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As I drove to pick up my thirteen year old daughter Wendy from School I thought back to the visit from my Wife now my ex Wife who called to clear out her wardrobe and tell me she wouldn’t be home for Christmas or anytime after as she was moving in the her Girlfriend there would be no custody battle as Wendy was an inconvenience and she would be better with me. I work from home as a writer my ex wife worked away and was never home so by default I became a house father.

We have always had a very close relationship with plenty of hugs and kisses even holding hands.
Has always Wendy gave me a kiss as she got in the car “when is Mom coming home” I knew then I would have to be honest So I told “Mom had found someone else” Wendy surprised me with what she said “Oh you mean Liz the Les” I looked shocked at Thirteen I didn’t think Wendy knew what Lesbians were
“Dad we have each other we don’t need Mom you have me besides she is never there anyway” at this she took my hand “I love you Dad all I want is to take of you” we drove the rest of the way home in silence.

Wendy and I have been sharing a shower for a number of years since we took her to a stone age village and Wendy asked how often they washed as the answer was not very often Wendy decided to if they could do it so could she she didn’t shower or wash for a few days Mom was away as usually so I decided to take drastic action this involved taking Wendy to the bathroom removing all her clothes and mine and we took a shower together Wendy was fascinated by a certain part of my anatomy which grew in size and length and became very hard.
After that Wendy asked if we could shower together which we did when Mom wasn’t at home I explained to Wendy not to tell anyone as we would get into trouble for showering together.

After our evening meal we settled down to watch a film Wendy as always snuggled up beside me with her head resting on my chest “Dad do you love me really love me” I replied I did her next words started me thinking “you will never leave me will you” I told her I would be there for her and would never leave her I love you my darling” she didn’t speak for the rest of the film finally we went to bed I kissed her goodnight.
We went to our bedrooms it was after 12.0 when I heard the bedroom door open and Wendy came in “Dad I’m cold” I threw back the covers and much to my surprise she choose my Wife’s side of the bed I lifted my arm and she snuggled up close I wrapped my arm around her she lifted her arm so I slid my arm under hers and cupped her breast I felt her nipple harden as my hand stroked her she gave me a kiss “mmmmmm that’s nice I love you Dad and drifted off to sleep.

She woke me with a kiss “I love you Dad I want to take Mom’s place if you will have me” to say the least I was surprised I replied “you do know what it means” Wendy replied “yes I love you and always have I want to take care of you please Dad say yes I love you so much” The only reply I could think of was “will you marry me” at this she through her arms around my neck and we kissed our tongues finding their way into each others mouths

I raised her night gown and stroked her smooth skin and gentle started to rub her clitoris I heard her say “Dad I feel funny what’s happening Dad don’t stop oh please don’t stop I love you I love you” at this I felt her body shudder as her climaxed and went limp collapsing across my body my hand clamped tightly between her legs,

Reaching for the KY jelly which my ex kept in the bedside cupboard and forgot to take during the final visit I spread a lot of the jelly on my finger and gently probed the opening of her vagina sliding my finger deep inside her I felt her virginity I told her to open her legs as wide as possible and eased my hard penis into the opening of her Vagina with one gentle thrust I broke her virginity she slowly started to meet my thrust all to soon Dad I love you please don’t stop please don’t stop” I felt her shudder just as she reached her orgasm I shot my load to warm spunk deep into my daughters body.

Shortly after I moved down her young body kissing every part as I went and finally kissed her vagina I slipped my tongue in the opening and tasted my spunk mixed with her vaginal blood
I licked her vagina and with a mouth full of spunk and blood I kissed her using my tongue to pass the mixture into her mouth which she swallowed.

We lay entwined each sharing the after glow of our love making Wendy hugged me tightly “thank you Dad for being so gently I never felt anything the Girls at School have said its hurts when go with someone for the first time” I replied “I will never hurt you I love you and I will never leave you”

We showered together I washed her breasts and between her legs as I touched her clitoris she moaned “don’t stop please don’t stop I cumming I’m cumming” at that moment she shut her legs tight and slumped against me all I heard was “I love you Dad” I wrapped her in a large bath towel and hugged her tightly we kissed and I stroked her breast felling her nipple harden at my touch I carried her into the bed room removed the towel and took her nipple in my mouth and sucked at her breast she moved her arm and pressed my hear into her breast I started to rub her clitoris all to soon I heard heavy breathing and felt her shudder as her came to her climaxed. I rolled on top of her and guided my penis into her vagina it was still wet from my spunk earlier and I slid my full length deep into her beautiful body after a few thrusts I shot my load of warm white spunk deep into her vagina and felt her body respond as she had another orgasm.

Later in the day we moved all her clothes into my room as a surprise she came down stairs wearing her school uniform. We kissed and I felt her breasts and undid her blouse and removed her bra I took her nipple in my mouth and sucked hard holding on the nipple with my teeth whilst I sucked at her breast my hand lifted her skirt and I rubbed her clitoris through her knickers I felt her had rub my penis which was trying to burst through my trousers she undo my trousers which fell to the floor.
“Dad make love to me I want to feel you inside me I want to cum please Dad” I removed her knickers which were soaking wet and we lay on the carpet this time she sat astride me we my penis deep inside her beautiful young body we came together as I shot my spunk into her she collapsed on to of me as she climaxed “Dad I love you” we kissed our tongues finding their way into each others mouth.

All this happened ten years ago and Wendy is pregnant with our first c***d she wears my engagement ring and also a wedding band our life together is perfect there is no one else and there never will be

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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