When you want a BBC??!!

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When you want a BBC??!!
I am a passive bull. I have a several cuckold couples across the country, that I play with on a regular basis. A friend of mine introduced me to MistressSam and Paul a few months ago and we chatted online for a while. Paul let me know that he was new to the lifestyle but was very interested in having Sam fucked by a group of black guys and filled with cum. I told him that I could accommodate and would start putting together a group of guys that would use her good.

After a few weeks of going back and forth about the details, we finally met at a local bar. Sam was a hot MILF type with long sexy legs and a nice body. My dick got hard instantly when I met her. She was wearing a very tight and short dress and dancing with some other black guy in the lounge area. I am not one for lots of playing around so I asked Paul to bring her back to my room where I was going to meet the rest of the guys.

Shortly after I went back to the room Paul and Sam showed up and they looked a bit nervous. I told them both to calm down and Paul to sit in the chair next to the window. I took Sam and started to kiss her right in front of her husband. One of my other friends walked up behind her and begin grabbing her ass.

Before we knew it…Sam was on the bed fully naked waiting on her first BBC. I entered her pussy bareback and begin fucking her good. My friend stuck his dick in her mouth and began face fucking her until she gagged and spit all over his dick. Now as I was stroking her pussy and my buddy was fucking her throat we heard a knock at the door. I told Paul to answer the door and he did…It was my other buddy …and he was just in time. I pulled out of her pussy. My other friend moved from her mouth to her pussy and the new guy got undressed quickly and stuck his dick in her mouth.

I could tell that Paul was a little shocked at how much his white wife enjoyed having three black studs use her. I wanted him to always remember his first experience so…I told him to move closer to the action. At this time one of my friends pulled his dick out of Sam and shot a load of cum across Paul’s face. Shortly after the second guy did the same…I was not ready to cum quite yet so I had Sam suck me off and jack my dick until I was ready to go…and I bust a huge load right across Paul’s lips…

Before we left I hugged Sam and I exchanged emails with her…I told her that we would have to meet again and she agreed…I told Paul that I would be in contact with him…and this is how our relationship begin!!

My wife looked over Diamond’s shoulder at me. “Do you know there’s a name for a husband whose wife gets fucked by other men with his permission. He’s called cuckold, or cuck for short. Congratulations, you’re now a Cuck. You’re going to get to watch me get serviced by a lot of men from now on.”

As soon as she said this, she slammed her head back on to the bed and began yelling, “Fuck me harder, I’m Cumming! God, I never had it like this! Fuck me, stud, fuck me hard!”

Diamond began banging her hard and fast. As he did, Sam yelled out, “get closer cuck, watch a real man cum.” I crawled up as ordered, putting my head between Diamond’s legs, inches from his balls as they slapped against my wife’s ass. Suddenly his balls got tight against his dick shaft and he began grunting. His semen began squishing out between his dick and the sides of Sam’s pussy. His thrusts finally began to slow and he collapsed on top of my sweaty, spent wife.

He kissed her, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth. She accepted it like a baby bird taking a worm. It had been years since Sam had kissed me with such passion. She let go of his tongue and he withdrew his penis, gooey and starting to soften.
Sam said, “Cuck, from now on it’s your duty to clean up.

You can start with me. Get busy!”As Diamond lay on his back beside my wife, I stuck out my tongue and tasted her inseminated pussy. I had never even tasted my own semen, but I found that it was not bad. I lapped her labia clean, then pushed my tongue into her vagina, sucking gently to get as much cum as possible.

Once her hairless crotch was again free of cum, she grabbed my ears and pulled me up. “Diamond, I think you need a clean-up in the middle aisle. Here, you can use him.”Diamond laughed and grabbed my ears from Sam. I’d never had touched another man’s dick before today, much less sucked it, but I sucked now. Diamond pushed as much as he could into my mouth as I sucked and licked his and Sam’s cum from the head, shaft, and scrotum.

Not surprisingly, my attention caused him to begin to stiffen again. Sam saw this and laughed. “I never took you for a cocksucker but looks like you have hidden talents. I’ll be sure you get more experience. Now get up and get us a couple of beers. Take your time, but none for you. Now stand up.”

Just as I stood up, Sam snapped her foot into my crotch. That familiar pain and sick feeling caused me to double over. I shuffled out of the room bent over, holding my balls. Sam and Diamond laughed loudly until Sam once again took Diamond into her mouth and took up sucking him where I’d left off.

I finally made my way to the kitchen, opened 2 beers and started back to our bedroom. I found the door shut and locked. Not knowing what to do, I stood outside, listening while Sam came multiple times. When they finished, Diamond opened the door, took the beers and began dressing. Sam pointed to her pussy as Diamond handed her the bottle. I knelt once again between her legs and began eating what Diamond had left. At one point, she drew her legs up to her chest, baring her stretched asshole. I slid my tongue out of her pussy and began rimming her. gently sucking the cum Diamond had left in her ass. When he was dressed, Diamond came back to the side of the bed and kissed Sam once again.

