Wcked Stepother – Part 1

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Wcked Stepother – Part 1
Arabella was in a maths class when one of the office ladies came in to fetch her. The instruction was that she was to go the head teachers office immediately, the women seemed agitated. Arabella was not worried about the summons because she had done nothing wrong and did not have a reputation as trouble.

Mrs Garton the head teacher was unusually pleasant normally being something of a dragon to all the girls. Being asked to sit down and having been given a glass of water Bella realised something was wrong.

“I am afraid Arabella that I have some very bad news.” Mrs Garton paused. “I can’t make this any gentle.r I am afraid you father has had a heart attack. They couldn’t revive him. I am sorry my c***d your fathers dead.” The formidable lady had tears in her eyes. “I am so sorry to lose your other parent does not bare thinking about. Of course you don’t have to face going back into class and to be honest this late in the term we will let you go home straight away.”

Home but to who, now both parents were dead her mother having died of cancer three years ago. No grandparents or that matter aunts and uncles she was now without family. The problem was that she didn’t feel grief as she had never liked her father who was a harsh and unloving man with incredibly old fashioned attitudes. Mother had been kinder but was totally dominated by her husband.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the head. “Have you got any friends here who you can talk to. I know you are quite a reserved girl but is their someone.”

“No Mrs Garton, I get on with most of the girls but none of them are really friends I am a little to weird to have made friends.”

“Oh, my poor c***d we have failed you. Your never any trouble and we have not paid sufficient attention. I have asked Miss Brown to help you pack and then she will drive you to your home. Is there any one else there for you.”

“No Mrs Garton, I don’t have any family now.” As the significance of this struck her Bella burst into tears. The head now showed that she was a mother as well as a teacher and hugged her despairing pupil whilst feeling guilty and inadequate.

Miss Brown who was Bella’s house tutor took over and packed all her things whilst Bella sat on the bed wondering what was going to happen. At just eighteen and from a very sheltered upbringing she did not have a clue as to what to do.

They drove the two hours to Bella’s family home where to her surprise somebody appeared to be in. Arabella had keys but thought it sensible to ring and see who was here. A very busty blond lady came to the door wearing jeans and a black satin blouse.

“Hello can I help you?” The blond said with an accent redolent of Estuary English.“

“Eh I live here, this is my father’s house.”

“Pardon are you saying you are Phil s k**.”

“I am Philip Bets daughter and who are you please.”

“I am Sal your fathers fiancé or rather I was. Oh shit he never mentioned a daughter.”
“Or a fiancé to me.” Miss Brown came over with one of Bella’s suitcases.”

“Hello are you another step-daughter.”

“No I am Arabella’s house tutor. From what I just heard there appears to be rather a muddle.”

“You can say that you had better come in. Muddle is one word for it and politer than I would choose” After a lot of talking and some enquiries back to the school the situation became clearer.

The school had been notified because information in her father’s wallet had identified Bella as next of kin and gave the schools number. This was done without the knowledge of the blond who it turns out was called Sam who had been blissfully unaware that her fiancé had a daughter. Equally Arabella was equally unaware that her father had a girlfriend let alone fiancé. The Easter holidays had been spent on a school trip to France. Because a number of girls had parents living abroad the there was always a trip taking up the Easter holidays as an alternative to gong home. Having determined that Bella was not going to be alone Miss Brown said her goodbyes and departed.

Left alone Sal invited Arabella to get changed into something more comfortable. Having seen the rather staid skirt and polo shirt Bella changed into she looked unimpressed.

“Well a clothes horse you aint. Shit what am I going to do with a step daughter your bastard father never mentioned you. Oh gawd I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that particularly as you’ve lost your Dad.”

“Its OK I might not call him a bastard but it’s a good description of what I think. I think it is fair to as he has stitched us both up.”

