A quick stop at a gas station

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A quick stop at a gas station
I was coming that night from a conference in the West.
I felt tired and wishing to come back home as soon as I could. But it would be useless; because my lovely hubby was out of town and then he could not give me the good fuck I needed so badly. And I really needed it…
I was travelling by the main highway that ran into my home town.
There was a gas station there, where I knew that I could find a trucker eager to enjoy my growing arousal that night…
I reached there, finding that the parking lot lights were out of order. I could see some men passing slowly, watching out who was sitting inside the cars.
I saw some guys stroking their cocks right there in their front seats, trying to attract someone over. Then I realized that mostly of those men were gay…

I walked steadily into the men’s room where most of the action tended to start. The stalls were busy, but I find one free, so I got inside.
That night I was wearing a short skirt and high heels; so, nobody could doubt I was a real woman; but inside the gentlemen’s bathroom…
I stood there quietly letting myself relax a bit. i could hear all sorts of movement in the stalls and could only imagine the horny action going on in there between man on man. Some grunts were really wild…
I sat on the toilet and let my head lean back a bit, closing my eyes.

That was when I felt a hand gently grasp around my boobs.
I opened my eyes and looked up. A young man was there smiling at me.
“You are in the wrong place Ma’am…” He whispered quietly.
“Or you are in the right place, looking for something different tonight?”
I looked down and saw his hard cock was out of his open zipper, pointing at me. The guy just smiled and took his cock in his hand, putting inside of his trousers. I smiled back at him.
He just turned over and then he headed out the door of the bathroom.
I figured he would want to go out to the trees and grass around the fully darkened parking lot. So I discreetly followed him and then the guy led me to his vehicle. It was a small camper. I followed him as he opened the side door.
No lights came on and we sat there in the shadows for a while.
The guy moved closer and I realized he had his cock out again already.
I was about to ask him what he wanted to do with me; but got my answer when I felt his hand tugging at the back of my head. I allowed him to lower me to his lap and got my hands on him.
I noticed he had a solid nine inch cock that was very thick and impressive. That guy was even thicker and bigger than my beloved husbands.
I gave his head a couple of swirls from my tongue and heard him moaning. . His hand pulled me down a bit harder and my mouth took his meat in slowly. I kept his cock wet with my mouth and moved it progressively deeper with each stroke I gave him. I heard his breath intensify.
The thick veins on his cock throbbed in my mouth and I felt every twitch from him on my tongue as I finally let him to fuck my throat…
The guy bucked his hips into my face, sliding his huge dick down my throat. I stuck my tongue far out to allow him to get the depth he desired. His wild grunts and groans told me he appreciated my effort.

“Bitch, you really know how to use your mouth like a good little whore…”
He whispered as he smiled.
I continued engulfing his shaft with my mouth and throat when I felt his hand grab my curly blond hair and pull me back.

“Let’s see what else you have for me, bitch…” He grunted at me.
So I stood up and unzipped my skirt; pulling it down to my ankles.
I felt the light breeze through my bare pussy lips. He smiled and whistled when he discovered I was not using even a thong. The guy then reached out and his fingers touched my wet soaking cunt.
I was bent over a bench in his camper and he pulled my hips to him.
Then I felt him rubbing some lube between my buttocks and I asked him what he was trying to do. The guy smiled saying.
“I use to fuck gay’s asses here; so, you are not the exception, Ma’am…”
Then I closed my eyes and braced myself for his impact. I was not really in the mood for anal sex that night; but I thought the hard cock of that man buried deep in my asshole would be better than nothing. The thought of being hurt in my ass frightened me a bit but I was too wound up to stop him.

Soon I felt him press the head of his cock against my tight ass ring. He slid himself a bit into me hard and directly. It did hurt, but just a bit.
He kept rubbing in more lube along with his cock and eventually he started pumping into me. I had a brief moment of concern when I felt all those wonderful veins of his thick cock throbbing on my ass ring.
My concern soon faded the deeper he plunged into me. He kept himself moving very deliberately, almost a show of strength in and out of my ass. He took several long deep thrusts into me and I realized he was setting himself up to bottom out in my ass. He added more and more lube and eventually his pace quickened.
I felt his hips slamming against my ass as he pumped himself into me.

“Nice married bitch…your tight ass feels so good…”

I felt like an absolute cock slut taking his monster cock so deep in my ass.
Worse of all, that bastard was going to make me cum like a slut from getting ass fucked. Suddenly I felt an intense heat and I exploded my hot juices onto that filthy back seat of the camper.
The guy noticed it and he drove his cock up my ass, slamming me hard.

Seconds later after my orgasm, I felt a hot gush inside of me and knew he had blasted out. He pumped several more times pulling my shoulders back and slamming my ass as hard as he could.
He filled me up with his warm gooey seed. It was a sensation I had not felt even when my loving husband fucked me in the ass…
He held himself still buried in my anus for as long as he could, until his cock eventually slid out on its own. Small amounts of his warm semen were still sliding down my thighs as the guy let me out of the camper and I walked back to my own car parked in the darkness…
“Where are you going, bitch…? A deep voice called out from the darkness.
I turned around and saw a huge shadow walking over me…
Then I smiled to myself; if I was lucky, this new guy could be the solution to my itching aroused horny cunt that night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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