Wife Take’s Charge

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Wife Take’s Charge
“Remember our rules, when we play, I am the Mistress Bitch and you are the cum eating slut. Now get on your hands and knees slut.” She stated forcibly as she delivered another good slap on my ass. 

Carol was excited to see my shaved cock, balls, and loved that I shaved my ass as well. She dove right down on my cock and devoured it, and then she licked all around my cock right where my pubic hair had been. I don’t know if it was the fact that it was freshly shaven or that that area is very sexually sensitive and was always covered in stupid hair, but I loved her tongue on my skin. Carol licked my balls, enjoying the hairless feel, rubbing her face all over them. 

She worked her way down past my balls and started to lick my taint. Without missing a beat she lifted my legs so that my knees bent into my chest exposing my hairless hole and giving her complete access. She went down on my boy pussy, licking up and down my crack. She stopped and concentrated on licking my hole. She actually stuck her tongue in my hole and started to tongue fuck me. I held onto my ankles and started moaning and squealing like a bitch in heat. It felt so good. 

I was leaking cum all over my stomach. I just kept thinking, if ‘it feels good go with it’, and it did feel so damn good, so I went with it. Carol lifted her head up, but held my legs in place, smiled at me, and said “Feels good doesn’t it? Your ass pussy is so sensitive, I love driving you crazy by playing with your little tight hole.” 

I smiled back and told her, “You better stop that you’re making me leak all over and I am close to shooting my load.” 

Carol lifted my hard cock out of the way to see my little puddle that I started and in a little pouty baby voice said, “MMMM your pussy is so sensitive, it makes you all wet.” Then she leaned over and sucked up all the precum off my stomach. She moved up and kissed me hard, shoving her tongue in my mouth so that we could share my cum. As our tongues touched I could feel the slippery liquid spread all over our mouths. I didn’t mind the taste at all, and in the heat of passion I would have done anything. 

She was on top of me grinding her pussy against my ass and balls. I could feel her hot wet pussy lips coating me with her juices. Man was she dripping, and now, so were my ass and balls. She backed off my lips, “Oh baby you have me so hot sharing your cum, god I love that.” 

Looking down at my cock, another puddle started building up on my stomach. She looked back at me mischievously, like the cat that swallowed the canary, and said “Looks like you don’t mind sharing your cum with me either, look at you dripping more cum for us to share.” 

Then she pushed against my ass some more and I was rolling into a tight ball. She had me in a wrestling type position. My cock was now dripping between my nipples, and only a couple of inches from my mouth. I think if I was more limber she would have pushed my cock into my mouth, but I was bent as far as I was going. I don’t know why I was disappointed, but I was. 

Carol lowered me back a bit, reached down grabbing my cock with her hand and began to pump her hand up and down the shaft a couple of times. She pumped my cock, bringing me to the edge of shooting my load when she stopped on an upstroke, bringing a big drop of cum to the top of my cock. Using her other hand she took her finger, scooped up the drop, brought it to my mouth, and shoved it in. This time I could really taste it. I knew that it was my cum I tasted. It was almost sweet tasting. It felt real thick and smooth on my tongue. Carol looked at me as I tasted my cum, “Good huh?” she said. 

“God yes, it actually DOES taste good.” I responded with a lustful daze. 

Then she scooped another big drop off my dripping cock. I thought I would get another taste but instead she put it on my man pussy and rubbed it around my hole. It felt so slick on my hole; I actually bucked back against her finger a bit. With a knowing chuckle Carol said “You like that baby? Want me to do it some more?” 

I was so horned up the only thing out of my mouth was “Yes. Yes, please don’t stop.” She took another drop but before she put it on my hole she engulfed my cock. The sudden warmth around my cock made my entire body spasm, “UGH, YA.” I moaned. 

