CFNM Adventures in India Ch. 04

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“Ramesh, why are you naked? And why are you hard? Nanda, did you two go swimming? Why is he naked, then?”

“Mom, we did go swimming! Ramesh is great at it! I couldn’t catch up with him! Of course, he can’t swim naked in public, but he can be naked at home!”

“But why? Doesn’t he have any shame?”

“Mom, he’s not a woman. He doesn’t need modesty. When you were growing up, didn’t boys swim naked? Didn’t you see naked men all the time? Wasn’t it improper for a man to see a woman the same way?”

“I suppose so. I don’t have any problem with it; I was just thinking about you, Ramesh. If you’re fine with it, then I am.”

“Thanks, Mom. Also, what do you want to do with your favorite kid now that he’s here?”

“Hey!” Nanda spanked Ramesh.

“You know I can’t pick favorites. But yes, we should all do something together!”

Ramesh didn’t tell Dhanya about him dating Nanda because he was afraid she would get mad at them. Nanda didn’t tell her either. Dhanya was wearing a saree, made of a sarong and a blouse. In addition, she wore a shawl down her shoulder. While her daughter was thin and very short, Dhanya was of average height and a little fat. She was plump and motherly. Although she didn’t have an hourglass shape like Nanda, she had huge breasts and a nice, plump, juicy butt that Ramesh wanted to get into. His erection was not subsiding because of her attractiveness.

“Hey, Nanda, can you get a bottle of oil? I’m going to give Ramesh an oil bath. Let’s go outside. I don’t want to clean up after we’re done.”

Ramesh was now outside, and he could see multiple women looking at him. He even saw a flash of light from a woman’s phone, knowing bahis firmaları she had taken a picture of him.

“Ramesh, I haven’t seen you naked since you were a little boy!” Staring at his penis, she said, “and you’re not so little anymore!”

Ramesh blushed, turning away from her. “Hey, I’m your mother! I’m just delighted to see my little boy has finally grown up! With this body, girls must be all over you! Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, Mom. Hey, here comes Nanda.”

“Nanda, I want you to watch me bathe him so that when you have kids you will know how to bathe them.”

Dhanya put a little bit of oil in her hands and started massaging his scalp with it. Then, she moved on to his face and shoulders. “You have very wide shoulders, Ramesh! I know you’ll protect your future wife with your strong frame. Hey, what if we get you married?”

“He’s old enough, Mom. Why not?”

Now massaging his chest, Dhanya asked, “Do you like girls with big boobs, Ramesh?”

Ramesh was mortified that his own mother was talking to him like this. “Well, what man doesn’t? Of course I do!”

Now rubbing his stomach, Dhanya said, “When you get married, get your wife pregnant as soon as possible. I want grandkids!”

Nanda couldn’t stop laughing. “Hey Mom, I wasn’t going to tell you, but now that we’re all here, why not? Ramesh is my boyfriend. We might get married.”

“What? So that’s why he was naked? Listen, I’m fine with that, but this is too far. I can’t let my children marry each other. I would become the laughing stock of the town!”

“Mom, we love each other! How can you keep two lovers apart? It’s the 21st century; the town will become used kaçak iddaa to it.”

“I suppose. But you’re not engaged yet. However, if you two want to get married to each other, I’m not going to stop you.”

Ramesh didn’t say a single word about his point of view, and it turned him on a little. These women were making the most important decision in his life, and he had no part in it.

Now massaging his testicles, Dhanya said, “So here are my grandkids.” She kissed his scrotum. “Stay safe, little ones.” Now she was stroking his penis. “Nanda will be quite happy with this. Your father was only four inches, and I’ve seen plenty of dicks, but this is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen! You’re huge, Ramesh!” She finished putting oil everywhere on his body.

Now shining, Ramesh was beaming with pride.

“Hey Mom, come inside. I have something to tell you.” And so Dhanya and Nanda went inside, leaving Ramesh outside. They locked the door too, leaving him with no escape. A woman was coming down the road and walked up to him.

“Hey, how’s it hanging? Must be pretty hard carrying that monster around!”

“Well, at least I can let loose and expose my body! I don’t have to cover up like you.”

“Yeah, but I have to stay clothed! Nobody cares if you wear clothes or not. It’s important for you to stay nude so we know when you have a boner. If you do, women have to be kept away! And there’s a lower chance of you hurting women if they’re kept clothed. You know, it’s legal for men to be naked in this city. You just never see it anymore. People today think men need so much modesty! For what?”

“Yeah, I love being nude! My girlfriend and I do CFNM. Have kaçak bahis you heard of it?”

“Of course I have! I hope CFNM can be achieved all over the world someday. Just remember–your duty is to protect us women, but please don’t hurt us. CFNM is necessary to achieve a balance. Although women are weaker than men, them wearing clothes and men not wearing clothes evens it out. I often walk into the men’s bathroom to check out dicks. It’s an anatomy lesson for me,” she said while giggling.

“Well, nice meeting you, but I have to take a bath now. Bye!”

“See you later!”

“Ramesh, you have to take your bath now!” Dhanya dumped a bucket of water on Ramesh, making all the oil come off. She then shampooed his hair and put soap all over his body, making sure to squeeze his muscles. She suck a soapy finger up his butt and wiggled it around.

“Hey! Mom! Cut it out! My asshole is clean!” Dhanya and Nanda giggled. Dhanya pulled her finger out and she pulled back his foreskin.

“Ramesh, what is this? I told you when you were little to get rid of this foreskin cheese! You don’t clean yourself, do you? You dirty boy!” Dhanya began to vigorously clean his glans with soap and water, making Ramesh scream in pain.

“Ow! Mom, that hurts! Stop it! I promise I’ll clean it better next time!”

“This is what you get for not cleaning it. You brought this upon yourself.” Dhanya washed his glans off and put his foreskin back. Finally, she dumped another bucket of water on Ramesh and toweled him dry. “Now my son’s squeaky clean!”

Ramesh and his family played cards and charades together, becoming closer than ever before. Nanda began to sit in her boyfriend’s lap, and Dhanya saw the couple display their affection for each other frequently. At the end of the night, Dhanya went to sleep. Ramesh and Nanda went to his room.

“Hey, how about that handjob I was talking about earlier?”

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