She flashed him that bright, radiant smile that used to be for me. “See you again sometime, stud.”When I’d finished cleaning her asshole, she patted the bed beside her. I crawled up beside her, thinking I might be rewarded for my submissive compliance. But she simply rolled on her side, giving me her back and fell asleep. I laid there, tasting the mix of both their cum juices and bits of her shit I’d sucked out of her asshole with his semen. I pondered what might be in store for me.

Sam came to me Friday to tell me she wanted to invite Diamond over again this weekend. I told her it was fine with me as long as I could stay and watch again. She said she was all for it and went to call Diamond. It was set that he would be over Saturday evening and spend the night this time.

Sam looked very hot in her skirt and blouse. She was wearing her leopard print underwear set just like he wanted and I could see why he had liked it on her back then. The doorbell rang and she said that she would get it but I told her I would answer and for her to just have a seat on the couch. When I answered the door and Diamond came in I shook hands with him and told him that I was glad he could make it again.

He said that he wouldn’t have missed it for anything. He was hoping we had enjoyed last time as much as he had and he couldn’t wait for another evening with my lovely wife. I led him into the living room and Sam was sitting on the couch where I had told her to be. Diamond went over and gave her a kiss and had a seat next to her.

He told her how nice she looked and she flashed him her panties and he told her she was hot. I said that I would go to the kitchen and get us some drinks and to make himself at home.

When I came back in Sam was sitting on Diamond’s lap with her back to him and her skirt was hanging out around his legs. I ask her if she was comfy and she told me very comfy. I ask if she was doing anything that I would like to know about and she said that she wasn’t sure but she just wiggled on Diamond’s lap.

I couldn’t tell if she had his dick in her or not but just the idea of it was very hot and exciting. I told her to please pull her dress up in front and let me have a look. She said that wouldn’t be ladylike so she didn’t think she would do it. I ask her again, please, and Diamond laughed and she started to slide her skirt up her legs.

When she got up to the top of her legs they were together and I could see her panties so I thought she was just teasing but then she opened her legs and I could see the base of Diamond’s dick and his balls hanging down. Her panties were to the side and he was already buried deep in her pussy. I just sat the drinks down, sat in the chair across from them and watched.

Sam laughed and then she turned her head back and kissed Diamond again and then began to move her hips. Diamond was pushing up with each movement and I could see in Sam’s eyes that she was drifting off into another zone. Diamond moved his hands up under Sam’s blouse and to her tits and started to massage them. Sam unbuttoned her blouse and then off came the leopard bra. I don’t think Diamond really got to see it but I don’t think he really cared.

When Sam’s tits were free he had both hands full and he was pumping for all he was worth. He dropped one hand to Sam’s clit and worked his finger on her there while he continued to fuck her. I had to keep my hands off of my dick or I would have cum right then. They made a very hot and sexy couple. Sam looked over at me and asked if I was enjoying the show. I told her that she looked beautiful as usual and that the black dick in her even added to the look. She asked me if I really loved her and when I said yes she then asked if I would do something special. I told her I would try if she wanted it. She asked if I would come over and help her off with her panties. I said that I would love to.

She placed her legs together and as she raised her hips off of Diamond I watched as his dick slid out of her. I pulled her panties off and she didn’t miss a beat in slipping him back in. She then let her legs go onto either side of his and then she asked for her favor. “Would I please kiss her on her clit while Diamond was fucking her.” I looked at her face and then at her pussy. I looked at Diamond and he gave me one of those “It’s your call” looks. I leaned down and put my hand over the top of her pussy hair to pull it up and then I kissed her clit.

She hunched up and asked me to please do it again as Diamond slid all of his dick into her. I kissed her clit and let my tongue tickle it for a moment without licking his dick. Sam flooded my face with cum.

She used to shoot when she cum but she hadn’t in a long time. This time she did and I was covered. I clamped my mouth over her clit and worked it over with my tongue and sucked on it. She was clamping onto Diamond’s dick really tight and bucking up and down. Diamond was loving it too and was really fucking her. I kept my mouth and tongue on her pussy but my chin was on the base of his dick and his balls. At that moment I didn’t care and neither did he.

When she calmed down I moved back and she asked that I kiss her. She slid off of Diamond’s lap and put her arms around my neck and kissed me like she hadn’t in a long time. I held her tight and then I let the button on her skirt pop open and it fell to the floor. She was naked with her back to Diamond I could feel her moving so I figured he was rubbing her ass. We broke the kiss and she said that we needed to take this to the bedroom.

When we reached the bedroom Sam got up on all fours as Diamond and I stripped. Sam looked over her shoulder and asked for another favor. Would I rub Diamond’s dick on her pussy and guide it in. I figured I had gone this far I would go for all I could. Diamond got up behind her and I took his dick in my hand. This was the first black dick I had held since I was a k** doing jerk off games.

It was very hot and still slick from having been in her pussy. I pulled him forward and then I started sliding it up and down her slit. I slide the foreskin back and forth a couple of times and then I pushed it towards her hole. I used my other hand to open her lips and I watched as it went in. That was very hot to do and see. I stepped back and Diamond sank his dick to the hilt.

