You Never Forget Your First Kiss

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You Never Forget Your First Kiss

The following is from my newest book, My Nude Cruise.

It was a busy and hectic day at work and I decided to take a break and check my social media site. (I won’t tell you which one) As I was scanning through my messages, one in particular caught my eye. The message was from Nigel Langford and titled “How are you?” Nigel Langford was a boy in my 7th grade class when I lived in Queensland. I clicked on the message and all it said was. “Remember me?” I said out loud to myself, “Nigel, Nigel, Nigel, my first kiss. How could I forget you?”

We were both twelve years old and innocent. Both of us were shy, but Nigel was shyer than I was. We hung around together at school, but he lived in town and I lived on a sheep station in the country. He was really cute. His blonde hair and blue eyes about drove me crazy. I was at the age of puberty and my hormones were going crazy. I imagined Nigel’s were also. But with both of us being shy, we had to suffer the entire school year.

A week before school was out Nigel told me his father was offered a good job and his family was moving to Adelaide. That was over 2,000 kilometres away and. I felt like I was hit with a ton of bricks. All my fantasies and dreams of Nigel and I being together were not going to happen. That last week of school was difficult for both of us. We were good friends and I had hoped we would be lovers when we got older. The last day of school was tough for both of us and when it was time to say goodbye we were both in tears. At the time, I thought my life was over. As we were saying goodbye Nigel put his arms around me and kissed me. I felt like I had never felt before and if he wasn’t holding me so tight, I might have fallen down. When the kiss ended he looked me in the eye and whispered, “I love you” and he ran away. That was the last time I saw Nigel Langford.

I thought about Nigel through the years. A girl never forgets her first kiss. I sat there staring at his message wondering what it would be like seeing him again if it was possible. It’s been thirteen years and people change. I wondered if he was married, where he lived, and most of all, how it would be to actually have one of my many fantasies come true. I reckon what I am trying to say is that I wanted to fuck his brains out! I got a little wet just thinking about it. I then typed “CALL ME!!!” and gave him my cell phone number.

He wasn’t into social media and he finally gave in and tried it and that’s how he found me. He was looking for friends and landed on my profile page. Anyway, he did call and he still sounded like that shy little boy. We talked for hours. When I told him where I lived he got really excited. He was going to be in Melbourne the next week on business. I convinced him to stay a few more days and come down to the Surf Coast for a visit. Oh, I forgot to mention that he’s not married.

When he arrived at the Surf Coast he felt uncomfortable staying with me and my roomies, so he got a hotel room in Torquay and called me. I went to his hotel and in case things went well I packed an overnight bag and threw it in the boot. When I arrived at the hotel and while I was walking to his room, I could feel the hair on my arms and the back of my neck tingle. After I knocked, the door opened and there stood a gorgeous man with blonde hair and very blue eyes. We looked at each other and both of our jaws dropped. We just stood there staring at each other for at least 15-20 seconds without saying a word.

I had that same feeling that I had when he kissed me thirteen years ago. I gently pushed my way into his room and as the door closed I put my arms around him. We kissed and it was a long and passionate kiss with tongues exploring each others mouth. When the kiss ended I said to him, “Don’t say a word.” I then started to unbutton his shirt while I gently pushed him toward the bed. We both began to take our clothes off and I could see the bulge in his pants before he took them off. When I saw that I almost had an orgasm and my nipples almost tore through my bra.

When we finished undressing he was staring at my large breasts and my large puffy nipples got harder. He then said, “Wow, have you grown up.” It was kind of corny, but I looked at his erect manhood and said, “And so have you.” The dresser mirror was behind him and I could see my long blonde hair half covering my breasts and my pubic area. I could also see the muscles on his back and his bum. We both looked good. He must have thought so too because his manhood began to pulsate and wiggle up and down slightly.

I didn’t have time to worry about a condom. I pulled the covers off the bed and as we both got in and put our arms around each other and kissed again. I could feel his penis rub against my thigh. As if we were reading each others minds we both changed positions at the same time and I put his penis in my mouth. At the same time I felt his tongue enter my vagina. He came about 10 seconds later and I just kept on going and enjoyed the way he tasted. I had an orgasm also and my thighs trembled. I couldn’t get enough of him. We both just kept on going and less than a minute later I had another orgasm. I sensed that Nigel was approaching another orgasm also so I jumped up and turned around and got on him and sat on his penis. I sensed that he was getting closer to having another orgasm so I slowed down and we rolled over and he was on top. I then whispered in his ear, “Take your time.” We continued slow and deliberately and I made sure I was getting every bit of him. I then grabbed him tighter and my nails scratched his back and I had an orgasm. He then came and I could sense that he had come more this time than he had before. I put my arms around his waist and squeezed him almost as hard as I could. There was no way I was going to let him go before I wanted him to.

He kissed his way down my body and before he reached my vagina I whispered to him, “Let me take a quick shower.” I still wonder if he was actually going to taste himself. When I returned he began kissing my breasts and he then started to kiss his way down my body again. He stopped at my navel and played with it with his tongue. He then continued kissing his way down my belly and then reached his destination. I started to moan. I usually don’t moan when I make love but I was moaning really loud. I thought I was going to lose control of my bladder and I started dripping, but I gained control and saved myself from embarrassment. I think he sensed what almost happened and he stopped. We then held each other for a very long time.

That was the best sex I had in quite awhile. I spent the night and we made love several more times. That night several of my fantasies came true.

Copyright © 2015 by Matilda Scully

All Rights Reserved

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