Beatdown by a pornstar Samantha38G

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Beatdown by a pornstar Samantha38G
The Gas station Jim worked at was in a middle of bum fuck nowhere. It was
miles and miles from anywhere and he had the late shift. He hated the late
shift…caused he hate being alone this far from anywhere else. This is a
place a lot of urban legends started, or serial killer had their murder spree.
If something had to him … no one would know till it was far too late. He
didn’t get tons of business at this time; just enough to make a profit for his
boss and to keep it open at this time of night. Of course that not to say he
didn’t pocket some of the profits. To be expected him though. It wasn’t much
to do here. This place didn’t have cable and it was no one to talk to. So the
only thing he had to pass the time was porn magazines and porn movies on the
cheap portable DVD player he brought. Sense it wasn’t a lot of people coming
through he could occasionally squeeze one out. The gas station had a little
convince store in that kept low on stocks. Jim was wearing a T-shirt that
showed “Why so serious”. He wore blue jeans. At 5.8 he was very slim black man
with baby soft skin due to a lot couch sitting, and watches TV.

Jim was behind the counter of a gas station when he saw a big pink Jeep walked
up and get Gag from the pump. When he saw who walked out his mouth watered.
Jim always was a big fan of two things, white girls and chubby girls. Not
gross fat, but a nice thick ass and plenty of cushions for the pushing. The
woman who walked out match that in spades and looked familiar for some reason
that he couldn’t get quite away.

She was 5.5 wits a thick ass that shook and bounce with a mind of it own. It
was put in some tight blue jeans, that was a bit to short for her and showed
off an upper crack of her. This girls was full body and every curved in just a
right way. She seemed made for sex and to bring that biggest dick guys to her
knees crying for mom. Her shirt was tight was a red dress, that seemed to fit
like a glove. Her tits were pushing through and looked like two basketballs.
They were bigger then his head and looked total natural. Her breasts were 38G
size. 38G…that was where he saw her from. She was porn start Samantha 38G.
He always likes her because she always seems to have a really good time having
sex and was a bit nasty. She took control fucking how she wanted to be fucked
and could suck a man dry in minutes.There she was beautiful. She practically
glowed, smooth skin, nice and creamy with mixed of natural blush. He could see
little red beneath the skin. It practically shines. Her hair was short and
blond and her lips full and seductive. She spent many of day’s wacking it,
imagine his face between those luscious glows. He had fallen in love/lust with
her during those moments of seeing her. She walked in. Her lip had pink
lipstick on and what look like lip balm. She wore some shades over her head
and her eyes looked deep blue

“Got any Milk” She Said with a warm smile

He wanted to say

“Looks like you got plenty”

But he thought better of it

“Back of the store, in that direction” He Said pointing

He watches he walked by and went into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone.
He uses a technology that revolutionizes being a sleazy pervert and took a
cell phone picture of her ass. He watches her on the security monitor

“Where is it, don’t see” She Said

“It’s in there, just dig deep. Bottom self, probably behind some of the
juices” He Said

He had the camera zoomed up as she bent over. He could see the outlines of ass
cheeks. He started to rubbed himself

“Yea that … it … bet you want this cock don’t you bitch” He Said

Samantha looked up for a minute and saw the big circled mirror. She spotted
him rubbing his thick meaty black cock while looking at the camera.

“Son of a bitch” She said to herself

She got up

“What the hell do you think your doing” She Said

“What w … w … wasn’t doing anything” He Said trying to pull his hands out
of pants

“Saw you in the mirror you little pervert” Samantha Said “You were jerking off
looking at my ass. Is that what you do you freak”

“I wasn’t … I sweat Samantha I … ”

“How you know my name. You watch my movie … You think because I am a porn
star I let guys just jerk off around me where ever I go. What you think I be
turn on. I get on my knees and say PLEASE mr … feel cover these big tits
with your Jizz” She Said squeezing her breast together.

“Ummm I was kind of hoping” He said shaking a bit

“You fucking little worm” She Said

Truth is told. Jim was a bit of a pussy who never been in a fight in his life,
and avoided fights like a plague. But she didn’t know that. Maybe he would use
his inner Samuel Jackson

“WHO THE FUCK YOU think your talking you BLOND bitch … you best get a
stepping Blondie…before I whup your ass … and show you how a real player
handle thing”

“What did you say”

“Did I stutter ummmm biaaatch” He Said

Suddenly Samantha grabbed him by his hair and pulled him over the counter. She
held him by the hair and began slapping him senseless. He tried to fight back
but her anger made her strong. His face soon became bruise up. A hard punch
went into his gut taking his breath away. He was knocked down and tried to get
back up. She slapped him again knocking him down. Samantha laughed watching
him stumble comically … trying to put his fist up, in a way to show he never
threw a punch in his life.

