Wine Country

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Wine Country
I’m 32 years old, dirty blonde hair, green eyes and curvy.
I recently reconnected with an old friend from my ‘formative’ years.

I was out in Napa Valley for work,
and he decided to take a road trip and decided to come and see me.
To be honest, I thought about what it would be like yo fuck him now,
and hoped that maybe something might happen.
I made sure to wear a cute new bra and panty set that I had just baought.
A lacy black bra, and some sheer black thong panties with little crystals.
Very cute.

I met him in the lobby,
we dropped his stuff off in the room,
and then went down for the free happy hour in the hotel.

We first talked about the usual,
catching up, work, travel… life… blah, blah, blah.

Then we started reminiscing about our past…

Apparently I was his first hand job, which I never knew.
I jerked him off during a fundraiser at a local McD’s,
outside behind the drive thru order sign…
Thinking back on it now I’m sure people could see us…
I guess I’ve always liked risky hook-ups!

I remember kissing him and sliding my hand into his pants,
and feeling his dick get harder and harder in my soft hand,
running my fingers of the head of his cock.
It’s always so exciting making a guys dick rock hard…
Nothing in the world gives me that feeling.
I stroked him and stroked him until he came,
and the smile on his face after that was classic.
I still remember that.
And, being a gentleman, he let me clean off my hand on his shirt.
He also told me how awkward it was walking home with nut in his shorts!!
He’s too funny!

We also talked about the blowjob I gave him in his first car.
It’s one of my most fond blowjobs actually…
I still remember it like it was yesterday although it was almost 15 years ago!

We were driving around and he had just got this awesome sound system in his car.
Good sound systems in cars are such a turn on for me,
simply because they can turn my seat into a giant vibrator!
The bass was so deep I could feel it in my pussy as I sat there…
It was really turning me on – and I told him that.

I then started rubbing his cock through his pants
as we drove along my small city’s streets…
he decided to take some smaller, less traffic roads…
so I decided to take it to the next level…
I unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out through the slit in his boxers… man, that hard dick looked so tasty.
Luckily the car had a benched front seat (it was an older model)
which made it easy for me to slide over
and start sucking on the tip of his cock,
sliding my tongue around the head and then licking up his shaft.

As the bass continued to turn me on
and his dick in my mouth got me wetter,
I could help but hungrily suck on it,
sliding in and out across my sift lips,
gently rubbing against my teeth,
taking him all the way in, hitting the back of my throat,
his moaning making me moan…
and that was when he was like, ‘I gotta pull over!’

He found a very quiet street, pulled over
and sat back to enjoy to show and watched me suck him off,
He came hard in my mouth,
one hand pulling back on my ponytail,
the other resting on the back of my neck.
I remember his cum dribbled down my chin and it made me laugh.
And I still remember the spot he pulled over!
He told me he does too, and named the street…
And I told him every time I go back to visit my parents
I take a walk by there and think about that day.

So all this talk definitely had us warmed up
(and I’m sure the wine helped too)
When he asked if I wanted to head up to the room…
I smiled and laughed and said ‘Sure.’
Feeling my heart race a little,
and the butterflies in my stomach,
anticipating kissing him again,
touching him again, feeling his dick get hard,
and having him touch me…
He was always so good at making me cum.

As we stepped onto the elevator up to our room,
I could feel my pussy getting wetter,
and that slight throb in my clit.
As the elevator doors closed
he pushed me up against the wall,
and kissed me deeply,
I could taste the red wine still on his lips.
He is such a great kisser.
Gently holding me against the wall
One hand rubbing against my pussy,
the other against my throat softly,
he pulled away and whispered in my ear,
‘I cant wait to put my dick in your mouth again’
and I could feel myself blush – as he laughed
and the elevator doors opened, and he stepped off,
holding the door for me to follow.

My head was dizzy and I giggled,as we quickly walked to the room.
He slid the door key card in the reader,
and as the locked clicked he pushed the door open,
and held it for me as I walked in
and he followed.

Before the door even closed he was on me.
Holding me from behind, kissing my neck.
One arm wrapped around my chest,
fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples,
while the other was lifting
the back of my skirt, rubbing my round, big ass.
I could feel my knees starting to buckle.

Christ, it had been so long since I felt like this.
There is no one else Ive ever been with
that could make me get so hot, so fast.

I quickly turned around
and as he kissed and nibbled my neck
I unbuttoned his shorts and dropped to my knees,
taking his pants down with me.

