An Innocent’s Epiphany Ch. 03

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Which one of them did I want to take to bed with me, I asked myself. On one hand there was Rich, the rather arrogant and over confident guy from my tutor group who had repeatedly expressed an interest in me, but who frankly did not seem to respect my personal space or privacy too much. He was good looking with a nice physique and lovely brown hair, well maintained but not amazing.

Alternatively, there was Andy who I really fancied but who, even after I had stripped topless and thrown myself at him, had remained un-tempted and had rejected my advances. They were both good looking guys, but Andy had dreamy blue eyes and also seemed like he would treat me better. On the other hand Rich was definitely more interested and would be much less likely to reject me and leave me in an embarrassing social nightmare.

I dreamed of what I imagined sex would be like with each of them as I lay naked in bed one Sunday morning, my hand gently massaging my clit, already aware of my pussy getting wet with arousal.

It was three weeks since my first unsuccessful attempt to tempt Andy into an intimate liaison, and we had remained on good terms since then. He hadn’t expressed any more interest in me than before, but then he hadn’t pushed back on my gentle flirting either. Rich had continued with his less that subtle interest in observing my body at any attempt, and I had become significantly less bothered by his attentions.

The previous evening, I had been out drinking in the bar of the hall of residence, with some girlfriends when Rich and some mates had arrived late on, fairly drunk and very merry. I had been wearing a strappy vest top over jeans when Rich had approached me, and rather than objecting to his attentions, I had rather enjoyed playing with him.

While pretending to reach forward to get my bag, I had shown him a little view of my tits, then adjusted my top back before gradually letting it fall forward again to expose myself. I had watched his eyes glance down to look between my breasts. It was all fairly innocent fun, although he had been quite bold in looking at me whether I was watching him or not.

I was not sure in my heart whether I really fancied him, but I could feel myself becoming more attracted to the idea of messing about with him a bit.

There was a First Year a ball coming up and I decided that this would be a good opportunity to force the issue with one of them, if only I could decide which. If I could be sure of success with Andy then it would be him, but it was becoming an itch that had to be scratched, and I didn’t fancy another rejection.

I lay back in bed, one finger on my clit, my other hand gently pushing deeper into my pussy and imagining what it would be like to allow Rich do the same, would he be gentle, or would he go at his own pace, taking me however he wanted. I feared I knew the answer, but also suspected that I wanted to try anyway.

I breathed deeply as my orgasm finally rippled through me, thoughts of the two guys mixed in my head as I imagined how I would feel the first time.

Later that day, I met up with Charlotte, who had become quite a good friend, and we chatted about the ball coming up. Neither of us had anything suitable to wear for it, so we decided to go shopping to see if we could pick up something nice to wear. She had been rather more successful than me in luring her Romeo into bed and had a date for the ball, although she was somewhat sympathetic to my plight as a single girl.

We found a dress shop that was perfect for us, it was not too expensive, and had a lot of pretty party dresses. I had never bought a dress previously that was designed to show off my body, my sun dresses and vest tops were obviously quite low cut, but these dresses were different. They were nearly all very short, finishing just a few centimetres down my thighs and they all seemed to either be halter neck or backless.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked Charlotte. “I mean there will be very little left to the imagination.”

“Oh you mean a bit like that evening in the bar when you sat flashing your tits at my boyfriend?” She replied with a grin.

She did have a bit of a point I suppose but I still felt a little bit uncomfortable. On that occasion it had been a spur of the moment thing, when I had just happened to try an experiment. Here I was actually going out of my way to buy a garment that I knew would show off either my legs or my breasts or, in some cases it seemed, both.

“We won’t be the only ones in dresses like this, it does seem a little, provocative, I don’t know, maybe even a bit slutty, do you think?”

I said this as I was inspecting a short tight black dress with a deep v-neck opening that would definitely show off a great deal of my breasts.

“Oh I don’t think you need to worry about that, I have been to a few of the weekly dances, and this kind of thing is pretty much de rigueur. There will be plenty of female flesh on view and if I were you, I would want to be part of the casino şirketleri view. No one wants to be the Cinderella after all.”