Then I felt her finger on my virgin hole, then the pressure of her finger pushing in, demanding entrance for the first time. With her tonguing me earlier, and using my cum as lube, her finger slipped right in and down to her second knuckle. Her mouth totally engulfed my dripping cock and I could feel her nose pressing into my freshly shaven skin above my cock.

Her finger continued its way in until I felt pressure on my prostate. My cock lurched from the unusual intrusion. She started to massage my prostate causing by body to go into a frenzy of spasms. I was really bucking against her hand now. I started to moan, my body was on fire, “Oh god what are you doing to me, I can’t hold back, push hard in my quick. Oh my god I can’t hold it anymore I’m going to cum AARRGHHHH!”

I was wiggling my ass down against her finger, shoving my cock up into her mouth, and then pushing my ass back down on her finger all in a frenzied furry to one of the most intense orgasms of my life. I’m sure the neighbors could hear my screams but I didn’t care. My cum shot into her mouth and down her throat. I swear my balls have never let this much go at one time. After I shot three or four powerful bursts of cum, followed by two or three more dribbles of cum, I started to come down off my body shaking orgasm. As my body descended from midair, I came down resting onto her finger that was still embedded in my ass. 

Carol pulled off my cock and, laying her body on my chest like before, she planted a big kiss on my lips. Her finger was still deep in my ass. My mouth opened to receive her tongue and, to my surprise, found a mouthful of cum flooding into my mouth. My eyes flew open in surprise but Carol was ready for me to fight her surprise.

At the same time Carol was filling my mouth full of cum she pulled her finger out of my ass and quickly replaced it by shoving two fingers in my ass. Feeling my ass being spread open and assaulted with two fingers, and stretching my hole farther than it has ever been stretched before; my only response was to cry out, and in doing so caused me to swallow my mouthful of cum. As I swallowed my cum Carol continued to kiss me. Carol was grinding her pussy against the back of her hand, almost like her fingers lodged in my ass was her cock. She started cumming hard, forcing her tongue deeper in my mouth. Her fingers went in as deep as they could go, lodging in my ass, I could feel them became ridged. Her body convulsed and trembled against me. I could feel her pussy juices dripping down my ass. 

Looking up at each other she said “That was one intense orgasm,” as she pulled her fingers out of my ass. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, I laid there taking a couple of breathes and tasting my cum in my mouth. Compared to precum, having a full load of cum in your mouth is much thicker in consistency, and not as sweet. Surprisingly though, it wasn’t bad at all, as a matter of fact I actually liked the taste. 

Carol had a new razor with her and gave me that ‘time for a new lesson’ look as she instructed, “Time to clean the stubble around your pussy, and around your cock and balls.” 

She got down on her knees and soaped my cock up and started to shave me clean. I loved the feeling of my freshly shaven cock, it always made it more sensitive, like I needed that. She looked all over my cock inspecting her work. She looked up at me with a look of dissatisfaction. I looked down and asked her what was wrong.

Carol just shrugged and said, “You have such a nice outfit to wear and it just wouldn’t look right with these hairy legs. You look hot all dressed up like my little slut, but it does lose some of its appeal with your hair sticking out the nylons. Your ass would look so sweet with that g string running up your crack if the hair was off those cheeks. What do you say, want me to go for it? Want to really feel sexy and see what smooth legs will feel like, it would me so hot?” 

I was looking down at those green eyes of hers and those pouty lips and my mind was going a million miles an hour; work requires pants at all times so nobody will know, check; I don’t wear shorts to school because I go straight to work so nobody will know I have smooth legs there either, check; I think I could get away with it for a while and it will probably grow back fast anyway, right? I looked back down and gave her the go ahead. 

She looked back at me and glared “What’s with the nod slut, tell your mistress what you want her to do?” 

The humiliation was getting to me but the sex was getting more and more intense, it’s just a sex game and if it feels good I should go with it, right? Think with your head, think with your head, damn it the dick wins again “Please Mistress, I need this ugly hair off my sexy legs so I can feel your beautiful gift of silk against my skin. Please shave my legs.” I felt stupid yet my cock was hard as a rock. 