When he hit bottom I saw Sam’s eye bulge some. From this angle, he was as deep as he could get. I didn’t try to get Sam to suck me I just sat in the chair beside the bed and watched as he fucked her. It wasn’t making love it was just pure sex and they made a good pair doing it. Diamond held her hips and slammed into her for all he was worth.

Sam pushed her ass back with each thrust and met him. When they hit you could hear the sound of wet crotch and ass cheeks hitting and the look of pleasure on both of their faces. He was giving her the feeling she loved and I loved watching it. I saw him tighten up and I knew he was filling her. He slowed with his thrust and then he lay over onto her back and held her tits. He began to squeeze them with one hand as his other hand went to her cunt and his dick. He seemed to be milking out all that was in him and then he rolled over to his side pulling Sam with him.

She had the look of satisfaction on her face as I watched his dick slid out of her. She just looked at me and said “please”. I slipped between her legs and began to lick the lips of her pussy and let my tongue dive into her and pull all of Diamond’s cum out of her. I gently sucked her cunt and then went back to licking between her lips and then down to her ass. I knew I could bring her off again like this but she seemed worn out.
I looked up at her and she was exhausted but totally pleasured. When I finished I moved away from between her legs. I kissed her and told her that she could rest awhile and we would start again later. Diamond got up and left the room with me. He went to the bathroom to clean up and then we went into the living room.

It felt odd to be sitting with a man that had just fucked your wife and you were both naked. I hadn’t cum yet but he had so I still had a hard-on. We sat and talked and it started to go down. I wanted to save it for later. Unlike him, I couldn’t get hard that many times in one night. Diamond told me that he thought it was really great of me to be able to let another man have sex with my wife and not get jealous.

I told him that it wasn’t just another man but it had to be him because she had talked so much about him in our bedtime stories. I told him that I had trouble believing her about his dick size when we first started talking but she assured me that it was about eight or nine inches and that she had taken all of it the very first time.

Diamond laughed and said that she had but that she had jumped when she saw it and again when it first hit bottom.

He again said that he wished he had asked her to suck his dick when they were dating because she was so good at it. I told him that I taught her that but I wished he had because at first she didn’t want to do it and then she for sure didn’t want to swallow. He seemed to be able to tell her to do something and she did it with no questions. He said that she was always like that with him and he had really enjoyed it. He would tell me sometime later but he was in the mood for some more of that good pussy and he really wanted his dick sucked. I laughed and we headed for the bedroom.

Sam was on her back when we came in and had a smile on her face. She asked if we had a nice chat and were we ready for some more fun.

We both agreed and then she asked for her third favor. Would I please hold Diamond’s dick up to her mouth and feed it to her. I said that I had done everything else and why not. Diamond walked around the bed and Sam lay on her side, I took hold of his dick again and laid it onto her lips. He was only semi-hard so I began to stroke it and rub it onto her lips and face. She opened her mouth and I put the head of it between her lips and then I pulled the head back.

I began to jerk him off into her mouth and he was getting hard and started to push towards her face. It was odd stroking a cut dick. She locked her mouth around his dick and I continued to jerk him off into her mouth. She looked up at me and I could see her eyes smiling. I let go of his dick and just watched her suck him and take most of his dick into her mouth.

She looked so beautiful with his dick buried almost to the hilt in her mouth. I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek and then I returned to the foot of the bed and started kissing her legs and rubbing towards her pussy. Diamond fucked her mouth and I went up and was licking and tonguing her pussy.

While he fucked her mouth she was fucking mine. I could feel her juices flowing down her ass and over my face. I then noticed that Diamond was tightening up and I knew he was filling her mouth. I moved back and watched her cheeks puff out and watched her try and swallow all of his cum. Some ran out from the corners of her mouth onto her pillow but she got most of it.

Diamond collapsed onto the bed and said that she had to be the best cocksucker he had ever met and that I was a very lucky guy. I told him I knew it and slid up next to her. She said that she needed a good fucking once more before bedtime and she hoped that I would start it and that maybe Diamond would be hard enough later to finish it. I climbed on and gave her all I was worth but after having watched her cock sucking I didn’t last long.

When I pulled out my cum was running out of her but Diamond was ready to take over and he slides right in. It was strange knowing that he was fucking her in my cum but none of us cared. I slid down to the edge of the bed and just watched. The sound was sloppy, the smell was of sex but it looked great.

Diamond did her up on her knees and with her lying on her stomach. He finished with her rolling over onto her back and her legs high in the air. When I heard his last grunt I knew she was getting filled again. His dick was limp when it fell out and he rolled over. I had never seen her with so much cum running out of her. With mine and then his, she was full.

I didn’t even wait to be asked I just dove in and lapped her clean. I licked her ass up to her clit and all points in between. Not long ago I had never tasted cum and now I loved the chance to lap it from her pussy whether it was mine or his I didn’t care. I just knew that it made Sam happy. I licked her clean and when I looked up she was doing the same to Diamond’s dick. Even limp his dick still made a mouthful for her. When she finished we slid up on either side of Sam and went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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