“Like a kipper darling like a kipper. OK I didn’t sign on for having a step-daughter but that’s what I got so we will just have to accept it.” Both women were a little embarrassed by the odd situation and for the rest of the evening made small talk carefully skirting the subject. Eventually Bella went to bed and slept surprisingly well.

Going down stairs the next morning she assumed that Sal was still asleep. Bella made some coffee and had toast and marmalade for breakfast. Then she heard movement in the study going in she found Sam who this morning was wearing a white blouse and grey pencil skirt. Also she had glasses on and her hair was up. All in all presenting a quite different person from yesterday.

“Would you like some coffee.”

“Please, black with one sugar. I am checking that all the bills are in order and nothing come to bite us.”

Arabella was secretly pleased with the ‘us’. Sal didn’t seem to be trying to get rid of her even though to do so would be understandable in the circumstances.

“Lets go through to the lounge as we can’t pussy foot around we need to talk a bit.” Talk they did and it became clear that her father was every much the bastard that she thought he was and more.

“I found the latest will your father made and he has left everything to me and not a penny to you.”

“Well you got everything you were after then.” Said Bella with considerable bitterness. This floosy had totally bamboozled her father into handing over all he had leaving his daughter with nothing and no prospects of survival.
“Actually your wrong. I wasn’t after your fathers money I just enjoyed the really kinky sex which is why I agreed to marry him.”

“You expect me to believe that?”

“Not really but its true. I might seem a tart from Basildon, to be fair, I am a tart from Basildon but I am not stupid and I have more money than your father did. You see I have both masters in law and business administration as well as I being a barrister. That combination means I get some whacking great fees from companies who need a lawyer who can really get finance. Want to see the paper work?”

Somehow Bella didn’t need proof for she had already noticed that behind the outward appearance was a sharp mind. “What happens to me then.”

“Look I will be possibly the worst step-mother in history but unlike your unlamented father I am not a nasty vindictive bastard. I get the money and I get the responsibility. Until you want out and can manage for yourself we are stuck with each other. Lets get the old man in the ground possibly with a stake through that dodgy ticker.”

“If you hate him why were you going to marry him. Though I like the stake idea”

“Look I knew he wasn’t that nice and a total hypocrite but I have my own money so he couldn’t control me and the sex was awesome. I wasn’t joking about being a tart I am a seriously naughty girl who had found a seriously naughty man. But to treat his own daughter so badly was evil. You wouldn’t say boo to a goose”

Since her father was in hospital when he died with a known heart condition no inquest was required and a slot was available at the crematorium in two days’ time but at nine a.m. They were the only two present and both were dry eyed.

“God that was dismal look lets find somewhere and have a decent lunch mother and daughter. Then I am going to take you shopping and get you some clothes that don’t look they come from the fifties.

They went back to the house and to Arabella’s surprise Sal got her to wear one of her own skirts. It wasn’t outrageous but it was very well cut and made Bella feel a great deal older and more elegant. Sam changed her longer formal skirt for a much shorter leather one.

“Grab some ID and I will call a taxi I think we both need a drink.”

At the restaurant Sal demonstrated that she knew her way round the wine list and had no interest in plonk. Arabella thought about telling her that she was not allowed to drink and had never even tasted wine. It must have been the cautious way she sipped the glass that gave it away.

“You haven’t had much wine before have you.”

“This is the first time I have tried it.”

“Gawd I am corrupting you already and we haven’t got around to boys.”

“Do you know, I think I am going to enjoy being corrupted. It will be all the more fun thinking of Dad gyrating in his urn.”
“Ooh good girl OK I think that I am warming to the idea of the step daughter thing. Lets have a deal tell me what you like and don’t so that way I won’t worry that I am making you stressed.”

“OK can I have some boots a bit like those you are wearing they are awesome.” The boots in question were stiletto heeled black boots that were just on Sal’s knees. “

“Oh yes I only got the around the corner about a month ago so they should have them. Its going to be fun watching you manage in those heels particularly after wine.