“Since you asked so nicely I will help rid you of that ugly man hair and shave your slutty legs, but because you took so long to decide I think we will have to go one up.” 

She reached up and grabbed a can of cream, gave it a couple of shakes and squirt a large glob into her hand, “Let’s get you all lathered up first.” She started on my back, then my chest, worked her way down to my feet. I was covered from my neck down to my toes in this pinkish, foamy, soap. The water was shut off. Thank goodness it was summer and hotter than hell or I would have been standing there freezing my balls off. I asked her if I could rinse the soap off before it started to dry on my skin.

She just waved my comment off, “Wait another minute so the perfumed scent gets into your skin and the hair softens a bit, then we can start to shave that nasty hair off your legs. Don’t worry sweetie you’ll be baby skin smooth in a couple of minutes, are you that excited about wearing your pretty little outfit? You’re such a slut.” She laughed and swatted my hard cock back and forth a couple of times. 

My skin started to tingle a bit. I felt it actually getting warm under my arms. When I told her this she smiled and said “Great, that means it’s time to turn the water on and get rid of this hair.” 

She turned the water on and I backed to the side of the shower until it got to the right temperature before I stepped into the stream. The water felt good. Carol took a rag and started to rub it all over my body. I stood there enjoying the attention of being washed up. As she continued to wipe my body down I noticed that the rag was making my skin more sensitive or maybe it was the ‘soap’. As it turned out it wasn’t soap at all, but rather, it was hair remover. My entire body was now void of all hair from my neck down. 

“Holy crap I look like a little boy, all the hair is gone.” I said out of fear of being discovered. How was I going to conceal this? 

Carol laughed at me and said “You look more like a little cum sucking slutty girlie boy. Now calm down it will grow back and you will be your hairy ape of a man again before you know it. Until then you can wear pretty panties and nylons and be my little sex slave and have more orgasms than you can imagine. So what’s it going to be, hide out until your hair grows back or get out of the shower, put your slutty clothes on and be your mistresses sexy little cum loving pussy boy? And remember the right choice gets you sex, the wrong one leaves you playing with yourself?” 

Big choice, “Please Mistress let me be your little pussy boy and I’ll dress anyway you want, please.” I said bowing my head in defeat.

Carol hugged me tight and gave me a kiss as she ground her pussy against my cock, “Oh that makes me so happy. This will be a great Happy Birthday present. Now let’s dry off and put your new clothes on so we can play Mistress Bitch and her sexy little pussy boy.” 

Yes, more sex, Happy Birthday to me. We dried off and went into our room, scooping up the box in the living room on the way. Once in our room Carol started to lay out my wardrobe. She grabbed another box on the floor and left the room telling me she will be right back with another part of my birthday present, she then told be to hurry and put my little things on and be ready when she comes back. 

I picked up the garter belt, first figuring out how it went on, where the clips needed to be in order to hook them to the nylons, and then I scrunched up one of the nylons in my hand, like Carol had done before. I slipped my toes in the nylon and pulled it up my leg. ‘OH MY GOD’ what a sensation against my cleanly shaven legs. This was a completely different feel. It was a thousand times more sexy feeling. I had no regrets about my hairless body. I quickly pulled on the second nylon up my other leg. Then I attached all the clips. 

I ran my hands up and down my legs. With no hair pushing through or matted underneath the nylons made me feel sexy and felt so soft against my skin. I put the bra on backwards, with the boobs on my back, so I can clasp it. I twisted the bra around my body and pulled my arms into the straps. I adjusted it against my chest to fit over my nipples, again, what a sensation. I slipped the g string on and gave it an extra tug making sure the string was cinched against my little boy pussy. Then I jumped on the bed and started to gently touch my body all over. My sensitivity meter was off the charts.

