and that a bus would be along soon.

She smiled, thanked me awkwardly with the limited english she had and sat down to wait.

I smiled back, to reassure her, but conversation was difficult, so I did not try to say anything else.

Then it occured to me that the situation had possibilities. Provided nothing really bad happened, she was most unlikely to make any real complaint, or be easily understood or believed if she did. I smiled at her again and unzipped my trousers.

‘Excuse me,’ I said, ‘ just trying to make myself comfortable.’ and I smiled again. She smiled as well, and then I saw her eyes open wide as she watched me lift my cock out of my trousers.

I continued to look at her, smiling as I masturbated. Her eyes were fixed on my full erection and my hand moving up and down it.

‘This feels good!’ I said, continuing to smile at her. If I had got up to move over to her, I think she might have run, or made some kind of fuss, like screaming, but I didn’t and she seemed to feel sufficiently unthreatened to just watch as I wanked off.

It didn’t take long to cum and I shot a satisfactory load of spunk up into the air, which must have been a good sight for her.

Then I thanked her for watching (I doubt she really understood), wiped my cock with a tissue and put it away. She said nothing, but looked away, now that I had finished. The bus arrived about 5 minutes later.

I was apprehensive about getting on the bus with her, but thought it was probably safe enough. As a precaution, I did not get off at the bus stop closest to where I live, but a couple of bus stops before. I was also aware that she might not want me to see where she got off, which was another reason for leaving earlier.

When I got home, I had another wank remembering her watching me.

But I stayed away from that bus shelter for a while, particularly avoiding that time of day. It pays to be careful. I thought I was safe enough, but you never know.

But after a few weeks, I felt it was safe enough and again, after a few beers I was waiting at the same bus stop at about the same time and I saw her again – the same woman, the same bus stop. It wasn’t really intentional on my part, but I wondered whether I had sub-consciously planned it.

Once again, I was there initially alone and she arrived as I was sitting there, waiting.

She recognised me, I know she did – she smiled kind of shyly and sat down opposite me.

I smiled friendly like and said ‘Hi!’ She smiled and nodded, but otherwise said nothing. She wasn’t moving away or anything and she seemed relaxed enough so I thought I would push it a bit further.

I uncrossed my legs and sat opposite her with them apart, my hands framing the bulge at my crotch, still looking at her.

‘You liked my cock last time?’ I asked. I wasn’t sure if she understood, but she looked to one side a bit shyly.

It seemed a bit riskier to me the second time, but I thought she was happy enough to watch, so I got it out again, and again she watched as I stroked it.

It felt good having her watching me like that, but I wondered if I could push it a bit further, since she seemed ok with watching me, so I stood up and walked over to her, still stroking my hardness for her.

Still sitting, she seemed apprehensive as I approached her. I didn’t want to frighten her but rather wanted her willingness, so with my free hand I pulled some notes out of my pocket – there must have been about 30 dollars – and held them out to her. She looked at them, thought a while, and then took them.

Moving closer, I was soon stroking my cock in front of her face. I pulled another note out and passed it to her. She took it and then, moving her head forward, took the tip of my knob into her mouth.

I let her suck on it for a while. It was exciting thinking that someone might walk in and find us like that. Then I pushed the whole head of my cock into her mouth and released my cum. She was a good girl and swallowed it.

I gave her another 20. I felt awkward about staying in the bus shelter after that, so I disappeared into the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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