What the girls from the bar never knew.

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What the girls from the bar never knew.
Sloppy Seconds…

AKA: What the girls from the bar never knew. ( Well, one of the things anyway! )

So if you’ve watched my videos or read any of my stories, you know I was a freak in bed. I fucked and sucked, and mostly ass fucked my way through at least 18 girls over the course of 2 years or so back in the early 90’s as a bartender.

At some point pretty early on in this, and due to an accident with Laura the MILF, I became obsessed with each of these girls getting a “taste” of each other.

This all started like I said by accident with Laura the MILF. I was currently fucking several girls, and on the night this all started April, one of the waitresses from the bar, had come over ater my shift for some serious fucking. I mean the works. We started off like I liked to do with her. With me eating her pussy and her my cock. A nice 69 to start off. It helped lube her up, and get me rock hard and ready. It always seemed easier to get a girl to suck cock if you were returning the favor, and I have always found that once a girl cums, she’s pretty much up for anything. Well, after she came from me eating her out and my cock was rock hard and dripping wet from all her hard work sucking on it. I went to work. This night like so many others was full of various positions with me in her at every angle I could think of. In the end I pulled out and landed a nice cumshot right into her furry little bush, taking time afterwards to spread it around into her fur with my cock. After this marathon of fucking we passed out, and April was up and out by 8am the next morning to go to class while I slept in, not having to go anywhere till almost noon.

Now on this morning I woke up to the phone ringing. It was Laura. She was wanting to come over for a little pre-lunch sex. I remember telling her I was spent. It had been a long night at the bar, bla bla bla, what ever I could think of so I could go back to bed, but she was having none of it. So I relented, and told her to head on over, but not to expect much, and after getting off the phone I got up, took a piss and unlocked the door before passing back out.
The next thing I know she’s in my room, and she’s taking off her clothes before hopping into bed with me. I’m still half asleep as she grabs my cock through my boxers and brings the thing to life. After a few kisses and some very small talk she tosses back the blanket and proceeds straight to my cock. Laura always liked to give head to start, and today was no different.
As she starts sucking and licking away, I finally come the rest of the way out of my sleep, and at that moment I realize that my cock is covered in last night’s sex juices, but it’s too late she’s already pumping her mouth up and down on my dick as she tries to get me ready to fuck her.. The whole time she’s sucking I’m freaking out thinking she is going to somehow tell, I just got done with April, but she never does, she just keeps on blowing me and goes on for a good 5 minutes before I turn her over and fuck her from behind.
All I can think about is that she just had my sloppy seconds from last night, and I don’t know why, but it turns me on totally. I blow a load in her, and she’s off to work again. She was totally pissed that I came so fast, , but after I played her up with comments on how great she was at giving head (no lie, she was great at it.) and promising to make it up to her, she’s off to head back to work.

For her it’s just another day, and another booty call, but to me, I’m a changed man.

Now I had fucked two girls in one day before this, but I had always showered in between them too. In fact, even though I was sleeping with an average of 4 to 6 different girls a month at my peak, I still tried VERY hard to hide them from one another, not wanting the whole house of cards to fall down and ruin my streak. So far this had worked pretty well, with only a few girls figuring it out before I wanted them gone anyway.
But after this moment, the thought of just how freaking nasty, risky, and taboo this was just drove me nuts. I’m not sure exactly what it was about it that was such a huge turn on, and now 20 years later I would never do something like it again, but at that point in my life, it was such a rush.
So, I started planning it out just about every time I could. For the next year after this moment I make it a rule to try and fuck two or even the holy grail of three girls this way as often as possible.
I know, I know its nasty, but it was a huge turn on for me.

I can’t remember how many girls I did this with, but let’s say it was at least 10 of them in that last year or so. Some of them over and over again.

That very night I’m fucking April again, Spending most of my time hammering away at her from behind in the doggy style position before pulling out to cum right on her ass hole. I love to do that with chicks, pulling out, cumming right on their ass holes and then rubbing the shaft of my cock up and down on it to rub it in.
Like before, in the morning she’s gone, but I’m the one up early, and it’s me on the phone trying to get Laura over again. She does, and we do the exact same thing over again except this time in the 69 position. I get the same rush, as her mouth lands on my cock and starts sucking away the joy juice left there from April’s furry little pussy. My heart pounding from the fear of getting caught mixing with the ecstasy of feeling her expertly working my cock to climax. In no time she’s cumming from me eating her out, and not long after I can’t hold back any longer and I’m blowing a load into her mouth as well.

Back to work she goes, and Me too, and after a quick shower I was too, having both classes and work to deal with.
Less than a month had passed when I decided to try It out with other girls on the receiving end, having up till this point always had Laura getting the sloppy seconds. I would sleep with Person X after work, and Laura before school or work the following day. Since she loved giving head, it just worked out that way, but I wanted to try it out on some of the other girls I was with, so….

Kim was in the picture around this time as well as Heather, April, and one of the other waitresses, and all of them got the treatment. Later on, that year as girls came and went, Sarah, Lee, Suzan, and the second Beth also got it. There were others too I’m sure, but those are the ones I remember.

So anyway I always felt Kim was a bit of a prude, as she was always so quite in bed, and she was the only one that constantly made me take her out on “dates” before fucking. It drove me nuts, but I fucked her for I think three months or so before she left, and in that three months as well as getting her virgin ass fucked to death by me, she got a lot of sloppy seconds. In fact she was the first girl after Laura to get the treatment. I fucked Laura at lunch, and after going out on the town with Kim, I had her go down on me. It was great, the taboo feeling of doing something so wrong, that felt so good. I usually never came when a chick was sucking my cock, but this was the exception. If a girl, any girl was giving me head after I had fucked another girl, I could and sometimes would cum right in their mouth. That night with Kim, I did just that.