Carol then walked into the bedroom and I almost lost it. She had on a silky short black kimono on that was loosely tied around the waist. With the robe partially opened in the front, I was able to see that she had on a black bustier that held her tits up high and her nipples were pointing straight out making points against the kimono. The kimono went down to her mid-thigh, and beyond that were black nylons that were sexy hot. 

With her hands on her hips she looked right into my eyes, “Do you like your other present? Wait until I get you all hot and bothered, you’ll be begging me to take this robe off and fuck you like the little sissy slut you are,” as she was saying this she was crawling up from the bottom of the bed rubbing her face along my nylon covered legs. 

When she got to my crotch area she nuzzled her nose into my silk covered balls, “So soft and sexy baby, I love it.” I looked down into her bustier and could see those big white mounds moving up towards me. The heat of her breath and the wetness of her tongue as she moved up my now hairless stomach was incredible. Then she got up to my bra and used her lips to circle around each nipple getting them really hard as the silky, lacy, material rubbed against them. 

She then lightly bit each nipple through the bra sending chills through me. My body reacted by my pelvis pushing up into Carol’s stomach, as I released a moan out of my mouth and my eyes rolled in my head. I was in a state of euphoria. 

“Oh my little sissy slut likes her titties played with through her sexy little bra doesn’t she? I love that I can make you feel so good baby, I love making you squirm and drip under my power,” as she said this she dove back down on my nipples and started to bite them harder and pull on them with her teeth. 

The bra rubbed not only my nipples but also against my clean shaven, and now very sensitive, chest. I could feel my panties getting wet from my precum. I pushed my cock up into her stomach and ground it against her. My cock was pulled tight against the silky g string material, which felt good, but also my balls were being massaged at the same time. “OH god you’re going to make me cum, oh bite them harder baby. Make me cum playing with my titties. I need to cum bad.” I whimpered like a cheap slut. 

She let go and moved up to my face. Nose to nose she told me, “Not yet slut, you’ll cum when I’m good and ready. Besides you haven’t begged to be fucked yet. You will cum after you beg to be fucked and after I’ve cum first. Then you will lick every drop of cum out my pussy won’t you bitch?” 

My only pleading response now was “Yes Mistress. Please, please fuck your slutty little sissy. Fuck me until I fill your pretty pussy full of sissy cream, let me eat my cum out of you please, just fuck me please.” 

Carol leaned forward a bit more and putting her mouth right next to my ear, “That’s what I like to hear baby, beg to be fucked and to empty those balls. Look at you all clean shaven like a little sissy boy, wearing your girly bra and nylons, you like being dressed up like a girl, you like to be treated like the cum slut you are? You drink cum like a pussy girl; I bet you would love to taste that cum right from the tap? All dressed up like this, you’re begging to have a real man fuck you, shove his dripping cock in your mouth so you can taste his warm cum shoot in your throat, drinking down a nice fresh, real man’s, load in your mouth.” 

She reached down, tugged at my g string, pulling it off my balls and out of the crack of my ass, exposing my ass completely. She started to rub my boy pussy with her finger. My head was spinning in a daze. My cock was dripping into my silky pouch. She reached into my g string and grabbed some of my drippings, then took her finger and used my cum as lube and started to grease up my hole. 

I started to moan louder, “Please Mistress fuck me, sit on my cock and fuck me I need to cum so bad.” What a submissive pussy I’ve become, and I loved it.

Whispering in my ear some more, “Listen to my little pussy boy, you like your pussy played with, all nice and clean, your pussy is so juicy baby I want to fuck you so bad, ready for another birthday surprise?” 

She then shoved her finger in my ass and started to finger fuck me. She slowly pulled her finger out to the tip and then pushed it back in real slow so I can feel each inch move inside me. I was totally hers and she knew it. “God yes anything, just fuck me please oh god please I need to be fucked.” I was almost crying in agony with a need to release my cum. 