With this Charlotte came out of the changing room wearing a tight blue dress in a sparkly cloth that barely covered her bum or her breasts.

“What do you think? Do you think that Greg will like it?” She inquired with a wicked grin on her face.

“I think he will like it, if he doesn’t mind the entire male population of the college eyeing you up. It is not exactly modest is it?” I exclaimed, unable to believe she would really go out in it.

“Oh go on, try something on yourself. You might be surprised how you like it.” She fired back at me.

I went through the rail of cheaper dresses and managed to find a halter neck dress that did not expose too much cleavage and was at least long enough to cover up a decent about of my thighs.

I went into the changing room and put it on, it was obvious that there was no way that I could wear a bra underneath it, and while that might have scandalised me a few weeks before, I had already become more accustomed to dressing to reveal a little. While the neckline was reasonable decent, this was somewhat at the expense of a huge gap at the sides, it covered the front of my breasts, but there was more than a hint of the side of them being visible before the fabric cut low under my arms to meet at the back. A single thin chord held the fabric in place across my back, and another thin element held it up around my neck. I thought that probably it was designed for someone with an a-cup where the line of her breasts would not really fill out the front, but for me with my full b-cup, the effect was much more voluptuous and revealing.

I stepped out of the dressing room into the common area where Charlotte and a few other shoppers were admiring themselves in the wall of mirrors. Looking at myself I felt a real buzz of sexual excitement. I looked really good in the dress, it fitted perfectly and while the gap at the sides could be revealing, with my arms at my side it was perfectly decent.

I felt super sexy in it though, the thin fabric at the front pulled tight across my breasts, accentuating their firm shape with just a hint of a ridge where my nipples were already slightly raised. It was tight down across my legs with a small slit at the side to allow a little freedom.

“Wow, Becky you look great in that.” exclaimed Charlotte, and a couple of the other women in the shop looked across appreciatively as well, agreeing with her sentiments.

“Yeah it feels really good on as well.” I agreed, before adding in a whisper, “and not too slutty.”

Charlotte came over to inspect it.

“Raise your arms a little.” She demanded quietly. I complied obediently, somewhat aware of what she was going to observe.

“Mmmm. Yes I thought so, you are just hinting at a little bit of side boob there, not a lot but just enough to tease them, I think it is just right. In fact I think it will drive then wild. Are you still making a play for Andy by the way, still trying to get him into your bed?”

“Well, I think so… Although, I don’t want to end up like last time.”, Charlotte knew the details of my last efforts with Andy, although she didn’t know about Rich’s interest in me.

“Let’s be clear Becky, if you are intent on fucking Andy then you might have to wait a while, but frankly I think half the male population of the college would happily follow you home dressed like that. It’s really a matter of what you want.”

I regarded myself in the mirror once again and could only agree with her, everything about this outfit said, ‘Look at my fabulous figure and desire me.’

We tried on a few other dresses and eventually Charlotte decided on a little black number that actuated her limited bust with a deep v-neck that opened nearly to her navel. I decided to stick with my super sexy halter neck number and we walked out the shop with big grins on our faces. A couple of the other shoppers had brought male accomplices and I could tell from the way that they glanced lasciviously at us as we tried the dresses on at the end that we looked just as desirable as we intended.

I decided to buy my own ticket to the ball. I knew Andy wouldn’t offer, and didn’t want to commit to anything with any other guys despite a couple of offers, most notably from Rich who asked me as if he had every assumption that I would say yes. I told him that I was going already and I could sense a note of surprise, perhaps he was wondering who else had asked me.

On the day, I changed into my new dress together with a lacy g-string that I had bought on a little lingerie purchasing trip, and a pair of very sheer tights from the same shop. I spent an unusual amount of time sorting out my hair and makeup until I was convinced that the overall effect was the best I could manage.

