Wife tells me what she did…. (Part 1)

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Wife tells me what she did…. (Part 1)
My wife Katie, knows that I have a secret fantasy of her fucking a black man with a very very large cock. We have joked about it on a number of occasions and sometimes during foreplay, if I get her talking about it, she gets very very horny and cums while imagining it.

One day while we were fooling about and kissing on the bed she told me that she had something to tell me. She told me that during the afternoon while I was at work she had fucked a big black cock in our bed! I could not believe it, I was a little shocked and laughed, she reached down and picked up her phone and there were pictures of him in the room, close-ups of his cock and even a picture of his cock head in the pussy entrance! I was in shock, but extremely turned on. Katie pushed my back onto the bed and snuggled up next to me. “I know how much you have wanted this, so lie back and I am going to tell you what we did while I play with you cock”

She lay next to me with her huge boobs on my chest. I could see her nipples were red and still thick and errect and I knew they had been sucked hard. She slid her thigh across my legs so that if was just resting on my balls, and pushed her pussy lips against my leg. She put some lube on my cock head, then she started to slowly stroke her hand around my cock and rub around my head. I knew what she was doing, I love a good hand job and she knows exactly how to take me into ecstasy without making me actually cum. As she stoked she started the story…

“I placed an add online for a very well endowed black guy to help me fulfil my fantasies. I got lots of replies, but one was from a local guy called John. In his pictures he looked tall and his cock looked very big, so I arranged for him to come over today while you were out.

At about lunchtime, the doorbell went and there he was. I was a little shocked, as he was about 7ft tall, stocky and obviously worked out a lot, but I was also very very horny! I invited him in and offered him a drink, but he declined. He followed my into the kitchen and I got myself a glass of water. I was wearing a short red dress that came down to just above my knees, and my big boobs were tightly packed in with the nipples visible through the tight fabric. I had no underwear on.

I asked him if he liked what he saw, and he said yes, and he stepped forward and put him arm around me and pulled my close to him. My pussy was now very very wet and he reached him arm down and squeezed my ass. We kissed and as he kissed me he slid his other arm down and under the dress, I gasped as he slid a large finger down my dripping wet slit and straight into my big wet hole. Oh mu god I thought, he is going to make me cum right here in the kitchen. He started to kiss my neck and one finder suddenly became 2. Before I know it I was back against the counter with my legs spread and he was banging me hard with three fingers. my vagina had suddenly become enormous, I moaned, I was so wet his fourth finger went in and he pushed deep. I had a massive orgasm, my legs bucked and I was on the floor. He pulled his fingers out and knelt down, he spread my legs wide and licked and sucked at my gushing vagina. I had another massive orgasm. We lay on the floor, I could see his huge errect cock, it looked about 10 inches and fat, like a can of coke. I reached out and touched it, I wanted it. My pussy was wider than I’ve ever known and I needed his thickness inside.

My wifes hand gripped around my cock as she told me about her orgasms, she wanked faster and faster as she relived the action of his thick fingers, pre-cum was starting to ooze out of my cock and was doing a great job of lubricating her fingers, which were now gently rubbing over my head again. Everything was spinning around in my head, images of the guys huge hand deep in my wifes pussy, while she orgasmed over and over. I was hornier than I have ever been in my life. One wrong move and I knew I would cum, but my wife is a handjob expert, she can take my cock to climax over and over, without making it cum, just keeping it right there on the edge until I can’t stand it any longer.

“are you ready for more” she asked. “Oh Yes” I said. She kissed me gently on the cheek “Ok but I warn you, he fucked the shit out of me!” I nearly came right there and then in her hand.

She continued. “We went upstairs and I took off my dress. John started to remove his clothes and I could see a very large bulge in his pants, he was already pretty hard. He removed his underwear and I lay back on the bed and opened my legs. John came over and kneeled by the bed. I spread my legs wide and he started to lick my big pussy flaps again, I started to moan and as I looked down I could see his cock, it was rock hard and looked enormous. What really suprised me was how thick it was. It was about 10 inches long, but as thick as a can of coke, the head was even thicker than the shaft. I was a bit concerned, but my pussy was massive from all the fingering so I asked him to put it in.”