Then I felt more liquid on my ass, it was really slippery like oil, as she worked it in my hole with two fingers, really stretching my opening. I was trying to lift my pelvis up to grind my cock into her, anything, one touch and I knew I would blow my load, and so did she. 

She used her legs to pin me down not allowing me to bend my knees and push up into her. “Not yet baby, I like fucking your pussy. I love the way your pussy opens up to me, you are so wet and open baby I bet if another guy was here right now you would let him fuck you wouldn’t you? To feel a nice big cock spreading your pussy lips wide, feeling yourself clamp down around a nice hard cock as it moves in and out of your wet pussy. Feel that big cock head push against your prostate. Feeling that cock slam into you hard, his balls slapping against your ass until you feel his nice hard cock flare bigger and feel his hot wet seed start to pump inside you filling your pussy up with a real man’s cum. Oh baby you’re going to make me cum this is so fucking hot.” 

I don’t know who was turned on more. I was overtaken with lust. She was fucking me with four fingers now and was going to make me blow my load into my g string. Between the heavy fast breaths I managed to respond, “Yes please Mistress, I’m such a pussy slut, fuck me, fuck me harder, you’re going to make me cum.” 

She pulled her fingers out of my ass and lifted herself, her face hovering above mine, her eyes were just as much glazed over as mine were, we were lost in lust, “Oh baby yes I’m going to fuck you like you know you want to be fucked, like you need to be fucked.” 

Then she pulled the tie open on the kimono, and laid back down on me. I could feel her bustier, all lacy, scratching up against my stomach as she lay in between my legs. I wrapped my stocking covered legs under her kimono and around her back trying to pull her up to my cock. Then she instructed me to pull the kimono off her. I grabbed the silky kimono and pulled it over her head and slipped each arm out, throwing it to the floor it one quick move. She looked up from my chest and said “Ready for your birthday fuck baby?” 

Oh I was ready “God yes please fuck me Mistress, fuck your pussy slut.” 

Carol pulled herself up to where her face was up to mine again, and as I was lowering my legs thinking she was going to pull my cock out and sit on it, she stopped me, “No baby, keep your legs around me. I love the feeling of those nylons wrapped around me, keep them there and rub them up and down my sides and on my back.” God this was a turn on rubbing my legs all over her. 

Then I felt pressure on my ass again, but this time it wasn’t her fingers, it felt bigger, and blunter. Recognition hit, my eyes flew open and I quickly looked down my chest and stomach to see her pushing the head of a cock in my ass. Jutting out, from where I usually see her pussy, was a very lifelike seven inch cock. It was so real looking. Nice flaring head, with protruding veins running down the shaft that lead down to a nice full set of balls; which pressed against a black leather harness, with straps wrapping around her waist and around each leg.

She looked at the shock, fear, and lust in my eyes. She shoved her mouth on mine and her tongue quickly forced its way into my mouth. At the same time she pushed the head of her cock into my virgin hole. Even after the preparation of my hole and the lube that she must have put on her cock the intrusion was unexpected. 

I tried to scream, but she held me lip locked, allowing the only thing to come out was a muffled cry. The initial penetration wasn’t horrible, but my ass was being stretched farther than it had ever been before. Carol just let the head of her cock rest just on the inside of the opening to allow my body to adjust. Carol pulled her mouth off mine, “Happy Birthday baby, I bought this little toy for you so I can fuck you on your birthday. Let it happen, I know it will feel good. Feel my cock take your cock virgin cherry.”

I didn’t even get a chance to argue before I felt the head pull out just a little before she pushed forward and about four more inches entered me. She was past my sphincter now and I felt I was now loose enough to take it. With the lube, and the pre stretching, it no longer was hurting; in fact my ass was on sexual overload. I think the lube must have had something in it because my ass was twitching and itching and needed, no demanded the friction of that rubber cock to scratch it. 