I met Charlotte and Greg in the hall bar for a quick sharpener beforehand and was amazed at how great she looked. He was also superbly turned casino firmaları out in black tie and was the perfect James Bond stand in. I envied her with her amazing hair and makeup, standing there next to this dashing fellow, safe in the knowledge that at the end of the evening, she had someone to go home with.

I on the other hand was super nervous. I really wanted Andy to show up, but he had remained ambiguous on the subject right up until that morning. Obviously Rich was going, but was that what I wanted?

We walked across the campus and our party, along with a number of other ball goers were causing quite a stir. Obviously, any red blooded guy that didn’t have a date was making up for the omission by sitting on the lawn and ogling the pretty girls as they walked by into the hall that was hosting the ball. I was glad to see that while my outfit was certainly risqué, it was actually at the conservative end of the spectrum in some ways. There was an indecent amount of cleavage on show and a similar amount of legs. Most of the girls were tall, fit and absolutely gorgeous, and had dresses to attract the maximum amount of testosterone filled attention. I kept my arms by my sides, not feeling the need to flaunt anything at this early stage in the evening.

Once we were in the ball, the evening rushed by in a flash of lights, drinks and music. I danced with a few different groups, girls from my classes, then a mixed group that included Rich, who kept a close eye on me throughout, evidently keen to see if I was with anyone, then finally Charlotte, Greg and Andy who much to my delight made a late showing.

We all danced together for the most part and while I was looking for an opportunity to get more intimate with Andy, it was not possible at first. I made up for my frustration with perhaps a little too much drinking and quickly realised that I was more tipsy than I was used to. Neither school nor home life had given me opportunities for drinking and I did not have a good gauge of my capabilities.

Finally, the DJ decided that a more romantic moment had arrived and he put some slow numbers on to dance to. I practically cheered and immediately rushed over to Andy’s side and put my hands round his neck, expressing my preference and ownership. I noticed Rich glancing in my direction and then slinking off to the bar as I did so and felt just a slight twang of guilt.

Andy smiled down at me and laughed. “Hello Becky, it is lovely to see you. You are looking ravishing this evening. Again. I presume you would like a dance.”

As he did this he put his hands onto my back and sides, which were exposed as my arms were round his neck, and it became clear to both of us, perhaps unexpectedly, that he was essentially holding my naked body as the dress only really covered my front. I could feel the cuff of his shirt rubbing slightly against the side of my breast and wondered exactly how much an intent observer might be able to see.

“Oh thanks Andy, do you like my dress” I asked nonchalantly.

“I am sure everyone likes it, although many might think you a bit of a tease.”

“Well I am not teasing you, think of this as an initial offer.” I pressed my breasts into his chest as if to reinforce my intentions.

We danced together in silence for a while, I held him close, my head tucked under his chin and on his shoulder, my body pressed close to him, luxuriating in his hands running over the skin of my back and sides. I started to think that he might be loosening his unwillingness to my proposal.

“Listen, Becky.” He finally started saying. “I know where you stand, but look, I don’t want to lead you on. I meant what I said. I am really not looking for a relationship.”

My heart sank, I was not sure how I would deal with another rejection from him, I could feel tears in my eyes and all of a sudden, my drunken state seemed like a bad move.

“Look, Andy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want a relationship, just come back to my room, it doesn’t have to be a relationship, just come back and see how it goes for one night. It can be…. casual.”

“That’s not how I am.” He continued. “I don’t want that. Look. I don’t want to lead you on, and so I’m going now.”

With this he untangled himself from my grasps and slowly left the dance floor. I felt abandoned and alone, desperate for some physical consolation. I wandered back over to the bar where I could see the remnants of our group chatting.

As soon as I approached, I noticed Rich looking over at me, pleased obviously that Andy had gone, and that I was still there. He got me a drink like a gentleman, and then we had a bit of a chat about the course of the evening.

Another slow track started and rather unexpectedly he grabbed me by the hand and asked me if I wanted to dance with him. I was desperate for some physical consolation and rather unexpectedly agreed with some enthusiasm, I saw a look of glee pass across his face as we made our way over to the dance floor.

