Wife Takes a Lover, Hubby gets nothing

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Wife Takes a Lover, Hubby gets nothing
Patty has a New Friend Hubby gets no Sex Not even a Ball Job

Patty tells Jimmy she met a guy at work and has been fucking him. Jimmy has not fucked Patty in almost a month. She told Jimmy his little dick never makes her cum, but her new boyfriend makes her cum over and over. She wants Jimmy to meet her boyfriend so they can all be friends; Jimmy is turned on at the idea. He always wanted Patty to cuckold him. So he is getting what he wants. And Patty is getting what she needs a big dick.
Patty told Jimmy he could take a blue pill and he will get to fuck her when they get home tonight. And maybe he will get a ball job.

We were waiting in the lounge of the bar and I was watching carefully as different people entered the room. I was waiting to see what’s my wife’s latest lover looked at like. Suddenly my wife said, ‘here he is,’ and I looked up to see this guy approach our table. He was about 45 fairly tall. He smiled at me with that I been fucking your wife look, I thought to myself. When he arrived at our table, my wife introduced us. Jimmy this is Larry, my new boyfriend, Larry this is Jimmy my husband. And I think that both of us were little embarrassed well maybe he wasn’t, but Patty was not in the least bothered in this unusual situation. ‘If you are going to buy the beer Larry, Jimmy is drinking diet coke and I will have a drink and jello shot to get me started. We had a couple of drinks in the bar and then moved on to one of the bars in the town. Eventually closing time arrived, and my wife said to me, ‘well Larry and I are going to his house now, can you pick me up about 7.30 in the morning.’ ‘Well I could if I knew where it was.’ ‘No problem just follow us. We can show you where it is, so Patty hopped into Larry’s car her head disappearing I knew she must be giving him a blow job. ( I then thought how long it has been since I got a blow job or better yet a famous ball job ) and I drove alone to Larry’s house never once seeing Patty’s head come off his lap. Larry and Patty got out of the car when we arrived. Patty came over to my window gave me a big French kiss and I think she pushed cum into my mouth. Larry was giggling watching her kiss me. OK love, Larry and I are going to bed together now..

Patty then said don’t forget it to pick me up in the morning.’ I said but we never got to fool around. She then whispered in my ear why don’t you take a little blue pill before you come to get me then when we get home I’ll let you empty your full balls. Maybe I’ll even suck your balls. I then left her with Larry smiling at me and my little dick getting hard at the thought of what my wife was doing to me. A dream come true.
The next morning I was sitting out side Larry’s house in my car. I thought I saw Larry at the window when I pulled up. Buy my wife was late in leaving her boyfriend’s house. After about 20 minutes, the door opened and Patty came out looking rather hot and bothered. ‘ I am sorry that you had to wait,’ she said. ‘But I was all ready to come out when Larry dragged me back into bed and fucked me again. I wouldn’t have minded so much, but he fucked me three times last night, then when we woke up this morning he

fucked me again. But he still had not had enough so as I say I am sorry but it’s took him quite a long time before he came the last time.’ ‘So you are saying that he has just come up you a couple of minutes ago.’ Yes certainly not more than four or five minutes ago, I am all wet and sticky. I think that knowing that you were waiting outside in the car for
me turned him on.’ She parted her legs and said, ‘there have a quick feel of my pussy, it is soaking.’ I slipped my hand between her legs. She had no panties on and when my hand reached her pussy it was all wet and sticky where Larry come inside her.

When we got home the blue pill was working. That’s when she said I have some more bad news for you Larry said you can’t fuck me. He also said you don’t get any balljobs either. He said I shouldn’t care since you never make me cum with your small dick anyway. I then said well could I get a rub? She said sorry he said no touching you. But here is a towel you can jerk yourself off while you lick my pussy clean of Larry’s cum. So here I am at the foot of the bed eating Patty’s cum filled pussy and jerking my own little dick into a towel. Another dream come true.

We continued like this for more than a week, my wife would meet Larry and spend the night with him. Then in the morning I would go to pick her up outside his house. More often than not it she would be late when she came out. The reason for my wife being late leaving her boyfriends house was always the same. He always insisted on having one last fuck while I was waiting outside in the car. Patty told me, ‘he always watches out of the window until he sees the car then when you are outside waiting he insists on fucking me again. It really turns him on fucking me when you are waiting for me outside. I also told him how every morning we go home and you eat me out while jerking yourself off in a towel. I think that turns Larry on she said.