I pushed back against the cock pushing another couple of inches in. I wasn’t sure how big this thing really was, but I could feel the pressure inside me. I felt like it was going to start poking my stomach. Carol let me adjust some more by staying motionless for a few seconds. I wanted it bad and I started to wiggle my ass against the girth of the cock in my boy pussy. 

Carol smiled back at me, “I knew you would love your present. I love having a cock between my legs. Look at my little pussy boy wanting this big cock to fuck him. You like having a nice big cock inside you, don’t you baby?” 

I was wiggling my ass and pressing up into her cock, wanting more. The entire time I could hear myself moaning and whimpering like the sex starved slut I was becoming. Carol reached between us tugging at the Velcro side of my g string and releasing my cock. My cock just flopped against my stomach. I was no longer hard. The initial pain from my first cock entering me caused my cock to shrink down.

Carol took advantage of my withered state to humiliate me a little more “Look at this, you can’t even get it up, I think the little pussy would rather have a cock than a pussy, is my little man turning into a cock slut now? Do you like having this cock fucking your little pussy baby?” 

With that she pulled the cock almost all the way out of my ass, it felt like my insides were being pulled out with it, she looked right into my eyes, “This is what you need baby,” and she shoved the cock all the way in until I felt the fake balls hit my ass. 

My eyes rolled back as I felt the cock head push hard against my prostate. I let out a grunt as I breathed out, “Uugghhh, yes.” Carol took that as a major breakthrough and started long dicking me, pounding that cock in and out of my pussy. I could feel my pussy lips wrapped around her cock as it plunged in and out. Her balls slapping against the backside of my ass was an added turn on. 

Each time the head of Carol’s cock hit my prostate, my shriveled cock flinch up and leak more and more cum onto my stomach. It was no longer clear precum, this was milky white, thick, cum being pushed out of my cock, from the inside. I was not aware of it at the time but the strap on she bought was double sided and the other half was buried deep in Carol’s pussy, so she was getting a fucking as well. 

The fucking was becoming a heated frenzy for Carol, “Quick baby I’m almost there, get your cum and eat it for me baby, take it and rub it all over your lips and lick it off your fingers. Hurry I need to cum while I’m fucking your little pussy and watching you eat cum, do it NOW,” she demanded, through her heavy breaths from both the physical act and her building climax. 

I was pushing my ass harder and harder back against her thrusts as my cock leaked a puddle of cum onto my stomach and chest. I did as I was told, I scooped my cum up with my fingers, and rubbed it all over my lips and around my mouth. I grabbed more and started to lick it off my fingers, like little cocks presenting their juices to me. I was so far gone I started to suck my finger like they were cum covered cocks. 

This drove Carol over the edge “OH MY GOD YES SUCK THAT CUM OFF THAT COCK, EAT IT BABY. YOU’RE SO FUCKING HOT AAAAHHHH!!!!” Her whole body was shaking from her orgasm. 

She crammed her cock so deep in my ass I thought it was up in my throat. Her orgasm was intense. When her cock hit my prostate again, the pressure sent me into my own body shaking orgasm. This orgasm was unlike I have ever felt before. It wasn’t the kind when you are shooting your load, no this was different, my body was cumming from the inside and it was the most intense feeling I’ve ever felt. 

We both calmed down a little after our orgasms began to subside. Carol kissed and licked the cum off my face as she drove her tongue in my mouth looking for any cum she could find. We made out for a few minutes sharing “I love you’s” back and forth. The entire time she kept that cock buried deep in my ass. Every once in a while she would grind her cock it into me rubbing my prostate. 

She finally sat up again, and slowly pulled her cock out of my pussy. We both watched as the cock came out of my pussy. I could not believe that that monster was inside me, and giving me so much pleasure. I could see this big flesh colored cock being pulled out of my ass. It looked to be about the girth of my cock, but the length just kept coming out, it was much longer than my six inch cock, it was more like 8 or 9 inches now that I had a chance to really look at it. The head pulled out and I could feel a rush of air enter through my gaping hole and I felt so empty, and so spent.