Whereas Andy güvenilir casino had, I think, been surprised by the intimacy that my dress afforded him when he put his hands on my back, Rich definitely was not, and I wondered if he had in fact planned where he would hold me. Rather than reaching round me and putting his hands on my back, he put his hands directly on my sides, directly on my ribs, where the palm of his hand was essentially resting on the exposed sides of my breasts. I knew that it was a pre-planned move, but my mood and the alcohol meant that rather than resenting it, I actually welcomed the imposing intimacy, whoever it was from.

We danced like that for a song, and then I pulled him closer, interested by my own response, and his. I pushed my breasts into his chest, and also pushed my hips in towards his. I realised immediately that there was a noticeably hard lump in his trousers, and realised that as he was gently caressing the sides of my tits with his palms, it was obviously arousing him as well as me.

I heard him groan slightly and appreciatively, pushing back slightly so I felt his cock pressing into my stomach. He moved one of his hands from my side to my bum and left it there gently caressing my rear, feeling the top of my g-string and then following the single element as it disappeared down between my cheeks. It felt like he was gently exploring my body, seeing how much I would let him get away with.

I put my hand down to his ass too and pressed him even closer to me, luxuriating in feeling his body so close to mine, I could smell him now, after shave lightly mixed with hot body. I looked around the dance floor and we were not the only couple engaged in debauched groping, most hands seemed to be locked on arses, tits were fair game and hips seemed to be locked together, grinding into each other.

I felt him adjust his hand on my side again, sliding it further forward, rather than just resting on my side and ribs, he was now caressing the side of my breast, then even as I realised that, I felt his thumb open up and move from touching the side of my tit, round over my nipple to alight just on the underside of it.

I was outraged that without any encouragement he felt that he could touch my breast, my nipple, but I also felt this was an adventure that I was just beginning. I kissed his neck lightly to express my approval and to encourage him.

I also felt that he was taking advantage of my mood and the drink but I could feel my own response growing in a lustful glow between my legs and was not going to call a halt quite yet.

As we danced slowly to the music, I glanced over to the bar, and noticed that Rich’s friends, many of whom were on my course, were still over there drinking and also seemed to be treating his progress as a spectator sport. Perhaps, I thought, he was playing to the gallery, seeing what he could get away with in front of his mates. They would certainly be able to see his hand disappearing into the gap under my arm, resting upon my naked breast.

The next time I had my back to them, I noticed his hand once again moving around on my bum as he ran his fingers down to my thigh, then up over my ass. In fact, I realised, his fingertips were on my tights, not on my dress and the sides of my skirt were pulling up with his fingers, he was actually lifting the back of my dress up with his hand, no doubt showing off my bare bum through my sheer tights, together with the top of my string.

Even in my state, I decided this was an imposition too far and I pulled away from him, forcing him to disengage from the embrace.

He looked at me as if to challenge me to discuss his actions, as always uncompromising in his behaviour. I didn’t really like that side of him, but was enjoying myself too much to care, anyway I wanted to see where it would lead. I didn’t want to fuck him, but certainly wanted to mess about some more.

“Come on then, enough of the show for your mates, let’s go somewhere quieter.” I shouted into his ear through the load music. He gestured his agreement and then I led him off the dance floor, like an obedient poodle, and out into the warm night air.

Once outside, the atmosphere between us changed a little, I wondered where I was leading him, there was only my room or his really. I didn’t want to end up in his room in some embarrassing mess, but felt a little uneasy about him coming back to mine. In the end I decided mine was the better bet. He seemed to be assuming this was the plan anyway.

As we walked back he put his arm around me and then he talked about himself, his hopes and plans, it amazed me the confidence he had in himself, there was nothing he felt he could not do. It was noticeable however that he didn’t ask me about myself very much, a better talker than a listener.

Finally we arrived back at my room and once again I was amazed at how trivially and thoughtlessly I just invited him in, without any serious consideration of what the implication of my actions might be.

By this time it was quite late, after midnight, and I realised that there was little point in the pretence of coffee or pleasantries, anyway I knew from the walk over that he was not one of life’s great raconteurs.

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