Youtubers Chapter 1 (no sex yet)

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Youtubers Chapter 1 (no sex yet)
Title: YouTubers
Rating: pg13 to NC17
Summary: The Daily life of YouTubers all living together in one house.

“Hey guys what’s going on this is Cynical and today for you guys I have some Kingdom Hearts 3 news and gossip. The gummiship from Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 is going to make a return in Kingdom Hearts 3.”

“Hey, Jan, you haven’t forgotten right? You are going to react to Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 18 Awake, Arise or Be Forever Fallen with me, right?” was asked right in between with “Hey, Jan, how are you doing with A Court of Wings and Ruin?” by friends Adam and Christine.

“Wouldn’t want to miss it for the world and all the Malec moments, buddy and I am slowly getting there, Christine.”

They both smiled, and Christine poked a finger in his chest.

“Now remember, don’t watch before you finish it or you will be spoiled!” Christine said like she was a teacher admonishing a student.

“What is up you guys it’s Suzy! And today I will be playing The Letter, an indie Horror visual novel game for the PC. I have heard some good stuff about this game and cannot wait to play it myself.”

“And how is your fanfic doing, Jan?” Adam asked as we walked toward his room to begin the reaction video.

“Not so good, a severe case of the nasty big ole writer’s block, Adam, so I am happy for the distraction.”

“No big, roomie.” Adam said with a smile as he set up his equipment.

“All set.”

“Ready when you are.” Jan said with a smile.

“Alright, here we go.” Adam said as he was ready to tap the play symbol on his iPad while pressing the record button.

“Hola my bitches Adam here and this is my reaction video to Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 18 Awake, Rise or Be Forever Fallen. I got my roommate Jan here with me to react.”

“Hi guys!”


“I am so worried for Max,” Jan commented.

“Me too.”

“Whoa did you see that?!d

“Max noooooooo!”

“They are about to get caught! Wait what did he do with Max?!”

“Ohhhh under the desk, clever.”

“OH MY GOD THIS IS IT YOU GUYS the flashback with Malec right now. OMG I CAN’T right now. I really can’t right now… OMG GOD BLESS IT IS THE SEX SCENE!!”

Tears suddenly came to Adam’s eyes and he paused the episode.

“This is just… Adam needs a freaking moment… crack open a window in here… OMG you guys I am dead… so dead.” Adam said as he walked to the nearest window and opened it.

“Don’t worry, Adam, if you want you can always re-enact that scene with me,” Jan said as he lightly brushed his roommate’s arm.

“You just say if you want to be Magnus or Alec.”

Adam just stood there with his mouth agape thinking The Fuck Is Happening Right Now?

He chose to ignore that comment, although a part of him egged him on to take him up on that offer…

“Right, cooldown or meltdown over you guys, let’s continue.” Adam said as he tapped the iPad to continue button.

“OMG BLESS I feel so bad for Maia talking about this Jordan guy. Girl needs a fricking hug.”

“NO NO NO you did not just break up Alec and Magnus Shadowhunters!!! I HATE YOU!!!”

“They will get back together, buddy, relax,” Jan said.

“They wouldn’t do that to their Malec fans, make us wait for a long time.” He added, actually thinking this reaction video was a complete mess but would never dare say that to Adam.

“WHAT?! Max is dead?! No I don’t trust that text at all.”

“Sebastian!! Whoa what a fight scene!!”

“Oh Yeah you go Clary!!! WOOHOO!!”

“Wait that wasn’t The Mortal Mirror?!”

“Right, it’s Lake Lyn.”

“Well, okay guys, that was interesting. See you guys next week for my next reaction video. Say Bye to Jan everyone. Okay, byeee.”

And with that he pressed the button to stop recording and turned to Jan.

“Okay, seriously, dude, what the fuck was that?!” Adam asked after he had uploaded the video to YouTube.

Before Jan could reply, there was a loud scream coming from one of the other rooms…

To Be Continued…

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