So it proved Bella could hardly stand in them but really liked them. In the end Sam bought them but they stayed in the box whilst Bella left the shop in even taller suede boots that had virtually no heel at all. Next they got her some very smart jeans the first she had ever owned. The really exciting bit was when Sal spotted a beautiful corset and bought a red one for herself and a blue for Bella.

They went back to the house and Bella decided she wanted to try on how her new jeans went with the suede boots to which she added the corset feeling very risqué in that she couldn’t wear a bra with it. Going down stairs again she found Sal had the same idea about the corset and was wearing hers.

“Now that looks hot young lady.”

“Thank you, pity I don’t have big boobs like yours.”

“Well mine aren’t exactly natural originally I reckon they were a bit smaller than yours. You have decent sized ones for an eighteen year old.”

“Thanks again. I think I like looking sexy and I liked going shopping with you. Not just the clothes we bought but the fun of doing it with you.”

“Now its my turn to say thank you. That means a lot to me I really don’t know how to handle having a girl to look after. I only have a much older brother so girls are outside my comfort zone. So if I am getting it right then I am pleased. Can I offer you a deal.”

“Yes I think so.”

“Lets talk to each other so that we know what the other wants and is happy with. You don’t I don’t have a clue so if I make a mistake tell me preferably as nicely as possible.”

“Fair enough and presumably you will do the same for me. It seems reasonable. When your being serious, you sound less Essex.”

“Yuh I know I can speak like the professional I am but when surprised, like when you turned up or relaxed I revert to the way I was dragged up. OK one thing I want to know how far do you want to go with me corrupting you.”

“Good question, clothing definitely I like the idea of looking sexy did you mean anything beyond that.”

“I am not sure. I would like you to have an enjoyable sex life but I don’t want you to be uncomfortable you might not like some of the things I get up to. I want you to be happy with yourself.”

“I haven’t the faintest idea what is acceptable for normal people and what is really slutty. I might decide I like slutty but at least I want to know what I am being. For instance do most girls play with themselves.”

“You really do have a lack of information and yes most of us do and its natural to enjoy it. What is a bit naughtier is what I am going to suggest we try now. That is masturbate together.” Arabella gave an intake of breath but her eyes sparkled.

“Yes I have had so little privacy to experiment and now I can do it with you and find out what I like.”
“Oh so your not that sweet and innocent take your jeans off.“ In seconds they had their bottoms off and were sitting on the sofa with their hands between their legs.

“I could seriously get to like being a tart this feels so good and its fun doing it together. “

“I have an admission to make I have never played with myself alongside another girl.”

“Really I would have guessed your bi.”

“I am a bit I think but all I have done is some snogging and fondling. Not something like this which somehow seems far more everyday. I’m going to lose the rest of my clothes so I can play with my tits.”

In fact this meant everything but the corsets but with their tits out on top. Sal’s were huge and Bella was a bit jealous. They started to play with themselves again Bella keeping an eye on what Sal was doing and trying it out on herself. Twiddling her nipples certainly floated her boat. With the other hand down below she found the bits that were really sensitive and mad her feel good. It was not long before she brought herself to a climax. Sal had a lascivious grin on her face.

“Found the bits that feel good have we .”

“Oh yes that was so good. Being a good girl isn’t all its cracked up to be this is much nicer and far more fun doing it together.”

“God this kinky even for me your my step daughter though technically not since your father didn’t get as far as marrying me.”

“Does that mean we can legally do what we want.”

“Technically as I said but anyone finding out and I am in trouble.”

“OK we just make sure we don’t get caught.”

“Oh fuck we have known each other less than a week and I have already turned you into a slut.”

“Hey don’t take all the credit I did some for myself.”

The next day Bella was lying in bed playing with herself remembering last night it had been special not just because of the glorious sexual feelings but the companionship with Sal. A knock came on the door and after a grunt that was taken as permission in came Sal carrying a pile of clothing.