His stiff dick stood at attention, twitching,
which made me smile,
and I looked up at him with that grin
as he wrapped my hair around his his hand
and gave a quick tug and growled “Suck it”

I laughed, and very gently ran the tip of my tongue up his shaft.
He moan, and tugged again. “I said, suck it.”
Slowly I wrapped my lips around the head of his prick,
and slowly slid it all the way into my warm, wet mouth.
Holding it there, sucking gently,
feeling him at the back of my throat,
I could feel his had tighten in my hair,
as he gently guided my head back and forth
sliding his rock hard dick in and out of my mouth.
I moved quicker and quicker in time with him.
And then I felt his hips shaking,
as he pushed his dick in deeper,
holding my head against him.
And he came as I swallowed his bitter seed.

Gently I pulled back sliding his still hard dick out of my mouth,
and said ‘Really? Already?’…
He laughed and said, ‘Oh we’re not done yet.’

He lifted me back to my feet,
and began kissing me again, as he lead me backward to the couch.
(We had a suite)

Again, he gently held my throat,
and whispered in my ear ‘My turn’
as his other hand ran up my thigh
across my snatch, he grabbed onto my damp panties,
and tore them off, while pushing me onto the couch.

He got down on his knees,
and ran the tip of his tongue along my wet slit.
‘Mmmm. You taste so good.” he said and smiled.
I slid forward in the couch –
my ass on the edge and legs spread wide.
Watching him, watching me, watch him.

He went deeper.
Sucking gently on my clit,
flicking his tongue…
sliding his tongue up and down, and in and out.
It felt so fuckin’ good.
(and makes me wet again remembering)

I closed my eyes
as the first tremors started in my thighs.
Knowing he was watching me, enjoying his talent.

He slowly slid 2 fingers into my tight, wet cunt.
Beckoning me to cum, as I writhed on the couch.
I could feel the tension rising in hips.
‘Oh, God, make me cum’ I moaned.
‘Don’t cum yet. Not yet.’ he said.
‘Not until I tell you to.’
It was pure ecstacy…
My body was shaking, holding back, on the brink…
And he stopped. He stopped!
Before I could say anything,
he grabbed me by the hips and flipped me over.

Again wrapping my hair around his hand,
while lifting my skirt –
he pressed against me
I could feel his hard dick
against the small of my back.
And my body shook again.

He whispered again in my ear,
‘You want me to fuck you?’
And I moaned, and rubbed my ass against him.
‘Tell me. Tell me you want me to fuck you.’
Again with a tug of my hair.

‘Oh yeah, baby, I want you to fuck me.’
‘Say it again.’ tugging my hair.
‘I want you to fuck me, dammit’, my body writhing against his prick
‘Tsk. Tsk.’ He laughed,’Be polite, what do you say?’, hair tug.
‘Please. Please. I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me’

He leaned back, and slid the tip of his dick
up and down my ass, teasing my pussy with the head.
‘Say it again. I wanna hear you beg for it.’

‘I want you to fuck me, please, give it to me.
I want it. I want your hard dick inside me.
Please give it to me, please fuck me.’
I begged, trying to manuver my pussy onto his dick,
everytime he teased my cunt.

‘Oh no no’, he said as he spanked my ass.
‘You dont do it, I do.’
And with that he grabbed my hips,
my hips, which were shaking so fucking hard,
‘Oh yes, baby. Give it to me, please…’

And he slammed his dick into me,
sending a wave a pleasure through my body,
as my head snapped back.
Again he grabbed my hair with one hand,
tugging with each thrust,
his other hand wrapped around,
and pinching my nipples.
Christ, he fucks so good.
I could hear him moaning,
and each thrust made me moan,
starting in the back of my throat
and becoming louder and louder.

‘Please. Make me cum.’ I moaned.
‘Please. I wanna cum. Tell me I can cum’

I could feel his hips shaking,
against my ass… I knew he was getting close,
which made me shake harder…
‘Please, I want to cum.
I want to come all over your dick.’

He pulled back on my hair, with his right hand
and grabbed my left hip with the other,
holding me steady, as he pounded my pussy harder.

‘Now.’ He growled. “NOW.’

And my body released finally,
I came hard, as he came inside me.
Body shaking.
Tits bouncing.
The waves of the orgasm flowing through me,
as he held onto my hips,
his dick still inside me…
once, twice, three times… it was fucking phenomenal.

We both collapsed in exhuastion, laughing.
‘Jesus, you’ve gotten better since High School’, he said.
‘Like a fine wine, better with age’, I winked,
‘And you’re no so bad yourself.’

And this was just the first day of 6 that we spent together.
As you can imagine, the rest of the week was a blast!
Maybe I’ll write of our other escapades, if you’re interested.

And now I’m off to take a cold shower,
and fuck myself silly… tee hee hee.


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