“You crying you little wimp” Samantha Said “Stay down”

“ back off before you get hurt”

“Who (slap slap slap) do you think you were talking (slap slap slap) to (slap
slap) you little shit”

She pulled off his shirt ripping it apart. He was pushed one of the display
knocking it down. He tried to crawl away but Samantha grabbed him by his legs,
she tossed his shoes off. His pants were already loose. She pulled his
underwear and socks off, leaving him naked. She sat down on the counter and
put him over her knee. The lights flicked outside and the sounds of crickets
chirp. She spanked him hearing his screams ring through the desert. His cock
was stuck between his legs as she spanked him tears running down his eyes.

“Please no … more I give..I do anything” He Said

She smiled

“You say that like you have a choice” Samantha laughed “But you do give me

She put her finger near her cheek like she was thinking. Samantha twirled her
hair into her finger.

“What to do with you. Certainly can’t please me with your dick maybe your

She pushed him down on the ground and places a foot on his chest. He toe nails
were painted bright pink. He could see them through the sandals.

“Don’t even think of getting up little man. Going to have some fun with you.
Don’t get up or you be back over me knee got it”

He nodded. She kicked off her sandals and turned around. Samantha walked to
the door as she slowly pulled down her pants showing off her plump ass. When
she was down at the halfway point she gave a little wink and locked the door.
He was scared, not sure what this crazy woman was planning. He was all alone
just him and her. She already showed she could woman handle him

“So we have some alone time”

She closes the curtains to the glass window and doors. She saw him moving.

“STAY DOWN” She Said

She disappeared down the aisle just as she finish taking her shirt off, not
letting him get a glimpse of her tits.

“Eyes to the ceiling slave” She Said

She came back with two case of beer. One bottle was in her hand. There stood a
naked goddess. Her tits were huge and plump. Her nipple stuck out due to it
being cold outside. They seem to defy gravity. It was like plump pillows.
Plump in a way real breast can only be… She places the case on the counter
and took a swing of beer. The beer dripped from her mouth down to her breast
making them glisten. She wiped her mouth. He wanted to think just that was
making his cock hard. But he also got hard from the spanking and being beat
up. She stood over him spreading her cheeks and showing a dripping wet pussy.
She slapped her ass making it jiggle as she showed him her hole.

“Take a good look … you and my ass going to get to know one another”
Samantha Said

She slammed her ass down on him hard, nearly crushing his face. She raised it
again and again smashing it down. He struggled trying to get her off him but
she held down his arms. His nose was deep into her ass and he got a whiff of
it as she sweaty cheeks rubbed against his face. Her ass was soft and warm,
taking his breath away.

“Come on thought you liked a thick ass. Having trouble breathing” She
laughed.”Ahhh having trouble breathing … to bad. Smell it wimp … You make
a nice little seat” Samantha Said

She took a sip of her beer.

“Luckily there a magazine rack by here. Mmmmmmm nice reading. Plumper’s
Monthly. Bet the stages stuck together” She laughed

He struggled were getting weaker. She started slowly and casually flipping
through the pages as she drank her beer.

“Too Sapphire 38L in this one. Darling girl … has the sweetest pussy I ever
tasted. We fucked for hours, licking ever holes. One time we have this 3 way
with this big tough guy. Real man, not a little skinny beanpole like you who
gets hard from having my big white ass in your face. That cock is that fattest
thing on you, and it really isn’t that big. Like a burn little min dog. The
man we fucked could handle all this thickness. We tag team his dick, lick that
long black pole till it burst like Old Faithfull, we were soaked in it. Bet
you never had a sweet girl like me suck on that little dick” She Said

She lifted her ass up a bit and he gasp for air. She slammed back down rubbing
into his face laughing. She would smother him, lifting her ass up a moment
before he was about to drop out so he could get a few seconds of air. Then she
would slammed her ass back down

“Don’t want you being smothered to death on me … yet … you get JUST enough
air to stay alive. Put you tongue in my asshole that’s it … nice and deep.
Lick my ass you little wimp … Lick my big ass. Bet you wish you could see
these tits. Sucking them right now. If you were a real man..I would let you
fuck them” She Said “That’s it … lick faster faster. Get that tongue deep in
there slave. Deeper. Didn’t you mother tell you…little skinny wimps like you
shouldn’t mess with big girls. Lick that big white ass”

Samantha was enjoying riding his face. She was using him as sex toys guiding
him where she wanted to go. She squeezed his balls

“Faster … now mmmmmmmmmm Yessss”

She finishes the beer and tossed it aside. She took her feet and started
rubbing his cock with them.

“Want to cum little man … want to cum. Oooo you’re so excited…your ready
to explode…want to explode … WELL TO BAD” Samantha laughed and stopped the

She tossed the magazine aside and got up. She turned around and showed her
dripping wet pussy. She shoved his face into her pussy, and wrapped her legs
around him. She started fucking his face slamming him to the ground.

“Lick … it.mmmmmmmmmmmm higher … higher right there. Suck it … suck it”

He started sucking her pussy lips, stretching them out before pushing his
tongue in.

“Right … there don’t you dare stop. back and fourth … fuck
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … may let you do this every day, going to be my
cuckold pussy eater” Samantha Said

Her tongue was going back and fourth on her clit.