“Look these are the tops I had before I acquired those inches out front. I couldn’t bare to throw them to but if my girl wants them I am happy.

“Did you call me your girl.”

“Yes it has dawned on me that I really like having you living with me. I am not sure your that much of a daughter more a younger sister but your fun.” Sal was clearly embarrassed by this speech so Bella just smiled

“Let me try some on then.” Pulling off her nightdress he tried them on one by one. Some were more her than others but just the idea of having a whole selection of tops to wear all of them modern really appealed compared with her current frumpy and very limited wardrobe. Bella squealed with pleasure and grabbed Sal in a big hug.

“Your certainly relaxing dear in case you haven’t noticed your starkers.” In removing her nightdress to try on clothes Bella completely forgot this rendered her nude somehow with Sal it didn’t’ matter. Bella though for a second. of course it didn’t matter last night they had masturbated wearing nothing but a corset.
“What do you wear in bed.”

“Perfume darling.”

“There you see ,unless you feel uncomfortable with me nude I will do the same.”

“I am on a hiding to nothing if I say yes aren’t I.” In response Bella smiled evilly. “come on lets see what works on you I might be bigger on top but we have the same waistline. I reckon you would look good in my maroon leather jeans and those suede boots.” With a fairly innocent white blouse I think so as not to overdo it.” indeed she did indeed look good as did her stepmother in black leather jeans and turquoise suede boots.

“Are we going somewhere”

“No I just want us to look sophisticated and sexy.”

Later on they were sitting drinking coffee.

“Sal I want your help, am I right you weren’t christened Sal.”

“No my birth certificate say “Sallya but that to much of a mouthful for an Essex girl.”
“I hate Arabella as a name, and Bella is only mildly better. Have you got any ideas what can I do to my name.”
“How about losing a letter say Ella.”

“Hey that works much cooler for a sexy tart.”

“You are determined to lost the good girl image aren’t you.”

“Not quite I like looking a mixture of good girl and sexy girl The way I am dressed now is just it.”

“Tart with style that my girl. Now I have a question for you, how attached are you to this house.”

“Not at all it has never felt like home to me.”

“The thing is that I can make up a legal claim to contest the will for you as it is technically your home. I could probably put a good counterargument as well but I am not as I want you to have something from your father and avoid tax at the same time.”

“You’re a devious cow thank you.”

“The point is that it would make sense if you are not attached to this place to rent it out and come live with me.”

“Are you sure.”

“Yes I haven’t finished corrupting you yet. Fancy moving there tomorrow it’s a lot easier for London and I have to attend court as an expert witness next week.”

“Can we pack everything in time.”

“We don’t take everything shove those tops I gave you into a case and we will get what else you need. For a start for God sake get rid of the granny knickers.”

“Yes mummy dear.”

It was a three hour journey but after lunch they arrived in one of the more rural bits of Surrey. Ella’s eyes popped out because it was big. Over to the right was a paddock with a couple of horses. The house was big neo-Georgian pile.
“Bloody hell Sal, this is a mansion and in Surrey how much did it cost.”

“A lot mostly inheritance from my nan and an uncle plus a few hefty fees. Bricks and mortar at least in Surrey is always a good investment. Not bad for a Basildon bimbo.”

“Not bad for anyone. Do you ride?”

“Have done since I was a little. We do have horses in Essex you know. What about you?”

“Not very well I had a few lessons.”

“OK another thing to teach you. Come on let me show of my cool pad.”

First of all they went upstairs and Ella’s things were deposited in a large bedroom next to the master suite. For the first time she had a double bed as hers. Downstairs was a large drawing room and a dining room with a table capable of seating ten. Then they went down a passage way to an extension that contained.

“Oh god an indoor swimming pool and is that a jacuzzi.”

“Yup want to give it a go.”

“I haven’t a cos… OK that’s silly.” They stripped off and climbed in and relaxed in the bubbling waters.

“You know Sal you are a totally wicked step mother.”

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