You can only Lose your Virginity Once or can You??

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You can only Lose your Virginity Once or can You??
At 18 I still lived at home. Mum & I lived in a small country town mum was my best friend & we chatted about everything. Mum told me that my father who had passed away when I was a baby was a footballer, a rugged man with a huge frame & apparently an even biger cock. Mum who had me when she was only 16 was still very young & smoking hot. She did not date much but when she did she shared all the gory details with me, mostly though how the men just did not come close to my dad in the SIZE department. Mum said she would love to once again feel the length & girth of a cock as big as my fathers inside her. I enjoyed my chats with mum I was glad she was so open with me and some of her stories made for great fantasies at night as my fingers rubbed my young pussy lips & clit beneath the sheets as I drifted off to sleep.

I had told mum that I lost my virginity a few years back, mum was ok with that but we had a very serious chat about safe sex & teenage pregnancy, I told mum I was fully protected during intercourse but that I did swallow, something mum had always told me men loved. I shared a laugh with her too that my high school teacher, Mr Biggs, who I lost my virginity to certainly was not Mr BIGG either, she laughed & said “I Know, I have fucked him too”.

A few weeks ago mum started to seem happier than she had in a long time, over dinner I asked mum what was making her so cheery & she said that she needed to talk to me about something. She said she had been dating a man for a few weeks that was making her tingle. She wanted to bring him home to stay over & meet me, it seemed serious.

I aksed mum if he measured up, she did not answer with words she took out my 12 inch ruler from my school bag & just smiled.

I met Brad the next day, he was tall & had a muscular, large frame, he would have been maybe 36 years old & he was handsome & charming, I felt a tingle too when he took my hand to say hello & drew me close to him to give me a hello kiss.

Brad was not only good looking & charming but also young, fit, interesting & a great conversationalist. But more than anything else he was SOOOOOOOOO FUCKABLE.

Over dinner I almost creamed my cotton panties when he smiled at me.

That night I heard him & mum going at it in the bedroom & judging by mums groans he was hitting all the right places.

This went on a few times a week for a while. I eagerly awaited their groans of pleasue as I fingered my wet slit in the room next door, rubbing my clit furiously biting my tounge when I came so I would not make to much noise, not that they would have heard me as Brad pumped his cock deep into my mother.

After they fucked Brad would always get up to go to the bathroom, this went into my memory bank & would be used to my advantage & pleasure in the not to distant future.

The next weekend when Brad came over I used my teenage sexulity to the max on him, Brad what do you think of my new skirt (which was way to short even for a hooker), Brad what do u think of my new bikini, that barely covered my growing natural tits & camel toed shaved pussy lips.

I said my goodnights to mum & Brad giving each of them a kiss good night but as mum was in the kitchen doing the dishes when I kissed Brad I gave him a little tounge on his lips & winked. He blushed & for once had nothing to say.

I lay in bed listening to the usual grunts & groans in the room next door as mum climaxed rather loadly so did Brad emptying his load into mums vagina, I was on the edge my clit throbbing my pussy juices soaking my hand but i held off on my own climax.

Then I waited, their bedroom door opened & Brad walked down to the bathroom.

I was no longer satisfied being a placid listener I wanted what mum was having & I wanted it bad. I had lost my virginity to a very small cocked teacher at school & had played wth a few of the boys in the years above me at school but I wanted a man size cock, i wanted what my mum had fantasised about for years, I wanted a cock deep inside me, a massive cock like my father once had.

Brad was naked as I entered the bathroom quitely he was bending over washing his face & did not see or hear me enter, His muscular back & broad shoulders narrowed at the hips & his arse was tight full & hard. I walked up behind him naked & pushed my young nubile bocdy against his back, “hmmm sweetie that feels good” he said thinking it was my mum. I reached around & put my hands on his naked flat stomach & worked my fingers down to his cock, it was flacid but still thick, I could feel the veins along the sides of the shaft & the massive thick head, his cock felt like a soft but very large cucumber.

When he dried his face & turned around he gasped, “Candy, what r u doing” I just pushed my lips against his & kissed him rubbing my firm young breasts against his chest, “shoooosh” I said, “mum cant have all the fun”

I dropped to my knees & his knees buckled as I took the head of his cock inside my mouth & he let out a small moan as I circled my tounge around his glans.

I reached up with the hand I had been masturbating with & let him smell & lick my sweet young juices from my fingers, His cock was fast filling with blood, he was soon no longer limp but fully erect & well there was just one word, Fucking HUGE, well ok thats 2 words.

My tiny hand could not reach fully around the thickness & his cock fully erect was longer than my face, his balls were low hung & even though he had just cum they felt large & firm.

I was starting to wonder if this massive cock would actually fit inside my barely legal & barely used pussy.

I took more of his cock into my mouth licking the ahaft from the tip of his glans to the base of his balls, I could taste the unmistakable taste of pussy juice on his cock, my mum pussy juice actually smelled & tasted great, licking my mums juices off her boyfriends massive cock as she lay in the room next to us was sooo fucking hot & taboo it made my pussy drip like a tap.

Brad could not take the teasing any more he lifted me into the air with his huge thick arms & lowered me onto his erection. My lips expanded slowly as the tip of his cockentered me then stretched my vaginal walls to the point of pain as he lowered me deeper onto his thick shaft, he lowered me onto the bathroom sink & started to pump even deeper into me I was almost crying in pain but i was loving it, he filled me so completely, so deeply I could feel the tip of his cock pushing deep against the walls of my womb.

Brad did not last long, the tightness of my small firm vagina & the taboo of fucking his girlfriends daughter was proboably way to much & I felt the first gush of his warm thick cum hit the back of my pussy walls, he continued to fuck me hard and fast as he pumped a massive load into me, it felt so wrong, so painfull but Ohhhh so Goood and I almost squealed with excitment, he continued to pump till his erection faded & I felt his still thick shaft flop out of my vacuumed sealed pussy, I am sure it made a poping noise as It came out & we watched as his thick white warm cum ozzed out of my my pussy down over my butt cheeks onto the sink & down to the floor.

Brad surprised me by kneeling down in front of my spread legs & licked at my frushly fucked pussy which was soaked in our combined juices, he seemed so erotic & manly most of the boys & my Teacher Mr Small Cock just came & left me to clean up their mess, and here was this hunk of a man with a massive cock that had just fucked a hot mother & her young daughter me cleaning me up with his tounge, his warm lips, tounge & breath felt so good on my swollen pussy lips & clit.

Brad then said something that surprised me, he said “Candy, your bleeding, were you a virgin”. I told Brad I wasnt a virging and that the blood was probably due to the fact that that his was by far the biggest, thickest cock I have ever had & he probaly just hurt me a little. He appologised & leaned over to kiss me, his cum & my pussy juice still lingering on his face & tounge, That was too much for me so I rubbed my swollen clit till I exploded, squiting a massive amount of my teenage pussy juices all over him.

“I bet you are still a virgin & i would love to de flower you” Brad said with a cheeky grin.

I laughted & said “I was not a virging before tonight & even If I had been then you have already de flowered me”.

He just smiled & said “have you lost your anal virginity”.

He was right I had not had a cock in my arse, but something told me that would not be the case for long.

Lucky my mother was a heavy sleeper.

To be continued….

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