“Right there … right at that spot … don’t stop. Don’t care how sore your
tongue is”

He licked like a wide man and she fucked his mouth. She made him smell her
wetness … her strong womanly scent. She put his hands in hers and squeezed
hard as her body started to shake

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss”

She had a massive climax. Her body was dripping with sweat and her hair was
down over her fast. She smiled wickedly and she slurped her juices. His faced
was soaked in her juices

“Lick it again … your going to have to lick it even longer now to make me
cum. Don’t stop till I came 4 more times” She Said

She places her hand on the ground and relaxes as he licked her cunt. Samantha
went into her bag and pulled out a cigarette. She lit it and blew smoke in the
air, wrapping her lips around the cigarette. She felt his tongue twist like a
tornadoes inside her. She cracked open another beer and lazily sipped it.
Occasionally she would squeeze her legs around him, taking away his air. When
he licked at the one place she would punch his balls. When he wanted him to
lick faster she would slapped his head, when she wanted it slower she would
squeezed his balls. Soon he got the message and she came with a nice stream.

She made a few calls on her cell from her pocket book and started laughing
with her friend on the phone.

“Yea … he was easy to beat up. Little wimp actually cried. Put him over my
knee. Yea … he though he could get at this ass. You know guys…always
staring at my butt. He got it alright. Hahah. Hey remember the thick dick guy
we fucked. How about we call him up after I finish teaching this wimp a
lesson. Hey wimp” Samantha said tapping his head “You don’t mind me taking the
security tapes…want a little memory of this … so me and my friends can
laugh at it. Doesn’t mind do you … of course you don’t. Be fun to black mail
you late. Anyway Saphire…say we call them up and get the shit royally fucked
out of us…and you can bring those two guys you know. The twins … hot. This
little man having all you can eat Sushi. Shit girl been drinking this beer
like it water. Hey wimps where the Bathro … wait what I am thinking open
your mouth”

A long stream of liquid came down her mouth.

“Holy shit … him actually doing it Sapphire he drinking it up” Samantha
laughed “Oh you got to see this…taking a cell video”

She films it and sent it.

“You get it … hahahahha yea what a wimp right. You don’t mind if I take some
money out of the cash register. Sure if the money doesn’t match the inventory
sold…it can be taken out of your check. Not that I need the money…make in
one scene way more then you make in a year. I just like taking it from you.
Don’t stop licking.”

She bounces up and down letting her tits bounce. He tongue glided up and down
her pussy like he was licking an ice cream cone.

“If only you could see these tits … there quite wonderful. To bad your face
full with my pussy, and yours eyes filled with pussy juices. Hope you don’t
get red eye little man” Samantha laughed “Ohhhh shitt cuming … fuck … …
… .fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. You little scamp…least you good for something”


Samantha stood over slamming her foot down on him repeatedly. He had been
smothered and beaten. His face covered with juices.

“That was fun little wimp but I have to go” She Said

She tied his ankles and wrist with some rope that was being sold in a store.
With lipstick Samantha wrote “Dirty pervert” on his chest and “slut” on his
forehead. She grabbed the ropes on his wrist and the one on his ankles and
lifted him. She swung him back and fourth tossing him into the chips counter
knocking him it down. She walked over him and grabbed the milk out of the
dairy section.

“Thanks for the milk wimp” Samantha laughed

She took another carton of milk and poured it on him before spreading some
chips on him. Samantha put the security footage in the bag

“Be seeing you soon. Could always use a cuckold pussy licker. Going to take
your wallet” She laughed as she started to get dress

She shut the door leaving him there.

It be no surprise that upend the boss seeing him like that the next day, he
was fired. For weeks he though nothing about her. Obsessed over. He tried
prostitutes but they couldn’t get him off. He just thought of her. Months
passed, he dreamed about her every day.

Till one day he was walking into her apartment. He opens the door and walked
in. Inside was dark. Suddenly someone punch him in the gut and sent him
crashing down. He held his stomach.

“Still a wimp” A voice said

Standing over him was Samantha 38G

“Shouldn’t put you spare key under the mat, everyone knows that” She Said

She was wearing blue Jeans and a white shirt no bra.

“I and my friends had a good laugh from the tape little man. In fact was
thinking about you sometime ago. She I have to go out and do a lot of pressed,
and run a website. On a little free time I have I like to spend it with my
friend or some men. Real men. Not like you. So I need someone to do a boring
stuff, clean, shop, do my laundry. Help me at time when I don’t want to go out
a pick up guys, but want a good pussy licking. Someone to film me when I fuck
other people … hell maybe even clean me up afterward. Someone to due
degrading things I wouldn’t dare ask my help to do. Someone I can take my
frustrations out when I mad. Someone I can test my toys I sale on. You know
dildos and the like. Some guys to do chores give me massages…but not MAN
enough to try to fuck me. Someone me and my girls can tease, someone to edit
the DVD’s. But I didn’t know someone PATHETIC enough to do it. Then I thought
of you. I already pack the bags I am allowing you to take. I am GODDES
SAMANTHA 38G. And yes say the whole name when you refer to me. The planes
leave to LA in a few hours. Get in the car”

“Yes … Goddess Samantha 38G” He said weakly

She laughed

“Good wimp”

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