Carol was watching just as I was, seeing that cock being pulled out of my ass, “This is the hottest thing I have seen or done. You should see how open your pussy is. If this were a real cock there would be floods of cum flooding out. This was so fucking hot.” 

Carol bent down and started to kiss me all over my ass. She pushed her tongue in my ass and I could feel her warm tongue swirling around my open hole. Being rimmed like this gave me another orgasm and I started to shake again, no cum out of my cock, just a body shaking orgasm. I was having my pussy eaten and cumming. I clenched down on Carol’s tongue and she kept wiggling it and tongue fucking me. 

“Oh god that feels so good. Eat my pussy. Oh my god I’m cumming again, uuuggghhhh!” I screamed. 

Carol lifted her head, smiled at me, “You have the most sensitive pussy, what did you like better getting fucked with my cock or getting your pussy eaten out? I love my little sexy girly cock slut. Do you feel as thoroughly fucked as you look baby? I hope you enjoyed your birthday presents.” 

I just held her and told that it was the best birthday ever.

Carol then grabbed my hand and pushed it to her cock, wrapping my hand around it. She pulled my hand up and down the length of the cock watching me jack her off. It was still slippery from the oil, but it was clean, even though it was just in my ass. I see the importance of being douched, it stayed clean. 

I marveled at the feel, how real it seemed. Carol lifted her hand off of mine and I continued to explore the protruding veins, the girth, and the length of this gorgeous cock. The head even flared out just like a real cock. I moved my hand down and felt the balls, hefty and smooth, flat in the back to rest against her pelvis, and to make shoving it from behind easier. 

I reached under it and found that the length continued into Carol’s pussy, but I couldn’t tell how much farther it went. “That’s it baby feel my cock, feel the cock that gave you so much pleasure. Move down and get a closer look at your lovers cock.” She commanded.

I felt her hands grab my head and start pushing me down to her lap. I was mesmerized as I felt myself moving closer to this lifelike cock. As she pushed me towards the cock, I just closed my eyes, opened my mouth, and let the cockhead enter my mouth. It was still warm from being in my ass. I started to run my tongue around the head, feeling the ridge and even the slight clit at the tip. 

Carol kept encouraging me to do more, to please her by sucking her cock, “That’s it baby, open your little slut mouth and service my big cock. Lick all around my head baby. Oh ya, that’s so nice. Now lick up and down my shaft. Mmmm, that’s it. Good bitches clean their man’s cock after they’ve been fucked so well. You want me to fuck you again don’t you baby? You need me to put this big cock in your pussy to make you feel like the little cum slut you are, don’t you baby?” 

I licked up and down the cock, using my tongue to feel the veins bulging out along the shaft. Was this what a real cock was like? I wanted to find out, I wanted to feel and taste a real cock. The submissiveness of going down on a cock was so overwhelming I felt dizzy. I was licking and sucking this cock like the cheap slut I wanted to be. 

I loved being called trashy names, being forced to do all the things I hadn’t even dreamed about. Carol sensed this and drove all my desires right up to the surface, causing me to be a little cock whore. I even went down below and licked the plastic balls, wrapping my mouth around each one. Flicking my tongue under her balls, to find her dripping pussy and the other side of the cock still embedded inside her. 

Carol started to fist her cock and pull on it, forcing the other side to go in and out of her pussy. Then she unsnapped the belt, pulled the double headed dildo out of the harness, turned it around, and shoved the cock side that was just in my ass deep in her pussy. “Lick my pussy boy, as I am being fucked by a real man, a man with a real cock filling my pussy. Eat me and lick his cock slut. Show your Master and Mistress what a cock loving pussy slut you are.” 

