You Meet the Nicest People in Irish Pubs – Chapter

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You Meet the Nicest People in Irish Pubs – Chapter
I had a great day today, unlike I’ve experienced in years. In visiting family on the West Coast of the USA, I was getting hungry and came across a lovely-looking Irish pub in an old town section of the community. I’m VERY glad I entered and patronized.

I was fortunate to get the last table open in this small to medium-sized establishment. Having been served a drink, and my food order submitted, I sat relaxing and watching the people in the pub. Lots of chatter, hoisting pints of ale, and laughing. I noticed two younger women (younger than I, by far) enter. They approached the bar (no host at the door) and spoke with a bartender about seating. He shook his head, and I overheard him say it would be >1/2 hour before a table or booth would be open. The ladies frowned a bit, and I summoned the bartender over to my table. I informed him we was welcome to offer the ladies seating at my table, if they wished.

He nodded, smiled, and went back to the ladies. The bartender spoke softly, pointed my way, and – I presume – gave them my message. I saw them both nod, and the bartender escorted them to my table. Greeting them with my best smile, they returned the greeting – and I asked them to please sit.

Valeria was the first to speak, and thanked me for the kind offer. I simply indicated it was – in my opinion – a waste of seating when people are waiting – and I enjoy company. Valeria is 29, dark hair, about 5’2″ and 120#. Nice face – cute shape, with a hint of belly bulge. I turned to her friend and introduced myself to them both. Valeria’s friend is named Amelia. Unusual name in today’s society, but I found out she is also a very unusual woman. She is 36. Slight build, with virtually no tits – but a nice flair to hips and ass. Reddish brown hair topped off a very cute face.

We chatted for a bit, and the bartender came over for orders. I ordered a round of a nice dark, thick ale. We were served, and I proposed a toast. We toasted to life – love – friendship – and, at the urging of Valeria, we toasted to chivalry. Apparently, they’re not conditioned to being offered hospitality as I provided. We sipped our ale, and my meal showed up. Since their orders would be quite some time before being served, I suggested we share my Reuben sandwich. They smiled, and Valeria said “Don’t need to ask twice – we’re starved!” I cut sections and we enjoyed small tastes of a lovely sandwich, along with our ale.

Conversation was robust – and, soon, became quite open. They were traveling together along the West Coast, and found the little community quite by accident. More ale, more conversation, and we all were very loose. Giggling, patting hands, etc. were the norm for us in jig time.

I asked them what their plans were after leaving the pub. They had no plans, preferring to “wing it” from activity to activity. I indicated I was housesitting for my family while they took a long weekend road trip. The house is complete with an 8 person hot tub in the back yard. I invited them to come and visit, if they did not get a better offer. I pulled a business card, and wrote the address of my family’s house on the card.

We had more ale, and their food was served. Of course, we all shared each others orders – soon feeding each other with our fingers. It was a lively, lovely visit. Body language was consistent with feeling good about our togetherness – leaning forward, more hand touching, etc. I was enthralled.

We finished lunch – I settled the bill – and I escorted the ladies out of the pub. The bartender smiled, and thanked me for helping out with customers being seated. I winked, and he winked in return.

Never expecting to see them again, as I am considerably older than they, I wished them a happy visit. They both came to me, embraced and kissed me – thanking me all the while for a great lunch experience. Off they went, and off I went.

That evening, my mobile phone rang. It was Valeria. “Is your invitation still good?” I silently celebrated, but maintained my composure. “Yes, of course. When would you like to come over!” Valeria responded with “We’re 10 minutes away!” We ended the call, and they were right. 10 minutes on the dot, and there they were. They’d changed clothes from their casuals to sun suits. Very sharp – very revealing.

Please go to Chapter 2 for the continuation of my experience.

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