Then one Saturday night my wife told me that it we were going together to Larry’s house. I know that you would like to watch while Larry is fucking me, and he is just as bad he really wants to fuck me in front of you. It’s just like this business of fucking me in the morning while you are waiting. He always asks me to tell you why I am late; he wants you to know that he has fucked me while you were waiting. Once more we went to the bar, there was a concert that night, a comedian and a pop group. When we left for the bar we drove along to Larry’s house. I was expecting my wife to say good night and go inside with her lover, so I got a surprise when Larry asked me if I would like to go in for a drink. Once inside Larry poured drinks for all of us. And then he sat down beside my wife on the settee, he put his arm around her and then they started kissing. The kissing

became more and more passionate, and then he started to squeeze and play with my wife’s breasts. It did not take very long for him to undo the buttons on my wife’s blouse and then I saw him reach around and unfasten her brassiere. He then started to kiss her breasts. She was starting to pant, and within moments he slid his hand between her legs, she responded by stroking the bulge in his trousers. Then he said to my wife, ‘get your panties off,’ quickly she stood up and removed not only her panties but also all of her clothes. Then stark naked she lay back on the settee, without any further hesitation Larry also removed all his clothes. His cock was already erect, and it looked to be at least 8 inches long, and it was also quite fat. I remembered thinking when I first met him that there was more to him than met the eye now I knew what it was. My wife spread her legs and Larry wasted no time in climbing on top of her, with one hand he groped my wife’s pussy, with the other hand he rubbed his cock for a few seconds to be sure that it was almost fully erect. Then he started to rub his cock end against the lips off my wife’s vagina and his cook actually seemed to grow, it became really stiff and his foreskin slid back to show his cock end, it looked really big and was almost glowing a reddish purple colour. She spread her legs as wide as possible and I saw her hand take hold of his cock to guide it into her. She moved it in between her pussy lip and he rammed his cock hard into her cunt. At first they hardly moved, then slowly he started to fuck my wife, very slowly at first, in and out, in and out. They continued for more several minutes’ then he started to move faster. A few more minutes’ passed and once more he started to move even faster, now he was fucking my wife very hard. She was starting to pant and she wrapped her legs around his back, and I saw her hands clutching at his buttocks, pulling him into her with every thrust. Before long the action became frantic, my wife was squealing with pleasure as Larry thrust his cock into her. All the time that he’d was fucking her they were kissing, wet squelchy kisses, tongues inside each other’s mouths until they looked like the were trying to eat each other. Faster and faster he fucked my wife until eventually he started to grunt and with her squealing and moaning they both came together. ’Pour some drinks will you Jimmy,’ Larry said, as they untangled themselves. I got the drinks and carried them to where my wife and her lover were sitting, both were stark naked and showed no desire to cover themselves up. We sat talking for a few minutes, then my wife started to rub Larry’s cock, she had her hand right around it and as she stimulated him he slowly started to get an erection. Eventually he was fully erect; and my wife’s hand was around the base of his cock but there was still almost f inches of cock showing above her hand. Now her hand is about 4inches or more wide so his cock must have been almost 9 inches long, it was even bigger than I had first thought. My wife stood up and positioned herself over where he was sitting. Then she slowly maneuvered herself so her pussy was just touching his cock end; she took hold of his cock again to hold it in position then slowly lowered herself on to it. Once she got his cock end into her she pushed down quickly until his cock was right up her, then she started to move slowly up and down. She was pushing down hard on each down stroke so that his cock was getting deep inside her. He reached around and got hold of her breasts, squeezing them and pulling at her nipples as she continued her up and down movements. This continued for a while, she was sitting on his knee facing away from him while continuing to slide up and down his cock. Suddenly he stood up and pushed her forward all in one movement, and then without withdrawing he had my wife on her hands and knees and was fucking her doggy fashion. He fucked her for about half an hour, until with Patty panting, moaning and eventually shouting out loud he fucked her really fast and hard for a couple of minutes until he came up her again. When they got there breath back my wife said ‘OK let’s all go to bed,’ and as soon as we got into bed Larry was stuck up her again. He fucked my wife for what seemed ages, on and on it went, not moving very quickly but it just that slow grind. He eventually he started to move faster once again then my wife started panting again, both were completely naked and he got his arms underneath her legs and pushed them apart and upwards so that her knees were touching her shoulders. Her hands gripped his buttocks and he started to fuck her really hard. She started to moan again, she wrapped her legs around him and kissed him passionately. They continued for a few minutes more and then with him grunting and my wife squealing they seemed to come to a simultaneous climax once more. For a few minute’s they lay their bodies still entwined, then suddenly my wife said to me, ‘ I think that it must be your turn now. I had had a more or less permanent erection since they first started on the settee, so I was anxious to relieve the tension. I turned to my wife and we started to kiss, then just as I was about to get on top of her she said ‘wait I want to come before you fuck me.’ ‘But won’t you come when I do fuck you?’ ‘Maybe, but I want to be sure. So you will have to suck me,’ then without waiting for my reply she climbed on top of me and suddenly her pussy the appeared above my face. I touched the inside of her thighs, they were all wet and sticky. We had kept the light on during the performance and I could see that her pussy was dripping, her baric hair to glistened with Larry’s spunk. ‘Come on you know what I like,’ she told me at the same time pressing her pussy down on to my face. I had no alternative, so I stuck my tongue into her, her pussy was wet and sticky, full of Larry’s spunk. But I knew that if I wanted to fuck her I would have to make her come. So I set to work, I soon found her clitoris and started to lick and nibble as it. Then I made my tongue as stiff as possible and shoved it up her after about 10 minutes of this activity she started to pant and groan. I redoubled my efforts and soon I was rewarded when her thighs gripped my head and she’s shouted out loud. She then wriggled around a little and eventually rolled off me and got on to her hands and knees. She positioned herself so that she could reach Larry’s cock and as I watched she took it into her mouth, and I quickly mounted her from behind. Then with me fucking her, she sucked enthusiastically at Larry cock, it did not take too long and when Larry came in her mouth it really turned me on, and with a few frantic pushes I came inside her. Finally we all went to sleep, but when I awoke the next morning it was to see my wife on top of Larry, she had straddled him and either put his cock in for him or allowed him to push it up her. But whatever had happened before I awoke she was on top of him and he was fucking her again. What really turned me on apart from the fact that this other guy was fucking my wife, was the fact that she wanted him to fuck her and was really enjoying being fucked. I could tell from the expression on her face just how much she was enjoying it. Her eyes were closed and she had a look of almost ecstasy as he rammed his cock up her and she with equal enthusiasm pushed downwards to meet his thrusts. He had both hands on my wife’s breasts, squeezing them and pulling at her nipples and as he nipped and pulled harder at her breasts she began to moan. Then she pulled his head down and they started kissing, their tongues each probing deep into the other ones mouths. Now he was fucking my wife harder, faster and as the tempo of his thrusts up her increased so did the intensity of their kisses. With their mouths wide open they kissed with reckless abandon and the fucking became really wild their bodies banging together, her hands once more around his buttocks pulling him deep into her. It seemed to go on for ages and at the end my wife was crying out, ‘ Larry, Larry, oh Larry, I love you,’ as he came up inside her again. The next night we stayed in and had a quiet night, but the next three nights my wife spent with her lover. We would meet him in the bar and have a few drinks then we would drive to his house, she would give me a peck on the cheek, say goodnight then with their arms around each other they would disappear into his house. Every morning I had to be there to pick my wife up after she had spent the night getting fucked by her lover. The next night we all went out again but this time I was again invited to join them, inside things followed the same pattern as the first time. With one difference, while Larry was getting the drinks my wife said to me, ‘ you will have to just watch tonight. Larry doesn’t mind you watching us fucking but he wasn’t very keen on seeing you fuck me, so just watch us tonight, but no touching. I will let you enjoy yourself when we get home in the morning. Larry came back and immediately started to make love to my wife, kissing, cuddling feeling her breasts. She got his cock out and started to suck it, her head going up and down so that his cock was sliding in and out of her mouth. It didn’t take long and soon he grabbed tight hold of my wife’s head and wound his fingers into her hair and I saw his cock jerking as he came in her mouth. As he was coming she kept sucking at his cock finally swallowing most of his spunk, but I could see some of it dripping down her chin and falling onto her naked breasts. He whispered something to her, she looked at me and said, ‘Larry and I are going to bed now, but we don’t want you to come with us, he wants me all to himself so that we can really let ourselves go and we can enjoy fucking without you watching.’ They went into the bedroom and closed the door, within minutes the bed started to creak and I knew that Larry was fucking my wife again. It went on for ages slowly at first but gradually getting faster and faster until I heard my wife’s voice crying out, ‘ Larry, Larry, fuck me, fuck me harder, Larry, ooh Larry, I’m coming, Larry I love you. Then there was silence for a little while, but not for very long then the bed started to creak again. It creaked for a long time, so long that I fell asleep on the settee. My wife woke me up, ‘come into the bedroom, Larry wants to fuck me again before we go home and this time he wants to you to watch while he does it to me. My wife lay down on the bed, ‘open your legs for me,’ Larry instructed, obediently my wife spread her legs for him, ‘wider,’ she spread her legs as wide as possible. ‘Now pull yours legs right back, that’s it knees right up until they touch your shoulders. Now tell me what you want me to do to you.’ ‘Larry will you fuck me again,’ said my wife, ‘I want you to fuck me hard, I want to feel your cock inside me and I want you to fuck me until I come, then I want to feel your spunk squirting up inside me.’ He knelt between my wife’s legs and said ‘Ok put it in for me, my wife got hold of his cock and guided it between the lips of her pussy, now push, push hard, ram it right up me as hard as you can.’ So he did. He fucked up my wife for almost an hour, slowly at first then speeding up until he was obviously on the verge of coming then he would slow down again. Sometimes he almost stopped, barely moving at all, it was obvious to me that he was waiting until things cooled down. He wanted to fuck my wife as long as possible so by stopping when he was close to coming he would wait and then start fucking her again. In this way if he could make it last for a long time, fucking my wife then slowing down or stopping then starting again doing the same thing over and over again. Meanwhile my wife was really enjoying this performance, several times she had been moaning and squealing and it was obvious that she had had several orgasms. Eventually of course even Larry got to the point where he really had to come, so then he got really wild and fucked my wife very hard, almost frantically at the end until he finally came inside her again.

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