I dove in and started to lick the outsides of her pussy lips that were stretched around the cock as it sawed into her. I was licking up all the dripping juices being forced out of her pussy by the cock shaped dildo. As she pulled the cock out of her pussy I would lunge forward and lick her juices from the shaft. 

She would even pull the cock all the way out of her pussy and shove it down my throat, to the point that my eyes began watering as I tried to breathe. “That’s it slut, suck you Master’s cock. You need to service both of us, keep his cock clean or he won’t fuck you, and you know you need a cock in your pussy to make you happy. That’s it suck his cock baby, suck my juice off his cock. See how happy it makes me, all wet and covered in pussy juice? God I want to see you take a cock and watch you swallow a real load of hot thick cum.” 

Carol then pulled the cock out of my mouth and shoved it balls deep back in her pussy. She used her other hand to guide my head back towards her pussy, but instead of shoving me in her pussy, she leaned back further exposing her ass. It didn’t take a genius to figure this one out. I dove onto her ass and shoved my tongue in her tight little hole and started to tongue fuck her ass. “That’s it baby eat my ass while I get fucked by a real cock.” 

I was so hard, I reached down to jack myself off, Carol yelled at me to stop “NO! STICK IT IN MY ASS, NOW!” She screamed out.

I quickly got up on my knees, lined my cock head up with her ass, and shoved my cock all the way in her ass until my balls were slapping her ass. My stomach was pushing the end of the dildo into her pussy, shoving it in beyond where the split of the double headed dildo met. The fake balls were trying to push their way into her pussy. “OH GOD, OH GOD, HARDER, HARDER fuck me HARDER!” She yelled out.

I just kept long dicking her. Pulling my cock all the way out, and then slamming my cock all the way back in, balls deep. The pressure was too much so I had to pull out to keep me from cumming. When I did she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and instructed me to, “Cum in my pussy, shove your cock in and cum hard, fill me up with your seed”.

I was too far gone to think about stopping, so I shoved my cock in her pussy. She was so wet, and so fucking hot, I knew it wouldn’t take but a couple of strokes before we both came. She took the dildo and shoved it in my mouth. I opened my mouth and took the cock in about 3 or 4 inches. I could taste her fuck juice all over it, “That’s right boy suck daddy’s cock and fill your mistress with cum.” 

It was all too much and I shoved my cock in as hard and as deep as it would go. I pushed in so hard that my balls went back and I could feel them pushing up into my ass. I screamed around the cock in my mouth as I emptied my load in her pussy. After about 4 or 5 five good shots of cream in her pussy I was exhausted. 

I wasn’t to be let off so easily, she hadn’t finished cumming. Carol pulled the dildo from my mouth, grabbed me around the neck, pulled me down to her chest, and then pushed me down to her pussy. I couldn’t hold my shrinking cock in her anymore and when she shoved my head down to her pussy my cock slipped out. 

She shoved my face into her pussy “Now clean your mess, you pussy eating cum slut. Stick your tongue in my pussy and suck every drop of cum out of me and don’t stop until you make me cum and I tell you to stop.” She was a true Dominatrix. 

She held my head and ground her pussy all over my face coating me with cum and pussy juice. Then she aimed my mouth towards her pussy and pushed down hard against my head. I was soon diving in the warmest, wettest, and tastiest pussy ever. I licked all over her pussy lips and started to suck on her clit, darting my tongue everywhere searching out my cum. It didn’t take her long to clamp her thighs around my head and have a body shaking orgasm. 

I love the feeling when her legs shake and her pussy clamps down on my tongue, followed by a warm rush of her fluids pushing out our cum together. I love the taste and feel of our thick, warm, and sweet tasting cum flooding into my mouth. I drank it all up like it was my last meal. 

She loosened up her grip and finally she pushed my head away. “Enough! I can’t take anymore. That was the best sex ever.” I crawled up to her face, still dressed with my nylons and bra on, we cuddled, and went to sleep. 

Happy Fucking Birthday to me.

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