We got home pretty early and after having a “few beers” with my roommate, we headed back to my room. I couldn’t wait to try my luck with her, and had us both stripped down in no time. I didn’t want to 69 as I wanted to watch her sucking, so I just kept hinting and kind of nudging her head down to my crotch. After a few more minutes of fondling she finally headed down to my cock and grabbed it. I remember taking a deep breath as I figured if she was going to figure it out, it would be right about now. After a few strokes in her hand, she dropped her gaze from my eyes to my cock and opened wide. Down she went as I continued to hold my breath, waiting to be busted. But the moment never came.
My adrenalin rush mixed with the moment, and in no time, even with her admittedly poor blowjob skills I started to feel a massive buildup of cum working its way up my shaft, and before I knew it I was pumping load after load into her mouth. Man it was a rush, and one I would repeat over and over again till my bartending days headed to a close.

After that night, I decided to get everyone in on the action.

It took a week or so, but next up it was April the waitresses turn to get a taste. For some reason I had a hard time getting Laura to stop by apartment that day, so I had to meet her at work for a quickie. After no more than about 60 seconds of small talk, we headed to her car (a shit box caviler). I ended up pounding her pussy for a good 10 minutes or so before cumming inside of her right there in the parking lot where she worked. That chick was a freak! I blow a load in her, and she just pulls up her pants and off we go to lunch. No clean up, no nothing. So we headed to lunch together, but the whole time I’m already planning my evening. After I said my goodbyes, I was off to work a double shift at work, and later on that night I was off to work April out of her cloths.

April and I got back to my place right before 3am, and I remember being really fucking tired, but totally not going to let the moment slip by. So after a few beers in bed, I started to get April all worked up by fondling and sucking on her great C-cup tits, slowly working myself down to her snatch and proceeded to eat her out till I felt the telltale sign of her legs quivering as she came in wave after wave of orgasm. When I knew she was done, and I was ready, I climbed back up her like I was going to fuck her, and instead told her I was beat, and asked if she could return the favor. April wasn’t too fond of blowjobs, but most women were up for anything after they cum and this one was no different. With a little bit of convincing, she headed down to my cock and grabbed it locking eyes with me as she slowly jerked up and down on my dick.
Again my heart started to pound and the adrenaline started to flow. I was sure that with the mix of Laura’s pussy juice and my own cum on me she would figure it out, but after a few moments of stroking and small talk, she opened up and put her lips on the head of my cock.
Guys I remember this moment well as my balls were in my gut. She took two strokes and stopped. Still holding my cock, she looks up at me and says “dirty boy”. I was frozen, not knowing how to react, so I said something to the effect of “ I worked a double,… Sorry.”
She said nothing more, and went back to sucking my cock. I watched in awe as she pumped up and down on my shaft working it like a pro, pausing from time to time to lick it stroke it with her hands. It took a while, but In the end and without warning to her I unloaded a hot stream of jizz into her mouth. She swallowed it down, and curled up next to me for some much needed sleep.

I only fucked 2 girls in the ass once when playing this game as I couldn’t stand not showering after fucking a girl in the butt. But just to add it to the list, April and Kim had that honor.
I had a Saturday off, and convinced April to come over before her shift. Before she left for work at 4 or so I had convinced her to let me get into that fine ass of hers, Spending well over an hour with her. I fucked her mouth, pussy and ass, and proceeded to not only fuck it for a good while, but to come in it as well. As soon as she left I was on the phone to Kim setting up a “date”
This was near the very end for Kim and I and I wasted no time or money on our date, meeting her for a nice walk at a local park before dark, and then take home pizza and a movie. We never saw the movie.
I had her spread out on the bed as fast as I could when we got back, telling her how horny she had gotten me. I moved her onto her belly and started to fuck her pussy for a bit before readjusting and nudging my way into her ass. I had come in April’s ass at like 3:30 and blew another load in Kim’s ass at about 10:00 that same night. It took some serious pounding and long stokes to build up to that one, and I remember Kim being quiet vocal about the pain. In the end though, I came in her, and slipped off to take a much needed shower. She joined me a minute to two later and the moment was over. Sloppy seconds or not, that was the closest time between girls I ever fucked. I fucked one, and 6 hours later I’m in another one.

Kim, Sarah, April, Heather, Mandy, Laura, and Lee all could qualify as honorary lesbians with all the pussy juice they sucked on. Even though Kim was only around a short while, she got it the worst as in the beginning I was hard core about doing it as often as possible, and she always had to have a date night before fucking. That meant she was always last in line so to speak. The morning sex and the nooners always left Kim with clean up duty that night. Only once did I manage to bang 3 girls in 24 hours and Kim was last in line for that one too, sucking me off for at least 20 min until I finally turned her over and finished in her ass
Guys this sloppy second’s thing went on for month after month for the rest of my run, slowly getting more infrequent as the rush wore off, or when the girls stayed the same for too long, and finally ending when I stopped having more than 1 girl around.

Anyway, I know that this was kind of a weird thing to do, and even hesitated sharing it, but I thought some out their might get a kick out of it.

So any of you ever played sloppy seconds with a girl?

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