I was getting very horny now, my cock was starting to engorge, I knew I would cum very easily if she jerked my to much. I asked her to just gently stroke the top of my cock head. I needed to hear about it going into her for the first time, I’d fantasised about this moment for a long time. I wish I had been there to see it.

She continued…

“John lent over me and slid his head up and down in my pussy flaps, they were wet through, I was wide open. I begged him to put it in, and eventually he started to push the head into the entrance. It slid in easily but stretched my entrance and I felt my pussy clench around it, he started to move in and out with just his head, pushing it in and pulling it out again slowly, as he did so my vagina became looser and it started to slip in a bit further each time, I was very near to another orgasm. He pulled it out again and then pushed it in, but this time he pushed it in all the way, until the fat head hit the end of my pussy. I orgasmed as soon as it hit the end, It was a massive earth shattering orgasm, bigger and more intense than anything I have experienced before. John kept pumping me and pushing the thick head and cock deep into me, getting more and more of his cock in each time. I had orgasm after orgasm, as eventually my vagina expanded, I felt all 10 inches of his huge cock inside me.”

She had picked up the pace again on my cock, and I nearly came twice during the story, especially when I imagined the huge thick head enter my wife’s pussy for the first time. “Keep Going” I said, “I’m nearly there, what did he do next”

“Well he kept pumping and pumping and I was having almost a continuous orgasm. His long cock pushing buttons that have never been pressed before. Then I could feel his cock start to thicken and harden, Oh fuck, he’s going to cum I thought. We hadn’t had time to talk about this before. I hadn’t intended to let another man cum inside me without a condom, but I wanted it. Right there and then, nothing, absolutely nothing in the world could have stopped it. I wanted to tell him to do it on my tits or in my mouth, but I was too horny and turned on. He asked if he could cum inside and I said “Yes, oh fuck yes, full me with your thick cum as deep as you can” With that, he grunted and pushed in as far as he could and I felt a huge explosion of semen as it squirted, jet after hot sticky jet, into my vagina. He was pushing his cock head against my cervix and I knew the powerful jets of cum would be going through. That made be orgasm again. We collapsed on the bed. He was still inside me, deep inside. He stayed inside me, rock hard for 10 minutes. I though he might start again and cum again. I would have let him do anything he wanted. But eventually he slid out, followed by a river of spunk.

She stroked my cock gently as she told her story. She knew that circling the top of my cock head with her fingers would keep me on the edge. She also knew that making a ring with her finger and thumb just beneath my cock head would get me right to the edge. She did this just as she was telling me about him getting ready to cum. As she told me that he came inside her, she gripped my cock head and started to slide all her dripping fingers up over the head and back down again, faster and faster. This was the crowning glory in her handjob arsenal, the move that initiated an incredible orgasm, after nearly half an hour of play. I came and shot the biggest load I have ever shot, as I realized that my wife had been inseminated by a gigantic cock. We collapsed on the bed. I was a bit shocked, I had imagined that the first guy to fuck her would wear a condom, and that I would watch her take it on the tits or in her mouth. But now my wife had been fucked bareback by the biggest cock of her life, and had another mans semen inside, deep inside.

She lay back on the bed and opened her legs, “touch it”, she said “touch my pussy, see what he had done to it” I leaned over and slid my fingers into the hole. I could tell immediately that it was bigger, and her pussy lips looked a lot bigger. “His cum is still in there” She said, “some of it anyway, he came in me 4 times in all. Put your cock in” I moved over and spread her legs, I could see a little bit of white semen, very white semen, dribbling out and her pussy opened. My cock was hardening again and I guided it into her pussy. As it slid in, I could tell she had been fucked. It felt very very sloppy and wet, which I guessed was his cum, but it didn’t matter, I was very horny again and I started to fuck her pussy with my cock. It didn’t take long and a came inside.

I lay back on the bed thinking about what we had done. I was annoyed that she fucked him without me there, but then again that just added to the excitement. Katie went to sleep, and I wanked myself off three more times thinking about it!

The next day we talked about it and Katie said that she really wanted to do it again, but not with the same guy. I agreed as long as she promised to do it with me in the room and let me see everything that happened. She agreed and we stated to put things in motion.

To be continued….

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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