What Got Me Started in MedFet… a True Story….

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What Got Me Started in MedFet… a True Story….
This is about 10-12 years ago.

I was 13 and it was time for a school physical, and what ended up happening, was that my sisters’ 16 year old babysitter brought me to the pediatrician. My pediatrician was somewhat of a femme fatale– tall, dark hair, and was always rather rough with me.

So we get there, and after having been weighed, I’m in the exam room. I couldn’t believe it when she stayed in the room with me. Initially, I was made to strip down to my briefs and socks, and had previously been nude the entire physical before, so my 13 year old mind figured I was in the “safe zone” and my doctor wouldn’t be examining me “down there,” both because I had my sisters’ babysitter in the room, and also didn’t have to strip.

Let’s just say I was wrong. And in a crazy way.

She finishes up checking my abdomen, and asks me to hop off the table and stand up, so I stand in front her on her little stool. It seems like a second, and suddenly, Im stepping out of my briefs, my back to the babysitter. She tells me to spread my legs and look at the ceiling. I thought I would die.

The doctor says, “I’m going to examine your genitals now. I know it will be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but please bare with me.” With that, she roughly TAPS each testicle….

Anyways, she taps them each once, and it causes me to jump just a bit. She then roughly rolls each in her hand, one at a time, telling me to keep looking up and that this is “unpleasant, but necessary.” Soon thereafter, she pulled my scrotum in all different directions, kneading it very hard. Now, keep in mind, this is in front of the babysitter who can definitely see everything that’s going on.

She moves to the penis, sort of pushing in on it at the base and definitely pinching/pulling on the glans. She asked me a few questions about urination, washing, whether or not I’ve had wet dreams already because in her words, I was “very developed for my age.” The questions were just as bad as the exam, I’m explaining my sexual development to the doctor in front of the babysitter, and admitted to both masturbation and wet dreams.

She soon ran her hands through my pubic hair and everything checked out.

Her next request was that I turn around, spread my legs, and bend over. In order to do this, I had to look directly at the babysitter who was definitely enjoying herself– teenage boys and girls do love seeing one another naked, lol. Once in position, she spread my checks, took a look at my anus, ran her hand up and down my spine a few times, and then told me to hold very still.

She tells me to take a deep breath and let it out, as I let it out, she essentially pinched the rear end of both testicles, causing a good amount of discomfort. This was wild. She said, “You need to hold still if you want this to be over with soon.” I of course, obeyed instantly. She then inserted both her index fingers into the same canal that the doctor does during a hernia check, but instead of checking for a hernia, she just pressed really hard with both fingers at the same time. That was a crazy feeling. And once again, the babysitter is watching all this.

The doctor then told me to stand up and walk the length of the room twice. I asked whether or not I could cover up or something, but she told me that that was out of the question. Sure enough, I walked the room twice, and figured my ordeal was over. Far from it.

She tells me to lie on my back on the table, spread my legs, and bend my knees. That is when she checked me for a hernia, while applying a good amount of pressure. Not to mention, she had long nails. She did one side at a time, asking me to turn my head and cough. She made me cough 3 times for one side, always increasing the pressure.

She then gloves up, and I’m just completely clueless as to what is about to happen. She took my genitals in one hand, and essentially lifted them up, giving her access to my anus and perineum. She pushed on the perineum with her thumb, and then used her index finger to feel my anus, and actually inserted it a bit and felt around for literally two minutes. It wasn’t deep by any means, maybe just the first knuckle, but the fact of the matter was that my anus had never been penetrated.

She then had me straighten my legs, she felt the musculature in them and compared symmetry. Finally, she looked at my feet feeling them, and told me to sit up. So there I am, after having been worked over pretty good by her, sitting on the exam table nude in front of my babysitter. I had to have turned a nasty shade of red, and remember specifically that I was sweating profusely because when I eventually was allowed to stand and dress, the table paper stuck to my butt.

Anyways, I’m sitting there nude and she essentially gives me a summary of the exam and how I’m healthy, explaining how to do monthly testicular exams, but finally said, “well, we’re all done here, so you can get dressed and I’ll see you next time.” Luckily, I didn’t require another physical for like 4 years, and ended up seeing a different, much less attractive female that didn’t make it nearly as involved.

So there’s my story. It’s real. I hope you enjoy it.

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